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Side Bitches are the Best

nasty phone sex

I get such a rush when we sneak around and have a whole bunch of nasty phone sex right under your wife’s nose. bitches scoff at the idea of being a sidepiece but I love having a man that sends me money, flowers, and expensive gifts without having to lay up under him all day every day. That’s your homely ass wife’s job. When I let someone else’s man plow this gushy wet twat, I get all the perks of dating without being held down. Honestly, your wife should be thanking me for keeping you happy in bed. Shouldn’t she? When I do a split on that dick and ride your cock with no hands that’s another day you can stomach going home to an unkempt whore.

While you were eating dinner with your family last night, I wonder if she noticed your hand under the table squeezing your dick as you read the messages I kept sending to your phone. Every vibration revealed a photo of my shaved bald pussy spread across your screen or my fat black ass Twerking in front of the camera. I know how much your pole loves when I shake like a stripper! It was no surprise that you left your family and rushed to our special hotel room. As soon as I opened the door you tried to bury yourself in the first hole that your cock could get to. “ I hate my fucking wife” you moan as you plunge your dick down my throat. Being your mistress makes my mouth water as it wraps around your mushroom tip and drips down to your nuts. Your wife doesn’t suck you off like she is supposed to and I’m happy to pick up her slack! This sloppy wet head always makes your dick explode. You sprayed your load all over my face and tits coating me with your cum. I know how much you want this pussy but your phone is blowing up! Looks like hubby is getting called back home. I guess you’re gonna have to get this slutty honey pot another day!

Which One For You

White trash phone sexWould you rather share me with my wee ones, my mutt, or BBC? We can have so much fun in any one you choose. I love playing with my wee ones the boys and the girls. I love playing with them and helping them get fucked by you. My mutt is no stranger to any of my holes or my girls. My girls and I both love to play with the family mutt. The rapid way he fucks and how quick he is to get up again and keep on going on any one of us. And then of course you cannot forget the BBC. That big fine looking black dude with his huge monster of a cock. Stretching my holes wide fucking open. Your choice hun. Give me a call so we can fuck, fuck, fuck.

Pimping Out My Son

White trash phone sexI got a call from one of my ads that I have in many various places all over the internet. The guy who was in his 70’s wanted to have my son for 2 hours. I told him “not a problem, sir that is gonna cost ya babe.” “What do you have to offer me for my son?” there was a short pause on his end. Then he came back with “I see you like your crack and being high all the time.” Immediately my mouth started to water just hearing my favorite word. Crack! He continued “I will give enough free crack to keep your ass high for 2 weeks and I get to have your son any way I want for 2 hours.” I told him I would not go any less than 3 weeks of crack and he agreed upon that price. He said he could be at my house in an hour. I hung up the phone and told my son he was the whore for today and to not disappoint cause mama was getting paid.