Your Favorite Cum Guzzling Slut

Cum Guzzling Slut

I am a cum guzzling slut to the married men in my office. I work in a male-dominated industry, and they often talk about how their wives and girlfriends simply don’t enjoy giving them blowjobs and they maybe only get blown on special occasions and holidays. I love stepping in and filling that need. Every Friday, my department takes an extended lunch, and we meet in the women’s restroom for some fun. They all stood in a circle jacking off while I made my way around to each one of them, giving each guy sloppy head and stroking their cocks, warming them up until they’d be in my mouth. Some guys last longer than others and the ones who can’t take it for long cum all over my pretty face while I continue throat fucking my colleagues. I love the taste of cum so I always make sure to have at least three of them hold out for my mouth so I can get a nice healthy swallow—it is my lunch break after all, and I have to fill my belly with something!


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