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Lots Of BBC Sex Stories

BBC sex stories

Prostitutes have so many BBC sex stories to tell, one of us should write a book series about all of them.  Maybe start a daily sex blog all about the giant ebony bones that bore out and blast big loads of pearly white cum into our bought holes, or something.  If you can think of a position or situation, I guarantee that I have a hot yarn to spin all about how a big black bullcock paid to bang me out in that very way.  What can I say, I take a lot of dick.  It’s my job, yo.

Want to hear about the fat fuck hog I sucked at the truck stop the other day?  He pushed my head against the wall and just wailed away on my mouth for a bit until he busted a juicy ass nut all over my face.  How about the time I took two swollen black snakes in my prossy pussy at once at the ballpark?  They really dicked down my dugout like they were swinging for the bleachers and filled it to the brim with cum once they got their money’s worth.  I could tell you about the owner of the limo company who makes me smoke crack with him and gets me super high before he crams his crank deep into my asshole.  The back of that limo has had so much shitty cum dripped all over it, I have no idea how it keeps it from reeking.  Lots of Egyptian musk and cigar smoke, I guess.

I can tell BBC fuck tales until the hoes come home, and then they’ll have a few to tell you or their own!  Here in the south, a lot of anaconda comes slithering our way.  I can’t speak for hookers anywhere else, but down here, black phone sex fuck stories are as common as the whores that tell them.  Let me know what size of black cock you want to hear about and I know that I’ll have a fun cum filled chronicle or two for you, for sure!


Trailer Trash Whores Are Tough

Trailer trash whore

You know there’s a difference between your everyday, average, run of the mill street walker and a good ol’ fashioned, down home, shit heel trailer trash whore, right?  I mean, yeah, my paid pussy pack gets out and hustles the street with all of the other prostitutes, but not every girl of the night comes home after a hard night of humping to a trailer court full of pervs looking to pound their already pulverized pussies.

Escorts have it easy.  They sit around the house until it’s time to go out on a date with some dude who found them somewhere online.  You pay those prissy bitches to show up, whether they bang you or not.  After an hour, they’ll offer you more time or they’ll jet depending on how they feel about the situation.  That’s fucking lame.  Order escort service from me or my girls and you’re guaranteed to get into some gash.  We don’t play around, but we also don’t live in a ranch style house in the suburbs.

I know a lot of whores who live in one hood or another around here and they have a bit more of a buffer from weirdos once they get home than we do.  Those neighborhoods are tight, people look out for each other in what you probably call the ghetto.  Two things that are not tolerated: snitches and perverts.  Sure, they’re still around, they’re fucking everywhere.  Nowhere are they more concentrated than the trailer court, though.

My girls go through it all, really run the hole gaping gauntlet.  Imagine trying to sleep after a hard day’s night but you can’t because creepazoids keep pounding on your doors and trailer windows to try to get you to suck them off or give up some ass.  You should hear how whiny they get when you tell them “no” because you’re taking a day off.  Fucking simps.  So, my teen sluts fucking demolish any guy who doesn’t want to listen to them.  They’ve had to develop a bit of an attitude to successfully live the life of trailer park prostitute.  They don’t give a fuck about you and they only want your money when they tell you they want it, not when you want to give it to them.  


Road Trip For Black Teen Pussy

Black teen phone sex

Black teen phone sex and white trash chat sessions are a great way to get guys into my trailer park for some filthy prostitute pussy splitting action!  Pervs love talking with my lineup of young whores so much that they just can’t resist heading over here so they can bust a nut or two inside of their favorite cum loving teen.

We have a regular who is so obsessed with one of my high schooler hookers that he couldn’t resist taking a road trip all the way down here from Idaho so he could spend a little time with her.  That tells me that my young ebony slut knows what she’s doing and was born to be a professional cock pleaser!  Sure, there aren’t many black bitches up in his neck of the woods, but he literally made a cross country trip so he could cram his cock into a tiny chocolate cunt.  

When Spud showed up, it was a complete surprise!  You should’ve seen her face when she saw him, she lit up like her dad had finally gotten home from going out to buy that six pack of beer 8 years ago.  She ran over and jumped up into his thick country boy arms and he immediately threw her over his shoulder, tossed a fat wad of cash down in front of me and carried her off like a sack of potatoes he was about to fuck.

I let him keep her for a full 24 hours to make sure he got to mash her milk chocolate money maker as much as he wanted.  Gauging by how loud he made her moan and groan, and the size of her gaping cum cavern afterward, they both had a great time.  I always enjoy knowing that my sleazy sexy prostitutes have as good of a time getting paid to fuck as all of our cooze loving customers have fucking them!  I hope Spud keeps making the trek down here and spending his Yukon gold on some black southern whore humpin’.  


PoPo GloHo Toilet Sex

Toilet sex


My hot hookers all know that if your whore holes are out of commision for any reason but you still want to make a few bucks, then you have to spend a little time toilet sex blowjobs in the PoPo GloHo.  Yep, my porta-potty gloryhole was one of the best investments I ever made, not just for me, for all of us cash hungry cum guzzlers!

Should a prostitute have to put her paycheck on hold just because her pussy is so swollen from the previous night’s work?  If one of my creamfilled callgirls comes down with the clap really bad or contracts a particularly staunch strain of syphilis that just won’t go away, should she have to worry about feeding her family until she’s better?  No way!  I have a great option for my gaped out girlies who aren’t trying to work the beat or have pus covered pussies that are too sticky for a roll around in the sheets.  That’s right, the PoPo GloHo.

It gets a lot of action, I put it in the park behind the dumpsters right across the fence from the truck stop.  It’s basically my own personal 24 hour blowjob station with a constantly rotating staff of cock snot sucking sluts whose cunts you may or may not want to risk ramming your rod into.  Make no mistake, just like all of my sexy services, my porta-hole is provided on a “Fuck at your own risk” basis.  You’ll probably be fine, though.

You need a quick long dong lube job, 30 bucks and a bit of throwing caution to the wind is all you need.  Just hop the fence at the Lovelies Travel Plaza off of exit 89 and you can get all the sucking you want.  Don’t hit me up with complaints, though.  You get what you get at a gloryhole, just sometimes load blowing comes with an STI.  You won’t mind, I have the best big dick sucker sluts ever who can’t wait to show you how they can make their tongues work.  All you gotta do is come on down to, say it with me… Caroline’s PoPo GloHo!


Extremely “Classy” Party

Extreme phone sex


If you like extreme phone sex, then let me tell you about this “classy” orgy my girls and I got paid to attend.  A bunch of drug dealers pooled their money together and through a high society style shindig packed full of the most low life fuckwits you’ll ever come across and all of the whores that were only there for their drugs and money.  Me and my bitches were after both, as always.

Between the lot of them, there was every kind of crazy party favor you could ever want and it was everywhere, as free flowing as the beer spitting out of the multitude of kegs.  We got everything we wanted and then some.  My girls were fucking guys everywhere, which made the unpaid whore girlfriends those dumbasses just had to bring get jealous.  What a stupid oversight, I can’t believe that those dealers didn’t think about the massive chemical/emotional reaction their chicks would have upon seeing them bang a bunch of prostitutes.  Fucking idiots!

I was blowing lines off of the bar and getting butt banged by a bunch of gang bangers when this super sassy latina came up flapping her extra dark lip liner lined lips at me, telling me that I need to gather up all of my hot whores and leave.  With her man’s dick drilling out my asshole, I told her we’d leave when our time was up.  She didn’t like that response and pulled her coke slinging slug of a boyfriend out of me and grabbed me by my hair.  It was fucking on!

I spun around and dropped her with a left cross to the jaw, really rang her bell.  Her dude apparently didn’t like that at all and his lunky ass started choking me, so I reached down and grabbed him by the base of his balls and yanked toward the floor.  No, I didn’t rip them off, but I wouldn’t be surprised if I tore something inside of his sack.  I gave my chicks the hooker roundup whistle and we all jetted out of there before shit really hit the fan, snatching up all of the pills and powder we could on the way out.  Nights like those are the reason all sex services are on a prepay basis only!


Too Drunk To Fuck

Drunk phone sex


Sure, we can have drunk phone sex if you can’t get your dick hard enough to shove it inside of my pretty paid pussy.  We can even cyber if you don’t think I’ll be able to understand your slurred words enough to get you off.  I mean, as long as you can see the keys on your keyboard, Guy.  I don’t know, you’re fucking trashed, though.

I really thought that ice we just demolished would get your drunken dick going enough for me to do something with it, but you really must’ve pickled yourself today if doing lines off of my cash collecting cunt couldn’t even get you hard.  There might be a little dust coating the inside of the bag if you think it’ll help, but I kind of think you’re done for the night.

Why don’t you just go home, get your cum rag out and give me a call so you can jack your own crank while I dirty talk you toward the crazy, chemical fueled orgasm you’re after?  You know nobody can jerk it like you can yourself and, if it doesn’t work out for you, you’ll save a lot of money on your trashed transaction for the night.  That cyber idea might be perfect for you, but if you start sending messages like “I’mnf inding ouyr palausy an whoote coont” then you really should just keep ahold of that cash and save it for when you’re more coherent and ready to cum inside of a cum guzzling slut.  

It’s up to you though, I know you really want to juice your sloshed junk now.  I’ll gladly help you out, but you obviously are in no shape to try to fuck me.  Want me to put it in my mouth and see if I can get it to grow?



Pay To Fuck, Eat For Free!

Hookers for hire


There’s only one thing my hookers for hire will give you for free, but even then, you still gotta cough up some cash.  Don’t get it twisted, I’m not talking in riddles.  You pay to fuck one of my hot whores and you get to munch on whichever hole you’re renting, absolutley free!  That’s right, if you want to lick some pussy or eat a little ass, just fork over the funds to fuck it and you can have exactly what you want.

You gotta remember to ask them, they’re probably not going to tell you about it, but it is standard policy for my entire lineup of cum guzzling trailer trash whores to offer free oral use of your purchased fuck hole.  You can even suck the other one for a slight upcharge if you want to snack on both skanky holes, just don’t try to be a sneaky snake and protest paying for it when the time comes.  Once my whores feel that tongue of yours slather up their unbought borehole, they will tack on that fee and it is up to her discretion as to what qualifies.

That also goes for creampie cleanups, Champ.  If you want to suck your load out of any of my callgirls’ cum craters they will gladly let you.  You did already pay the upcharge for an internal finish so go for it.  In fact, I’m pretty sure my trailer trash teen sluts fucking appreciate any guy who helps them flush out all of those fuck fluids after he drains his nuts in their cream caverns, might even give you a discount.

There it is.  You want to munch on our money making muffs or tongue punch our well traveled turd cutters then all you gotta do is ask.  Well, that and pay for the fucking you’re after, that is.  Just don’t forget, we won’t remind you, I know I sure as hell won’t.  You better speak up if you want my cat to get your tongue.


Talk To Trixie

Creampie sex stories


If you want to hear some of the craziest creampie sex stories ever then you absolutely have to talk to my stripper whore Trixie.  Oh, I have plenty of pearly semen soup stories of my own, but she has so many internal cumshot tales that I’m surprised that skinny bitch has never gotten pregnant before.

She told me about how she takes on tricks at work, sometimes a few at once.  Said the VIP room at the club is a great place for her to make some extra cash.  Makes sense to me, I don’t give a shit where she bangs her booty buying boners as long as she gives me my cut.  Anyway, apparently she can make an extra grand or so a night by gettin’ it while she’s stripping.

Trix says that not every one of the gentlemen in the place want to blast their jelly blobs up into her cooter, but most of them do.  If she’s taking on more than one perv at the same time then one or two of them will typically give her gash their goop, but there’s always someone, maybe a couple, who don’t want their buddy’s cum to touch their cock, so they’ll just blast it somewhere on her.  Face, titties or pussy hole, you know the routine.

I don’t know, maybe I’m not telling it right.  You should ask Trixie, she’s a lot funnier than I am.  If you want, I can tell you about blasting a hot, shit filled load out of my asshole all over the passenger seat of a local rapper’s Escalade.  That was pretty fucking funny!


Birth Of A Cum Guzzler

Cum guzzling slut


I was a cum guzzling slut long before I ever started charging guys for the privilege of pushing their prick deep into my throat.  I won’t tell you how old I was the first time I ever had to swallow a juicy load of jizz, but I will tell you that I had to do it while I was in the middle of watching Saturday morning cartoons.  

My brothers and I used to crowd around our big old console TV every Saturday and enjoy our favorite animated shows when we were young.  Ate some cereal, wrestled around, just little shits doing what little shits do.  One morning, my oldest brother was acting a little different than usual.  He was distant and not as involved in the typical grabassery as he usually was.

He just kind of watched from the couch as my other brothers and I played out our favorite scenes and bounced around the room.  I jumped up and landed on the cushion next to him, he said “Time for the Hanna-Barbera Handy Blowy Hour.” and grabbed me by my thin little wrist.  He pushed my hand onto his boy bone and told me to “rub it.”  I didn’t know anything, I thought he just wanted me to rub him for a minute to be nice.  After a minute though, I realized that what I was doing to him made him feel really good.  Until then, I just thought peckers were used for pissing.  That was the last time I ever had that thought.

My two other brothers came over to see what their older siblings were doing.  When they got near he told them “you boneheads do it, too” then pulled out his throbbing little prick to get some skin to skin contact.  They knew that it feels good when you touch it so they were hip to what big brother was doing.  They didn’t care, they each grabbed some cock and/or balls and started caressing.  

He looked at me with a dead look in his eyes and said “Stand up, Caroline.”  I did as I was told and he immediately jerked me over to his face, pulled down my pink cotton panties and started licking my bald little girl beaver.  That was the first time my tiny puss had ever been touched like that, and after maybe twenty seconds of his tongue thrashing away at my little clit and mini slit, I grabbed his head tightly and had my very first orgasm all over my brother’s mouth. 

He was ready to blow so he pushed my head down to his dick and said “Now suck it like a popsicle!”  I opened my mouth and he jammed his little rod inside and, after only a few pumps, he blew his little boy load all over my tonsils.  Of course, I gagged and wretched and threw up my Fruit Loops, but even then, I didn’t hate it.

Now I could swallow globs of ball goo in my sleep.  My big brother died when we were teenagers, but I wonder if, wherever he is now, he knows that he taught me a valuable skill that’s earned me tons of money.  That’s a comforting thought to a dirty old cum dumpster. 


You Can Only Fist Fuck A Few

Fisting phone sex


Yeah, of course I’ll let a fisting phone sex trick knuckle fuck the hell out of my whore holes…  For the right price.  If you’re going to gape my gainful gash and wreck my rotten rim with your big fat fist, it’s not going to come cheap and your options are a little limited.

First off, I only have a few whores who are even willing to have their pussies treated like a punching bag.  Most of my sluts are slinky little teens who are really just getting used to taking on the real fat cocks, and sometimes they even pass on those!  I’m just saying your selection is down to a handful of dick draining trailer dwellers, but I’ll let you try to rip me open with your massive mitts if you don’t like anyone else I have to offer.

Other than me, Mandi and Tara are probably the hottest whores I have who can take a balled up paw in their puss and poopers.  They’ve both had their fair share johns who get off by stretching a bought bitch’s holes out really far and making them stay split wide open for days.  My tranny tramp is good for the gape, too.  If you don’t mind an enormous prick and big ol’ balls bouncing around the entire time you’re pounding away.  I got some real old hag whores in the back of the park if you want, but their bored out beavers are so dry and floppy that there’s no way their sugar and chocolate walls have the tightness and elasticity you want to feel squeezing on your hand.

I definitely handle the most heavy hitters that want to go to town on a real hot fisting whore.  I do all kinds of exercises to make sure all of my crevices stay as tight as possible, so we good.  But, like I said, it’s gonna cost extra no matter who you plan on punishing.  I have a mandatory 24 hour break policy for any of my hos who take extreme insertions and I gotta make up for the lost cash somehow.