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Hookers for hire



Last night I recruited my niece for my team of hookers for hire.  Her juicy snatch is ripe and ready to take fat cock after fat cock and her flat little titties are just begging for loads of cum.  She’s come a long way from shoving hair brushes and markers into her hungry little cunt.  I knew I could make my rent and get some more party supplies in just a few hours with this hot and tiny whore.  She was itching to get fucked in all her holes plus she knows I’ll show her how to make some good money with her wet cunny.  We blew a bunch of rails then I took her to the adult bookstore where the rich perverts shoot their wads all over the walls and set her up in a booth.  I told the guys that anything goes for $100 each and let them go to town.  I didn’t even look to see what the fuck was going on in there.  I was too busy blowing lines, fingering my gash and counting my cash.



The Human Urinal

Golden showers sex stories


Golden shower sex stories really get my cunt dripping wet.  Last night I was fucking my dirty little snatch and watching some gutter porn when I decided to go out and find some real action.  I blew a few rails, made myself look extra slutty and hit the truck stop.  Those guys really know how to use a whore like me.  I walked up on a guy taking a steamy piss and he didn’t hesitate to put me in my place in a hurry.  Soon I was at his feet on the concrete, taking a hot stream of his golden nectar all over my face.  He saw the collar a good whore like me always wears, snapped a chain out of his pocket and clipped me in.  He was eager to feed me piss, and not just his own.  He led me to the shower room and chained me to the grate in the middle of the floor where he and all of his buddies took turns using me as a human urinal.  I was so wet inside and out.



Working Girls

Sexy prostitutes



Me and my pack of sexy prostitutes bring in tons of cool cash with our warm cunts.  We’re the best and hottest paid sluts around, If you’re looking to have a really dirty time then we’re your gals!  You can stick your cock anywhere you want, we love having our horny holes completely stuffed and being your special little skanks.  Hog tie us and shove a ball gag in our mouths so you can fuck us silly while we’re completely helpless.  We’re aching for a dom to boss us around and fill us full of his hot daddy cum.  I’ll be sure to lick and suck your ass while the other girls take turns blowing you, I love feeling them stretching out as I push my tongue deeper and deeper inside.  Spit on us and call us names, fuck our faces until we puke all over your prick, cum in our asses and make us eat each other’s anal creampies, your options are wide open!  I know you have a little money and a big dick that both need to be blown.



Gas Station Gape

Cum guzzling slut


I was trying to pump some gas on the bad side of town and someone walked up behind me, lifted my skirt and shoved his cock in my ass before I even knew what was happening.  He threw me into my backseat and busted my backdoor open in a heartbeat. I could tell he was trying to make my asshole gape and I kind of wanted him to, even though I was scared.  He lead me into the gas station and behind the counter where I had to suck the clerk’s cock while the creep used my hair to beat off.  They didn’t let me stop until I took his load in my mouth so I did what I had to do, but I wasn’t finished and neither were they.  The both of them dragged me over to the garage so they could run a train on me with the greasy mechanics.  I took each and every cock in all of my holes.  When all was said and done, I was left with a full belly of cum and an empty tank of gas.



Hot Ass For Cold Cash


Last night, I needed some cash and when I need to make a quick buck, a gangbang whore like me knows exactly what to do.  My phone is full of numbers from random guys I met here and there.  They’re willing to pay good money for a piece of this ass and I have no problem giving them the best bang for their buck. I was feeling a little greedy, both for money and man meat, so I called a few of them up.  Once everyone was here, I eagerly got down on my knees and started sucking.  They took turns with my mouth for a bit before one of them picked me up and threw me on the couch.  They fucked me almost until I couldn’t take it anymore, ravaging my body with whatever they felt like putting in me.  They blew their fat loads all over my face and threw wads of money into the air, showering me with cum and cash.  It’s hard work, but someone’s got to do it.



Dirty Phone Sex Caroline

dirty phone sexAs always, I can’t decide what I want to do tonight. When a super skank like me has to choose between smoking meth and 69’ing with the liquor store manager or snorting snowy rails and getting spit roasted by the guys at the gas station, well let’s just say it’s a real “Sophie’s Choice” type situation when you’re living the slut life. Who am I kidding, of course I’m going to do both! Once I’m all jacked up on dick and drugs I’m going to want more, I always do. Maybe I’ll go over to my cousin’s house with some oxy’s and a bottle of gin and wait for her to pass out so I can make her husband clean my cum ridden cunt with his mouth before blowing out my butthole with his beer can of a cock. I’ll have to make sure he stays away from the pills. I could go hang out with the bums under the bridge, downtown. They never have any good drugs but there’s plenty of booze plus they’ll run a ragtag train on me that I’ll never forget. I guess I was wrong, I know exactly what I’m going to do tonight!

Trailer Trash Whore For BBC

trailer trash whoreThere is no party like a trailer park party. I never miss them. So, tonight was no different. I put on my short little dress with some heels and of course no panties or bra because I don’t want to lose them when things get freaky. I drank of few beers, smoked a little meth and headed out whoring. It was already in full swing by the time I got there. I poured myself a beer from the keg and took another hit of meth. I was just hanging out with my friend Flo and we both were getting a little bit horny, so we scoured the party for some nice hard BBC to fuck. I found the perfect cock hiding in my neighbors’ sweatpants. Being a trailer trash whore, I went over to get me some of that dick. We went inside the trailer and found a nice soft bed in the back with only one other couple on it. We got beside them and undressed. I climbed right up on him and stuck my sweet juicy bald pussy in his face for the licking. I grabbed that big black cock and licked, sucked and rubbed that monster before I stuck it down my throat taking his warm load. Then he stuck one finger in my dripping wet pussy and one in my tight asshole while licking my clit, I exploded all over him. Now I think we will join the other couple for some more fun.

Crack Whore Anal Mama Pimp

crack whore analHe wanted a sweet chocolate booty to pump in and I got him just the thing. I found this young prostitute that was fresh meat on the market and likely just traded for some crack rock. He was a sweet young thing with that bubbly chocolate booty. It’s just what this p-daddy faggot wanted. I’m the best crack whore anal pimp in the trailer park. I can get my clients whatever delicacy they want. My fucking clan is great and I have many being a social services foster mama. I get my fix and the Government pays me for it. It’s the best thing ever. I have my own personal slave network keeping me happy, my trailer clean and my perverted clients needs met Best of all they pay for my addiction and I can fuck regularly since I am a crack whore nymphomaniac. I’m a registered sex offender but these days it doesn’t matter, I can still foster the worst of the delinquents that get pushed through the system. Fuck I’m doing everyone a favor and it’s a total win win situation. I can’t strip anymore because I’m just not the young pert thing the guys want. I just run my own little halfway house where they earn their stay of get sold quickly into the sex slave market. Whatchya needing big boy? 

It’s Me You Want


Anal sex whore

I’m standing here buck naked, and I’m ready to fuck your brains out. You know that I love you, and you know that I love the way we have raw crazy fucking sweaty sex. I couldn’t help myself but to want to fuck you over and over every time I saw your face whenever you would come to visit my sister. You are the man of my dreams; you’re the only one for me even though you belong to her. I know that you told her you would marry her when you got out of the military, but really are you serious? You can’t marry someone who bores you have to death that’s just not fair to anyone, especially me. I make your cock go insane every time you’re fucking me in my asshole you fall in love all over again. I know she saw you first. I know she thinks that she’s the perfect girl for you, but that isn’t true at all, and you and I we both know it. Whenever I stuff your big fat cock down my throat with my no gag reflex, you know that it’s me who’s really meant for you. I’m your freaky fucking slut. I am the horror that you have always dreamt about, and you know that I can satisfy you better than anyone else, including my sister. We are meant to be together; we’re meant to be fucking each other like beasts in heat.

My Moms Husband


Cum guzzling slut

My mother always told me I was a nasty fucking bitch, and that’s why her husband is on my nasty fucking list. His name is Todd and Todd has a big dick it’s about 12-in I can’t believe it when I first saw it I damn near lost my mind. Todd always looks at me, and I can tell he lusts after this young wet pussy more than he wants my mom’s old drawn up cunt. My mother doesn’t know it yet, but I am going to fuck the shit out of her husband, and I’m going to stuff my ass in his mouth so motherfucking deep he’ll be able to taste my shit from miles away. Yes, mother, I’m a goddamn nasty young wet pussy stripper whore, but that’s okay with me is it okay with you though that you’re an old dried-up piece of fucking old dirty rag trash cunt Tramp. Your husband has always been looking at me every since before y’all got married; he was lusting over me, you dirty bitch, and now he’s going to find out how good my pussy is. I wonder if my mother knows that her husband has been frequenting the strip club that I work at. When he comes in tonight, he’s going to get a face full of pussy and ass, and his dick is going to fuck me like a mad man. I’ve been wanting his big dick more than she has, and I know what to do with it; she’s just a waste of time. Mommy, you’re in trouble now, bitch. And I hope nobody feels sorry for my mom because she fucked my boyfriend’s before, so she’s not an innocent person she’s an old dirty, guilty bitch.

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