They say I’m crazy, the trashiest whore in the neighborhood, hell, and maybe the whole fucking state… and maybe I am, but I seriously only have one problem that I see! I’m a sex addict… it’s always on my mind, every time I wake up, and fall asleep, I even dream about fucking! I wake up wet every day… and I’m just sooo horny. But it’s not just anything that gets this pussy soaking wet, being a p- mommy is who I am, and while that might be taboo for most –this dirty mommy has no limits…only cravings. I’ve tried to tell some about my dirty nasty thoughts, but they think I am up to my usual ways. Just because I am the town whore and always get my way does not mean I don’t have this addiction to fucking all the little brats I can! Maybe someone can help me; maybe this addiction isn’t so bad after all… My only issue is I can’t seem to think of any new fantasies to pleasure myself. I think it’s a sign that the only thing for me is fucking in the nastiest way, helping Fuck some poor young ones throat raw. I need help with that though, it’s no fun alone! I hope someone calls me soon…I’m so horny; this urge is driving me crazy. I am sitting here all by myself, phone by my side, my legs spread ready to touch myself – I just need someone who wants to share their taboo fantasies with me, to help me achieve maximum pleasure and release this built up cum I have!!! Don’t be shy, I have no limits, and I want to hear what your most taboo fantasies you have, and at this point I am too horny to give a Fuck!

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