Too Cold to Stroll

Freaky phone sex

It’s really fucking cold and snowy outside, your best bet for a fun Christmas is some festive freaky phone sex with me and my hot trailer court whores.  We’re not going anywhere, us southern girls aren’t used to all of this frozen bullshit.  None of us are going out on the stroll in this weather, we’re going to stay put and sell our slutty pussies here in the park.  If you want to bang us out this weekend, you’re going to have to come to us.  

I’ll be honest, we don’t even own winter clothes.  What would a streetwalker wear in winter weather that would entice a john to rent their slits for a bit?  Staying warm and advertising the goods don’t really go hand in hand and I don’t want my girls to get frostbite on their fuckholes just to turn a trick.  I’m perfectly fine with my hos only humping on the horny hypothermic slut hounds that come to their door.  It’ll get warmer soon and we make plenty of cash when there isn’t a negative ten degree windchill outside, we’re going to be fine.

I’m not even opening my door and selling my cooze for cash this Christmas.  My space heaters are working hard, I’m not trying to kill them by fanning the door for all of my cunt craving customers and letting that frigid air inside.  I’ll be here under my blankets, nice and cozy, hanging out on my cell and having taboo phonesex with like minded men who aren’t into freezing their balls off for a little freaky fuck action.  Sounds like the perfect plan to me.  Drunk Santa might come by to pay a visit to all of us homebound whores bearing liquor and drugs for everyone he fucks, but I won’t be letting him into my place.  The other girls can have him if they want, I just want to stay warm!


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