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Black Teen Whores Suck The Best Cock

Black teen phone sex


I don’t care what anyone says, black teen whores suck dick better than any other salaried slut you’ll ever find.  They just know what they’re doing and how to treat a trick’s dick right, like it’s ingrained in every last one of them.  However they figured out the right way to work a big wet wang doesn’t really matter.  The important part is that those hot ebony whores work for me and I get to exploit their expert level mouths and every inch of cock that pulverizes their tight thot tonsil tube.

Don’t get me wrong, you’ll get great blowjobs from me and every last one of my hookers for hire.  We’ll all let you have your way with our mouths and face fuck your prick until you fire off a thick and juicy load all over our slutty faces, but my black bitches go the extra mile and will have you feeling so good that your whole body will feel like it’s going to explode when you cum.  

The way my trashy ghetto girlies strategically gag on a fat hunk of jizz gristle as it pounds ever deeper into their throats is pure performance art.  They gawk-gawk on cocks, suck on sacks and tongue punch poo holes like they’re in a bit of duress, but those dark skinned dick pleasing skanks aren’t stressed at all.

I’ve got one big butted beauty who will jam your junk as far up her ass as she does down her windpipe and will keep going back and forth with that automatic ATM action until you blast out a brown tinged burst of ball juice all over her and she won’t even break a sweat while doing it.  Oh, she’ll make you think you’ve got the biggest bone that’s ever penetrated her hot black holes, but I guarantee you, whatever size of pole you’re packing, she’s had bigger.

I had to train myself to give great nut busting blowjobs, it didn’t come as naturally to me, or my other white whores, as it obviously did to my sable skinned sluts.  Is it genetics or upbringing?  Nature or nurture?  It has to be in their blood, some of my earliest memories are of me with my mouth stuffed full of cock but I still don’t go to town on a fuckstick like my young pitch black prick milkers do, and they’re half my age!  You can try it out with a little black teen phone sex if you think you can handle it.  I’m not sure you’re ready for it, though!



My Prostitutes Are Porn Stars

Prostitutes porn


I got one messed up meth head of a repeat customer who swears he can make all of my prostitutes porn stars.  He says that they take a cock pounding in every hole and all of his slut shaming yelled right in their faces better than any jizz juicing whore he’s ever thrown his big ol’ drug fueled bone into, and I take that as the ultimate compliment.

I don’t know if you’ve ever banged a guy who’s tweaking so hard he can barely keep his eyes in his head or not, but I can tell you from plenty of experience that if the dude can keep his dick hard then he’s going to give that cunt the hardest, fastest fuck she’s ever had for hours and hours on end.  Makes for a perfect porn performer/producer.

He goes on and on shooting so much footage of him making my skanky slutbags his pathetic little receptacles for both his degradation and his dick droppings that I have no idea how he has the time to do it all.  Okay, I know it’s the meth, but holy shit!  He buys time with two or three of my hot whores every week but films almost every single day.  Set up, filming, footage review, editing and posting; he must have some pretty good shit to have all of the energy to be a one man porn production company.

I love it, he can do all the drugs he wants and treat my trick pleasers in whatever manner he sees fit for his shoot.  He pays good money to put my slutty trailer trash whore army through the ringer and post them on all of the porn sites.  If you haven’t seen them, keep your eyes peeled.  They’re filthy as hell and really fucking hot!


My Teen Whores Love Creampies

Creampie slut


Not every hot and horny whore you pay to bang will let you turn her into a cum filled creampie slut.  Most of us will make you strap on a condom before you bore out our whore holes, it’s just safe practice.  Luckily, I have a handful of bought bitches who have no problem letting a trick bust a nut deep inside of their guts and, I’m sure I don’t have to tell you, that those little sluts make more money than any of my other cash grabbing cunts.

My tiny teen prostitutes are real go getters!  It makes sense, they did learn from the best.  It wasn’t hard to amass a group of goop loving gashes who are willing to take load after load in their cum loving holes.  All I did was explain how the upcharges for the various sex acts they perform work and show them the creampie bonus and just let their gold digging asses take it from there.  Making huge mounds of cummy cash has never been easier for me!

Some of them are on various forms of birth control, a few apparently can’t get pregnant no matter how much jizz gets deposited into their pussies, others take the load right in their assholes.  Anal upcharge plus a creampie bonus is a great payday for anyone, take a few of those in a day and you’ve made half a month’s pay in 24 hours!  They aren’t really worried about STD’s, there isn’t much out there that can’t be contained and controlled these days.  They can even keep AIDS at bay, now.  Sure, herpes hurts like hell, but thousands of dollar bills tend to ease any pain.

It’s no surprise, teen sluts fucking huge cocks and taking the juiciest loads up in them make more money than those who don’t.  I’ve known that for a loooooong time, I’ve had hundreds, if not thousands, of shots of cock snot blown as far up inside of me as possible.  As long as the johns want it, me and my trailer park teen hookers will sell it to them. 


I Got This Gangbang

Gangbang whore


When my tricks want to spend some money on a real hardcore gangbang whore, I’m the only prossy in my entire pack that I fully trust to get the job done right.  Sure, a bunch of my pussy selling sluts will take on a group of gash breaking guys, they might even make them think that they like it.  But I’m the only whore in my park that I know, with certainty, will love each and every inch of cock she takes and will be thirsty for more when all is said and done.

 What can I say?  Years of training my horny rented holes to take every size of dick imaginable have made me the best multi dick bang for your buck.  I know exactly how to give equal attention to all of the slop slinging fuck sticks in the room.  Hell, I can even tell if they’re about to blow by how they feel in my gaped out cum gatherers and will pull off of them before they do so I can edge them out until everyone is ready spray their spunk at the same time to create a real bukkake bonanza if they want.  I do look great when I’m covered and smothered in quarts of cock cream!

You know the best part about it, and maybe the real reason I like to take on multiple guys at once.  I mean besides the fact that it takes more than two pleasure poles to make my pussy squirt.  You know what I’m going to say, don’t you?  The best part is the fucking pay!  What did you expect a trailer trash whore to say?


Book Of Hot Whores – Big Dickin’ Indica

Black girl phone sex


The second I found out that there was a black girl phone sex operator living in my trailer park, I knew I had to get her on my team of hot and horny whores to help her elevate her game and my bank account!  I figured since she was already making guys cum over a phone line that it wouldn’t be too big of a step for her to get their goop in real life.  Boy, was I right!  That ebony beauty took to taking the biggest, fattest boners in every one of her tight and creamy chocolate holes like a fuck duck takes to dick water!  Now that sweet and chill Indica is in my lineup of lusty hookers, there’s no size limit for any of my cunt craving tricks.

Every cunt is different.  Some stay so tight that they feel like they’ll cut the circulation off in anything that goes inside of them and some are just built for opening up wide and taking oversized insertions.  That’s where Indica comes in.  My whores can be picky, they won’t touch any fuck sticks that seem like they might do some permanent damage to their sweet pussies.  Apparently Indica has never met a cock that’s too big for her or taken a hole stretching pounding that her sable snatch can’t bounce back from.  And don’t even get me started on her perfect ass!

Her bubble butt sticks out just right, you can tell it loves to take on the most enormous man meat it can find.  The way her cheeks stick out and almost make a perfectly round shelf for guys to grab and play with while they rail away on her turd rim makes me wish I had half the ass that she does.  My hole might be just as adept at handling the fattest fuck hogs that root their way inside of it, but my cheeks don’t look anywhere near as enticing and inviting as sweet little Indica’s.

If you have a dick that scares away most females you try to fuck or you just want to stretch out a whore’s hot holes as far as you can, give my youngest little black bitch a try.  She’ll take your mega-meat as long and as deep as you’d like and will have a bright, shiny smile on her face the whole time she does it.  For a super size queen like young and fresh Indica, the bigger the bone, the better the fuck.  Just be sure you cover her in cum before you go.  She told me that, since she always stuffed her own holes full on her calls, it’s the only thing she was missing when she was just a phone sex operator.


No Hazard Pay For Hookers

Hookers for hire

It’s not easy being a streetwalker, hookers for hire get used and abused on a nightly basis.  Whoever coined the term “Been rode hard and put away wet.” had to have been talking about a paid whore.  Guys think that, just because they’re paying for it, they can do whatever they want to us.  Sometimes a girl gets into a car and you never see her again or her lifeless body gets found some weeks later bloated and rotting down by the river or cut up and mangled in a dumpster.  Dying is one of the dangers sex workers constantly face and, unfortunately, there’s no hazard pay for pussy slingers.

Last night, one of my cutest little blond bitches got beaten up by a trick.  She said he was the typical cocky frat boy type so she knew he was going to get his money’s worth when she agreed to the twat trading transaction.  When she told him her prices, he agreed and opted for standard sex in his backseat.  As he was giving to my girl, he started choking her so she said that rough stuff costs a little more, which is standard procedure for every prostitute.  That’s when he got irate.

Apparently he screamed in her face and told her that she’ll take whatever he gives her then started slapping her around as he jammed his thick and rigid cock in and out of her really hard.  She said he grabbed her face and forced all of his weight down on her jaws as he pumped and pounded her pink pussy.  The bruises on her face probably match the ones on her cervix, but who knows?  He managed to maneuver her onto her stomach with her hands pinned behind her back, drilling her dick drainer the entire time.  He laid on top of her and wailed away as he wrapped one of his arms around her throat and cut off the oxygen flow to her brain.  The last thing she remembers before blacking out was her face banging into the door handle as he drove his huge dong deep into her cunt.

When she came to, she was face down on the ground with one of his hands grasping a handful of her hair grinding her face into the gravel as his other hand grabbed one of her ass cheeks to spread it wider as he plowed into it with his extra big peen.  He made my girl beg him to cum in her ass over and over again until he finally blew a geyser blast of a load into her helpless backdoor fuck hole.

He got up, threw a wad of cash at her and told her to stay on the ground.  As he got back into his car he spit in her face and told her she was lucky that he didn’t just run her over and bury her somewhere in the woods.  He started the car and backed away so she couldn’t see his license plate.  She had the wherewithal to look but didn’t have the strength to get up and give chase.

She was found this morning walking home, naked and crying, leaking blood stained cum out of her ass.  I feel bad for her, she’s a real nice girl.  I should probably let her keep my cut, but like I said, there’s no hazard pay for sexy prostitutes.


Little Elastic Ellen’s Stretchy Snatch

Teen sluts fucking


You’d think it’d be easy to get a pack of paid teen sluts fucking every BBC that comes their way.  After all, they are the biggest and best bones out there!  You’d be surprised, though.  Most of my teeny tiny tarts say that massive mahogany man meat hurts their little muffins too much for them to be able to keep working the streets after taking such a powerful pounding.  

Not little elastic Ellen, though.  That blonde bimbo can stretch and bend into any position and take a torquing from the thickest, toughest black anacondas I toss her way.  She makes real good money taking on the towering ebony tools that get turned away by the other girls due to their insurmountable sizes and has a shit ton of fun while she’s doing it!

When Ellen spreads her legs real wide, like in the splits stretching all the way out to both sides, her cum cavern opens up and lets her take anything you have to put inside her: banged by a big black cock, jammed full with a giant jet black dildo or crammed to capacity by a clenched, pitch black fist, She can take it all!!!  All that and she’s light enough to pick up and throw around!  Plus, the inside of her pink teen pussy has little horizontal ridges running from her G-spot all the way back, like a velvety wet and squishy washboard tucked inside of her cunt.  That bitch is literally ribbed for your pleasure!  

I give little elastic Ellen and her uniquely ridged sugar walls (you really have to feel it to believe it!) to all of the BBC beaver buyers my other whores are too wimpy to work over.  They need some hole stretching practice if they’re going to make it in this business.  Until then, acrobatic and fantastic, super light and little elastic Ellen and her perfect prossy pussy will reap all of the benefits and rake in some sweet gash bashing cash!


Caroline’s Creampie Guarantee

Creampie slut


If I have to tell you that I am the biggest creampie slut in the south then you just flat out aren’t paying attention.  Everyone knows that I let any man with the money to afford it bust all the nuts they want inside of my whorish holes.  My spunk filled cunt and goo caked anal gape score me the fattest stacks of skrill your horny eyes have probably ever seen!

I don’t make all of my tricks use a condom, only the ones that I’m not sure of, mostly newbies and sore covered creeps.  Any raunchy regular I have who assures me that he’s clean can cram his cream as deep into my crannies as he’d like, that’s my creampie guarantee!  They all know that if I get taken out of commission due to an STD then they won’t be able to bang the hell out of their favorite fuck slut anymore.  Gotta keep your toys in good shape if you want to keep playing with them!  

Also, I do love the way that warm dick liquid feels as it shoots inside of me and spreads out to coat all of my fuck walls.  I know hookers are supposed to make every man wrap it up before they do the dick draining deed, but I started doing this because I wanted to be pleasured while I earn my paycheck and taking a warm and gushy creampie in my professional pussy or adept asshole makes me feel a way that nothing else does.  There’s just something about it, I don’t know what it is.  I just want it.

You don’t have to ask if you can spray down my insides with your hot, pearly goop.  If you’re raw dogging my honey holes then you have free reign to blow your cock snot as far inside of me as you’d like.  I know you see a dirty gutter slut looking for cum in her butt when you look at me, but when I look at you all I see is warm and creamy, hot and steamy dollar signs pumping and filling my money makers. 


Ground Scored Gash

Drunk girl fucking


What does a cunt craving cock do when he sees a drunk girl fucking passed out right on the sidewalk in front of him?  If he’s smart he fucks the holy hell out of her!  Golden opportunities like that don’t come along very often in life, when there’s some free fucked up snatch splayed wide open on the ground for your utter enjoyment, you just gotta take full advantage of that comatose cunt, everyone knows that!

That’s why I tell all of my girls not to get too sloshed while they’re on the stroll.  These sleazy johns are on the prowl for prossy pussy and if they can find a piece that’s too obliterated to make them pay, then they’re all the happier.  Who wouldn’t want to save a buck when they’re trying to fuck?  I know I try to pinch every penny I get and ground scoring some glorious gash is a great way for a slimy perv to conserve some cool cash. If my bitches blackout while they’re on the block then whatever happens is totally on them.

Take skinny little Melinda, for example.  She’s super hot but chases piles of pills down with shots of Sailor Jerry’s before every shift to “help her get through it” which basically means that she ends up collapsing on the ground at some point during her dick draining dogwatch.  One time I stepped around a corner to find her getting her ass pounded into a storm drain.  She was face down with most of her torso wedged into the grate, bent in a way that made her arch back in what looked like a really uncomfortable position.  She didn’t know, Melinda was dead to the world, she just limply laid there and took every thrust!  Her unknown fat trick was wailing away on her tiny little asshole and pushing hard on her back, really looking like he was trying to stuff her into the drain.  If I hadn’t stepped in, he might have.

I pushed him off of her, made him pay me the fee for extreme anal then sent him on his way before peeling her out of the drain and getting her back on her feet.  She just laughed and said “Oops, I fell down!” and trotted away like a giraffe with vertigo, flailing her long, lanky limbs around as she disappeared down an alley.  I know what you’re thinking and hell yeah, I kept her cash!  I warned these whores, that’s the price you pay when you’re too trashed to monitor your gash cash.  Especially when I have to help you.


Trick Turning Trixie

Stripper sex porn


I figured out that an easy way to make some fat stacks of greenbacks is to sell stripper sex porn online, so when I’m not pleasing all the cocks who wander into my trailer park, I’m hanging out at strip clubs looking for some hot young starlets to feature in my salacious sex vids!  I never leave a nudey joint without some young junk juicing Judy to film and exploit, but the hot little totty I picked up over the weekend is about to make me more money than any of the others ever have!

Tiny Trixie has only been dancing for dollars for a few months now, but you wouldn’t know it by seeing her move.  I knew by the way she expertly handled the pole on stage that she’d be able to do the same in the sack.  When she was done shaking her stuff and collecting her bucks, I approached her with my pussy pounding porn producing proposition.  That cock hungry slut didn’t hesitate one bit to agree, the excitement in her eyes was so cute!  She really is a fucking doll.

After her shift, I brought her back to my trailer where I knew I’d have a line of men lurking in the shadows waiting for me to return home.  I didn’t want to scare her away with a grisly gangbang right off, so I only let a couple of them in to provide the penetrating portion of her first ever porn scene.  She was amazing, as expected, pretty much directing all of the action herself.  Trixie obviously knows what the camera wants to see and was not afraid to provide the sexy, slit stretching scenery for all to enjoy.  She made certain that her tiny holes were all used and abused before she let them cum all over her pretty, petite face.  I know it’s a hot ass scene, the way she handled those cocks made me rub my wet pussy the entire time I filmed it!

I was shocked to learn that Tiny Trixie had never turned any tricks before now.  I mean, I don’t know if you’re keeping track, but the horny hogs in my movies are all Johns who can’t wait for some scandalous fuck action, so I make money off of those pay for pussy players on the front end and the horny, laptop loving junk jerkers who hit up my site on the back end.  I can’t lose!  And with me showing her the ropes, neither can Trixie.

I managed to talk her into joining my lustful lineup of lurid ladies of the night.  That skinny little stripper was actually pretty excited at the prospect of selling her snatch to strangers, I don’t think there’s anything I could throw at this bubby little bitch that could shock her!  We’ll find out, though.


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