Your Doggie Pet For Halloween

Druggy phone sex I am going to be your doggie in heat bitch for you this Halloween. You bring me some nice crack rock and I will crawl around on all fours. I will bark and howl and be nothing but a doggie bitch for you. I will have my studded leather collar on attached to a leash. My doggie dishes will consist of your piss and your cum. Take me outside to take a piss letting all the neighbors see what a skanky whore I am. Then please fuck me right there in the yard. Fuck me hard doggie style. My howls and barks will be loud for all to hear me. And right before your ready to drop your load pull out and cum all over my face and tits. I want everybody to see me covered in cum. And when I know we have everybody’s attention and all eyes are on us that is when I will beg for you to piss all over my trashy skanky body. Degrading me in front of everybody is the biggest fucking turn on of all

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