Dark Web Cunts for Sale

No taboo phone sex

I’ve got black market bitches for sale, and I love being a pimpstress because I love making money. I don’t give a fuck what you do to these motherfuckers after I sell them to you. On the dark web, I make a lot of money because I know exactly what I’m doing. Call me whatever name you want, but don’t get in my way because I will make you my victim. A bitch like me has no heart, and that’s how I like it; my heart would only get in my way. Would you like to know what I did to the last little bitch that pissed me off and tried to get in my way? I’m sure right now she’s screaming in pain begging from Mercy. But the guy who got a hold of her he’s not merciful at all he’s murderous, and I love fucking him. Do You Want To Make a Deal? Would you like a hot tasty little virgin pussy to suck and fuck and torture? If you want to make a deal with me, I’ll give you what you need, and if I don’t have it, I’ll get it quick. My parents have always called me sadistic they said that my dark side was bigger than my Brightside and I agree they’re so right. I love being a girl who likes destructive shit. I love being the disobedient whore catcher. Don’t leave your little girls out because there are whores just like me everywhere, and we’re hungry for money and Gore. You better protect those small peaches because we like to watch them get bloody. I love to see a little hymen broken. If you’re tired of your little one and you want some crack money or some meth money, I can get that done for you with no problem. I adore meth and crack mommies; they’ve got the little ones that I like the most.

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