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Big Dick Sucker

big dick suckerI’m proud to be a big dick sucker. I can deep throat monster cocks like a porn star. Everyone in my trailer park knows me as the cougar cum guzzler because I like my dicks huge and my balls heavy with spunk.  This morning, Jerome stopped by for a little oral therapy. He woke up with wood in his pants and a cranky wife. He knew what to do. He marched himself down to my trailer with his monster cock hardon and said, “Suck it bitch.” Some ladies may be offended by that kind of talk, but not me. I’m a dirty whore who loves it nasty. Jerome palmed the back of my head to push me down full force on his throbbing anaconda. He doesn’t care if I gag on his cock. Hell, he prefers it. He was choking my throat with his dick. Rough oral was an understatement. His big piece of meat was going to make me puke up cum. I love being skull fucked by monster cock, so I’m willing to take the risk! His cock was so big his pre cum was more than most men’s ejaculation. I rubbed his oozing seed all over my face. Pre cum is my favorite lip gloss.

I had so much fun slurping on that hard rod. When it’s over a foot long and thick as a coke can, it gets messy. I was gagging and drooling as I worked his dark meat into my mouth. Took two hands to hold it. One of the few cocks that can titty fuck me and there still be more than half that cock that doesn’t fit between my jugs. After about a half hour or worshiping his dick, he exploded. Cum was everywhere. I got a jet blast to my face. Cum covered my face; even splashed on the ceiling. I slurped all that yummy spunk off his drained dick too. I clean up my messes. I am a cum dumpster.

Never Too Old for Hot Stripper Sex

hot stripper sexI am a little old for hot stripper sex, or am I? I was at the local strip club last night for Manic Monday. Cheapest beer in town, plus an amateur contest. I was just there for the beer and to pick up some young college boys. The cheep beer and $3 cover bring out the younger crowd. I knew the strippers would ignore the broke ass college boys, but since I didn’t want their money, I figured they would want some pussy. Old pussy is still pussy. I ended up partying with four frat boys in the club. They encouraged me to enter the amateur contest. I didn’t have much competition. Monday nights are slow in strip clubs once football is over. My frat boys were like my cheerleaders. I think they are the reason I won the $500 prize. They screamed so loud for me. I was happy to use my prize money to get us all a VIP room for an hour. This young stripper came with the room, but the boys wanted to see me dance instead. I suggested we both dance. She didn’t seem to mind that idea. She worked the pole better than me, but I drained those frat boys’ poles a few times each.  In the end, I was the best gal on the pole. That is because I am a trailer trash whore.

Glory Holes On The Shemale Phone Sex Lines!

shemale phone sex

I think its time for this shemale phone sex vixen to take you on a tour of my slutty life.  I was born a full-blown male but was groomed to be a sexy tranny and I just might have an addiction to illicit drugs and cock now. My big tits were bought by my sugar daddy Jerome and he had the biggest Black hanging dick this side of the state! All I ever wanted to do was worship his cock while having my cock cum for him. He took me to my very first glory hole when I was a ladyboy teen. I saw those cocks poking out and I was flying high! I felt so good and I dropped to my knees and gave those strangers the best blow job. Jerome pulled my skirt up and my panties down and began fucking my ass as I swallowed load after load. I became Jerome’s anal cum dumpster as he spurted his jizz in me. I got the balls up, (pardon the pun) to stick my tranny dick in a hole and was surprised when I started getting sucked off. That made sugar daddy hard again and  I was fucked and sucked with a wall between me and my cock sucking stranger!

Hot Tranny Cock

Some hot tranny cock is what you want and to be my anal cum dumpster is just what you can be for me. I love a good hard fucking like any gal, but I have a raging hard and beautiful cock. I love to use this dick as the hot sex tool it is and make little men suck it. I love to dominate a big bad guy with a little dick and make him my bitch. You wanna be a faggot for my tranny cock and you really want it in that sweet tight puckered up hole of hot love. I got the banana for your chocolate and you will certainly be sucking this tranny dick after I shot my hot load of spunk in your butt. We both know you will be jizzing yourself hard with our session of fucking.

Anal cum dumpster

Blonde Fucking Tranny Sex

Let’s have blonde fucking tranny sex. I’m a blonde, tanned, trimmed with a tight rack, tight ass and fully functional big dick. I am a sexual deviant and will fuck and bet fucked by just about anything. I am a dirty fucking tranny that loves her crack. It’s impossible to freak me out as I have been around. I have done the dirtiest things for crack money. My cock and these hot stripper tits get me everything I want. I am clean but very dirty if you know what I mean and I don’t always take an unprotected cock but I do love the feeling of that flesh rod without protection. I wan to feel that shaft and it’s bulbous head. I want most of all to feel the warm spurt of jism shoot into my ladyboy hole. I want to put you on your back and penetrate that ass and fuck you while I stroke you off. I cannot wait to feed you my load of warm gooey goodness.

Blonde fucking

Live phone sex

Live phone sexWe can have some Live phone sex and get nice and fucked up together. The funniest calls are with those who want to get high or wasted or even better crossfaded. What’s your drug of choice tonight? I have all the party favors we need, I really have been putting in that overtime with my phone sex, and selling my body. I just want to be able to be high whenever I want to be, which is all the time. I am feeling like speeding tonight, I want lines and bumps until my nose is clogged and I have to fix it. I want to be zooted with you, that beautiful snow always makes me so fucking horny. It always makes me want to suck cock, do lines off your dick then take that juicy cock in my tight ass. It’s my favorite past time as I get high with you. We are in sync, just two junkies on the same wavelength, and the best part is you know we can do anything in the world, you know you’ve found the right nasty druggy bitch.

No Limits Phone Sex Line

phone sex lineNo limits phone sex line is what I offer you. Discreet too. You can tell me your naughty secrets and I won’t tell a soul. I have a lot of secrets too. My husband’s money protects us, however. We got busted by vice over the weekend. I thought it was over. I look awful in orange and worse in a jumpsuit. Somehow a vice officer busted our home whore outfit. He passed through my husband’s strict vetting process. He paid thousands of dollars too for some boy dick. We thought he was a P man like most of our clients.  My husband had to make it all go away. He did. My husband gave him way more than he paid for our youngest son and promised him free dick and cunt for the rest of his life. Turns out we were played. The vice officer had no intention of turning us in. He is a dirty P man who wanted some jailbait sexy prostitutes but couldn’t afford our services. Some how he found out about us on the dark net and ran a little sting operation to benefit himself. Initially, my husband and I were pissed. But we thought about it. Having an inside guy goes both ways. We can do as much damage to him as he can to us. My husband secretly filmed him blowing our young son’s dick and fucking his tight asshole. That was not undercover work. That was P daddy kind of fun. We didn’t tip our hand. Now, we have a very damming video that will keep our extortionist in check. He will eventually demand more. They always do and when that day comes, we are prepared. In the meantime, we are letting him molest our sons all he wants. There will be a day we will need his help.

Cum guzzling slut

cum guzzling slut

I love being turned into a cum guzzling slut. Daddy knows exactly how I like it. He loves to come into my room late at night, force me out of bed and onto my knees and slide his massive cock down my throat. He has trained me to be his perfect little cum drinking whore. The night he broke me in was different. That night, he came into my room with several other men. They all stood over me as Daddy held me on his lap. One by one, they pulled their cocks out and Daddy guided each and every one of those cocks into my mouth and made me suck them. I could feel how hard it made Daddy to watch me suck those fat cocks and swallow all of that thick cum. Knowing that Daddy was turned on got my little panties all wet. That’s when I knew I was going to be a cum slurping slut forever. I love how happy it makes Daddy to see his little brat on her knees taking that hot shot of sweet jizz. I will take Daddy’s cock whenever he wants me to and how ever he wants it.

Trashy MILF

trashy milfThis trashy milf almost got arrested this weekend. I was at a birthday party for a young boy. My daughter babysits him on occasion, and I was invited along with her. This family is not a trailer park family like my family. They went to college. They are part of the social scene in town. They are rich. I did my best to dress the part of a normal, classy woman. I was trying not to look like a whore. That is a challenge for me. The birthday boy was so cute. He was a little horn dog too. I caught him looking up my skirt. I wasn’t wearing underwear. He told me I had a nice pussy. There went any hope of being a normal woman. I kept thinking about the boy and how much I wanted to see his little pecker. I wanted to fuck him. Nothing says happy birthday like banging an old trailer trash whore, right? The problem was I was in a house full of people who would probably kill me if I touched a hair on the head of any of the boys there. So, I just masturbated thinking of what his young cum would taste like. I almost got busted by the boy’s mother. She came down the stairs as my fingers were up my cunt. Luckily, I was able to duck into a cubby hole under the stairs to finish rubbing one out in discretion. Once we got home, I told my daughter to bring that boy over for a play date soon.

Tranny Phone Sex Cock Sucker

Tranny phone sex

Look at what I have in store for you, hot tranny phone sex with my sexy big ladyboi cock. Will you be my cock sucker? I love my cock suckers soo much. I love my naughty boys that can’t get enough of my loving. Well they can’t get enough of this hot body with perfect tits, and a nice big throbbing dick. And yeah, I love taking a big dick in my ass and live for those good hardcore ass poundings. I bet you understand this and really wish I would give you a good pounding after a hot sloppy face fucking. I’ll be happy to swap cum with you, it’s so gooey and salty… mmmmm…. I am really looking forward to a rendezvous with you, lover boy.

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