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Foot Fucking My Prolapsed Pussy

Fisting whore


The way you fuck up my vagina is going to have serious consequences.

I love having your fist inside of me, fucking me with your entire hand. I don’t care what you do with my pussy. This is just a hole to be trashed and smashed. Jam in your hand hard in my vag, stretching it and tearing it apart. Your hands are good, but wouldn’t you like to try something with a bit more kick? I want you to stick your foot in my pussy. Stick your huge foot in my tight pussy and kick the shit out of my uterus. I want to feel your toes in my stomach. Kick it, jam it, twist it, make it your meat pocket. I am a stupid little pain slut so I don’t care how much this is going to disfigure my pussy. Holy shit! My pussy just prolapsed! My pussy just fell out of my hole! I don’t care now. I want you to keep fucking my prolapse pussy with your foot. I want to see how badly you can disfigure this prolapsed snatch. 

Boyfriend and His Son Fuck Me With their BBCs

BBC phone sex


My boyfriend and his son have such big cocks that I need to spread my white pussy cheeks open to gobble up those enormous dicks. I can’t believe they’re both fucking me at the same time. I can barely fit their cocks in my tiny holes. They are ripping apart my pussy and my ass with every stroke. My pussy and my asshole are going to be two gaping holes after this. They’ll only be good for fucking from other big black cocks, especially theirs. This is going to make me their cock whore. Too bad I have a big black cock addiction and can’t stop. I love the feeling of those fat cocks pounding me in my pussy, especially when they stick both of their cocks in there at the same time. It hurts so good and I needed my pussy ripped. Now I can be a good whore for them. I’m so glad my boyfriend suggested this. Now both he and his son can come inside my pussy. I wonder which one of them will breed me. 

Just Got My Period. Let’s Fuck!

Period phone sex


Fuck my bleeding wet pussy. I want your cock so deep up my tight hole right now. My mother says I’m not supposed to be doing this with you. She says a man fucking a woman on her period makes her a whore. My Mommy is not here right now so you can use me however you want. I can be your bleeding whore. You can even fuck my young pussy raw since I can’t get pregnant on my period. Cover your cock in my cum and blood while I drip all over you, lubing up your cock as you fuck me. Let me suck all the blood and cum off your cock. Face fuck my tiny mouth so I can finally learn how to suck cock. Getting my period didn’t make me a woman, getting pussy pounded by you did. If you keep stretching out my pussy like this, I might need to put two tampons up my pussy when you’re done. 

You Can Eat My Little Brother’s Cum

Cum eating phone sex


My little brother has been cumming in my mouth since he could squirt, but now he wants to try something new. I’ve seen the way you look at him and know you’ve been craving the little one’s cock for quite some time now. He’s been wanting to stick his cock into your mouth for a while, too. Go ahead, get on your hands and knees and lick that cock completely. You are his bitch and your only job is to make his increasingly hard dick explode in your mouth. You know your whore mouth can take his entire cock as well as his balls inside, so go ahead and do it. Wow, you’re doing such a good job he might make you his head cocksucker. You sure made him cum loads in your mouth, now you need swallow all of his juices and lick the remaining off of his cock. You’re a good cum eater, aren’t you? Then swallow it all like the cum slut you are so he can face fuck you and fill you up again. 

Druggy Mother and Daughter Fuck for Blow

Druggy porn


You won’t believe what some people will do for some coke. 

My cleaning lady was over one day while I had a whole pile of coke on the table ready to use when she asked me if she could get a hit of it. She told me that she hadn’t had any all week and she was fiending for it. I told her that I wouldn’t let her have any for free. She told me she would do anything. I made her bring her little daughter to us who was sitting in the car. I told her that she needed to make her daughter undress and to take a hit off her daughter’s breasts. She yelled at her daughter who was confused and crying, but eventually complied. She laid on my table and I put a bit of coke on her chest. Her mother rolled up a dollar and snorted the whole thing off her daughter’s tits.

I knew she would be craving more, so I told her she needed to fuck her daughter and then I would give her my entire stash. She took a bit of coke and smeared it on her pussy, then shoved her daughter’s face onto her pussy. Her daughter fought a little but the coke made her more adventurous and more horny. She licked her mother’s pussy clean and was such a good pussy eater she made her mom cum all over her face. Then her mom smeared some coke on her pussy and licked it good until she came. They can both have my stash for being such nasty sluts. 

I Need to Suck Your Cock Now or I’ll Explode

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I am going to tell you a secret and I need you to promise to not tell anyone, okay? I am a bit of a cum slut. No matter what, I constantly have the urge to drain men’s balls until they cum in my mouth and swallow the whole load. It’s truly an affliction and I need to suck at least 3 men’s cocks a day or else I will become so horny that I jump on the next man I see. I haven’t sucked a cock in weeks and you are the first man I’ve seen all day. Don’t move as I unzip your pants and suck your cock. Licking your shaft is so satisfying and I am going to pump your cock in and out of my mouth. Do you like the way I’m sucking your cock? I know you are because you’re getting hard in my mouth. I need to put your balls in my mouth too. I want to lick and massage them in my mouth before you cum inside my throat. Won’t you help me out and cum in my mouth? 

This Creampie Slut Enjoys Getting Gangbanged

No taboo phone sex

Gangang me to your heart’s delight. You and your friends can use my holes like they’re yours, my pussy and my ass ready for your cocks. Choke me with your cocks so hard I can’t breathe. Use me as a fuck doll. Spin me around, grab my hair and bite your sex doll. I want to be filled with so much cum that it drips out of each of my holes. I am just a cum dumpster to be used and kept away until you want to fuck me again. My greatest fantasy is to have some triple penetration. Getting fucked in the ass, the pussy and in the throat is so erotic. I want all of my holes to be pounded by you and your friends, cumming inside of me at the same time and all over my body. I am a cum whore and need cum inside me and sprayed all over my body. Please comea nd use me. I need to be fucked like the cum rag that I am. 


Take That Tranny Cock in Your Ass

Tranny phone sex

You love having tranny dick in your ass now, don’t you? Your wife would freak out if she saw you bent over on the bed moaning for my trans friend’s cock. I never knew you to be such a cock whore, but now I know what you really like. Keep begging for her to come in your asshole. I am recording the whole thing, but you don’t care about the camera. All you want is to bury your face in the pillow while you beg to be her cock sleeve. I loved watching her turn you over and fuck you on your back. She tells you to beg for that tranny cock right to her face while you have your knees to your chest. She watches you drool from the dicking as your eyes roll to the back of your head. You love having her TS cock pumping you until you cum. She fucks you harder and deeper, making you beg for every stroke. 

Fuck My Drunk Pussy Raw

Drunk phone sex


Don’t you love it when I’m drunk and horny? I don’t have many inhibitions or insecurities when I’m drunk. When I am under the influence, I am more likely to engage in reckless behavior and take unnecessary risks. This time, I want you to fuck me raw. Put down the condom and come over here so I can feel every inch of your cock in my pussy and your precum dripping into my pussy, your cum filling up my sweet cunt so much that it drips down my leg. I need your creampie and you need to take advantage of me now before I become sober and boring. Cum inside me, breed me and make me yours. I want to be your cum dumpster tonight, squirting your juices inside of my pussy and ass all night. Then you can watch the cum trickle down my ass to my pussy and not have a worry in the world.  Getting drunk lets us have more fun.

Black Thugs Ram My Crack Whore Ass

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I was hired to whore at a small party a rich gangster was hosting. He offered me crack to blow his whole crew and I did, swallowing those big black thug cocks. He let me get a hit of the baggie he had in hand and I felt amazing. I told him that I would do anything to get more. Then, he told me that if I wanted to get more crack I would have to get fucked in the ass by each of his homeboys. I had never gotten ass fucked by that many cocks before, but I wanted more crack so bad. I agreed and they proceeded to use me like a fuck doll. They lifted me up and put me in position as they rammed their cocks into me. Some of them wanted me on my back, others wanted me on my knees, another wanted to slam my ass on his cock as he sat on the couch. They tore my ass apart, leaving it a gaping hole. They knew I would do anything for more crack and kept pushing crack on me in exchange for abusing my body.