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Selling Pussy In A Vegas Brothel

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My first experience with a legal brothel in Vegas was too scandalous to write home about. I went out to a ranch that had 6 other girls. We all were prostitutes. Guys would come out to the ranch and pick which one of us they liked. We would go back and fuck in a lavishly decorated VIP room. Most of the men were 6 figure ballers. We made a lot that weekend sucking and fucking. Of course our pimp collected a share of our money we made selling pussy. But the ranch was so exquisite I felt just excited to be there. We had free lodging and meals. Tanning and hair and make-up team keeping us looking good. So if you ask me how the brothels are in Vegas I’ll say come out and let me show you what this mouth do. I may sell pussy on a ranch but I’m the most popular hooker on these streets. I’ll fuck any man I meet for the right price.

I Love Being A Hoe

Black stripper sex
I get so wet when I fuck random men I meet on the street corner. I have become your favorite hoe. Every weekend you know I’m going to be out on the corner and you can’t wait to hit this pussy again. I always wear them stockings and heels you like. I send you sexy photos when I’m getting ready so you know when to come pick me up. I sometimes bring another hot girl with me. And we do a two for one special. There are no limits to how freaky I will get. I will let all your homeboys fuck me too. I like having them run at train on me. One time I fucked five guys in a row. My pussy was so sore afterwards that it was hard to walk. I am a whore with no shame. I will fuck married men and when their wife is calling on their cell phone looking for them. I will keep fucking on they mans.

Carmel Likes It Rough

Black stripper sex I’m so horny tonight. I just want to fuck you again. You were my favorite cock. The size was incredible. Haven’t been able to get satisfied by these other men. I remember that night you took me back to your place and was fucking me so good I could barely walk afterwards. My pussy gets wet just remembering all the good times we had together. Please fuck me like that again I want to be filled with your cum. I want it dripping out of my pussy. And I will moan as you slide that big dick I’m and out of me. I just want to roleplay with you again. You say you want to handcuff me to the bed and treat me like your little slave. I love being told what to do. I just get ever more what when you call me your little black bitch. Keep fucking me hard and smacking my ass. I want you deep inside of me and making me cum all over that dick. Tell me I’m the best little slave you ever had. I just want to fuck you all the time.

Carmel Likes Wild Sex

black stripper sex I never hold back my feelings towards someone I want. No matter the circumstances. You met me in the club on a friday night. I was wearinng a skimpy little stripper outfit. I came over to your table to keep you company.You said there was a reason you couldnt take me home that night even though I was the hottest stripper you ever saw. You told me your girlfeind didnt know you were here and you didnt want to risk her finding out. I said well if we cant go back to your place lets at least fuck in the vip room. I can show you a much better time than she can. You got a lttle tipsy and were easy to persuade you took me back to the private room and tipped me very well. I got down on my hands and knees and arched my back while you fucked me hard. My pussy is too juicy and tempting for these tricks.

Carmel Needs Dick

black stripper sex I have to get some cock tonight. I’m known for walking the streets as a nasty prostitute. It isn’t always about money or drugs for me I just need some dick. Guys love how good I am at sucking cock. I can deep throat like a champ. Nothing is more satisfying than meeting up in a sleazy motel so I can get fucked from behind and my hair pulled. I have such an obsession with men who are 9 inches or better. I’ll take all the cock I can get. Doesn’t matter to me if the whole block knows how I have spent the whole weekend sucking and fucking someone else’s boyfriend. I’m proud to be a whore. It’s so much more fun when you don’t give a fuck about being a prostitute. I never wanted to be anything else but the sleaziest hooker in town and everyone knows me name. Let’s see how much dick I’ll be taking in the ass tonight.

Carmel Wants It Bad

black stripper sexDont try to resist me. I can tell my best friends boyfriend wants to fuck me. Whenever I go to her house he is always checking me out. He knows I’m a stripper and I think he wants to know how I get down in the bedroom. One evening we were all going to drink together so my friend went to the liquor store and said she would be right back. I wasted no time. Me and her boyfriend we’re stripping down naked and fucking in the bedroom in no time. I heard him say he had been waiting to hit it for the longest. We were fucking doggy style and I let him pull my hair while I moaned loudly. Then I got on top of him and rode his cock. It was amazing feeling him so deep inside of me. His cock was so much better than I ever imagined. I knew I could fuck him better than his girlfriend could. ????

Carmels Sinful Desire



black stripper sexI turns me on to fuck someones wife while their husband watches. I know that it might sound risque. But I have a thing for threesomes with couples I meet in the strip club. I got my lucky break last weekend. Some swingers had come into the club and they were very interested in me. I told them I would be happy to go home with them for the night. We all took an uber home together and went back to thier partment. I started off by making out with his wife while he started jacking off. Then I put mmy head down between her legs and started licking her pussy. We were getting really wet. So I bent over and she got a strap on and started fucking me in my ass. Then her husband put his long cock in my mouth and I started sucking on it nice and slow. We were all getting so much pleasure sharing eachother. I let her husband cum on my titties and his wife licked it off.

Carmel Is So Delicious





black stripper sex

I suck dick all night in high heels. Let me tell you what happened the other night at the strip club. I was in the dressing room about to leave for the night when security guard came into the back. There’s a man that wants to talk to you caramel’ he said. ‘I’ll be right out give me a moment ‘I said. I put my heels back on in walked back to the bar. There was a well-dressed man sitting there with a drink. I’d like to get a private dance with you he said. with a sparkle in his eye. ‘How much money does it take to get you out your clothes he said sneakily. I gave him my hand and we headed to the back. He gave me enough money to pay about two months rent. So I put on a show for him. deepthroated and gagging on his cock. I rode on his dick with no condom. I was bouncing up and down on him until he busted a nut. I make them cum quick cuz this pussy too good.

Secret Location For Whores

black stripper sex 

I know where you can get your dick wet tonight. Everyone thinks that the sex clubs are closed because of the coronavirus but let me tell you a secret. Our club is still open, it’s a whore house in the back of a building that looks like a marijuana store. But in the back room is where all the prostitutes work. We start around 10 p.m. annd close around 2 in the morning. I was dressed up in my skankiest outfit when they sent a wealthy businessman to the back with me. He wanted an hour to fuck a whore and he tipped pretty good too. I let him fuck me in the ass. He had some cocaine on him too, so I let him do a line off my ass. There may be a pandemic going on but the sex industry is still booming. I am pleased to say that I am just as busy selling pussy as ever. I can see that sex is always a best seller.

Carmels A Private Dancer

black stripper sexYou all know caramel my sexy stripper alter ego. During the daytime I’m just a normal girl next door type. But at night I come alive as the sexy lady of the evening, caramel delight. When I’m in the strip club most of the other dancers don’t stand a chance against me. When I get on the stage at shake my ass and I make them dollars rain. I’m also the most wild in the private room. When I show them what this mouth do, the customers are bound to keep getting a private dance with me over and over again. And my work doesn’t stop there. I have been known to attend wild hotel after parties with other beautiful women. When you see me in the club make sure you get a dance with me I’ll make it worth your while. You will be so excited by my performance you eill be back for more. I love my regulars.

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