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Nothing is better than getting fucked by a group of hot sexy men. After the first time, I got gang fucked I just wanted to do it again and again. So much so, that I hosted a small party with the guys that I worked with and seduced them. One day after work, I invited a few of the guys over to drink and smoke some weed; they agreed and followed me over to my house. I pulled out the liquor and rolled a few fat blunts and we drank and smoke away. I started to get drunk and horny, so I lit the last blunt and passed myself around right along with it. I sat on each guy’s lap and stroked on their bulges while they hit the blunt, by the time I made a second way around, my titties were out and so were their fat, juicy cocks.
I did a little striptease for them and told them to strip as well, before escorting them into my bedroom. As soon as we walked into the room, I dropped to my knees and they surrounded me, all stroking their cocks. I was SO turned on! I told them to gag me and slap me with their cocks. I craved their cocks, I wanted them all over me. My mouth, forehead, chin, cheeks, everywhere; I wanted their meat all over me, and they fulfilled that need for me. I sucked all of their cocks, until I felt someone creep behind me and proceeded to stuff my asshole. I moaned as he thrust his huge cock into my little asshole, but my moans were muffled by the cocks being shoved down my throat. I felt another guy’s hand creep down into my pussy and he fingered me while the other guy fucked my asshole. My eyes rolled into the back of my head. Before I knew it, I had 2 cocks in my pussy, 1 in my ass, 1 in my mouth, and another in my hand; I was literally filled with cock and loving every moment of it. They took turns on me and left my pussy swollen and sore before forcing me to the ground on covering me with all of their cum like the little cum dumpster I am while I moaned with excitement.
I swear this is the only way I want to be fucked!

Cum Guzzling Christmas

There is no better holiday experience than spending a Christmas evening curled up by a fireplace with a cock in my mouth and another in my pussy pumping me full of hot cum in both ends. Last year, I had the pleasure. I was invited by this guy I was dating to accompany him to visit his father for the holiday. I obliged because I don’t have much family in town so I didn’t have plans. When we arrived, I was surprised at how handsome and young his father was; he was a former professional bodybuilder, so he had beautifully sculpted muscles and you could see the contour of his abs through his shirt. My nipples got hard as he smiled at me and introduced himself, I was completely turned on, but did not know where this was going to lead.
After dinner that evening, we were sitting on the couch drinking and playing card games. I just so happened to be sitting between the two of them as we talked and laughed about everything under the sun. All of a sudden, the power went out, and me being the little whore that I am, I made my move. I reached over with both of my hands and began stroking them both through their pants. “What are you doing?” his father exclaimed, but his cock standing at attention told me otherwise. As I continued stroking both of their bulges, my boyfriend started to rub on my titties as he gave his dad his blessing to treat me like the whore I am. I unzipped his father’s pants and started jacking his hard, thick cock; at the same time, my boyfriend wasted no time to take his pants all the way off and stick his huge dick in my mouth. His father finally got comfortable with the situation and joined in full force, he started sucking on my titties and rubbing on my clit while I continued getting my throat fucked by his son.

Ebony Girl Fucking
My pussy felt as hot as the fire burning next to us as I anticipated both of their gorgeous cocks filling me up. Finally, I got to the point that I couldn’t resist, I straddled his father and aimed his huge cock straight towards my wet pussy. “Enjoy Pop, this girl fucks like a pornstar!” With that being said, I rode every inch of his cock, determined to prove my man right. Damn, he felt good! And he must’ve felt the same, he started moaning and gripping my ass as he sucked on my titties. I bounced all over his cock while I sucked the shit out of his son’s.
It felt amazing to feel that I was being dominated by these two men. The rhythm of one cock ramming my pussy, while the other slid down and back out of my throat made me feel like the biggest whore ever. We started on my knees, then they flipped me onto my back. His father gagged me with his cock and teabagged my face while my boyfriend fucked my asshole and fingered my little cunt. My screams were muffled and blocked by his dad’s dick as I squirted all over my boyfriend’s cock. Turned on by the sight, they forced me into a riding position over his father and my boyfriend slid his cock into my ass.
It was so tight with both of those hard cocks fighting for space in my body. I could feel them sliding against and pressing so close to each other, both squeezing and groping me as they penetrated my body. It was awkward starting off as the father-son duo tried to get their movements in sync, but after a few minutes, they were reaming my pussy and asshole. They pounded me and pounded me mercilessly, slapping my face, titties, and ass, telling me what a great fucking whore I am. I couldn’t stop myself, my whole body shook like an earthquake and I screamed out “OH MY GOD, I’M FUCKING CUMMING! I’M CUMMING!” over and over as my holes contracted around their meat.
They continued fucking me as I had multiple orgasms on their cocks, finally caused both of them to cum. They started stroking me harder and harder as their moans progressively got louder. My boyfriend grabbed my titties as he pumped hot jizz into my pussy while I felt his dad spurt his hot load into my asshole. We brought in Christmas with sweat, moans, and fresh skeet squirting inside of me. I was literally stuffed, hot cum was my Christmas present. I got toasted nut by the open fire, and it felt so good.

Cum Slut Carmel

trailer trash whoreA couple of days ago, I ran across this guy that I’d known from high school. I always had a little crush on him so I stopped him to say hi and flirted a little. We exchanged phone numbers and started texting back and forth a few hours later. The conversation started off casual, and out of nowhere he said all of these sexual things he wanted to do to me. Tying me up, eating my ass, spanking me, pissing on me, etc. Little did he know, he was talking my language.
I invited him over that same night and he accepted the invitation. He came over and I offered him something to eat and drink. As he declined my offer, he walked up behind me and whispered in my ear, “The only thing I want to eat is your pussy!” I paused. His hands explored my body before making it in between my legs and he started rubbing on my pussy through my thong. Before I knew it, he flipped me over his shoulder, threw me on the couch, pulled my thong off and started eating my pussy and ass. I’d never had a man make me feel this way. After I rode the shit out of his face, I was ready to ride the rest of his. He pulled his cock out and I sucked it before I rode that, too. He must’ve been excited already because he came inside of me after a few minutes.
When I went into the bathroom to clean up, he followed me, put me on the counter and started eating my pussy again. Round two! The way his tongue flicked my clit while his fingers fucked my pussy, I couldn’t handle it, I squirted all over his face. “Mmmmm Yes! You little fucking whore!” he exclaimed as he pulled me off the counter, bent me over and shoved his huge cock into my little asshole. I’d never been fucked back door before, it was like a different type of ecstasy. My eyes were rolled in the back of my head and my mouth hung open, I was about to cum all over his cock. “You like that, bitch?” he asked while slapping my face and pounding my ass. “Yes! YES!”, were the only words I could scream.
He fucked me for HOURS! He gave me the royal whore treatment. Trained me how to suck and take cock like the filthy slut I am. By the end of the night, he had me roped up, covered in his cum and begging for more! He called me again today and told me to be on my knees ready when he got here, I’ll be a good whore and do just that.

Cum Dumpster Carmel

ebony girl fuckingMaster had already fucked me raw when his friend entered the room. Master had me on all fours in the middle of the room pounding my asshole when this gentleman turned the corner and walked in to join us. He must’ve enjoyed hearing my screams from down the hallway because he was already rock hard. Cum Dumpster Carmel and ready to go. As he walked toward me, Master lifted my held and commanded my mouth stay open as his friend stuck his cock in it. This was not what I was expecting when I came over, but I never know what Master is going to do to me when I come. His friend held my head sturdy as he roughly fucked my mouth, tears ran down my face as he ravaged my throat. After a while of them taking turns switching between my mouth, ass and pussy, Master sat on the couch and ordered me to straddle him. He started stroking me, slapping my ass and titties. I had totally forgot his friend was there when I felt his huge cock join Master’s with a big thrust into my asshole. I screamed out in ecstasy. “Take it, bitch!” his friend yelled at me as he covered my lips with both hands and pounded my ass at the same time Master fucked my pussy. Master starts playing with my clit, causing me to squirt uncontrollably over both of their cocks. Two huge cocks inside of me, fours hands touching and slapping all over my body. This is exactly what a whore like me craves for, I can’t stop myself from cumming. I don’t ever want them to stop fucking me.

Cum Dumpster Carmel

cum dumpsterI love for a man to treat me like the slut I am. I work as a stripper and a lot of the times I have to leave the club as late hours with strange men lurking around. I’ve fucked or sucked most of these bastards so they pretty much leave me alone as I come and go, other than the usual cat calling. A new guy came into the club tonight, someone I’d never seen before and the way he stared at my body as I danced, I knew that he wanted a taste of Caramel. After my set, I left the stage and walked right up to him. “Private dance?” I asked as he nodded and followed me to one of the private rooms. He sat down and I shook my fat ass and titties until he threw all of his money on me. I continued to dance, as he pulled me onto his lap and right onto his fat dick. I wasn’t anticipating this. I tried to fight him a little bit, but who am I kidding, this was exactly what I wanted. I bounced my ass all over his cock as he fingered my clit making me squirt all over him. It must’ve turned him on even more to see that gush of cum flow from inside of me, because he turned me around, bent me over and ate my juicy pussy until I squirted again… All over his face. Just as I thought that I couldn’t take anymore, he slipped his cock into my asshole and started pounding me from the back. “Yes! Fuck me!” I screamed as he fingered my pussy and fucked my little asshole with no mercy. I wanted more… I needed more, I was in complete ecstasy. Once he was satisfied, he moaned with pleasure as he ejaculated all inside my ass. Still feeling the intensity of the moment, I grabbed his cock and clean all of those juices off of his cock. He definitely left satisfied with the private show he received. I sure hope so because I want to feel that cock again and again.

Riding Cock During Dirty Phone Sex

dirty phone sexThis was the dirty phone sex I’d been waiting for. “No, I’ve never had a girl ride my cock.” He was young, and shy. That wasn’t an issue for me. I kissed him so sweetly, kissing down his jawline and his neck. I laid him back on the bed, pulled my shirt over my head to show my big bouncing tits, and slid out of my jeans. I hadn’t bothered to wear any panties to cover my little bald wet pussy. His cock was so hard, trapped in his boxers. Well I freed that little jailbird. He was about to get the workout of a lifetime. I climbed on top of him, swirling my hips down and around his cock head. He sat straight up as I lowered my wet cunt down over his rock hard cock. Grabbing me by my jaw, he kissed me like he had been starving for a taste of me. I slid the rest of the way down his dick, and started to bump and grind all over his cock. He had to stop tonguefucking my mouth because he was moaning so much. I was loving the way I could make him feel. What a sin a bitch had never ridden his dick. It was a mighty fine cock that had me cumming minutes after I started bouncing. He had my by the hips and was plowing his huge cock so deep inside me I squirted all the fuck over! I really love the shy, quiet ones. They’re always dirty sex freaks.

Trailer Trash Whore for Rent

trailer trash whoreI am a trailer trash whore. I was born in a trailer park and I love the trashy life. I am a good whore. My mama was a hooker. My sister was a hooker. My aunt was a hooker. Now I am a hooker. I am not high-class escort. I pick up my Johns at the truck stop or online. I have simple rates. $50 for a hot blow job, $75 if you want your ass rimmed too. $100 to fuck me until you cum and $125 to fuck my ass. Anything else is negotiable. I do gang bangs and piss parties too. Last night, I settled on a grand to be the entertainment for a bachelor party. That grand with me got the 25 guys all access to all my holes for the length of the party. It was a steal when you consider that strippers from the local strip joint charge that just to dance. I got tipped too because I go Greek. Those men were fucking my ass all night long. Good thing I am an anal sex whore. I have enough money to pay my lot rent for the rest of the year and buy some good coke. Sex sells even when you are a trailer park whore.

The Ultimate Anal Sex Whore

I’m a lot of things, but an anal sex whore is definitely one of them. I can cum like a teenage boy, fifteen to twenty times a day! But I love nothing more than getting railed in my ass like the fucking slut that I am. Any time some thick, rock hard cock slams up my dirty little fuck hole, I swear my cunt goes into super soaker mode. I only squirt when I’m receiving some hardcore anal fucking. There’s just something about being stretched out, about being reminded that you’re just a piece of meat for men to use as a personal pocket pussy. Well this pocket pussy is hot blooded, and loves when she gets used and abused by men. I don’t care how big their cocks are, I just want their cum. My regular calls me every single Sunday morning while his wife is at work. While she’s on her knees praying to the Good Lord, I’m on my knees getting his ten inch johnson right up my slick little rosebud. No matter the occasion, I’ll do anything for that ass fucking action. Maybe you think I’m a bit dramatic, but no baby I’m just enthusiastic. If you got your tight ass stretched out and used like an anal cum dumpster, maybe you’d understand why it just gets my sweet snatch off so much. Now, do you want me bent over the bed, or the hood of your car?

Anal sex whore

Selling Pussy In A Vegas Brothel

black stripper sex
My first experience with a legal brothel in Vegas was too scandalous to write home about. I went out to a ranch that had 6 other girls. We all were prostitutes. Guys would come out to the ranch and pick which one of us they liked. We would go back and fuck in a lavishly decorated VIP room. Most of the men were 6 figure ballers. We made a lot that weekend sucking and fucking. Of course our pimp collected a share of our money we made selling pussy. But the ranch was so exquisite I felt just excited to be there. We had free lodging and meals. Tanning and hair and make-up team keeping us looking good. So if you ask me how the brothels are in Vegas I’ll say come out and let me show you what this mouth do. I may sell pussy on a ranch but I’m the most popular hooker on these streets. I’ll fuck any man I meet for the right price.

I Love Being A Hoe

Black stripper sex
I get so wet when I fuck random men I meet on the street corner. I have become your favorite hoe. Every weekend you know I’m going to be out on the corner and you can’t wait to hit this pussy again. I always wear them stockings and heels you like. I send you sexy photos when I’m getting ready so you know when to come pick me up. I sometimes bring another hot girl with me. And we do a two for one special. There are no limits to how freaky I will get. I will let all your homeboys fuck me too. I like having them run at train on me. One time I fucked five guys in a row. My pussy was so sore afterwards that it was hard to walk. I am a whore with no shame. I will fuck married men and when their wife is calling on their cell phone looking for them. I will keep fucking on they mans.

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