Fuck For That Crack

Druggy phone sexThe moment when you call all your crack dealers and they either are not picking up or they are out of my rock at the moment. I get real antsy pacing around the trailer. I check out my different stash spots to see if I have any crack left on my spoons. I see a bit of crack resign in my pipe and I get a less than mediocre hit off of it. Sometimes when I am high as a kite I hide my stash on myself so of course I start to tear my trailer apart looking for my stash. My body is twitching for the crack. Then like angels from heaven above one of my dealers show up at my house. I wanted that crack so bad I begged him for just one hit before he fucked my ass. I needed it really bad and he knew it. He was a bastard about it and shoved his cock in my mouth choking me hard. “There is your fucking hit whore. You get nothing into I bust my nut.” He fucked my mouth a few more strokes than flipped me around. All I could think about was that rock and how much I wanted it. His ass fucking seemed to take for hours but I was going to make sure he turned me into his cum dumpster.

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