Freebie From a Big Dick Sucker

Big dick sucker

I’m not just a big dick sucker because I get paid for it, I suck big dicks because I like to suck big dicks!  Having my mouth stuffed full of man meat makes me horny as hell.  Sucking on a slinky little pencil dick just doesn’t do it for me.  Anyone packing less than a mouthful in their pants absolutely has to pay me to get blown.  Got a big ol’ bone that I can really sink my teeth into, figuratively of course, and you just might be able to talk me into a pro bono boner blowy.

No offense to all of you small to average sized men out there, I know you need to get some head, too.  You just have to make sure you have some cash on you to get me to do it, I don’t give freebies to anyone with less than six inches of fuck stick.  If you can’t trash the back of my throat then my money making muff won’t get all gooey and if my gash doesn’t drip when I suck your dick then there’s just no way I’m going to give it to you for free.  Sorry, that’s the way the sloppy wet cum cookie crumbles. 

Don’t get it twisted, I’m not saying I’ll give every guy with a great big hog free blowjobs.  What are you, high or something?  No, it takes more than size to titillate my trashy twat, a man has to be able to work it right, too.  How do you turn a seasoned trailer trash whore on so much that she gives you free deepthroat blowjobs?  Have the equipment needed for the job and then fuck her face like she’s the one who owes you money.  Almost works every time.


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