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Family Fun

gangbang whoreI’m a trashy black bitch with a taste for white cock. When the weekend gets near my legs open wide waiting for some fun! I’m in the mood for some family fucking so If you wanna have some family time I recommend all the daddies bring their brats for a father-son day! Every young white boy should get his virginity snatched by a slutty black temptress with low morals and a deep throat. I’ll be your gangbang whore You can show your son how to fucking Ebony slut like me while I’m making his cock and balls disappear in my mouth. I’m a big dick sucker and I can’t wait to meet you and your boy! Give me a call and we’ll have some fun.

Teen Slut Throat Fuck

Black teen phone sex

My days as a black teen phone sex slut were spent swallowing cum and getting my throat stretched.! Sneaking out to get my young  pussy plowed was an everyday norm for horny jailbait and I can’t remember a single night that I spent in my own bed. I always wandered off and found myself in a strange man’s apartment. On this particular night, I was craving big fat nigger cock so I climbed out my window and went to get that shit. He sent me photos of his thick meaty cock but it looked even bigger when he stood above me with his pants at his ankles. I wrung his fuck stick with both hands and still had extra meat to stuff my pie hole! My young tits were coated in the sticky glaze that dribbled from my mouth down my chest. I wanted to stop but the cum slut in me wouldn’t let me rest until I felt a warm splat against the back of my throat. When it was time for a healthy serving of baby batter he pushed his cock so far down my throat that it went straight to my stomach. I felt his hot load shoot down into my gut as it drained. Such an easy cleanup!

I Love Being a Phone Sex Slut

phone sex slutsPhone sex sluts don’t need to be wined and dined or told how pretty they are. Just dial in looking for a good time and we will give you the best fuck of your life! My favorite part about being a horny cum slurper is all of the coochie deprived husbands I meet. I don’t have to cook their dinner or lay their outfits out or take care of them to get what I want. All I have to do is spread my glistening pink pussy lips and they line up to fill me with all the BBC and thick white cock I desire! Not being tied to a man makes it much easier to be a shameless prostitute. I sell my pussy for fun and guys appreciate not having to jump through hoops and hurdles to get sloppy ebony loving from this sweet treat.

Trailer Trash Whore Set Up

Trailer trash whore

I was the only black trailer trash whore in the trailer park I grew up in so  I saw some pretty kinky shit while I was there. One of my best friends and I used to finger fuck and scissor every day after school. I loved her smooth bald pussy grinding against mine! After a hot lesbian ageplay fuck session she told me that her uncle makes her suck his stubby beer can cock when her mother worked the night shift. I was so pissed that he would assault her mouth and pussy so I set up a plan to get her creepy uncle would get in trouble. Being a young Ebony slut with a hooker for a mom I already knew the game and had no problem sucking a random dick for a good cause. I used my little ebony body to seduce him into the room where I had a hidden camera. He couldn’t fight the urge to see my puffy tits when we were all alone. As soon as I lifted my top over my head his tiny stumpy cock started to stain his pants with precum. His sweat-stained shirt clung to his body as he pinched his hairy nipples. When my little panties slid off of my bald cunt down onto the floor he basically jumped out of his pants giving the camera a great view of his pasty white ass standing there with his hairy balls out and his thumb size cock in his hands. I gave him a nasty wet blow job while I said things like “I don’t think we should do this“ and I’m being a bad girl. please don’t tell my mommy“ to make myself look like the young innocent victim. He kept telling me that it was okay and that I was being a good girl by making him feel good. I’m sure that sounded really fucked up to the police. -Giggle- That’s right, I exposed his ass to five o! That motherfucker went to jail for being a nasty perverted child molester and I got to keep my sweet snow bunny to myself. Win-win. Her little pussy got even wetter for me when she realized that I saved her from her nasty P-playing uncle. I hope they assaulted his ass and molested him in jail like he did my sweet trailer slut. 

lot lizzard fisting whore

fisting whore

It feels like my asshole is about to get ripped inside out! I’m sobbing and crying as I feel his hairy arm pulling and stretching my shit box as I moan from the painful pleasure. I’m too fucked up to get his heavy ass off of me but I kind of enjoy getting my back end assaulted by a strong, greasy, tatted trucker.
Most drivers need to get a load off after dropping their load off and lot lizard sex is the best way to do it! After I do too many uppers at the strip club I go out to the nearest rest stop. I can’t sleep anyway so why not try to make some more money selling this druggy black snatch. My sloppy drunk cunny had already been used a few times last night but I didn’t mind adding more cream to my pie. As I hoisted myself into his semi he grabbed me and sat me right on his. My ass sitting right on top of his raging fucking hard-on. I headed towards the rear and stuck my ass straight up in the air as he ripped my cum stained panties off. “You dirty nigger slut” he grunted with disgust. Most guys don’t mind my user pussy but he seemed to be completely turned off.
I started to get nervous because instead of hearing his pants unzip I heard latex snapping. When tried to look back but he shoved me face down on the bed. I was still able to get a glimpse of a white latex glove and a bottle of lube. Before it dawned on me I felt 4 fingers dig into my shit hole. I screamed as I felt his whole hand plunge into my cunt. “I’m not putting my cock in that used nigger pussy!” He exclaimed as he continued to make me his fisting whore. The girth of his arm in my rear was putting pressure on the inside of my snatch and sent me into a tizzy! It felt like he was going to make my asshole prolapse but I didn’t care! “ punch fuck my shit box baby!” I encourage as I throw my ass back on his arm.

Making me take his entire forearm inside of my body as he tugged and jerked on his beer can cock made him explode all over my ass and back!

Friday Gang Bang


It’s Friday night and I’m looking for some gangbang phone sex to get into! like most guys you’re probably going to be hanging with your boys tonight and will need a sweet treat after the end of the festivities. I’m usually so horny after dancing at the strip club that just one dick won’t satisfy me. I need at least 4 and I know this black snatch will drain each and every one of you! Don’t come over here tripping about how fucked up I am. I get drunk all night at the club and plan on getting more fucked up here! The more fucked up I get the more dick I can take in my ass without tapping out. Just let me do my thing and you worry about bringing your a game and a bunch of thick steel to fill my fuckhole. Every white boy deserves to fuck a black bitch that is high as a kite and ready to get her sloppy wet pussy and tight ass creampied. Plus, I know you want to watch your homeboys stick their cocks in an ebony snake tamer! Call me after you guys leave the bar.. I’ll bring the party favors and you bring the thick white meat!  My twat and tongue can’t wait to be coated in a white trash cum smoothie. gangbang whore

Hood Deals

druggy phone sex
In my hood, drug dealers make a hot young ebony fuck for their fix. That’s what we call a hood deal. Pills are expensive as fuck so you know I’m gonna use this filthy black cunt to reup! When I get to the spot there’s like 6 niggas there with their hands on their crotch. Their eyes were fixed on the fine stripper slut in their trap house and I don’t blame them. Everyone can get a turn but I need an E Pill in my ass to get this party startled. The lust in the air got my cunt a little wet but a little E will kickstart this coochie for real!

We all take shots until my body starts tingling. I grab the first dick I can find and ram it between my liquor coated cock suckers. Cum and cognac taste so good atogether! While I’m bent over I feel a big basketball playing palm on the small of my back while another pushes my panties to the side and pokes a finger into my twat. That’s the shit that drives a black slut like me fucking crazy. I don’t remember how much more dick I took in between shots and bumps of blow but I do know how much cum was splattered all over me. I was coated from tit to twat in an ocean of cum!

When everyone’s nuts were empty, the plug gave me my weekly dose and sent me on my way. I’ll be back next week so those motherfuckers better drink lots of water and make sure their stamina is up for the nest hood deal.

Side Bitches are the Best

nasty phone sex

I get such a rush when we sneak around and have a whole bunch of nasty phone sex right under your wife’s nose. bitches scoff at the idea of being a sidepiece but I love having a man that sends me money, flowers, and expensive gifts without having to lay up under him all day every day. That’s your homely ass wife’s job. When I let someone else’s man plow this gushy wet twat, I get all the perks of dating without being held down. Honestly, your wife should be thanking me for keeping you happy in bed. Shouldn’t she? When I do a split on that dick and ride your cock with no hands that’s another day you can stomach going home to an unkempt whore.

While you were eating dinner with your family last night, I wonder if she noticed your hand under the table squeezing your dick as you read the messages I kept sending to your phone. Every vibration revealed a photo of my shaved bald pussy spread across your screen or my fat black ass Twerking in front of the camera. I know how much your pole loves when I shake like a stripper! It was no surprise that you left your family and rushed to our special hotel room. As soon as I opened the door you tried to bury yourself in the first hole that your cock could get to. “ I hate my fucking wife” you moan as you plunge your dick down my throat. Being your mistress makes my mouth water as it wraps around your mushroom tip and drips down to your nuts. Your wife doesn’t suck you off like she is supposed to and I’m happy to pick up her slack! This sloppy wet head always makes your dick explode. You sprayed your load all over my face and tits coating me with your cum. I know how much you want this pussy but your phone is blowing up! Looks like hubby is getting called back home. I guess you’re gonna have to get this slutty honey pot another day!

Water Sports, anyone ?

water sports sex
I have a newfound love for water sports sex! At first, I had no fucking idea why this guy asked if I liked water sports. I told him if drowning in cum counts as a water sport then yes, I love that shit! Then, when I found out he would pay me 1k to play with him I didn’t really care what the fuck “water sports” were! That’s enough to pay for my liquor and blow for a few days so I’m down. The dude told me the only thing he wanted me to wear was stockings with my black tits exposed. As I sat in the plastic covered bed, I rubbed my twat while waiting for the games to begin. I was getting so horny with anticipation as he stood over the bed jerking off. He stroked his dick while making eye contact as I begged for him to play with me. I really really wanted his dick shoved down the back of my throat so begging came naturally. As I was mid-sentence he began to spray a steady stream of warm piss into my mouth and all over my face. I’ve had golden shower phone sex before but his piss tasted so good as it trickled down my tits and over my twat. I couldn’t get enough of this yellow liquid that he was showering me with. My stockings got soaking wet and began to stick to my coochie making it easy for me to rub the swollen clit through the crotch. Even though he only paid to piss on me once I wanted so much more! I can’t give it away for free though! He’s gonna have to empty that wallet if he wants to eep drenching his sweet chocolate skank.

Cheap Fuck Holes Here!


cheap phone sex
I love a good fuck so I don’t charge much for it. I think I am some type of sex addict because I cannot survive without getting fucked at least twice a day! I NEED fat raw cock in my tight creamy pussy. Most guys shoot their fucking loads so fast that I have no choice but to keep fucking randoms until I get mine off too. LOL! I never ask for too much money to dive deep in this twat. I just need enough for to buy myself something to eat and a ride to my next dick appointment. I come from a family of cock hungry whores so I guess you can say I was made for this shit. Like I said, I’m a whore but I’m not a stupid whore! I know that if I’m going to be accumulating all these fucking bodies and letting them fill my cunt with their cum, I should at least reap some type of reward from it. This cheap phone sex will be good, nasty, and won’t break the bank!