I Get Even

Cum guzzling slut


I love being a fucking cunt bitch it’s like my favorite thing to do. I was looking at your husband, and he was looking at me, I must say he really enjoyed peeping at my tight plump little ass. Your husband is a pervert I need you to know that because he really keeps lusting after me and guess what I’m a pervert too, so that means your husband is going to get lucky, bitch. I could not ever stand you ever since you first moved into this apartment complex looking all high and mighty with your beautiful blonde hair and your big blue eyes and your nice tight gym body; honestly, it made me want to hurl. Your husband though he makes it all worth it because I know that you’re not that good in bed; otherwise, he would not have been lusting so fucking hard after me. Let me tell you what happened when you were away on your business trip last week. Your husband and his huge fat cum-filled cock came over to my house asking me for sugar, can you imagine sugar. It was hilarious to me I let him write in I excused myself I told him that I was going to the kitchen to get his sugar, I returned wearing a pair of pink lace panties and a little bitty matching pink lace bra. His cock your husband that is, his cock thought so fucking hard right then and there. I walked over to him. I told your husband to touch my body, and he did the next thing you know, we were fucking seriously on my living room floor. I’m sorry I’m such a nasty freaky fucking whore, but your husband isn’t sorry he loves it. I’m sure you’re upset, but I’ve got another secret to tell you I videotaped the whole thing and this is your present to look at over and over again. The moral of this story is don’t you ever be rude to me you dirty bitch if you love your man because I don’t get mad I get even, and I get fucked.

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