Lots Of BBC Sex Stories

BBC sex stories

Prostitutes have so many BBC sex stories to tell, one of us should write a book series about all of them.  Maybe start a daily sex blog all about the giant ebony bones that bore out and blast big loads of pearly white cum into our bought holes, or something.  If you can think of a position or situation, I guarantee that I have a hot yarn to spin all about how a big black bullcock paid to bang me out in that very way.  What can I say, I take a lot of dick.  It’s my job, yo.

Want to hear about the fat fuck hog I sucked at the truck stop the other day?  He pushed my head against the wall and just wailed away on my mouth for a bit until he busted a juicy ass nut all over my face.  How about the time I took two swollen black snakes in my prossy pussy at once at the ballpark?  They really dicked down my dugout like they were swinging for the bleachers and filled it to the brim with cum once they got their money’s worth.  I could tell you about the owner of the limo company who makes me smoke crack with him and gets me super high before he crams his crank deep into my asshole.  The back of that limo has had so much shitty cum dripped all over it, I have no idea how it keeps it from reeking.  Lots of Egyptian musk and cigar smoke, I guess.

I can tell BBC fuck tales until the hoes come home, and then they’ll have a few to tell you or their own!  Here in the south, a lot of anaconda comes slithering our way.  I can’t speak for hookers anywhere else, but down here, black phone sex fuck stories are as common as the whores that tell them.  Let me know what size of black cock you want to hear about and I know that I’ll have a fun cum filled chronicle or two for you, for sure!


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