Big Dick Sucker Nevaeh

Big Dick Sucker

I pride myself in being the best big dick sucker that I’ve ever seen—and I’ve given plenty of 2-girl blow jobs in my day. There’s just something about a big thick dick in my mouth…my tongue exploring the veins, working its way around the shaft…and it tastes delicious! I love the sounds that men make when I have my lips wrapped around them, too…the shallow breaths and the juxtaposition of their relaxed bodies and rigid cocks…I love knowing that I’m giving them such immense pleasure. It gets my pussy so wet! It’s impossible for me to suck a cock without riding a dildo or fingering myself at the same time…I just get too turned on! Sometimes I’ll hop on the dick and ride it, but usually I’m too invested in sucking it that I want to keep going. I want to feel the warm, thick cum coat my throat and fill my stomach. Cum is my favorite thing to eat! The only thing better than eating cum straight from a cock is eating it from a creampie that was left in my pussy…but as long as I get to eat it in some capacity, I’m not complaining!

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