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It’s Me You Want


Anal sex whore

I’m standing here buck naked, and I’m ready to fuck your brains out. You know that I love you, and you know that I love the way we have raw crazy fucking sweaty sex. I couldn’t help myself but to want to fuck you over and over every time I saw your face whenever you would come to visit my sister. You are the man of my dreams; you’re the only one for me even though you belong to her. I know that you told her you would marry her when you got out of the military, but really are you serious? You can’t marry someone who bores you have to death that’s just not fair to anyone, especially me. I make your cock go insane every time you’re fucking me in my asshole you fall in love all over again. I know she saw you first. I know she thinks that she’s the perfect girl for you, but that isn’t true at all, and you and I we both know it. Whenever I stuff your big fat cock down my throat with my no gag reflex, you know that it’s me who’s really meant for you. I’m your freaky fucking slut. I am the horror that you have always dreamt about, and you know that I can satisfy you better than anyone else, including my sister. We are meant to be together; we’re meant to be fucking each other like beasts in heat.

My Moms Husband


Cum guzzling slut

My mother always told me I was a nasty fucking bitch, and that’s why her husband is on my nasty fucking list. His name is Todd and Todd has a big dick it’s about 12-in I can’t believe it when I first saw it I damn near lost my mind. Todd always looks at me, and I can tell he lusts after this young wet pussy more than he wants my mom’s old drawn up cunt. My mother doesn’t know it yet, but I am going to fuck the shit out of her husband, and I’m going to stuff my ass in his mouth so motherfucking deep he’ll be able to taste my shit from miles away. Yes, mother, I’m a goddamn nasty young wet pussy stripper whore, but that’s okay with me is it okay with you though that you’re an old dried-up piece of fucking old dirty rag trash cunt Tramp. Your husband has always been looking at me every since before y’all got married; he was lusting over me, you dirty bitch, and now he’s going to find out how good my pussy is. I wonder if my mother knows that her husband has been frequenting the strip club that I work at. When he comes in tonight, he’s going to get a face full of pussy and ass, and his dick is going to fuck me like a mad man. I’ve been wanting his big dick more than she has, and I know what to do with it; she’s just a waste of time. Mommy, you’re in trouble now, bitch. And I hope nobody feels sorry for my mom because she fucked my boyfriend’s before, so she’s not an innocent person she’s an old dirty, guilty bitch.

Pee all over Me Lover


Water sports sex

Shower me with your Golden Sunshine because I love golden showers. I want you to pee all over me, spread your delicious hot cock tea all over my body. I can’t help, but to love it nasty, I’m just a nasty cum dumpster whore. Lot lizards like me have always loved to be treated like skanks, and I’m no exception I love it so much. I want my body wet from your hot cock juices. I want you to drink a lot of water because the more water you drink, the more of your hot fluids I get to spread all over my body. My mom told me that I was a number one slut in the trailer park she said that I was always going to have guys chasing after me because I was willing to do anything and my mom is so very right. I live for guys pissing all over my body. I live for them pissing in my mouth, and I live to swallow it all up. I don’t care who calls me a nasty bitch, in fact, I take that as a compliment because I am so fucking sloppy wet slutty nasty. I love when three or four guys surround me and piss all on my face and all down my tits all over my body. I’m a piss, loving slut, and I can’t help myself. I will worship your cock. I’ll let you spray me down with your cock hose. I want to be fucked in my ass I want to be fucked in my cum guzzling pussy I love it so much I just don’t ever want to stop being such a nasty fucking slut. In my opinion, every guy needs a bitch like me every guy needs to be able to piss on the woman of his dreams.

Pick Me Up Daddy


Crack whore anal

Hey, there, sweet daddy, would you like to pick me up? I know that your cock needs to be satisfied, and I’m the girl for you. My body is always ready to fuck, and my lips are made for sucking huge cum-guzzling cock. I’m a nasty whore. I’m a little fucking bitch who loves to get cum dumpster wild. Would you let me suck your cock and your balls all night long? You know you should pick me up and take me to a motel tonight I’m hot I’m ready, and I’m a vicious piece of slut meat. My mommy taught me how to be a fucking cum guzzling slut. Don’t you want me to climb on your face and feed you my wet pussy? I know you would enjoy it, babe, if you let me? I’ll eat your ass, Daddy, and I will eat it well. I know you want to be my big daddy look at me. I want to hypnotize you. Come on, pick us up, me, and my girlfriends we want to have an orgy tonight will treat you like a king. We can all fit in that nice car of yours, and we’re ready to be slobbering cock sluts. My asshole wants to get banged and pounded hard by you. I can take all of your inches, babe, so take a chance and satisfy yourself. You won’t ever meet a street whore like me because I aim to please more than any other bitch I know. My daddy raised me to be a spicy little lot lizard, and my mama taught me all the tricks of the trade. You know you want this country girl pussy, so why don’t you just get you some. I’ll give you the best fucking time of your life; you have to make sure the Price Is Right.

The Sex Store

BBC sex stories

Michael took me to this place called the sex store last night; it wasn’t that I couldn’t take myself. I just wanted him to go to the sex store with me. I like going to sex shops because there is so much to do like the VIP room. I was constantly begging this motherfucker to go with me to this sex store, but he was always saying no because he thought it was going to be boring. He would tell me all the time if you’ve been to one sex shop you been to them all. I proved him wrong, and I’m so glad. We got to the sex store ready to be nasty; that was me, but for him, it was ready to be amazed. Michael has always been a wild man he fucks 3 and 4 Girls at the same damn time that’s why I like him. He has a big fucking abnormal huge gargantuous 15-inch dick. Black guys have big dicks, but Michael has way more than just a big dick; he makes black guys look like monsters. So when we got there, I invited him to go into the VIP room with me; he did it, and it just so happened to be for other girls in there with me. As soon as these bitches saw Michael, they were all over him because he is gorgeous. I mean he’s tall, dark and beautifully handsome. All of the slut alarms went off this motherfucker makes everybody into a slut. He even made a guy into a slut with ease. Let me just say last night was amazing because I got to see my friend Michael beat pussies in, and he even beat a gaping wide faggot ass open. He had that man screaming and hollering from that big fucking dick going in and out of his man pussy I loved it. I love to see a big stiff dick manhandle up on a faggot motherfucker. I can’t tell you everything; it was vicious; it was creative, and it was so much of a dream. I want Michael to fuck men for me so we can get paid what do y’all think about that?


Creampie slut

I Love to Share


2 Girl phone sex


Someone’s not going to make it home tonight. Jesse, I want you to understand something you and your wife are over for tonight. You have a new girlfriend to deal with. Come over here. I want you to kiss me, wouldn’t you like to feel my lips pressed against your chest and your lips? I want to see what you’re like when your buck naked. I heard from your wife that you could fuck she says that you put her legs behind her neck and that you fuck her like a ninja. I know that she’s my best friend usually, that’s not right, but it’s okay we share everything. You see, your wife has been sharing her boyfriends with me for years now, ever since we were teens. I think that your wife loves to share; that’s why she tells me about all of her ventures. Take these pants off, don’t you want me to taste your big bulging cock? I can suck it so good for you. I’ll make you fall in love. I want to put my tongue in your asshole if you let me. Come on, you know you want to fuck me, all of her boyfriends before you have fucked me, it’s okay. If it feels better for you, I won’t tell her this will be our secret. I’ll come over to your job on your break time, and I’ll give you a quick blowjob every day. You will love this, and all you have to do just let yourself go. I hope you don’t think that I’m about example because that would hurt my feelings. I’m just trying to make you a happy man to give you the best of being married and having a mistress. You get to fuck her whenever you want to, and then you can fuck me whenever you want to. You deserve to be treated like an important man. All the important men have at least two women, a wife, and a mistress. I see when you look at my ass when I’m wearing those short shorts, your dick gets hard. Sometimes I wear tight shorts just because I want to make your dick hard. You like it when I wear those little cut shirts. And you can’t tell me that you don’t like every time we go swimming because you always seem to make it. I know you’re not going just to see your wife because you get to see her naked every night, but you don’t get to see me in those g-string bikinis all oiled up and glistening. You want this pussy, and you know it, so you better get it right now.

Creampie Lover


Creampie sex stories

I need a creampie lover to put his cock inside of my mouth. I will be a good motherfucker, and I’ll bend over and let him fuck my ass. I am the nasty cum dumpster slut who likes to be fucked so much I can’t say no. I will not ever say no to cock. I’m a nymphomaniac I’m nasty, and I know it all my friends call me a freak, and that’s okay with me. I need dick every day and night. I love to be fucked so hard, and I love my hair pulled; that’s what I like the most. I’m going to take your dick and get it like you want it to be I’m going to shove it down my throat you can choke me make me gag. I want you to choke me and to make me gag, and you can be rough with me don’t be soft because I like it bad and rough. I’m a hot slut cunt I love to be really nasty. You can fuck me whenever you want to fuck me I won’t ever say no remember I will always say yes to you for sure. Give me your big fat cock right now I need all of it all 13 inches long. I want to fuck you in front of my boyfriend because he doesn’t mind at all. My boyfriend loves to be a cuckold. He loves to watch me get fucked by a big fat cock. My boyfriend’s cock is really small, but I love making fun of him and treating him just like shit. So fuck me now, give me cock. I won’t say no give me cock I never say no I always needed I always want the dick. I’m your nasty fucking whore; you know that you love a nasty bitch, and I will be the fucking nastiest.

My Boss is Hooked


Cum eating phone sex

I bet I know what turns you on more than anything. I bet you I can do to your body what you can’t do without me. I turn you on, and you know this, you know that my whole body is everything to you. You’re hooked on me what can you do if you don’t obey me. Where can you go to tell someone exactly how you feel inside? You need me I make you weak why can’t you pay attention to your weaknesses? I can understand what I’ve done to you, but you continuously wonder because you just cannot begin to grasp why someone has such a strong hold over you. You look into my eyes; first I know that. You close your eyes because it gets too intense; you want me, you open your eyes. I’m right here, can’t you feel the heat of my breath on the back of your neck? I want you right now. I want you to put me on your office desk, and I want you to tear my dress off. I’m wearing pink panties right now; you can pull them to the side if you want to see how sexy I am in those panties while you’re fucking me senseless. I control you; that’s what turns me on the most. I own real estate in your mind, and you know this much better than I. You know what to do, so do it and do it right now.

No Innocence in the Church

BBC phone sex


So I was at the worship house on Sunday like a good girl is supposed to be. I’m reforming and all. I always knew that the pastor and the Deacon and those good sisters in the congregation weren’t so innocent, and I said it, but now I’ve got proof. You see, I found out that my pastor is a pussy eaten cunt licking whore fucking son of a bitch. He was telling me all about how I needed to change my ways, or I was going to hell. All the time, he was fucking and licking and sucking anything that came his way. I couldn’t say anything to him before last night, but now I control him, so I guess that means I control the house of dogooders. I’ve got the church master on videotape licking this fucking bitches pussy so good that she squirted all over his face. He was sticking his tongue so deep down into her cunt he had her moaning and crying. He took his cock out, and he started to pound her pussy. I will admit that it made my pussy soaking wet. I had my camera phone out the whole time, and now I’m going to get whatever I want. I told the pastor if he doesn’t do what I ask him to, I’m going to expose him to the whole congregation and let them know what kind of a cunt licking hypocrite that he really is.


Creampie sex stories

You Will Give Me Cock!


Big dick sucker

I want to fuck a big fat dick, and I want to suck it now. Can you give me what I need in this life all I need is some sex? I’m a nymphomaniac, and I love to fuck I love to get my ass ate out too if you want to fuck me I will let you do whatever that you want to do. I like to suck some ass anything you want if you’ve got the cash. I can do anything I’m a nasty, sleazy cum guzzling slut. My pussy is always wet; it’s always soaking sloppy fucking wet. I want your body, and if I have to, I am going to tell everyone that you’ve already fucked me. That’s right sweetheart you’re being blackmailed for your cock you didn’t want to fuck me after you already gave me that dick that’s so unfair. I want you right now, and I want your ass fucking naked bitch. You can’t just fuck this pussy and leave it; you’ve got a fuck this pussy and keep fucking it, you son of a fucking bitch. And I’m not going to be nice to you why the fuck would I, you left me high and dry you think that you’re so important, and I’m so nothing will guess what now the fucking tables have turned. I’m in charge, bitch. I own you and your fucking cock. Remember that cock was so fucking good then I’m going to need it all the time. You shouldn’t have taken a chance and fucked a nymphomaniac if you didn’t want to keep giving me the cock.

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