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No Boundaries Blonde Fucking

Blonde fucking

I’ve had my skinny, flat chested blonde fucking so many freaks lately that I think she’s made enough to pay her college tuition for a couple of years in just the last few months!  Everyone has been ordering up my fair haired, soft skinned little fuck doll lately.  I don’t know what the big deal is, but young looking pretty blonde girls with no tits and even less inhibitions are really hot right now.  Luckily I have a golden haired nymph of a sex goddess to satisfy all of their kinky urges.

My bony blonde beauty is really versatile, her specialty is whatever kind of naughty nookie you’re after.  She gets lots of prick pleasing practice, definitely one of the hottest whores in my lineup.  If there’s a way to make a cock cum, she’s done it.  Pussy, ass, mouth, of course she uses the standard slut toolkit to get a guy’s goo, but she won’t hesitate to let you fuck any part of her that you want.

Need a foot job?  She has the softest, finest little feet you’ll ever have the pleasure of jizzing on, I guarantee it.  Her armpits are perfect for pumping in and out of and you can do the same with the backs of her knees.  Men use her lovely golden locks to masturbate with and leave big wads of spunk in her mop, making her whole head really messy and sticky.  Seriously, you can do whatever you want to her, she’ll love it.  Throat her out, test that gag reflex of hers.  That blonde bimbo is a real big dick sucker, I’d be surprised if she even has one anymore.  Pretty much the only thing you can’t really do to her is titty fuck her, but you can sure as hell have fun trying!


Using Reverse Gangbang Whores

Gangbang whore

When a guy orders up a bunch of bitches to fuck him reverse gangbang whore style, it’s basically an excuse for all of us trailer park sluts to get out and party with each other.  It’s like a paid working vacation, especially if he rents our rotten holes to escort him around for a couple of days.  There’s not a better way for a whore to earn her money than by ganging up on a guy with her prostitute pals and using his dick however, wherever and whenever they want.

One of my clients wanted me and four of my freakiest foxes to hang all over him and make him feel like some sort of high rolling whore hound for the weekend.  He figured maybe it would get him more attention from regular women.  Me and my skanky scags usually have to stroke egos just as much as we have to stroke cocks, teaming up and doing it together to help a client is no sweat.  With five fun fuck loving sperm suckers at his beck and call, we kept him more than occupied for the entire time he had us.

He wanted to go to the club and show us off to all of the bitches there who don’t usually give him the time of day.  We knew exactly how to handle it and had him stripped out of his clothes before the third bottle of champagne showed up.  With five hot chicks hanging off of his rock hard rod, the other girls in the place couldn’t help but to take notice of his extra nice package.  We took turns jerking and blowing him until a couple of the random club girls came over and joined in on the fun.

See what I mean?  Once the regular girls took notice of our trick, we were nothing more than five sexy prostitutes who were paid to watch some people fuck in a night club.  Of course we had an after party at his place and several other slutty club chicks hung out for the entire weekend with us.  Sure, we had to let him bang us as much as he wanted but it wasn’t that much considering all of the other slits he had at his fingertips.  All of us made sure he got plenty of pussy and we got plenty of prick!  He hatched a pretty good plan, not gonna lie.  Happy he used me and my cum chugging crew to help him get it done!


Sexy Prostitutes in the Morning

Sexy prostitutes

I don’t know about you but I love the smell of sexy prostitutes in the morning!  When they’re all freshly showered and haven’t taken any loads yet for the day, they’re so hot and sweet and ready to be railed that I have a hard time keeping my hands off of them.  Lucky for me, I don’t have to control myself.  I own all of those swollen little slut slits, I can do whatever I want to them without paying a single penny.  Being the hooker queen of the trailer court cums with its advantages!

I like to start my mornings with the three C’s… coffee, cannabis and cunt cream.  I guess that’s four C’s but you get it.  I get caffeinated and take care of my head a bit then call one of my girls over to let me be the first one to get into her gash for the day.  I lay my chosen chick up on my dining room table so I can lean down and lap at her labia and suck on her clit with ease.  I even have her hold onto the joint or bowl so we can both get super stoned while I slurp up her slore slop.

I munch away at that muff and finger fuck her really good until she squirts all over my face and into my coffee cup.  Nothing makes a cup of joe taste better than hot whore cunt juice.  If you haven’t tried it, I know a couple of early birds who would love to get your worm.  If you get one with an extra moist and sloppy pussy, it’s probably because she was at my trailer first.  You most likely won’t be eating a cum filled cunt.


Shemale Phone Sex Ass-Pussy Sale

Shemale phone sex

My trailer trash tranny is having a New Year’s ass-pussy sale for all of you shemale phone sex freaks out there!  Her whore hole is wet and horny and half price for anyone who’s willing to ride it bareback and creampie her crack for her.  If you don’t mind taking a chance with a skanky white trash cream queen then my shemale money maker is just the man-chick for you.

You can’t beat a half off ass hump in exchange for the privilege of not wearing a condom.  Most prostitutes have to really trust you to let you run it in them skin to skin, but not her.  She’ll let you gape out her crap gash and drain your nuts deep inside of her like all the other guys that paid to penetrate her today. No guarantee that you won’t have a foamy cream fulled fuck from all the other guys jizz that got pumped in her rectum, but you probably don’t care about that.

Don’t worry, she’ll dick you down too.  She’s an old pro, she’ll put on a prophylactic before taking your ass to pound town, no worries.  Unless you don’t mind taking a hot, gooey shot in your backdoor like her.  If you want the cream, she’ll give it to you no problem.  That trampy shemale might even give you a special on some tranny phone sex if she likes how tight your asshole is.  You never know, but you gotta take her fat, veiny cock in your butt to find out!


Too Cold to Stroll

Freaky phone sex

It’s really fucking cold and snowy outside, your best bet for a fun Christmas is some festive freaky phone sex with me and my hot trailer court whores.  We’re not going anywhere, us southern girls aren’t used to all of this frozen bullshit.  None of us are going out on the stroll in this weather, we’re going to stay put and sell our slutty pussies here in the park.  If you want to bang us out this weekend, you’re going to have to come to us.  

I’ll be honest, we don’t even own winter clothes.  What would a streetwalker wear in winter weather that would entice a john to rent their slits for a bit?  Staying warm and advertising the goods don’t really go hand in hand and I don’t want my girls to get frostbite on their fuckholes just to turn a trick.  I’m perfectly fine with my hos only humping on the horny hypothermic slut hounds that come to their door.  It’ll get warmer soon and we make plenty of cash when there isn’t a negative ten degree windchill outside, we’re going to be fine.

I’m not even opening my door and selling my cooze for cash this Christmas.  My space heaters are working hard, I’m not trying to kill them by fanning the door for all of my cunt craving customers and letting that frigid air inside.  I’ll be here under my blankets, nice and cozy, hanging out on my cell and having taboo phonesex with like minded men who aren’t into freezing their balls off for a little freaky fuck action.  Sounds like the perfect plan to me.  Drunk Santa might come by to pay a visit to all of us homebound whores bearing liquor and drugs for everyone he fucks, but I won’t be letting him into my place.  The other girls can have him if they want, I just want to stay warm!


Caroline’s Anal Sex Whore Holiday Party

Anal sex whore


If you want to come to my Anal Sex Whore Holiday Party then you better let me know in a hurry!  We can only pack so many perverts into my buddy’s little bar and the butt fucking slut slots are filling up quicker than a hot whore takes it in all of her holes because all of my regular rectum ramming clients have already R.S.V.P.’d!  If you want to cram your package into a bunch of hooker butts and blow your cream deep inside of as many shitty cum caves as you can on Christmas Day, then you need to call now!

The drinks are as cheap as they are cold and the action is just as nasty as you want it to be at the Bony Bottom Saloon, you’ll always find a good time when you visit.  The Christmas blow-outs are where it’s at, though.  My friend and his wife love this time of year most of all and are great at giving back to their patrons and community.  This year, I’m helping them out and offering up a couple of handfuls of whores who love to get paid for taking hard cocks straight up their asses.  Nothing turns a party up faster than freaky anal fucking with everyone watching, I don’t care what kind of shindig it is!

Of course there’ll be tons of specials, dancing and dirty raffle giveaways but there are all kinds of other gifts and treats in store for you, as if banging out a bunch of horny anal loving whores wasn’t enough!  Find yourself under some mistletoe with a paid ho and get some sloppy cock kisses.  Catch the Elf with No Self-Esteem and her tight teen ass is yours until you’re done with it.  If you want a bit of jolly joy in your asshole, you can sit on Santa’s lap and show him how good of a boy you are, he’ll be tending bar, getting head and fucking as many crapholes as he can!  Better hurry up and call if you want in.  Get yourself a teen anal whore for the holidays while you can!


Sorority Girls Fucking Old Guys is Safe

Sorority girls fucking

It’s easy as hell to get some stupid sorority girls fucking for money.  All I do is bring some of my cunt loving clients to their dumbass house and show them that they can use their horny little holes to make all the cash they need to get through college.  Letting one or two old guys a day blow their dusty loads all over them will put more money in those sorority sluts’ pockets than working for hours a day at any bookstore or cafeteria.  I just do the hooker math for them and present them with a living example of the mature meat they’ll be pleasuring, the rest is up to them.

Sorority sisters are fucking freaks with major daddy issues.  If I do happen to find one with her head on straight I just flash her a smile, give her my card and move onto the next nasty little lady.  That doesn’t happen a lot, there aren’t many street smarties in any sorority.  I can find plenty of naive nellies willing to give hoing for golden oldies a try, some of the house mothers, too.  Having a few college crews on my roster of sexy prostitutes is great for my bank account and theirs!

Look, a buck doesn’t stretch nearly as far as it used to.  The way I see it, I’m doing those dumb college chicks a cum filled favor.  Hell, I even do a little on the job hooker training with them just to make sure they can handle it!  I give them a way to pay for all of their schooling plus connect them with some good ol’ geriatric tricks that will always treat them like gold.  Those senile snatch hounds love fresh meat so much, it’s probably the thought of showing them the ways of the flesh, even if they had to pay to do it. The stupid sorority sluts get laid, paid and linked up with some old dudes to help them fuck away their daddy issues.  It’s the safest way to get a girl into hooking.  If I put those tramps on the stroll and make them work the streets with my seasoned whores, they’d get eaten alive.


Trailer Trash Whore Holes can be Contagious

Trailer trash whore


To all of you pussy lip sucking pervs who pay to have a trailer trash whore sit on your faces, more power to you!  I get it, eating pussy really turns me on, too.  Munching on a meaty muff and slurping down all of that slit slime is hot as hell, but you never know what one of my hot little teen hookers might’ve picked up from one of you twat licking and sticking tricks.  Pretty brave of you, s’all I’m sayin’.

How many men do you think these sluts slay on a daily basis?  On a good day, one of my trailer park prostitutes will take on ten to fifteen johns, no problem.  Of course, there’s a creampie option for all of you freaky fucks.  You don’t really believe that none of those horny bareback whore humpers have any sort of crotch crud to pass on to an unprotected pussy, do you?  Get real.  Guys don’t care if they give my girls gonorrhea or herpes or whatever else might be infesting their johnsons.  They just want to juice up a teen whore’s tight little fuckhole with a chunky white load, they don’t give a shit if it comes with an impending visit to the free clinic.

Ever get crabs?  Could you imagine having them all over your face?  Bedbugs and cockroaches aren’t the only pests that infest these mobile homes.  Good luck finding a trailer in the court that’s completely free of pubic lice.  How about herpes?  You get cold sores?  Imagine having genital herpes that spread all over your lips, cheeks and chin.  That shit never goes away, just hides for a while before popping up at the most inconvenient time to ruin your life for a few weeks.  Forever.  Until you die.  I hope eating a trick turning teen sluts fucking foamy ass Petri dish of a pussy is worth it to you.  When some crazy, AIDS ridden super syphilis rots your brain because you’ve been paying a trailer court courtesan to cover your head with her extremely contagious cunt cream on a constant basis, don’t say I didn’t warn you.


Teeny Period Phone Sex Pro

Period phone sex

I’ve got a hot little skanky teen hooker who loves it when fellas are looking to have some period phone sex and fuck her bloody prostitute pussy.  She makes bank when her time of the month comes around, her flow almost can’t keep up with the demand!  Don’t worry, she’ll make sure you get the sloppy blood filled fucking you’re after and she’ll be nasty as hell while you’re putting it to her, guaranteed.  That’s how she likes it.

When she strips down, she should have a dirty tampon wedged up inside of her that you can take out and play with.  You can do what you want with it but when you’re done, she’s going to put it in her mouth and hold onto it the entire time you’re drilling deep inside of her.  Her mouth will be covered in her dark vermillion vag juice so you might as well go down on her and lick her fertile fuckhole so you can earn your red wings, too.

Eating whore pussy is always an interesting experience but when it’s filled with menstrual fluids, it can get pretty freaky.  You never know how thick and chunky the discharge is going to be.  If you like the taste of your own jizz with some added iron flavoring, you can suck the blood clot filled cum right out of her cunt.  Both of your faces will be tinted rotten red but there’s no need to stop there.

Draw all over her body with her dirty tampons, bloody whore writing looks hot as hell.  Shove the used twat torpedos that you remove from her bloody cum filled cunt up your ass and bang out her extra tight butthole while you wait for a fresh pussy plug to absorb more menstruation. Have her pull them out for you when you’re done and she’ll do it with the biggest, bloodiest smile on her face the whole time, she loves that kind of filth.  You obviously do, too, otherwise you wouldn’t have finished reading this!


My Hot Whore Hotline is the Only Sexline You Need



If you’re looking for the sleaziest and skankiest sexline out there, Caroline’s Hot Whore Hotline has all the hooker fucking, cum sucking filth your dirty mind desires!  From tight, tiny teen prostitutes to lusty, big tittied lot lizards, and every type of pay-to-play-pussy in between, my hotline of hot and horny whores has any kind of harlot you could ever want to help get you off.  All you gotta do is call!

Need a white trash housewife looking to make an extra buck or two by hiking up her dress and letting a stranger use her holes?  How about a teen slut that sells her ass to random guys to make a little money to pay for college?  Or maybe you want to take advantage of a drunk druggie stripper who’s so fucked up that she can barely even stand, let alone dance.  Every kind of cash collecting cunt you could think of is right at your fingertips here on my Hot Whore Hotline!

You can find my girls trolling for tricks on the street, sucking trucker cock at the truck stop or taking on a team of dads at the trailer park if you want.  Or you could save yourself the trip and just call up one of my cum guzzling call girls and blow your load while you chat with a bona fide lady of the night and listen on as she pleases herself and anyone else that might’ve paid for her slutty pussy.  You can have any kind of hooker and pay all of the sexy prostitutes you want to give you their fuckholes here on my Hot Whore Hotline.  Give it a call and let us sex pros get your goop for you!