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Drunken Delight

Drunk girl fucking


I know what you think when you see a drunk girl fucking passed out in front of you with her slutty legs spread open and her skirt hiked up.  Somebody ought to teach a sauced up slut like that a lesson she will never remember.  A good hard cock in every hole should do the trick and that drunk bitch won’t even know the difference.  She doesn’t move a muscle as you slowly run both of your hands up her shirt and into her little undies at the same time or when you paint that drop of precum from the tip of your cock onto her lipstick smeared lips.  You like to see how many fingers shoved deep inside of her it takes to get a reaction out of the unconscious cunt before you bang her limp body into the carpet.  A whole fist in her twat and a few fingers in her ass ought to do it.  A perfect little rag doll to finger and fuck and fill with cum then leave passed out on the floor for the next horny creeps who come along to use.


Amateur Night

Black stripper sex


Amateur night down at La Vaca Flaca Negra was full of black stripper sex and surging streams of spunk.  I went down to shake my ass and make some easy cash and wound up taking what started out as a lazy stage show with a few third string strippers twerking for a smattering of dollar bills and turning it into a raunchy fuckfest full of bad bitches coercing guys to make it rain Jackson’s and jizz.  It wasn’t hard, all I had to do was pull a guy on stage with me, whip his dick out and gag on it in front of everyone and they took that as their cue to get down and dirty.  We were all fucking the shit out of each other but one ebony goddess took on every guy in the place.  She said she wanted to bat cleanup and make every single one of them cum, on her or in her, wherever they wanted.  She was a beautifully perfect, chocolate fuck doll.  I’m going to see if she wants to join my gang of cum sluts.


Creampie Queen

Creampie slut

Even though I am the biggest creampie slut in town, there’s some fresh young fuck meat in the trailer park and I am just the skanky whore to exploit them and expand my creamy queendom.  Those horny whorettes were really easy to persuade and now my stable of cock loving cash cows is growing faster than your dick will once you hear the sound of my voice.  My newest little sluts are hungry for massive cock and pearly pools of cum in all of their little holes.  They might be a little wet behind the ears but don’t worry about the screaming, they know the fucking deal.  If they want to get paid they have take whatever kind of fucking you want to give them and they know it isn’t over until you fire your love juice deep into whatever hole you want to put it.  I’m definitely going to make some money and have some fun with my new cum sluts and buy us a new fuck hut for busting nuts.


Dirty Drug Whore

Druggy phone sex


If you’re looking for a filthy drug and sex addicted gutter whore for some jacked up druggy phone sex, you’ve cum to the right place.  Doesn’t matter what drugs I’m partying with because they all make me feel like a desperately depraved, horny slut.  I’ve been partying for days on end and the longer I party, the more sick and twisted my fuck fantasies become.  Last night I did some blow with a molly backer at some fucked up, backwoods farm house with a bunch of filthy rednecks and was forced to take on the lot of them for payment.  Some geriatrich fuck threw me down on the table next to all of the lined up drugs and started fucking my ass with no warm up, just shoved his elderly cock right in and started banging.  Then, his haggard old lady came over and fisted the living fuck out of my pussy while everyone else gathered round and started playing with themselves.  They all used my body to get off but I got a good fucking and fucked up real good.


Miss Fists

Fisting whore


I’m a dirty back door, front door, fisting whore and all the guys in the trailer park know it.  Somebody even put a sign up in the dirty trashy laundromat that has a picture of me with a fist wrist deep in my ass hole advertising my status as a fully stuffed slut.  It’s a little humiliating but it also makes my nasty cunt drip into my constantly cum filled panties thinking of everyone that might see it.  That means that if they ever take the notion to take out their aggressions on a slutty piece of meat they know exactly who to hunt down for a furious fist fucking.  Years of hardcore hole abuse and constantly penetrating my professional pussy with the biggest cocks and dildos I could find have made my canyon of a cunt hungry for more.  I need a couple of handfuls of balled up knuckles thrusting and pumping in and out of me to really get me off.  Okay, if I’m honest, I might have put up that sign.


Blondes Have More Cum

Blonde fucking


I’m a blonde fucking whore and last night I went on a fuck filled cumstravaganza.  I felt extra whorish after bleaching my hair so I threw on a short ass skirt and some fishnets with a hole in the crotch for easy pussy access then took my happy ass down to the adult bookstore.  I knew there would be plenty of sleazy cocks looking to get sucked and fucked by a trashy blonde who is hungry for jizz and a good hard pounding in all my fun holes.  I headed straight back to the porn arcade, grabbed the first guy I saw and shoved him into one of the booths.  I dropped to my knees and started sucking his dick, slurping loudly up and down his shaft.  We attracted some not so unwanted attention and, before I knew it, I was gulping down and getting railed by about a dozen dirty dongs. It got to where I couldn’t count how many pricks were surrounding me, stretching me out and stuffing my holes full.   I just took load after load of hot horn dog cum wherever they wanted to put it.


Caroline’s Cunts

Teen sluts fucking


I made some pretty good money selling my skanky snatch at the laundromat the other night so I went to score a fat dope sack and when I got to the trap I walked in to find a group of teen sluts fucking my dealer.  They’re a bunch of broke trailer park bitches and they know he’ll trade product for pussy.  Naturally, I offered them all a job and added them to my roster of rotten little rim licking teen whores so they can rurn some coin and start paying for their drugs like real women do.  They’ll make great lot lizards, the truckers are willing to pay primo prices for a chance to violate their tiny, pink teenage fuck holes.  I can post a couple of them up at the liquor store, the alley out back is a great place to turn some coin and get a drunken dick down.  These sluts will lick and suck until those lushes blow streams of watery loads all over their pretty, young faces.  Tonight, we’re hitting the gas station.  The manager has a fat, uncut cock and a thing for young meat.


Septic Slut

Trailer trash whore


Being such a filthy trailer trash whore I know some real nasty fuckers, but my favorite depraved sickos are really into hardcore bathroom boning.  Those hot creeps love turning me into a human toilet and forcing me to take all of their piss and shit anywhere they want to put it and then expect me to thank them after.  If I don’t, they spit on me, slap me around a little and rain more of their piss down on my makeup smeared face.  They like to call all of their fucked up buddies and invite them to use me in the most disgusting ways imaginable.  One of the guys took a hot shit right on my spread open pussy and they all had a good laugh and wank about it.  He shoved my head in a toilet and fucked that turd deep into both of my filthy fun holes while his cronies took turns covering me with alternating torrents of jizz and pee.  I purposefully didn’t thank him for the dirty dicking because I wanted to get roughed up a little more.


Krusty Kreme

Cum filled cunt


Some men love cream filled donuts and some love a cum filled cunt.  I went to the donut shop at 4 AM after a long night of hard fucking to see if I could find somebody who likes both.  I was still all jacked up on booze and addy’s and leaking cum from all my ravaged fuck holes when I staggered up the back alley to puke my guts out.  There was a bum out back digging through the day old’s who looked starved for more than just fried dough.  Spotting an easy target, that filthy fuck lurked over to me and started stroking his cream horn right in my face.  His dick looked grimy as hell but I’m a dirty gutter slut so that’s exactly how I like it.  I didn’t hesitate to shove his hog in my mouth and suck all the gooey filling out of his long john.  He pushed me down into my puke puddle, jammed his cock into my blown out Boston cream pie and fucked me raw, filling me with load after frothy load.



Fresh Meat

Hookers for hire



Last night I recruited my niece for my team of hookers for hire.  Her juicy snatch is ripe and ready to take fat cock after fat cock and her flat little titties are just begging for loads of cum.  She’s come a long way from shoving hair brushes and markers into her hungry little cunt.  I knew I could make my rent and get some more party supplies in just a few hours with this hot and tiny whore.  She was itching to get fucked in all her holes plus she knows I’ll show her how to make some good money with her wet cunny.  We blew a bunch of rails then I took her to the adult bookstore where the rich perverts shoot their wads all over the walls and set her up in a booth.  I told the guys that anything goes for $100 each and let them go to town.  I didn’t even look to see what the fuck was going on in there.  I was too busy blowing lines, fingering my gash and counting my cash.



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