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Gangbang Whore Octavia tries Porn

Gangbang whore is a new title I can put under my belt. The weirdest thing happen to me today when I was working my corner. I had been outside working all day and hadn’t made shit. I had said fuck it for the night but then a pimped-out Astro van pulled up and it was two, frat looking white boys in the front seats. They told me they had  a amateur porn channel on some porn website and asked me if I wanted to shoot a scene. They warned me they would be kind of rough and the scene would include some light name calling, I consented cus shit I needed that $300 but I had no idea what I had in store for me.

Gangbang whore

One of the frat boys got out the van and opened the van doors. When I got in it was 5 naked, hung, white cocks waiting to abuse all my holes. As soon as the doors opened, the white boys grabbed me, stripped me of my dress, my wig, and jewlery and started fucking and using my throat and pussy. The next thing I know I felt another cock slip in my ass hole, and I instantly felt like I was ready to cream from my ass and pussy.

While they were fucking me, they were degrading me and were smacking my face, ass, and titties. One guy was like “Her daddy raised and raised a real nigger” and then someone else responded and was like “what daddy, no black bitch has one of those”. That made me suck his dick even harder cus it was true! Some of them were punching me and kicking me and the more they abused me and told me how much of a nigger cum whore I was, the wetter my pussy got. I came so many times I was exhausted and damn near collapsed when they were done using me. When they were ready to cum they made me get on my knees and they lined up and made me swallow every drop of their tasty cream.


Lot Lizard Sex with Crack Whore Octavia

lot lizard sexLot lizard sex with this cum filled pussy is the best! I come knocking on your truck window. I’m hungry, but not for food. I’m thirsty, but for anything to drink. I need your fat, nasty dick and I want to drink all of your cum. And you don’t have to pay me this time, or maybe you can just pay me in crack or that white boy cus I’m feenin to get high. You open the door and let me in. As soon as I climb into your truck, I put my face right in your lap, pull that big dick out, and you grab me by my neck and show me how you want that dick sucked. Don’t worry if I can breathe, cus I don’t want to. I want you deep in my throat and I want to suck on those balls next. You pull my head up by my hair and you tea bag me and make drool and spit all over your big balls. Your dick is nice and hard, and you smack my fat black ass, so I know to lift my hoe ass up. You stick your fingers deep in my pussy in my pussy and work your way up to fisting my blown-out pussy. All those dicks I’ve had, and your hand fist makes me feel like a little virgin again. You decide you’re ready to fuck my gushy warm wet pussy. You get behind me and you fuck me hard as your fat balls smack my pussy. You come quick but you’re ready for more. You make me get on all fours and place all that manhood in my crack whore mouth and make slurp and eat your big, yummy cock until you cream in my cum dumpster mouth!

Hooker Phone Sex with Octavia

My car broke down on me recently and I was in need of a fix quickly. I needed to get to my trick, who is a big spender and loves spoiling me ! I give him girl friend experience treatment and he showers me with gifts and money. He is just a very busy, very married man so I had to catch him while I had the chance! My rent was over due and I blew my money shopping so I needed to see my trick ASAP.

hooker phone sex

I called over a mechanic and he told me my car was going to be over a thousand dollars to fix and the parts were going to have to be ordered which meant it could be days for my car to be fixed and I had only today to see my trick! I had to come up with a plan quickly. I did what I knew best, bent my big ass over and let this nasty white boy taste a piece of this ass. I didn’t even have to talk or use any negotiation skills; he had one look at this pretty asshole and wet pussy and that was all the currency he needed to help get to my favorite john.

Can you believe he let me use his car and waited for me to return. I got my money from my trick and gained a new one. Now that is what you call a real whore!



Hot teen phone sex

Hot teen phone sex This is the story of my first time having sex with an older man he was wealthy and older you know how they say mature men are better was right I had been cleaning for him for a few months but I just started earning bonuses too such as unlimited dick sessions with my older boss he was easily the kindest lover I knew he would spoil me after we had sex for the first time in his master bedroom upstairs he carried me up stairs and kissed me hard as he laid me on the bed he played with my pussy fingering licking and sucking on my clit as time passed I laid in the bed sweaty and horny still having just fucked my boss heavy I got up from the bed and grabbed a blue robe I went to the shower and got in with my boss Tony he held me and washed my body and fingered my pussy hard as the day got darker we went back to bed and made love again he was so amazing in bed he made my toes curl as the night grew darker he carried me to the table and fucked me slow oh yea babe take me on the table right now.

Hooker phone sex

Hooker phone sexHooker phone sex is the name of the story. That was my job for some time before I started college in 2015 at eighteen. My alias was Cookie, and I used it on jobs with Johns. One night, I had a hot date with a john named Sonny L. To describe Sonny, he was tall, dark, handsome, and a big spender who wanted to spend all night with me. It was mid-August, and the weather was cool in the night air. and my mini dress was riding up on my skin hard. I was initially nervous, waiting in the Hilton hotel, twirling my hair. It was 7:01 p.m., one minute late. Just as I was about to leave, I saw him. He had a set of sunglasses on and a nice suit, hmmm!! I may stay after all. As he walked through the door, I saw his swagger was on point he could’ve bought me drinks all night, but we had to get down to business. first, we would go to the hotel room and get acquired, and then he would pay before we played, and then he could shower because we had all night to play. As 12 am rolled around, we were laying in bed, and tempting fate, I was laying there looking into his eyes, and he was licking my ass clean that was one of his fetishes. As he finished, he grabbed my legs and started to lap at my pussy slowly, just like I liked it. He did it well, even following instructions to a T, and after he was done, we lay there and smoked some herb, and he was fingering my pussy which was still wet and soaking his fingers ooooh yes baby right there!



Hot stripper sex

Hot Stripper Sex

Hot Stripper Sex is my life by night. I was an accountant During the day, I had been living in the city for a few months when I was approached by a high-profile gentleman by the name Lucky J. He was tall and owned a gentleman’s club downtown. Called Crazy Stallions, and he told me to meet him there at 9 p.m. on Saturday night for auditions. He gave me his card and said that he had to go that next night. I got dressed in a hot pink bra and panties set and paired it with a black mini dress, knee-high boots, and my leather biker jacket. Then I grabbed my car keys and walked to my beat-up blue Honda. And I drove downtown to the location.  As I passed security, they let me in, and I searched the club for Lucky. I stepped over to the bar section and ordered a drink because I was nervous. Just as I was about to take my first sip, Lucky tapped my shoulder. and said let me show you around he took me to the VIP section and told me to show me what you got. I started to give him a Lap Dance. His strong hands were around my waist as I danced to the beat just as I was grinding on him, his lips connected with mine, melting everything else away.  Then he said to turn around. He lifted my skirt and ripped my panties off, then my arousal hit his nose, and he took two fingers and dipped them into my soaking wet cunt. Ooooh!!! The pressure was real I hadn’t had any sexual intercourse since I moved to the city because I left my ex-boyfriend behind. in my rearview, but right now, I was having the best night of my life


Black phone sex sometimes leaves a huge mess

Black phone sexLooking down at my cum dripping black phone sex pussy, I’m left with fascination. Playing in it seems to spread it, dripping onto the floor and smearing the couch. Watching it flow, I’m caught with memories of the rough fucking that put it there. He went multiple times, spread my pussy thin and ground my ridges softer than they have any right to be. My cunt is meant for fucking but that was too much, that left me barely lucid and with a sparkling lack of desire. I’m left unsure if I want to breathe, get a drink, or just continue staring at the overflowing mess he left me with. He was a one man orgy, I’m not really sure how he pulled it off, but I’m left completely satisfied in a way I’m not sure I’ve ever felt before. I want more, but I don’t need it. I want to get on the black teen phone sex phones, and wait for another stud to dial me up for pleasure alone. My fingers explore what he left of me, my wet insides meeting me happily and wholly. I’m so wide right now, there’s no difficulty. The sheer volume I’ve been treated to is absurd, and keeps me nice and stretched. It’s quickly leaving, but I can still feel where it left its mark. My womb is eating it all up, and a part of me is very fearful of what that could mean, but I calm down quickly and reenter my after-glow haze. There’s something amazing to be said about a wrecked pussy making a mess of the place, dribbling a hot mess for another man to play in if he so chooses. I didn’t think on it much longer, too preoccupied with what to do next. I decided, maybe go take a shower? Someone could join me in there, do my ass and cum on my cheeks. Paint this creampie slut white only for the water to wash it all away down the drain.

Anal sex whore like me need electricity too!

Anal sex whoreThe lights flickered, my anal sex whore vibrator fizzled, and I realized my electricity bill was past due. Any moment now I could be left in the dark, but more importantly any moment now I could find myself unable to charge my pleasure device! Fuck that I left to go find a stud to charm me and, most importantly, fill my wallet quickly like a bat to the night. 

The lights were pumping, my heart was pounding, I’d been led to a club and I’d soon be a topless slut soon. I was ready to have a lot of fun and show myself around, a super sexy black phone sex slut on the prowl aching for a filling. My people said there was a dude here harassing girls and flaunting money. I just needed to swoop in and make him an offer. “You get a nut, I get my money.” It was that simple, so why was I on my back getting a heavy dick spreading my pussy lips wide and far. I hadn’t planned on getting fucked, just having fun, but things don’t go my way, they go the way of cosmic desire. It was fine, I was already quite soaked and ready. His dick was big enough to stretch me every which way and make every single plunge count. There’s a special sort of feeling to being used like a toy by a man who can have anyone he wants. The cash was already deposited in my purse, I knew he was good for it, and I’d be coming back. This meant that my goal here was to rock my hips just right to make him overflow inside of me and make him beg for more so next time I have an advantage.

My vibrator was going to keep its ability to be charged, and with a final pump I could feel a lot of heat entering my black booty. I knew I’d satisfied him so- oh no I didn’t he was still pumping for dear life in his black stripper sex toy!

Drunk girl fucking the blues away – Octavia

I had myself a few drinks the other night and took to the town in search of someone excited for Drunk girl fucking. I get hornier and hornier the more liquor touches my tongue and I lose myself in the moment the mere second my eyes gaze upon the city and the soaring need to explore takes over. I was born in the darker parts of a place just like this, fed doubt and agony like prime cuts of meat and fruits right from the branch. If where I was born minted chaos and uncertainty for use as currency, the city I live in now is another world as alien as it is fascinating. There are still whores on the corner, they even know my name and give me tips on where to get the best dick when I’m casually talking about spreading my lower lips and sucking up a man’s thick cock where it belongs. There’s still a red-light district inviting girls like me to make some Drunk sex porn with the nearest ugly bastard or beggar, and the poor still hide from sight to hide their misery lest they be judged, only appearing to ask for help and then steal when they’re turned away by those born with gold in their boots. But these streets are clean and I’m free to have fun my way with a bottle’s nectar burning in my stomach and my glazed eyes seeking out someone to fuck the bad memories away. Here, the women look nice, the men have standards, and I’m happy to report I found a man to fuck the nighttime blues out of my eyes within only a little searching. He was happy for Ebony girl fucking, I was happy to have a reason to once again smile under the cool night’s sky. I wouldn’t call it a pleasant experience, drinking makes me a little too whimsical, but I got what I needed, he got a drunken whore pussy to pound, and I woke up feeling warm and full of joy. All around, a good night I’d do again. Hopefully this time with a guy already on the line ready to show me a good time.