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Hot stripper sex

Hot Stripper Sex

Hot Stripper Sex is my life by night. I was an accountant During the day, I had been living in the city for a few months when I was approached by a high-profile gentleman by the name Lucky J. He was tall and owned a gentleman’s club downtown. Called Crazy Stallions, and he told me to meet him there at 9 p.m. on Saturday night for auditions. He gave me his card and said that he had to go that next night. I got dressed in a hot pink bra and panties set and paired it with a black mini dress, knee-high boots, and my leather biker jacket. Then I grabbed my car keys and walked to my beat-up blue Honda. And I drove downtown to the location.  As I passed security, they let me in, and I searched the club for Lucky. I stepped over to the bar section and ordered a drink because I was nervous. Just as I was about to take my first sip, Lucky tapped my shoulder. and said let me show you around he took me to the VIP section and told me to show me what you got. I started to give him a Lap Dance. His strong hands were around my waist as I danced to the beat just as I was grinding on him, his lips connected with mine, melting everything else away.  Then he said to turn around. He lifted my skirt and ripped my panties off, then my arousal hit his nose, and he took two fingers and dipped them into my soaking wet cunt. Ooooh!!! The pressure was real I hadn’t had any sexual intercourse since I moved to the city because I left my ex-boyfriend behind. in my rearview, but right now, I was having the best night of my life


Hardcore Street Slut HAdley



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Cum dumpster slutty whore Hadley is working the corner showing most of my body even part of my cunt shows, and I don’t give a fuck! I love showing my little cunt off to the dirty old perves! They will fall in love with my cunt the minute they see it and smell it! I’ll get close to the window give them a little taste of my pussy, and they are hooked! They feel me up roughly and put me in their car, and right away they let me snort a line right off their cock. I love it when they spoil me with coke on those big cocks. I keep sucking your dick while you drive to the hotel. I just tease you, but don’t let you cum. I’m waiting to get in bed with you so I could hop on top of you penetrating my cunt raw and waiting for you to shoot your loads of cum into my cunt! Bareback only for this whore. This dirty streetwalker wants all of that creamy hot load tonight, I can’t go without my fix or my dicks!

Gangbang 4 My Favorite Policemen

gangbang whore

I love being the local gangbang whore. I got popped for trying to sell my ass by a new cop on the beat and I thought for sure this slut couldn’t get out of it. I tried offering my signature blow job to this new punk young Cop and he cuffed me and said he didn’t want a blow job from a sleazy street whore. I was thrown in the back of the car and I knew I was fucked but not in the way this slut likes! But Officer Brady Pulled up and told the Cop that he would bring me in. I knew Brady and I had a history and I smiled and Got In Bradys’ Patrol Car. We went around the block a couple times and Brady put me in the front seat and Got His pathetic dick out for me to suck. 

I was so grateful I Sucked him for much longer than usual and drew out his cum load. I thought that would be the end of it but Brady didn’t let me out. We drove to a seedy motel and Brady still had me in cuffs. I was thrown on the bed and Officer Brady ripped off my clothes and cuffed me to the broken bedpost. He made a call and men started streaming in the door for a free for all. Fucking Motherfucker was pocketing cash from these men as I was being fucked in my ass and my cunt and throat opened up for dick after dick after dick. I had a cum filled cunt but the Johns still kept taking turns one after another. Brady sat there and laughed as he watched me get cum shots to my face and tits. “That will teach you, Hadley!” I am making all your money and you have to fuck sober! Next Time Stay your whore ass on my side of town!”

Cum Guzzling Slut Party

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I am a cum guzzling slut. I was given cum in my bottle as a baby. My parents wanted to make sure I would grow up to have a healthy appreciation for sperm. It worked. My husband and I did it to our brood too, even the boys. You never know when a boy will need to show off his cum guzzling skills. Plus, cum is protein fortified. Both boys and girls need strong bones. My boys and girls still love cum; just now they drink it straight from the source. Last night, we decided to have some family time. Normally, on the weekend my gang of sexy prostitutes is making the family money, but I wanted quality time with the family. Daddy was home, which is rare. I wanted to watch him eat his daughters’ pussies. They have missed daddy’s tongue. I lick them when not sucking their brothers’ cocks. We all got high and fucked. We had a mixed daisy train. Boys ate pussy, girls sucked cock and mommy did both. Daddy joined in too. He is 25 years older than me, which wasn’t a problem when I was his Lolita bride, but now that I am in my 40s, daddy needs to watch to get hard. Luckily, watching his sons and daughters play together with his hot wife, is better than Viagra for getting his cock hard. He came a dozen times last night.  Fuck, we all did. A family that plays together, stays together.

My Mom Is A Hooker Too!

Anal Sex Whore



How I became such a huge whore is probably something that has to pass through your mind upon occasions.
Well, listen up because I am going to tell you about the biggest whore who ever lived- My Mama!
This woman one time sat me down in front of her pussy so she could show me how big all the cock she had taken
the night before had stretched her out. I bet I was barely old enough to even be walking on my own
before I was already accidentally getting sneak peeks of the family business. And you guys would have no idea
how proud Mama was the day I saw my first “John”- She even stepped in to make sure I felt more relaxed about
hooking! Mama is coming into town to visit me during fall break. What nights can we go ahead and pencil you in for, babe?

Sex Drugs and FootBall

Sexy Prostitutes

I was so fucked up last night.  I was able to make triple of what my pimp wants.  I hit the jackpot of all tricks.  Rookie mistake for this NFL player.  He was just throwing money at me like a broken ATM.  The best part of it all he like to party.  He had every drug you could think of from weed to dope even some other shit too.  I was in fucking heaven.  I knew we was going to have a good time.  He pushed my face down in a pile of coke until my whole body became numb.  I was so high I felt like I was just floating and watching myself at this point.  I had popped a few Mollies and was all ready to go.  I couldn’t feel my face and was all smiles.  I had put his huge cock in my mouth and was fucking my face like it was just open season.  I swear I felt him hitting my throat.  Thank goodness I’m not afraid to take dick to the face.  He flipped me over without a word and very little effort.  I arched my back so my ass and pussy could be fully exposed to him.  He snorted a few lines of coke off my ass and was feeling himself.  He began to pound my asshole as if he was trying to break through for a tackle.  We fucked for hours on end.  Oh there was no breaks or anything.  He had me pissing all over him and he did the same to me.  At this point he was just an animal.  On the menu for the hunt was me.  he shoved a bottle of Champagne in my pussy as he want to see me pop the cork using just my tight cunt.  The party had just got started but I had to end it.  The last time I spent the night out with a trick my pimp beat my ass so I know better than to have Daddy mad.  Slip this beast a few sleeping pills and out the door I went with a few souvenirs of course.

Trashy MILF Madam

trashy MilfI’m such a trashy MILF. I attended this fancy fundraiser with my husband last night. It is for a dirty charity we started to give us access to very young ones. We are funding a home for pregnant teen girls. Runaways, castaways, delinquents…..the kind of girls who need money and no one will miss. I’m not talking snuff. I only snuff girls on fantasy calls. In real life, however, I am not above whoring out mommy and brat. I have no virgins anymore. All my offspring are well fucked and school age. Men pay top dollar for some pregnant pussy, mother and daughter tag teams, extremely young cunnie and virgin fuck holes. A home for wayward girls is a brilliant idea. It will look legitimate, but really be a front for hookers for hire. When the girls deliver, they have the option of raising their son or daughter, or adopting him or her out to a P man or couple looking for a young sex slave. We love profiting off jail bait pussy, however, we are somewhat benevolent too. The girls can keep most the money they earn through pimping out or selling their fuck trophy. Money motives girls from the wrong side of the tracks. I should know. I was born in a trailer park as my parent’s little hooker. If I could have kept some of that money, I may have been loyal to them. Instead, I left and married one of their clients. My hubby and I raised the money we needed to break foundation on the building. My husband has lots of P men for clients who were more than happy to contribute to our foundation fund. Contributors of $20,000 or more, will have access, for free, to 1 virgin of their choice within the first year of operation. I am so excited for our new endeavor.

Phone Sex Sluts Have the Most Fun!

phone sex slutsPhone sex sluts have the most fun! I am not an actor. I had a caller last week ask  if I went to acting school. I never graduated high school! My dirty mind is not fake. I have had a porn star life. I was a breeding whore for my folks, now I am married to a wealthy kinky older man and we have our own little brood of slutkins.  When I was younger, I didn’t really enjoy having fat sweaty old men hump me. They smelled bad and obviously couldn’t get laid for free. Of course, my folks were meth heads and it was West Virginia. My husband was one of the old fat guys that humped me when I was jailbait, but he was the exception, not the rule. I have enjoyed being my husband’s prostitute. He essentially bought me from my parents, married me when I was 18 and pimped me out to his business associates. I don’t mind being his whore, just like my little ones don’t mind being my whores.  Now that I am a mature woman, my daughters have more appeal to certain men, but I still get requested.  Sunday night, a business associate wanted a mother daughter experience. He paid good money for it and got his money’s worth and more.  I can’t tell you how old this daughter of mine is, but it would get your dick hard watching such a young girl lick her mommy’s cunt and tongue her asshole. Our chaperone came on my twat so my daughter would have to lick mommy clean. She gobbled up his goo like it was candy. Such a good little slut she is; I am so proud. She told him if he fucked her mommy’s ass, she would clean his dick afterwards. I’m an anal sex whore too. He did just that. Pounded my shit box, then made my daughter a willing ass to mouth whore.  My kinky little girl likes tasting EVERYTHING that comes out of her momma’s body from cum to shit. When money is involved, nothing is off limits with me or my brats.