Teach Her A Lesson

White trash phone sex My neighbor’s wife came over to my trailer to beat the shit out of me because she found out her man and I have been fucking for some time now. I laughed in her as she called me a hoe. That pissed her off and she took a swung at me. Again I laughed at her. I get hit by men just for their pleasure. Her puny sissy punch was nothing. I grabbed her by the hair and kneed her in the gut, dragging her across the room. I don’t know what this bitch was thinking if she would take care of her man he wouldn’t be coming to me. I was going to teach her a lesson on how to take care of her man. I threw my clothes off and sat right on her face. Smoothering her, grinding my cunt all over her face. Her face was wet in my juices. She was gasping and trying to push me off her. I told her I wasn’t going anywhere into I fucking squirted all over her prude bitch face.

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