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Carmel Wants It Bad

black stripper sexDont try to resist me. I can tell my best friends boyfriend wants to fuck me. Whenever I go to her house he is always checking me out. He knows I’m a stripper and I think he wants to know how I get down in the bedroom. One evening we were all going to drink together so my friend went to the liquor store and said she would be right back. I wasted no time. Me and her boyfriend we’re stripping down naked and fucking in the bedroom in no time. I heard him say he had been waiting to hit it for the longest. We were fucking doggy style and I let him pull my hair while I moaned loudly. Then I got on top of him and rode his cock. It was amazing feeling him so deep inside of me. His cock was so much better than I ever imagined. I knew I could fuck him better than his girlfriend could. 😜

Carmels Sinful Desire



black stripper sexI turns me on to fuck someones wife while their husband watches. I know that it might sound risque. But I have a thing for threesomes with couples I meet in the strip club. I got my lucky break last weekend. Some swingers had come into the club and they were very interested in me. I told them I would be happy to go home with them for the night. We all took an uber home together and went back to thier partment. I started off by making out with his wife while he started jacking off. Then I put mmy head down between her legs and started licking her pussy. We were getting really wet. So I bent over and she got a strap on and started fucking me in my ass. Then her husband put his long cock in my mouth and I started sucking on it nice and slow. We were all getting so much pleasure sharing eachother. I let her husband cum on my titties and his wife licked it off.

Carmel Is So Delicious





black stripper sex

I suck dick all night in high heels. Let me tell you what happened the other night at the strip club. I was in the dressing room about to leave for the night when security guard came into the back. There’s a man that wants to talk to you caramel’ he said. ‘I’ll be right out give me a moment ‘I said. I put my heels back on in walked back to the bar. There was a well-dressed man sitting there with a drink. I’d like to get a private dance with you he said. with a sparkle in his eye. ‘How much money does it take to get you out your clothes he said sneakily. I gave him my hand and we headed to the back. He gave me enough money to pay about two months rent. So I put on a show for him. deepthroated and gagging on his cock. I rode on his dick with no condom. I was bouncing up and down on him until he busted a nut. I make them cum quick cuz this pussy too good.

My First BBC

BBC Sex StoriesI lived a sheltered life for most of it. When I started on my own with the only fuck in my life being a boy from my home town that I married I had no idea what I was missing out on. But I was getting hornier, and hornier that I was desperate for more. I remember the day I went to the park I had already cheated once and I said I wouldn’t do it again but obviously that would be a lie. I was sitting on a bench, feeling my panties wet and the strong need to fuck. A guy was jogging through the park and stopped to take a breather by me. The sweat pants he was wearing left little to the imagination as I can quite visibly see the outline of his cock. Some of my girlfriends had mentioned blacks cocks tend to be bigger and better but I hadn’t really thought about it or had the chance to test it out for myself. Before I knew it I had walked up to him and grab his cock, he didn’t stop me. In fact, he pulled his sweat down to let me see it. I followed him into one of the public bathrooms and hopped up on the sink and took my first BBC. He lasted much longer than I was used to and it felt so good to be stretched I didn’t want it to stop. Afterward while walking home my pussy was full of cum. I knew there was no way I could just be someone’s housewife, I was a whore and I’ve never looked back.

On My Knees For BBC

BBC Phone SexThere is an unspoken agreement among a lot of us girls that BBC is the best. When a guy whips out his big black cock for me my instincts put me on my knees. My pussy drips when he slaps me in the face with it and teases me. I crave the soreness from him driving his cock so far down my throat I almost suffocate. Some of my best cock whore experiences have been because of a BBC. Having one stretch my holes is a memorable experience that isn’t easily forgotten and now that I think about it’s worth retelling. Maybe if I’m asked very nicely I’ll share some more in-depth details about my experience with big black cocks.

Carmel Delight

black stripper sexWant to know why they call me carmel delight? Because I am a tasty treat in the strip club. A couple of guys in the strip club have payed good money just to eat my pussy. It is amazing how men get obsessed with me so quickly. I will be in the dressing room putting on my sexy outfit and there are guys on the outside demanding to talk to me. I really am a player. I will tease and deny. I think that some of the guys are jealous of the man I show the most attention to in the club. He is a baller. And always well dressed. I sometimes let him take me home after the club. But I still have yet to sleep with him. I know hes waiting for a chance to fuck me. But I want to see how long I can drag it out for. I was surprised one night he brought me roses before I got  of my shift that night. I finally let him fuck me in a nice hotel that evening. But of course I made some good bank.

Carmel Gets Propositioned

black stripper sexEveryone knows I fuck for money. I’m a prostitute with some clientele that I fuck regularly. But this week I came across a new customer I had never had before. I was standing on the corner in a bad neighborhood. with a trashy outfit on. a car pulled up. would you like to make it offer. I saw a man roll down the window and ask. “how much do you usually charge for the pussy”. About a months worth of rent I said laughing. “I’m going to take you to the fanciest hotel in town”. I was so excited I was going to the classy motels. I did some really freaky stuff. I let him fuck me in my ass and my pussy. I let him bring some of his horny friends over and they all got to take turns fucking me. Cause daddy got me fancy hotel I put on a show. You know you got show out for your high paying customers.

The Caramel Hotel

trashy milf  So one fabulous weekend I decided to do some prostituting in a cheap sleazy motel. It was my nice little spot I set up and I put my add online that weekend. I knew I’d be running through about 5 different customers In that hotel. So needless to say we did a lot cocaine and drinking. I was fucking and sucking all weekend long. Having the time of my life really being a whore. So much fun. But oh my gosh. We tore the shit up in that hotel. Spilled wine all over the bed ripped out some wallpaper. Trashed the lamp, cut the wire off a telephone. smashed in the TV. Everything we got so crazy that week. I doubt they’ll even let me back in but that’s just what I love to do. Trash hotels for fun. Since I’m in the big city, I know I can always find another with the trash. I like living in the fast lane for sure.

BBC Phone Sex Whore Struggles with a Monster Cock

bbc phone sexI am a BBC phone sex whore. Born and raised. There is an adult dating site called blondes on blacks. It is my favorite dating app. The first picture is my profile picture. It brings all the big black cocks to my fuck holes. Last night this blonde was on Tyrese’s big black cock all night long. He is a 45-year-old construction worker with a 13-inch cock. I had to lower myself slowly down on his monster shaft. He had what I call a king kong dong. I am used to big cocks, but this was a monster cock. I had to go slow. Even a seasoned black cock whore like me struggles sometimes. I fucked Tyrese all night long and I am paying for it today. A cock that big stays hard all night long. Holy fuck, even after a few cums he was still erect. Either I never drained his balls completely or his cock was just too big to go limp ever. He was the biggest dick I have found on this app thus far. I am a great big dick sucker, but I got maybe half of his cock in my mouth. Tyrese gave me a workout and he challenged me too. I don’t think I have been this sore since I lost my virginity. I don’t think I have ever been full of so much cum either.

Carmel’s On Tonight

phone sex sluts I want to tell you about what happened the other night. I was out on the town with friends and I had on a very short skirt and heels. Hair and makeup done perfectly. Me and my friend got really drunk and we’re feeling just a little bit careless. We were stumbling home on the street and we were so drunk that we were not making very judgmental choices. A car pulled up and we saw two guys looking real handsome from the front seat or maybe it was the beer goggles. Anyway, they offered us a ride so we got in one thing led to another. Ended up getting a hotel together and we’re going to party. They got some cocaine and next thing we knew we were snorting lines and sucking dick. Me and my friend alternated between the two guys. We were sucking both their cocks off at the same time. It was like a wild orgy party.

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