Cum dumpster

All I wanted to do was get high, but I got myself into the worst possible situation. He’s beaten my face black and blue as a true whore, the camera is still filming me crying as he brings his fist back again to the back of my head, ripping out a chunk of my hair this time. I am crying but it’s pointless because I am his breeding whore to do whatever he wants with, his submissive fucking slut to abuse like the piece of shit I know I am. He’s got me tied up, tightly bound so I can’t fight against him. He wants me in the most pain as possible. He loves seeing me suffer, he loves taking out all his anger on me and letting his friends use me too. His friend has his cock down my throat and I feel myself start to gag violently on his dick, I am choking on my snot from crying too. And this only makes him more turned on so he’s fucking my mouth while the other guy is pumping into my pussy that swollen cock feels like it’s ready to burst. His balls slapping against my ass and the others in my face I know he’s about to fill my cunt with his breeding batter. As soon as he blows his load in my pussy he’s moving to my ass and slapping me in the face calling me a stupid fucking bitch. The one who was just in my mouth goes straight to my pussy making sure he gets his load of cum in me too, I am being told now that I must beg for it. So there I am, crying and whimpering and begging for a huge load of cum to fill me up already feeling the warm load in my pussy. Once they’re done using me like a sex slave and breeding whore I am tied to the chair as they start up a machine. The sound is so familiar but I can’t quite put my finger on it. Suddenly the pain I feel on my breast soon tells me this a tattoo gun and he’s writing “crack whore” on my left tit. This makes me hysterical but he’s far from done. It takes hours but he ends up tattooing all over my body, “breeding whore, Cum dumpster, bitch, slave, stupid slut, fucktoy.” my body is bloody and bruised but I am his piece of art. He and his friends spit on me before they go, then cover my ruined body in their warm piss. They leave me tied up, helpless so they can use me again later if they want. They’re just trying to make an army of stupid sluts just like me to abuse and I am the vessel, the whore that will give this to them.

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