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Druggy Whore Wants You to Get Fucked Up With Her

Druggy phone sexGet me high and I will become the nastiest whore whose only mission will be to get you so high you feel as horny as I do. There’s no need for me to have all of the fun. I have a stash that rivals whatever you’ve got in your medicine cabinet and better than what you can get from your dealer. Let’s get completely fucked up and you can fuck me as much as you want. I’ll give you a little booty bump and eat that ass until it’s numb. I prefer meth, however, because it makes me so horny. I’ll let you have a few hits of my crystal that will take you to the stratosphere, making you a fucking machine. I’ll even bring some of my teen friends over who are ready to be tired out by your cock. Every single time you get high with me you turn into a sex god. I can barely take it as you pump me and squirt inside my holes, still ready to cum some more.

White Trash Whore Want Hardcore Fuck

White trash phone sexWhat brings you to the trailer park? There’s nothing but white trash whores over here. We’re wild cum sluts who would always like to make an extra dollar. We’ll do anything to keep paying our rent. I will suck your cock until your balls are completely drained of cum, even if you have to cum in my throat ten times. You can rip my ass apart as you anally fuck me, ruining my asshole for good. Have you ever had someone’s tongue sweep between your balls and your asshole, tongue fucking you and polishing your balls while stroking your cock? Basic whores won’t even suck the tip of your cock. You can fuck the shit out of us trailer trash sluts and we’ll still be wet enough to feed you all our pussy juices right after, 69’ing you while I gag on your dick. Nothing is off-limits, and I can take a pounding like the best of them. Want to take a ride on the Whore Express?

Crack Whore Forced Hard Anal Fucking

Crack whore analI would do anything for a hit of crack. Getting some money for crack makes me want to do even more. Cock and crack are on my mind everyday. There is no saving me. I’m going to sell my body tonight and every night to satisfy my addiction, so you should have no qualms when you turn me into your personal cum whore. Want me to lick that cock up and down? I’m going to get it all wet for you. Taking the whole thing in my mouth while moaning on that cock makes you even harder inside of me. You want to use my ass? Oh, no one has ever fucked me in my ass before. Please don’t! I’m begging for you to not tear my ass apart and stretch it out to fit your cock, but you’re just pounding my ass hard anyway! You think crack whores like me deserve to be abused, and you don’t care if my ass bleeds. You’re going to fill my ass with your cum as many times as you please.

Lot Lizard Cock Riding and Blackmail

Lot lizard sexWhat can you do with a bit of money and the horniest whore alive? You can have the night of your life. You’ve been driving around all day as a truck driver. You need to get up the next day to drop off another delivery, but I knock on your door. Once I am let in, you unzip your pants while I lift up my dress and let my panties fall to the floor.  I notice that he has a picture of his family, which I then slap across the dashboard. Then, I slide into the drivers’ seat and slide down your big cock. Your cock is getting so wet from my juicy pussy bouncing on it. You barely notice me getting a video of us fucking. When you cum in me, I immediately let you know that  I have video evidence of us. If you don’t invite me over and allow me to fuck your family, I’ll be sending the video to your wife and your boss. What will it be?

Orgy Slut Double Stuffed

Orgy phone sex

I love going to orgies and fucking everyone in sight. The ladies always treat me well. No part of my body is left untouched as their tongues run across my perky, hard nipples and my clit. One of them will ride my face while the other will eat my pussy. I always end up cumming a lot, creaming their faces, allowing the next woman to bury her face deep in my pussy. With the men, it is a fuck fest. My pussy is sore from how hard I’ve been fucked by them. They love to gangbang me and use me like the slut that I am. I’ll be double stuffed, a cock in my ass and one in my mouth, and they’ll still look to me to jerk their cocks off. Facials are the best part of sucking their cocks, which is why I can suck their cocks all night. I love the feeling of their cumloads on my face.

Cheer Slut Strips for You and Begs For Cock

Stripper sex porn

Hi there! It’s me, Tami. I’m a little cheerleader stripper slut who loves to be stuffed with cock, any cock, as long as they fuck me without a condom. Do you like my uniform? I’ve got a tiny little crop top with the letter S on it. You can see so much underboob, I bet my nipples would fall out of my shirt if I bent over. I’ve also got a tiny little skirt on too. What do you think the S stands for? Superhead? Slut? Skank? Why don’t you fuck me and find out? You can stick your cock in whatever hole you like. Swallowing cock is my specialty, but I’ve always loved taking a big cock up the ass. I can get your big cock nice and wet so you can slide it into my young teen asshole? Stretch me out and turn me into your fucktoy. I’ll take you into the backroom and I’ll show you exactly what I can do.

Furry Friends Lick My Nipples and My Cunt

Furry friends phone sexI have a nasty little confession to make. When I am extremely horny, I can be extremely perverted. When I need to get off, I will use anything or anyone to do it. Last night, I was in my boyfriend’s home. He ran out of some snacks at his place, so he went out to buy more. While he was gone, I felt horny, extremely horny,. I tried to get myself off, but my boyfriend’s furry friends kept following me and making so much noise that I couldn’t concentrate on cumming. It was then that I got the idea. I went into the kitchen, got out some peanut butter, and spread that sticky substance on my nipples and on my pussy. I laid down on my back as those mutts went to work on my body. The way they licked me made me so wet, and I was squirting all over those mutts and into their mouths in no time.

Black Guys Surprise and Gang Fuck Local Whore

BBC phone sexI’m the biggest whore on the street right now. I will sell my body for a pack of gum rather than pay for it. So, it doesn’t matter what I am doing, I always end up getting paid to be fucked. One time, I decided to give a little discount for Martin Luther King Jr Day. I have always loved being a black cock whore, so I gave this discount in the hopes that a bunch of black guys will use me however they want. This guy invited me to his hotel room and wanted to use me there. I accepted the discount, and then he slapped me hard. He told me that this discount is not enough and that I must be out of my mind. From around the corner, I saw a bunch of black guys coming into the room. They held me down and fucked me for hours. They tied me up, beat me and wore my holes out until I couldn’t take it anymore.

Drunk Party Girl is Ready to be Used

Drunk girl fuckingI love being a nasty little drunk party girl. I’m so drunk I don’t care who I fuck. The first guy who pulls me into a room would be able to use me as his slut. You’d better use me well, because I won’t remember a thing when I wake up. Most girls won’t eat ass when they’re sober, but I love licking every inch of your ass when I am wasted. I’ll tongue fuck your asshole until you cum buckets. I’ll even suck your cock and get it completely wet so you can give me some ass action as well. You bet I wouldn’t mind if you bred my pussy right now. You’re completely right. You can creampie inside of my pussy right now, letting all your cum spill out of me. I’ll just use my fingers, dip it into my pussy, and lick all of your cum around my cunt. I would never even know you filled me with your seed after this.

Sounding Fun with Cum Whore

Freaky phone sex

Let’s have some sounding fun! I have a metal rod that can fit into your urethra. Let’s see if we can get to your prostate. Imagine having immense pleasure in two of your holes. Stuffing your cock like this makes you feel so good. I love watching you beg for me to go deeper and stretch you out. I can’t believe this makes your cock so hard. I wonder what your friends, your wife or your mother would think if she saw you sticking a metal rod down your pee hole. This will just have to be our nasty little taboo secret. I think I’m getting to your P-spot. I’m going to slide up and down, fucking your hole with my rod, and stimulating both sides until you cum all over my tits. I can’t wait to get your wet sticky cum all over my big fat boobs. I’ll go deeper and fuck you faster. I need your cum on me right now!