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Trashy milf

Trashy milf“Get on your hands and knees and bark you crack hoe.” I quickly did what I was told I need my crack it has been a couple of hours since I had my last hit of that glass dick. He was laughing at me calling me a useless whore and then he kicked me hard in the stomach. I fell to the ground and he yelled at me to get back. I think he cracked a rib but I did not care. I was hurting bad and needed my fix. He was not gonna give me anything into he got what he wanted and I made sure to do everything he wanted to make him happy. It took about an hour of him abusing my body but I finally got my fix.

Sloppy wet pussy

I whore out my holes to get the drugs I need. My cunt always has to be a Sloppy wet pussy! No dealer wants a drug slut with an old dry cunt. They gave the goods now they want payment. And I better be up for the challenge. Like the other day maybe Tuesday or Wednesday I can’t remember anymore, My days blend with all the drugs I ingest daily. My crack dealer brought over his black friend with the best heroin I have shot into veins in a long ass time. He was ready for cunt to be wet and my holes to be wide opened. He walked over to me with such force and dominance taking me by the hair and pushing me over the dam table. He ripped off my panties and went straight for my ass. His hard BBC invaded my ass with no fucking mercy for the druggy old whore.

White trash phone sex Flo

White trash phone sex I am the perfect fit for White trash phone sex. I am the epitome of the trashiest trailer trash druggy whore you see in all the movies, on all the cop shows, and on the side of the road selling my body for any scrap of drugs I can get my hands on. Oh, boo-hoo look at me, another typical poor white girl in the south selling my dignity. What a fucking statistic. You look me dead in my eyes and know already that I am worthless in every way possible. No one wants to even save a girl like me anymore, they just know that I am a piece of trash not worth saving. Just literally kick me to the curb like nothing. Abuse me, fuck my face for nothing, beat my ass because you want to. I have no fight in me and just take it like a lousy piece of ass. Maybe if I am lucky I will be high while my white trash ass is used as it should be used.

Druggy phone sex

Druggy phone sexNext door the son is home from college and he brought me a nice clean crack rock from his campus. He knows the deal his parents think he is coming over here to help tutor my daughters but that’s all bullshit. He is here to fuck my way too young daughters as payment for crack. He comes over early in the morning so that my daughters would still be sleeping. He is a brutal young man and likes to make my girls cry in pain in agony. He throws me the rock and precedes to the bedroom. I follow behind him. He rips the covers off and tears the clothes off my youngest daughter. She tries to resist as she knows what is going to happen but he punches her right in the gut and bitch slaps her across the face. She looks over to me for her mommy to help her but I am too busy getting my high on. I look at her and laugh. She may not know it but I get turned on by her screams as much as he does.

Flo the Drug Fucking Hoe

Druggy phone sexEver since my boyfriend went to prison I have to whore out my skanky body to get my crack and heroin. Not that I have not done it before but if my boyfriend finds out when he gets out of prison I am going to be in big trouble. He was getting me my drugs so I was not whoring around on him. It was one thing for him to share or rent me out but another for me to do it without him. But I do not give a shit I need my shit rushing threw my veins. I need to suck on the glass dick. I need to get fucking high! My boyfriend knew my nickname was Flo the Drug Fucking Hoe before he ever got with me.

Druggy phone sex

Druggy phone sex Let me tell you about the other night, it was nothing like I thought it was going to be! I swear, this was like something you see in the movies but it really happened. My buddy and I were driving back to his place after we had scored an 8-ball. We had gotten lucky this time and it wasn’t stomped on, it was the real fucking deal. It cost some cash and my pussy, but I was already zooted and it didn’t matter to me. All of a sudden, there were blue lights behind us. I looked behind us, and sure enough, we were getting pulled over. He claimed it was for a broken tag light, but right away caught on that we were high and searched the car. He found our stash and started to get his handcuffs out for both of us. I started to cry, begging him not to arrest us, asking if there was anything we could do to get out of this. He looked at me long and hard and grinned saying “There’s something you can do to get out of this.” I knew exactly what he meant, and fell to my knees, sucking his cock with as much effort and dedication as possible. Then I bent over and let him fuck me and cum all over my face before he took a little bit of our coke, threw us the keys and let us go.

Live phone sex

Live phone sexWe can have some Live phone sex and get nice and fucked up together. The funniest calls are with those who want to get high or wasted or even better crossfaded. What’s your drug of choice tonight? I have all the party favors we need, I really have been putting in that overtime with my phone sex, and selling my body. I just want to be able to be high whenever I want to be, which is all the time. I am feeling like speeding tonight, I want lines and bumps until my nose is clogged and I have to fix it. I want to be zooted with you, that beautiful snow always makes me so fucking horny. It always makes me want to suck cock, do lines off your dick then take that juicy cock in my tight ass. It’s my favorite past time as I get high with you. We are in sync, just two junkies on the same wavelength, and the best part is you know we can do anything in the world, you know you’ve found the right nasty druggy bitch.

Druggy phone sex

Druggy phone sexWhat’s the drug of the day? What do I want? What do I crave? I need to be numb, I will never be brave enough to be sober. I am a junkie and I am thinking it’s going to be a white fucking Christmas. Crack is my favorite. It makes me so horny and I can get lots of free lines and bumps being a total skank for any guy that will give me the time of day. I love it honestly, trading myself to get high. I obviously have no self-worth. I let men degrade me and abuse me in every way imaginable. If my parent’s only new their daughter was a piece of fucking shit drug addict whore. They’ll never know though, they think I went missing years ago and I guess I really did. I lost myself years ago when I hit my first line, and it just kept snowballing on and on since then. No shame here! Where’s the party?

Gangbang Whore Flo

Gangbang whoreI haven’t been having one on one sex for a long time. I guess when drugs are involved I just become a total Gangbang whore. It’s almost like an addiction, on top of my addiction. What broke me down to this point of pure patheticness? I am not sure I can even remember, I stay so fucked up and high all the time, everything just blends together. It’s almost as if I cannot cum unless 3 or more cocks are fucking me, using me, draining their big full balls in me. I like being treated like complete trash, I am the nastiest and dirtiest bitch you’ve ever met. I fucking get off from a hot golden shower from all the cocks that just gangbanged my holes. Don’t I look like the typical whore addict that will do whatever it takes to get high, then lets everyone do whatever they want once they are high anyway. That’s me, and I will always be this way, I will always need a gangbang to truly make me cum.

Druggy porn

Druggy porn “You ready to be a star, stupid bitch?” They kicked me and mocked me as the camera rolled. I wasn’t about to disagree with them or talk back. I was here to do whatever I could to get my fix. “Flo, you’re the starring whore in Druggy porn. How does that make you feel?” They bent me over and started fucking my holes. My mouth, my ass, and my pussy are all filled immediately and there is nothing I can do about it. They are gaping my holes out and fucking me violently. This is a hardcore gangbang and I am just pathetically taking their dicks so I can get high. I need to get high, my body is nothing but a vessel to get me there. I take all their cocks as they humiliate and degrade me. I beg for them to fuck me, beg them for their cum and beg them to let me just get a little high. But they are going to make sure I am sober to feel every bit of this reality, my reality. Soon though, soon I will get my fix.