Hello cock muncher. You know who you are. I see you at the bars, trying to act all big and bad in front of your friends. Walking by me and calling me a “faggot” under your breath. I have the last laugh though, because within a couple of hours, you will drive your truck up to my trailer so that you can get the ass fucking you crave. I know without a doubt you are going to be my anal sex whore.

It is hard being the girl that I am, especially around these parts. I am who I am though, and you fucking love it. Every time you beg; yes I said beg; me to let you into my panties you say you are sorry for saying the things you say. I know you aren’t sorry, it doesn’t bother you one bit making your friends laugh and standing around why they treat me like crap.

However, once you are at my place all that shit changes. You turn into the cock gobbling, deep throat gagging big dick sucker bitch that you are deep down inside. I wonder if your friends will ever find out how you bend over for me, how you savor the taste of my cum washing over your tongue, or how you turn into the perfect sissy faggot in my bedroom.

So you see I will put up with the name calling, being the one who is looked at like I have leprosy and avoided by almost everyone in this shit hole of a town, because I know that soon you will be knocking at my door for the dick you crave.

Pucker up darlin’ for the best shemale phone sex you have ever had!

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