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Anal Cum Dumpster Nevaeh

Anal Cum Dumpster

My fat black ass is oiled up and ready to be used as your personal anal cum dumpster. I’m an anal sex whore and I need you to fuck my little shit hole as hard as you fuck my pussy. I want you to drill and stretch my tight fuck hole and feel it spasm around your cock as you fuck me. I want to taste my ass on your dick as you slide it out of my tight hole, making me suck it and get it soaking wet before you plunge it back inside me. I want my asshole gaping open so wide that after you cum in it, your jizz just runs straight out, leaking down my legs and into my panties. I want to feel your hands and nails dig into my meaty cheeks, spreading them apart so you can watch your big hard dick get devoured. Spank me hard while you ride my ass, using your other hand to press me face and tits further into the mattress to stifle my screams. I can’t wait to feel the soreness from this rough anal fucking the next day, making me want another round of it and be ripped open!

Anal sex whore like me need electricity too!

Anal sex whoreThe lights flickered, my anal sex whore vibrator fizzled, and I realized my electricity bill was past due. Any moment now I could be left in the dark, but more importantly any moment now I could find myself unable to charge my pleasure device! Fuck that I left to go find a stud to charm me and, most importantly, fill my wallet quickly like a bat to the night. 

The lights were pumping, my heart was pounding, I’d been led to a club and I’d soon be a topless slut soon. I was ready to have a lot of fun and show myself around, a super sexy black phone sex slut on the prowl aching for a filling. My people said there was a dude here harassing girls and flaunting money. I just needed to swoop in and make him an offer. “You get a nut, I get my money.” It was that simple, so why was I on my back getting a heavy dick spreading my pussy lips wide and far. I hadn’t planned on getting fucked, just having fun, but things don’t go my way, they go the way of cosmic desire. It was fine, I was already quite soaked and ready. His dick was big enough to stretch me every which way and make every single plunge count. There’s a special sort of feeling to being used like a toy by a man who can have anyone he wants. The cash was already deposited in my purse, I knew he was good for it, and I’d be coming back. This meant that my goal here was to rock my hips just right to make him overflow inside of me and make him beg for more so next time I have an advantage.

My vibrator was going to keep its ability to be charged, and with a final pump I could feel a lot of heat entering my black booty. I knew I’d satisfied him so- oh no I didn’t he was still pumping for dear life in his black stripper sex toy!

Licking Ebony Stripper Pussy and Swallowing Her Cum

Black stripper sex


My friend Tanya and I were dancing on stage in the strip club together, rubbing each other and taking each other’s clothes off as we danced. This performance caught the eye of a particular customer and he wanted both of us to join him in the VIP room. We joined him there, ready to strip for his pleasure. He told us to take each other’s clothes off like we did on stage. I rubbed Tanya’s beautiful Ebony body up and down, slipping her little stripper outfit right off. She rubs my breasts before lifting up my top and fondles my ass as she pulls down my shorts. Then, he requested that we make out. I embraced Tanya’s beautiful black body and stuck my tongue in her mouth, touching every inch of her. After that, he told us to fuck and that he would pay us so much money to eat each other out. I was more than happy to lick Tanya’s black pussy, licking her beautiful clit and making her tiny pussy wet. I tongue fucked her pussy, her wetness dripping down my chin as I hungrily at e her sexy cunt. She moaned for me while rubbing her sexy black titties. When she came for me, I licked her pussy clean. I can’t wait to feel her wet tongue on my pussy next. 

Black stripper sex


Black stripper sex

I invited over a stripper. Oh, she is so sexy she has some big juicy  Bouncy titties that you just want to suck all over. Oh, she’s has this tiny little waist that you can wrap your arms around. Nice  Round fat ass that you can sit aa cup on. She’s standing in my living room swing around this Pole. She is so stretchy and limber. When she climbs all the way to the top of the pole is a sight to see. Her in that thong she’s wearing sliding down at pole. Black stripper sex

I just wanna go and lick that Pole so I can taste all of that pussy. As she’s positioning me on the Pole I noticed her slide her hand over my ass. Then she swipes her hands over my nice juicy titties, So I push my Ass upon her. Then she kisses my neck and that’s all I needed. I turned around and I started kissing her grabbed her pussy sticking my fingers inside. Her pussy is it was so warm juicy and wet. Squeezing her ass walking her back to the sofa. Sitting her down opening up her legs Pulling her thong to the side and licking her from top to bottom. Twirling my tongue around sucking on her clitoris until she cums all over. This Black stripper sex is gonna be amazing.

Drunk girl fucking the blues away – Octavia

I had myself a few drinks the other night and took to the town in search of someone excited for Drunk girl fucking. I get hornier and hornier the more liquor touches my tongue and I lose myself in the moment the mere second my eyes gaze upon the city and the soaring need to explore takes over. I was born in the darker parts of a place just like this, fed doubt and agony like prime cuts of meat and fruits right from the branch. If where I was born minted chaos and uncertainty for use as currency, the city I live in now is another world as alien as it is fascinating. There are still whores on the corner, they even know my name and give me tips on where to get the best dick when I’m casually talking about spreading my lower lips and sucking up a man’s thick cock where it belongs. There’s still a red-light district inviting girls like me to make some Drunk sex porn with the nearest ugly bastard or beggar, and the poor still hide from sight to hide their misery lest they be judged, only appearing to ask for help and then steal when they’re turned away by those born with gold in their boots. But these streets are clean and I’m free to have fun my way with a bottle’s nectar burning in my stomach and my glazed eyes seeking out someone to fuck the bad memories away. Here, the women look nice, the men have standards, and I’m happy to report I found a man to fuck the nighttime blues out of my eyes within only a little searching. He was happy for Ebony girl fucking, I was happy to have a reason to once again smile under the cool night’s sky. I wouldn’t call it a pleasant experience, drinking makes me a little too whimsical, but I got what I needed, he got a drunken whore pussy to pound, and I woke up feeling warm and full of joy. All around, a good night I’d do again. Hopefully this time with a guy already on the line ready to show me a good time.

Black Stripper Has a Cum Filled Cunt


cum filled cunt

Black  teen stripers like me love rubbing a wet cum filled cunt in a paying customers face! These men know what they want, they pay high dollar for a lap dance and I know that is code for some back room fun! They want a nasty young whore who just got done fucking the bouncers big black cock. My men always sense when I have a cunt filled with warm juicy jizz! Maybe they can smell it as I am twerking my ass right up close to their face. They all fucking love it and they beg for more. They want to taste me and a strangers cum! They find out how fucking wet I can get for a cum eater! All In all, it doesn’t matter to me what fucking nasty thing guys do to me. I am a trailer trash whore that loves the most vile fucking! Even when men want to piss all over me, I’ll get on my knees and open up like a good slut. Hundreds of guys have taken turns filling up my fuck holes. I always say the more cock and cum the better. Come for a turn with one of my tight holes.

Amateur Night

Black stripper sex


Amateur night down at La Vaca Flaca Negra was full of black stripper sex and surging streams of spunk.  I went down to shake my ass and make some easy cash and wound up taking what started out as a lazy stage show with a few third string strippers twerking for a smattering of dollar bills and turning it into a raunchy fuckfest full of bad bitches coercing guys to make it rain Jackson’s and jizz.  It wasn’t hard, all I had to do was pull a guy on stage with me, whip his dick out and gag on it in front of everyone and they took that as their cue to get down and dirty.  We were all fucking the shit out of each other but one ebony goddess took on every guy in the place.  She said she wanted to bat cleanup and make every single one of them cum, on her or in her, wherever they wanted.  She was a beautifully perfect, chocolate fuck doll.  I’m going to see if she wants to join my gang of cum sluts.


Cum Dumpster Carmel

ebony girl fuckingMaster had already fucked me raw when his friend entered the room. Master had me on all fours in the middle of the room pounding my asshole when this gentleman turned the corner and walked in to join us. He must’ve enjoyed hearing my screams from down the hallway because he was already rock hard. Cum Dumpster Carmel and ready to go. As he walked toward me, Master lifted my held and commanded my mouth stay open as his friend stuck his cock in it. This was not what I was expecting when I came over, but I never know what Master is going to do to me when I come. His friend held my head sturdy as he roughly fucked my mouth, tears ran down my face as he ravaged my throat. After a while of them taking turns switching between my mouth, ass and pussy, Master sat on the couch and ordered me to straddle him. He started stroking me, slapping my ass and titties. I had totally forgot his friend was there when I felt his huge cock join Master’s with a big thrust into my asshole. I screamed out in ecstasy. “Take it, bitch!” his friend yelled at me as he covered my lips with both hands and pounded my ass at the same time Master fucked my pussy. Master starts playing with my clit, causing me to squirt uncontrollably over both of their cocks. Two huge cocks inside of me, fours hands touching and slapping all over my body. This is exactly what a whore like me craves for, I can’t stop myself from cumming. I don’t ever want them to stop fucking me.

Cum Dumpster Carmel

cum dumpsterI love for a man to treat me like the slut I am. I work as a stripper and a lot of the times I have to leave the club as late hours with strange men lurking around. I’ve fucked or sucked most of these bastards so they pretty much leave me alone as I come and go, other than the usual cat calling. A new guy came into the club tonight, someone I’d never seen before and the way he stared at my body as I danced, I knew that he wanted a taste of Caramel. After my set, I left the stage and walked right up to him. “Private dance?” I asked as he nodded and followed me to one of the private rooms. He sat down and I shook my fat ass and titties until he threw all of his money on me. I continued to dance, as he pulled me onto his lap and right onto his fat dick. I wasn’t anticipating this. I tried to fight him a little bit, but who am I kidding, this was exactly what I wanted. I bounced my ass all over his cock as he fingered my clit making me squirt all over him. It must’ve turned him on even more to see that gush of cum flow from inside of me, because he turned me around, bent me over and ate my juicy pussy until I squirted again… All over his face. Just as I thought that I couldn’t take anymore, he slipped his cock into my asshole and started pounding me from the back. “Yes! Fuck me!” I screamed as he fingered my pussy and fucked my little asshole with no mercy. I wanted more… I needed more, I was in complete ecstasy. Once he was satisfied, he moaned with pleasure as he ejaculated all inside my ass. Still feeling the intensity of the moment, I grabbed his cock and clean all of those juices off of his cock. He definitely left satisfied with the private show he received. I sure hope so because I want to feel that cock again and again.

The Ultimate Anal Sex Whore

I’m a lot of things, but an anal sex whore is definitely one of them. I can cum like a teenage boy, fifteen to twenty times a day! But I love nothing more than getting railed in my ass like the fucking slut that I am. Any time some thick, rock hard cock slams up my dirty little fuck hole, I swear my cunt goes into super soaker mode. I only squirt when I’m receiving some hardcore anal fucking. There’s just something about being stretched out, about being reminded that you’re just a piece of meat for men to use as a personal pocket pussy. Well this pocket pussy is hot blooded, and loves when she gets used and abused by men. I don’t care how big their cocks are, I just want their cum. My regular calls me every single Sunday morning while his wife is at work. While she’s on her knees praying to the Good Lord, I’m on my knees getting his ten inch johnson right up my slick little rosebud. No matter the occasion, I’ll do anything for that ass fucking action. Maybe you think I’m a bit dramatic, but no baby I’m just enthusiastic. If you got your tight ass stretched out and used like an anal cum dumpster, maybe you’d understand why it just gets my sweet snatch off so much. Now, do you want me bent over the bed, or the hood of your car?

Anal sex whore