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Ryan’s Anaconda Filled Me Up

Big Dick Sucker

He is suck a clit tease! Ryan is always chatting about his big black anaconda but a stripper slut like me has heard it all. My fat wet pussy has gotten some of the biggest dick out there so when he told me I wouldn’t be able to take it I brushed him off as another arrogant motherfucker. I brought him to my hotel and told him to show me what he got. He told me to shut the fuck up and suck his dick. I like an aggressive man so my snatch began to drip from his tone as I lowered down to my knees. His big thick cock bounced out of his drawers like a pogo stick! It was so heavy in my hands that I wanted to admire it but before I could say anything I hear, “ don’t say shit. Just suck it!” he grabbed the back of my head and shoved his big dick in my mouth. My deep throat was being stuffed with his big black anaconda! He fucked my throat so hard my eyes began to water! Just when I through he was going to suffocate me with that BBC, he throws me onto the bed and pulls me back on his cock. That dick stretched me out like no other! His grunts and moans made my twat soak as he plowed my slut hole. I never had a dick this fucking big stuffing my hole. My cunt soaked his shaft and balls as he stroked me. I couldn’t stop the wave of ecstasy that came over me as my pussy leaked down my thighs. As he got closer to cumming I could feel his balls and rod throbbing. I could tell by how hard it was pulsing that he was about to unload a heavy batch into my pussy. He grabbed my hips and rammed his big dick into my juicy black ass. I screamed as he stretched my shit hole out! “Make me your fucking cum slut” I beg as he rips me open. He busted a nut so deep in my belly I skipped my next meal! I am still full of his seed and it makes me so horny as I feel it oozing out. I can’t wait to get stretched out again.

Blonde Fucking and Black Pussy

Blonde Fucking

I went blonde because I heard they get more cock! Don’t quote me on that. However, it did the trick for me! I Got my hair done and rocked my new do all around town. “ Do the curtains match the drapes, baby” one guy cat called. “ I never had blonde, black pussy!” another one exclaimed. All this attention made the seat of my panties sopping wet. I did not want to night to pass before getting my dark hole filled with cream, so I put on something slutty and found someone willing to put their mouth on my cunt. I went to the bar and within minutes someone invited me to the hotel. As we drove to the location, I spread my legs and let the scent of my warm moist cunt fill the car. It smelled like sex and vanilla cupcakes in his coupe. He stuck his fingers in my pussy and licked the icing off as I pinched my nipples. I knew he would love the taste of my cunt. As soon as he got into the room, he threw me on the bed and licked my twat all night. He even invited some of his friends to cream pie this cum slut! He sucked the cum out after his friends blew their loads into my snatch. I never got such good head or had such a fun gangbang like this before! I know for damn sure that I will be going blonde more often!

Bloody Period Phone Sex Slut

Period Phone Sex

I was on my rag and he still couldn’t resist this bloody pussy! Usually, I try to stay away from the folks that want to devour my cunt because I know I wouldn’t be able to resist. I try to give my twat a rest and I use my period as a pussy reset. But the club was short staffed so I said that I would come in and help. When I get there, the spot was packed! I immediately got my shit together and found the first guy that didn’t have a bitch in his lap. As soon as I started to twerk, I could smell the scent of blood leaking from my cunt. I tried to keep my legs as close together as possible, but he kept spreading them apart as if he wanted to smell my punani blood. I cocked my legs open and let the scent waft up. He licked his lips and began to run his fingers across my slit. My pussy was getting so wet from this guy playing with my monthly discharge. I knew this motherfucker was a freak when he licked the redness from his finger. I brought him to the bathroom and put this period pussy on him! My blood was sloshing all over his cock until he made my snatch a strawberry cheesecake. We left blood and cum all over the stall!

Coke and Cock


druggy pornDo you need a cheap quick nut? I’m your fucking girl! I am a cum guzzling whore that doesn’t mind getting pissed on , eating ass, and getting filled with lots of cum. Most people know me as a slutty black cum dumpster that likes to party and have fun! With a little blow I can party all night! Just a few days ago I went on a 4 night bender where all I did was coke and take cock! My old pimp came to the club and wanted to see if his favorite cash cow hoe could still pull. You are damn right I can! We got a room and some party favors to get shit going. After one add on craigslist, my cunt was getting called for! The burner was blowing up with calls from horny ass husbands that wanted a nut nestling slut to drain them. I was getting so much clientele that I had to start taking them in multiples. For 4 nights I took loads in my ass, mouth and pussy. So much that I my cum filled cunt still leaking cum from that run! Once I recharge and get more drugs, I’ll be ready to sell this black snatch to the highest bidder.

Sloppy Wet Pussy Gets Pounded


sloppy wet pussy

I woke up to him cumming inside my unconscious black trash snatch. It isnt hard to go overboard and have too much fun when you’re a druggie stripper whore like me. Most nights when I’m working the strip club, I can easily finish two bottles of tequila an eight ball of Coke, and whatever other drugs someone may want to dump inside of me before fucking my asshole until it’s raw. This particular evening, I guess I overdid it and passed out mid performance while on stage. I work at a very sleazy and trashy bar so when they see an unconscious black whore passed out with her pussy out, the first thought is to cream pie her holes until she woke up. I had already removed my G string while dancing so the entire bar ad easy access to my bare and exposed twat. Dancing makes my cunt so fucking wet so I know that when the random truckers and perverts visiting the bar rammed their dirty dicks inside of me, it went in easily. When I woke up I was coved in cream and and my sloppy wet pussy was being pounded by a greasy biker. I wrapped my legs around him and rode that motherfucker to hell! He came so hard we almost feel off the stage. I guarantee that they never had a drunk fucking whore with such a wet gushy cunt before! 

Golden Shower for a Black Whore

golden shower sex stories

His hot piss ran down my tits and stomach and made me cum so fucking hard! I went to the bar and tried to get some glory hole action when a client had other things in mind. Everything started as normal when he stuck his pink dick through the hole instantly went to work and start sucking away at it using extra spit. You already know that this ebony whore can make a dick disappear with just her mouth! I was sucking his shit so good I could hear him moaning through the wall. That shit turned me on so much I had to started rubbing my twat. as I serviced him, I felt the dick start throbbing and pulsing. I was expecting a massive load to spring out on my face but instead I got a hot warm stream of piss! Little did she know that this black slut loves a golden showers sex! As his urine ran down my chest it trickled over my cunt too. It felt like someone else was playing with my twat with me. The taste of his piss and the warmth of it on my clit made me cum so fucking hard! I needed that shower!

Lot Lizard Cum Slut to Stripper Cum Whore

Many people don’t know that before I was a stripper I was a cum guzzling lot lizard that liked to fuck random truck drivers. Bitches try and pretend A man with a job is a man that will always have a place to park in the back of my throat. I am not ashamed to admit that I used to spend most of my time at major rest stations asking truckers if they wanted a hot piece of ass. Most of them could turn down a horny ebony slut with dick sucking lips and a pussy meant for pounding! I feel bad for the women these jokers go back home to after fucking me. Most of these nasty fuckers would fuck me bareback while I was still dripping from the last man’s fucking jizz! Some would even lick me out until my cream pie gushed out all over their truck seats. Those dirty dick truckers did not care whether my cunt was clean or if I had been freshly fucked! As long as it was steaming hot and ready for the next load, they would always let me ride them in their trucks. I should visit my old stops to see if I can get a few hot loads to get my night started. 

Duke’s Cum Slut

No wonder they call it “mans best friend” I thought to myself as I walked out of the house with my cum filled cunt. My neighbor asked me to look after their furry companion, Duke, while they were away on vacation. At first I was not into the idea of taking care of this four-legged fucker but after spending time with it I started to realize why my neighbor loved him so much. I had just gotten off of work after a long night of being a cum slut when I realized that I hadn’t fed Duke all day. As soon as I came into the house he was right at the door and began sniffing away at my cream pie pussy. I didn’t have any panties on so his wet nose instantly met my drippy pie. I don’t know if it’s because I had been getting fucked up in the club all night but something told me to give duke a man-made snack before I filled his bowl. I sat on the sofa and let him lap away and my salty slit. His wet nose and wide tongue devoured my pussy and cleaned out all the cum from my clients. I was so overcome with lust and curiosity I got on all fours into a position I’m sure was familiar to him. Instinctually he mounted me and his pink cock slipped right into my pussy. I didn’t know what to expect but it felt almost human! His cock was so big and he was pumping me fast and hard just the way I like. The knot of his cock felt so good pulsing against my G-spot. I instantly began to cum as I felt his big fuzzy nuts rubbing against my clit. I started throwing my ass back for Duke as I felt him draining inside of me. After he came, he licked his own seed from my snatch! I bet therefore my neighbor keeps this furry monster in her house. Who needs a man when they have its best friend.

Fuck Me Before You Marry Her

Cum DumpsterIf cum dumpster was in the dictionary my picture would be right next to it. I love being covered in a warm layer of multiple men’s splooge! My favorite is being wedged in between two big hard cocks while I am being filled up from both ends! The thrusting from one end sends a raging boner deep inside of my body on the other. One night I met a group of guys at the bar celebrating their friend’s upcoming wedding. As a final going out, I let all of them fuck my slutty cunt in public! Of course, it was only right to let the groom start off with my thick juicy lips wrapped around his cock while his friend smacked his thick dick up against my dripping slit. Before I knew it, I had a cock in each hand and was surrounded by at least three more! I’m such a cum slut whore that it was easy for me to handle being rained on with precum from multiple cocks coming from every angle. I didn’t need any help making sure that every dick in my hand was spit shined to perfection with drool dripping down their balls. The pulsing members that were pumping in an out of my shithole and pussy were also drenched in my juices! I told them to cum wherever they liked but I love for my face and tits to be drizzled with jizz. They surely didn’t disappoint! I was so covered in semen it dripped all the way down my chin, tits, and tummy! 

Ass for Crack


crack whore analThis gooey pussy is a special treat but I love a good ass fucking from time to time! The other I meet a guy that was down to find a crack whore that is feinding for her next fix. He said he wanted to make her dependent on us for her crack rock! As long as we kept getting her high sh remained a cock hungry slut and his drug addicted cum bucket. That bitch was willing to do anything to make his dick happy even if it takes solid meat being buried deep in her tight pink asshole. His fat hard cock stretched her ass out so wide but she was so high she just moaned as her pussy dripped onto his balls. Using come sluts that are also junkie whores makes my coochie so fucking wet. While he was railing her asshole, I was laid on my back with my legs spread wide apart. This gave him the perfect view of this junkie bitch licking my chocolate snatch. As I got my perfectly pink pussy licked and he was railing her shithole from the back we filled her with our cum from both ends! I love a cracked out junkie bitch that is ready to be used for a little bit of dope!

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