I am a naughty nurse who’s also a little bit of a nympho. I have been working on the black market ever since I lost my nursing license. I was no stranger to the underground world seeing as I worked the stripper pole while I was going to college. I even participated in some after hours bachelor’s parties where I ended up being a gangbang whore.The hospital I was working for said I was stealing narcotics from them and even accused me of being a prostitute. Can you believe that shit? I think part of the problem was the fat ass bitches I worked with were jealous of how my big tits and toned ass looked in the nursing outfit. If some old man got a hard on when I was giving him a sponge bath and was willing to give me a little extra cash for a deepthroat blowjob, how could I refuse? After all I was providing much needed sexual services to men who were on their death bed. So what if I video recorded it to later sell on line for all you kinky dirty perverts as jack off porn. Now that I work underground I can offer extra special care to all my patients. So come see me for your next enema, prostate exam, or if you just need a good old fashioned ball draining. Remember Nurse Tamsin has whatever you need!

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