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Dirty Phone Sex is My Deranged Passions

I am a dirty phone sex whore that loves to push the envelope and go beyond the limits. Bring me anything and I will make you ejaculate with a most intense orgasm and thick gooey load. However, I may expect you to lick every drop of sperm up for me to prove you are, indeed, a pervert like me.

My love of cum and cocks has brought me to do so many BBC cock gangbangs and I love them. Every second of getting plowed by the big black cocks are the best seconds of my day. In fact this whore pussy is not satisfied if I am not in the middle of multiple big dicks and especially those big monster black dicks. This cock whore or coke whore, used interchangeably with me is exactly what I live to be.

Dirty Phone Sex


Phone Sex Line of This Taboo Whore Stays Busy

phone sex lineMy phone sex line stays busy as most of you can tell. Guys tell me all the time they struggle to reach me because I am always on the phone. I get a lot of long calls. I love to party with men and swap nasty stories. I talked to a guy last night for 6 hours. He blew his tax return on this dirty old whore. What can I say? I love to milk wallets, as well as cocks. I had a fresh batch of coke too. My daughters were out of the house with daddy dates. I was home with my boys. They ate mommy’s pussy and ass, fucked me too, then went to bed. So, I signed on to have some dirty phone sex until my husband and daughters came home. When Will called me, he said you will never meet a dirtier pervert than me. I told him to hold my beer. I can out dirty the dirtiest man. His dirty secrets were nothing compared to mine. I told him about being a super young hooker who was brought into this world just to be a cash cow for meth head parents. I told him about meeting my husband when I was jailbait and him buying me from my parents so he could make me his bride and knock me up with little ones he could fuck. I told him all about our profitable home brothel. What did he have to tell me? He fucked his sister once when they were still living with their parents back in 1978.  Just once. That’s not dirty. That is normal horny teenage hormones at work. Anyway, we both snorted lines of coke for hours. I told him about my dirty life as we rubbed one out together a few times over. I even told him how to fuck his own daughters. My sexline is always no taboos, dirty fun for us both.

Young teen phone sex delivered by your wife!


young teen phone sex

 Young teen phone sex delivered by your wife!  How would you like it if your wife knew that Daddy needed some young puntaine every once in a while? I’ve never been shy about how much I enjoy sex, not even with my daughter. She has seen mommy fucking many times.

But I also know that she’s seen how much that I enjoy being fucked like a pin cushion. It’s just part of our life. Mama’s always made her money through sex and now that she’s married my daughter has a new daddy figure. But I figure since this man is letting me fuck whoever I want still and be that creampie wife he deserves something special. And that is in my little slutkin. Her little tiny ass and pussy deserve to be wrapped around Daddy’s cock.

Just think of her as a warm cock sleeve. And plus our training’s been a little slow. But now that we have a stable man who can show her how to be a nasty cum whore life is really good. That means it’s time to turn over my little bitch to be a pocket pussy. I’m not to worry I do believe that Teen sluts fucking should have great oral skills too. The first thing on the agenda this weekend is to get her mouth wrapped around daddy’s dick. And whatever happens from there is just meant to be. 


Shemale Phone Sex Prostitution and Drugs

Many men cum around for a piece of Shemale phone sex. This is often when guys are loving the thought of a chick with a dick that can give them that great fucking that they crave. A good pounding while getting high. Men love to get fucked in the ass and so do I. I love to pitch the cock and catch the dick.

You see I am a total party whore and love a good anal pounding as much as I love to deliver them. Fucking that ass and making you squirt is very satisfying when I leave my fat gob of goo in that poop shoot. Let this sexy shemale prostitute be the extra to your getting high and jerking party.

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Lot lizard sex slut

lot lizard sex

I am a lot of lizard sex slut wants to get high and find out who they can fuck for the right price. I am that slut and I love to find a guy who is willing to pay up to make me a great little whore for the night. When I get that money I go to my dealer and buy a big eight ball out of him. Usually I owe him from before so I have to pay with pussy to get him to give me the good stuff. The dealers are always looking for young new blood so I bring over a young slut for them to be able to thrust their cocks into and I can get the good stuff. Its surely a win win and I get to enjoy that angel dust.

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Creampie slut


Black dick Creampie slut Loves her BBC Coke daddy! You know I haven’t left his side since he took his money owed out on my snow bunny ass! He said he couldn’t resist showing off his Little teen whore.  He threw a big ass party for my birthday and all my friends from high-school are so jealous of my Sugar daddy. He gets the best blow, and has that huge dong to fuck his baby-girl bimbo with! I was in my slinky new red dress and heels as I went and grabbed daddy, a couple of my sexiest slut friends. He was so impressed with how young and dumb they were he whipped his cock out and made me do a line right off of that chocolate dip-stick.

BBC Sex stories

BBC sex stories are so much better when you can help your girlfriends get dicked down! We were all out by the pool as I snorted that line and showed off his cock. Daddy doesnt care who sees him fuck me as he slammed his cock down my throat by pulling my hair and thrusting hard enough I almost puked! While he thinks that’s very hot he didn’t want to ruin my new dress! Pulling me into the house by my hair he demanded my two friends to follow us. Once in daddys bedroom we all stripped down to worship that black cock. And guess what? Daddy did make me and both my slutty girlfriends Puke on his cock! But what was the hottest as daddy says that by being his cum dumpster, it will be easier to bring this baby girl pussy! 

 P.S. Thank you for celebrating my Birthday weekend with me Daddy! Can’t wait to gag on your BBC again!

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Cum Filled Cunt Always Needs More Cum in It

cum filled cuntI love playing with my cum filled cunt on my calls. My pussy is almost always wet too. Between being a professional whore and a family slut, I am always full of cum. I had an early start to my shift today. I should have known better than to schedule myself so early on my typical day off. I was up late last night getting gang banged by some horny frat boys. My offspring had school this morning, so I needed up early to get them ready for school. I slept right through my alarm. My middle son woke me up with his cock. I felt it sliding into my sloppy wet pussy as I was opening my eyes to hit my snooze alarm for the 20th time. I am not a morning person. Being a mother forces you to be one though. I woke up feeling my son’s morning wood pump in and out of my wet pussy. He was filling me up even more with his seed. I had so much cum in me already that I was surprised my eyes were not turning a milky white, LOL. With my son’s cum inside of me, I got up to make the troop breakfast. Cum was dripping down my legs on to the floor, but I did not care. I was still on autopilot. All I wanted to do was get back in bed, but my daughters wanted a protein shake for breakfast. Cum does a young body good. And when those young girls get a daily dose of cum in the morning, they can focus on their school work much easier. My daughters lined up for their special feeding. I was hoping for a nap in between getting my offspring off to school and when I started my phone sex line shift. My daughters were enjoying their sloppy seconds so much that I could not rush them. Luckily, I had some blow and now I am wired and ready to play with you too.

Freebie From a Big Dick Sucker

Big dick sucker

I’m not just a big dick sucker because I get paid for it, I suck big dicks because I like to suck big dicks!  Having my mouth stuffed full of man meat makes me horny as hell.  Sucking on a slinky little pencil dick just doesn’t do it for me.  Anyone packing less than a mouthful in their pants absolutely has to pay me to get blown.  Got a big ol’ bone that I can really sink my teeth into, figuratively of course, and you just might be able to talk me into a pro bono boner blowy.

No offense to all of you small to average sized men out there, I know you need to get some head, too.  You just have to make sure you have some cash on you to get me to do it, I don’t give freebies to anyone with less than six inches of fuck stick.  If you can’t trash the back of my throat then my money making muff won’t get all gooey and if my gash doesn’t drip when I suck your dick then there’s just no way I’m going to give it to you for free.  Sorry, that’s the way the sloppy wet cum cookie crumbles. 

Don’t get it twisted, I’m not saying I’ll give every guy with a great big hog free blowjobs.  What are you, high or something?  No, it takes more than size to titillate my trashy twat, a man has to be able to work it right, too.  How do you turn a seasoned trailer trash whore on so much that she gives you free deepthroat blowjobs?  Have the equipment needed for the job and then fuck her face like she’s the one who owes you money.  Almost works every time.


Phone Sex Sluts Have the Most Interesting Stories and Experiences

phone sex slutsPhone sex sluts have the most interesting lives. You do not get into the phone bone business if you are a choir girl. There are many reasons why I am in this business. Where to begin? I had an interesting upbringing as a Lolita whore for my Meth head sperm and egg donors. I married a former “John” who was 25 years older than me and gave him three daughters to fuck and along the way I had three sons for me to fuck too. We have a home brothel and a very profitable one too. I have broken all sorts of laws and moral codes in my life. Some not by choice, many by choice. Where else could I ever work? Working for a sexline was my only option but I do not do it for the money. Between my husband’s career and our side business, money is not tight. I just like sharing my dirty life with men who wish I was either their mother or their wife. I find this kind of work rewarding on so many levels. I think it does a lot for one’s self-esteem to know you are not alone in your perverted thoughts and experiences. I love being the madam of my home brothel because I can do it right. My parents were rural hicks who never thought about the real money they could make off a Lolita whore. Of course, I grew up in a trailer park in rural West Virginia and now I live in a gated community in California. The clientele my husband recruits for our home brothel are far richer than truckers traveling through a truck stop when I was little. My husband and I vet our “Johns,” too so that our precious cargo is never ruined, or at least not ruined for long. My phone sex line is not just for fantasy thoughts about little sluts and dirty mommies. It is for sharing taboo experiences and learning how to have your own dirty family too.

BBC sex stories from my teen years!

BBC sex storiesBoy, does this Harlot have some BBC sex stories from my teen years! He would become My New daddy, Making me Dora The whore-a BBC Explorer! Turns out Daddy and Mommy Owed the local dealer a large amount of cash, and sent this black cock having daddy to collect. He would get my young ass instead of cash, But I was young enough it was a fair deal!

Soon I would be face down in a bowl of cocaine dressed in my moms negligee, stockings and heels for him! I was so scared when a fine black man busted in the door while I was home alone one night. He told me that I was his property now and to refer to him as daddy. I was scared but damn was he fine and had that booger sugar I so loved!
Mommy was still working her corner and my baby sister was next door at her friend’s house.
There was no escaping the fact that my trusted guardians had sold me. Trusted is a strong word for the Pimp and Whore I share my DNA with. No less faced with being a teen anal whore was a shock. I would overcome quickly thanks to the nose candy and black cock training daddy gave me that night. I had to make my parents dough back, but he wanted to make me his bottom bitch and instill a few whore rules first.   

  BBC sex stories and teen whores! 

No pussy fucking expect for this anaconda daddy has is rule number one!  Daddy spent that night fucking my mouth, pussy and asshole to give my little ass a test run. The Spanish fly was shoved down my throat with the aid of his big fat black dick. Turning me into a super horny fuck doll. Putting coke in his pee hole and licking it out before I popped that dick out of my mouth was super hot! And guess what? That first night with my BBC daddy was his birthday! His gift was not only me, but my little sister who would be his teen sluts fucking for money for now on!