Trash To Cash

Trailer trash whoreI don’t care if you call me white trash. I am a freaky bitch who loves to fuck and get money. I mean, I am white and I do live in a trailer so you could say the name fits well. All types of men come over at different times of the day, they use me as their Cum dumpster, Creampie slut the list goes on and on. In return, they give me money. I love to fuck so why not get money for something I love to do. I remember one man wanted me to get on the top of my washing money. He told me I was a dirty fucking whore who needed a good cleaning. I ain’t gonna lie, that man showed me a good time. I got on top of my washing machine. I told him how I was such a dirty fucking whore and I needed a good cleaning. As soon as those words escaped from my mouth, this mans cock bulged out right through his zipper. He jumped right on that washing machine, got over me and stuck his cock deep down my throat. He fucked my throat for a good five minutes then BAM his warm cream escaped from him. I could feel his cream ooze right down my throat. Then he took his wet cock out and started giving me a good golden shower all over my face. He told me to keep my mouth wide open and let the wet gold run down my throat to clean up all his thick cream. Once he cleaned my throat out, we got up and he turned on the washing machine. He told me he wanted to see me take a bath in the machine. I spent 15 minutes washing my body in a washing machine while this man just stared in amazement. We both had a great time and I can’t wait to be a dirty white trash whore for him again.

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