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Happy Ending Massage By Dirty Massage Therapist

Cum Guzzling Slut


I am a massage therapist giving you a nice massage after a long day. I look under your towel and I see your cock. My boss would fire me if she knew what I was thinking. I move my hands down closer and closer to your cock. I can see you get hard under the towel. I can’t resist. I slide my hands from my stomach to your cock and start jerking it. You are startled but you relax as I continue making you feel so good. I love moving my hand up and down your cock, feeling you get harder inside my hand. I use my other hand on your cock, one hand stroking your cock while the other rubs your tip. Precum is dripping from your cock and I use that for lube. I stroke faster and faster, rubbing your tip and playing with your cock. Your cock can’t take it anymore and you cum into my mouth. You put on your clothes and tell my manager that I got all your stress out and that you would love to come again. Next appointment, I’ll make sure that you do.

Fucking Friend’s Wife in the Ass

Anal Sex Whore


You and my husband decide to wife swap, your wife is with my husband, and I get to be with you. I want you to fuck me in my tight little asshole, something you couldn’t do with your sensitive basic wife. I need your cock to fill up my ass with your cum, and you want to shove your big bulging cock inside of you. You bend me over a counter and you fuck me harder and deeper. I can feel your cock so deep inside me that I can feel it in my stomach. You come hard inside of me and pull your cock out of my ass, and tell me to lick your cock, cleaning all of the shit and cum from the cock. I lick your cock all over, cleaning every bit of it. Then you tell me to suck on your cock. I take every inch inside of my mouth, bobbing my head faster and faster with your hard cock throbbing inside me. I beg for you to come in my face, and you do, covering my entire face with your salty cum.

Used By Friends At Amusement Park


Gangbang Whore

I went to an amusement park with 3 of my male friends. We decide on the tunnel ride, and I laid back to enjoy the long, slow ride. Once we got inside the tunnel and it was pitch black, the friend sitting next to me started rubbing my clit. The friend behind me started bouncing my breasts and tweaking my nipples. The friend next to him covered my mouth to keep me from screaming. I was powerless to stop them as they each used me like a little cum whore. One of them pulled my dress off, grabbed me and rammed his cock into my pussy, telling me to bounce on his fat cock like a good little slut. The other guys pulled out their cocks and told me to suck them dry. I bounced on that big fat cock as while alternating between sucking off one guy and jerking off the other. The two guys came on my tits and face while the guy I was riding came in my pussy. As we came to the end of the ride, they tossed me my dress and told me to clean myself up. When the ride was over, I begged them to go on the ride again.

BBC sex stories are meant to be stuck in you

BBC sex storiesWell, I’ve finally done and got my favorite BBC sex stories dildo shoved so far up my glorious pussy that it’s stuck! I can’t slide this thing out on my own no matter how hard I try, and believe me I’ve been trying for hours. It’s so slick with my sweet pussy juices and lubed up with need and lust that I can’t get a grip on it. Can you help me? Thank you, let me just bend right over so you can get a good look and figure out how you’re going to get ahold of this massive thing. It’s so deep I can’t help but pant with every movement, my ass wiggling and my breaths making my jugs bounce just right. Oh fuck, you accidentally turned it on and now my Sloppy wet pussy is getting even sloppier! I’m so fucking horny, haah, I can’t even imagine how you made that mistake but my brain’s scrambled so what do I care? I think I said that out loud, shit, you know what good! I want you to know how messed up I am, how much you’re helping me, how grateful I am. Baby, shit, the way you’re wiggling that toy around deep inside my tight hot pussy is feeling so good, I’m getting close to cumming. It’s almost like you’re teasing me on purpose, you are aren’t you? You’re such a jerk, I love it, keep it going! It’s not enough on its own to make me cum, and I think we both know that, but fuck I want it so bad. When I asked you to help me, I meant please get it out, but now I want you to pull it out and replace it with that massive cock of yours. I want you to stretch me out and overpower me, fuck me into this bed and make me forget about it. My cunt is running juices down my legs and I’m practically begging you at this point. Listen to me pant and moan, listen to me beg as my legs start to shake. I need it so badly. Please, may I cum? I’ll do anything you say! I can’t believe you called me on the Phone sex line at such a great time.

Fucking a Trashy Milf like me

Trashy milfI may be the kind of woman most would view as a Trashy Milf, but I’m just so damn soft that guys can’t resist getting under my skirt. I let this one get his needy tongue deep in my mouth, and before I knew it he was groping my bountiful chest and swearing to all things above that it was the best set he’d ever held onto. That probably wasn’t much of a compliment, what with him being the type that’s probably not held many pairs of tits to begin with, but I took it as he meant it and let it give me a smile. Soon enough he was under my Cheap phone sex skirt, his cock resting on my very loose satin panties. My thicker lower lips stood out against him and I could feel him strongly. He had a package I could appreciate, and my earlier thoughts changed, now I knew he was a man, his compliment meant a lot more all of a sudden. I felt him swell, and I was surprised to know I wasn’t even evaluating the full man on top of me! I suddenly knew quite well that I was in for the kind of fun that makes a girl swoon. I moaned as he ground himself against me, exploring my mouth, and had to resist rolling my eyes at all the teasing he was doing. Within a second I tilted just right to push his cock around my panties to slip against my whore slit bare. When he still didn’t get the hint, and instead rocked around begging for more, I did what I had to do as a slut. I wrapped him in my legs and pulled him in, engulfing him in my ridged paradise fast enough to make his eyes cross and my body shiver. Like lightning coursing through me, I knew I’d made the right choice and was ready to make Creampie sex stories.

Mistress Tamsin

No taboo phone sex

Mistress Tamsin is taking out her favorite little whore tonight. I can’t wait to dress you up like the little sissy whore that you are. Then I plan on taking you to one of those seedy adult bookstores. I am going to lead you in on a leash and first stop will be the glory holes. Where I plan on making you suck at least 10 cocks. Watching you deep throat those big thick cocks in your slutty little mouth makes my pussy so hot and wet. I can see how excited and hard your cock gets every time one of those cocks explodes in your mouth covering it in that warm creamy cum that you crave. I even make you lick their cocks clean. Once I think your mouth has been properly fucked. I lead you out and you think we are going to find a big thick cock for your tight puckered ass. But instead I lock you in a cage and make you watch as I get fucked. You are only worthy of cleaning the cum from my cunt!

Cock Worshipping Cum Whore

Cum guzzling slut

I was looking at an online website and it said to describe myself. The first words that popped into my head were cock worshipping cum whore. I don’t care what color cock you have whether it is black, white, or brown. I want to wrap my pretty little lips around it and suck the cum out. Another thing you should know about me is I am not shy. As a matter of fact some might even call me a bukkake whore. I don’t just want to suck your cock, but that of your friends too. That is why I am the perfect whore for your kinky sex parties. I won’t just give you a blowjob to remember. I will suck off each and every one of your friends too. No one gives a better deepthroat blowjob than me. The way I glide my soft lips down the shaft of your big thick cock taking every inch of it in my mouth even if I gag a little. I promise to blow you like you have never been blown before as long as you promise to coat my mouth with your warm creamy cum.

BBC Sex Stories With Tamsin

BBC sex stories

BBC sex stories make a little cuckhold like you all excited. Just like when you came home from work to find your wife’s ass being pounded by a big black cock. It seems the plumber that you sent to our house to fix the dishwasher problem realized that your wife’s pipes haven’t been being taken care of either. He took off his shirt in order to climb under the sink.

He told me that the problem was a clog in the pipes. I walked over to look at the clog and as I stood above him, he could see my hot wet cunt. He looked up at me and said ma’am if you don’t mind me saying so I think you might have more than one clogged pipe in this house. I was more than willing to agree. I could tell by his hands that he was hiding an enormous black cock in his pants.

As I unzipped his pants and revealed his big black cock I was not disappointed. I licked and sucked on his big thick cock getting it ready for my hot wet pussy. He bent me over the kitchen table and pounded my juicy pussy with his 12 inch black cock. I screamed out in orgasmic bliss, but he was not done. He pulled me into the living room and shoved his huge black cock up my tight puckered ass.

He told me he had to make sure all of my pipes were clean. I was sitting on top of his lap with his enormous black cock thrusting in and out of my ass as you walked in. Most husbands would be upset, but not my little cuckhold. Your tiny little cock got hard watching my ass getting drilled by that big black cock. Knowing that once he leaves a giant creampie in my gaping ass that you will get to lick it clean.

Mistress Tamsin Makes You Her Toilet Slave

Toilet sex

I woke up this morning feeling extra kinky and what better way to start the morning than having my slave service me. I wanted you to kiss, lick, and suck on my toes. Then I wanted to hear you beg to kiss my pussy. What you didn’t know was just how kinky I was feeling. No you will have to wait and earn the pleasure of eating my pussy. For now I want to feel your tongue deep inside my tight puckered ass tasting my dirty shit hole. I want you down on your knees in front of me. I grab your head and push your head back. I am standing over you with my pussy lips right above your mouth. I tell you to open your mouth wide and then I fill your mouth full of my warm golden piss. I have you lick my pee covered pussy until I orgasm. Then I tie you up and shove a vibrating butt plug up your ass. I leave you wondering and in anticipation of what will happen next.

Tamsin’s New Pet

Trailer trash whore

When you call to set up you appointment, I let you know that Mistress Tamsin has a new pet for you to play with. She is a dirty little blonde junkie whore straight from the trailer park. This little coke whore is more than willing to do anything for the next line of blow. I told you that I already know she is good at eating pussy, but I need to find out how well she can suck a dick before I start pimping her out.  I have a collar on her when you arrive and I lead her around. I make her get down on her hands and knees. I have her lay her head down on my feet so that her ass is in the air. I reach over and pull her ass cheeks apart to show you her tight puckered ass and hot wet pussy. I can tell by the bulge in your pants that me putting my pet on display has made your big thick cock hard. I walk over to you and unzip your pants releasing your hard throbbing cock. I sprinkle some cock down the shaft of your great big cock. I lead my pet over and tell her to start sucking. She licks and sucks every inch of your hard throbbing cock making sure to get every last drop of white powder. The tenaciousness of her deepthroat blowjob causes you to blow your hot creamy man chowder all over her mouth. She starts to swallow your hot jizz only to be surprised as you wash it all down for her with a warm fizzy golden shower.