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Phone Sex Sluts Like Me Talk About Anything, Even Extreme Age Play

phone sex slutsPhone sex sluts talk about anything. No limits means no limits. However, I get guys all the time who ask me if I talk about extreme age play. Hell, yes, I do. My husband and I are perverts. P parents who understand the concept of personal use. We brought them into this world, so those little darlings belong to us. And that means we can use them anyway we see fit. Right? Do you have similar thoughts?

Since I am now in my forties, and I started breeding my P husband brats as a teenage girl, most of mine are grown up now. But I do have two teenagers at home, and two adopted little girls too. One of the adopted girls is the granddaughter of our house assistant. But we are not sure what to call her as she does a little bit of everything. Helps watch the younger ones, cooks and cleans. Her husband is our handy man.

Little Sluts in This Family are For Home Use First

However, my husband sponsored them but now they are legal citizens. They went through all the proper channels. We treat them well. And they keep our family secrets. So, the grandma knows what we do with her little angel and that I often talk about her on my phone sex line. Now, we have not pimped her out yet. Even though some of daddy’s friends have offered great money to fuck her, she is for personal use at the moment. Daddy’s dick needs a tight little princess on it. And I bet you understand that.

Our adopted princess is a great dick spinner too. It is like watching a little girl riding the merry-go-round. And she even squeals in delight as she fucks my husband. I am sure you understand that a tight little cunt can be hard to come by nowadays. So, once that bald little cunnie gets bigger and looser, daddy will pimp her out. I am sure you would not want to share your daughter’s tight little holes before you properly break them in either. But don’t worry we can talk about that bald little pussy on my sexline anytime. And any of my teen whores too.

Scat phone sex pushes the boundaries of erotic pleasure!

Scat phone sex

Scat phone sex pushes the boundaries of erotic pleasure! It’s taboo, it’s forbidden, and that’s what makes it so damn hot. I want you to fill my ears with your raunchy words, describing in explicit detail how you want to cover me in your hot shit. I want to feel your poop smeared all over my face, coating me in your filth. And then I want you to fuck my throat with your shit-covered dick. Yeah, that’s right, shove it in and out until I’m choking and gagging on both your cock and your feces. Now that’s what I call a good time.

My sloppy wet pussy is yours for the taking, baby. Fill it up with your shit, make it nice and dirty. I’ll moan and scream in pleasure as you use me like the whore that I am. I love it all, every dirty, filthy, disgusting moment of it. I’m a cum-loving, shit-eating slut and proud of it.

So, if you’re into some nasty, taboo shit (literally), hit me up. Let’s get dirty together. Let’s push the boundaries of pleasure until we’re both moaning and screaming in ecstasy. Because when it comes down to it, there’s nothing sexier than embracing your deepest, darkest desires. And for me, that’s indulging in some scat phone sex. So come on, let’s have some fun. I promise you won’t regret it.

My Phone Sex Line Never Imposes Limits of Any Kind

phone sex lineI love my phone sex line. Why? Because I can talk to the dirtiest men around. I love fantasy talk as well as sharing real experiences. Nothing is too dark for me. Even if I do not have the real experience with going super dark, I promise you I have thought about it. It’s no secret my youngest years were not typical for girls my age. I was like Brooke Shields in “Pretty Baby” but instead of a fancy whore house, I lived in a dingy trailer in backwoods West Virginia.

But I married well. And gave birth to a big brood of sexy prostitutes. Originally, I gave birth so daddy could stop traveling to Africa and Thailand to score young pussy. Home use brats are the best, right?  I know you agree. However, I told my husband we should expand. Let other men enjoy what we have. For a price, of course. This way our brats learn some work ethics and can have money of their own too.

Tiny Tots Sell Well

Plus, we take a cut for living expenses, college funds and fancy family trips. Prostitution is the oldest profession and noble in my book. Men need tight young pussy especially in these stressful times. And money is not a guarantee in this world. Although my husband makes great money, you never know when the economy might fall out. So, we sell our sluts.

And I love talking about my sluts on my sexline. Sometimes, like this morning, I get to talk to men who also whore out their little ones. The guy I talked to this morning reminded me so much of my sperm doner. But instead of living in a trailer in rural WV, he lives in one in the backwoods of KY. Him and his wife sell their brats to men traveling through the area.

You can tell me anything. I doubt you have anything to share that I have not heard or done before. Even if you just have wicked nasty thoughts, I promise I will get off with you.

Druggy Porn of Shemales Who Love Controlling and Fucking Faggots

Druggy porn is a hot time watching as you jerk off on the phone with a sexy shemale like me, Josie. I will help you get your filthy kink on and keep you jacking it hard. But first I hope you will be fucking that ass cunt of yours with a nice big toy.

Obviously I get a great bit of high men that love to party and worship me. Worshiping my cock and ass is a great time. My tits are rather nice as well. In fact gazing up at my tits as I have you on your back is great.

In the end of our filthy fun you will be messy and completely drained. I love to pound that ass cunt of yours hard. However you sucking my big tranny dick is so fucking much fun for me. I will certainly have you shoving that tongue up my taint and eating my ass just the same.

Druggy phone sex

Druggy phone sex slut pawns off little’s to pervs for drugs!

Druggy phone sex A Druggy phone sex whore like me will do anything for another hit… That includes pawning my young ones off to be bred and used as a sex doll. My latest hook-up wanted me to bring my slut to a motel twenty minutes down the road so he could spread her naturally bald pussy lips with his huge shaft and slowly dig into her cunnie. I sat back and smoked meth, sniffed cock, and shot up as he did as he pleased with her. He promised I could smoke and snort as much as I wanted as long as he got to do as he pleased.

The room was so foggy from all the meth smoke I could barely see what was going on… Her intense moaning noises let me know that my girl was getting her cherry popped. I know she will grow up to be a filthy cock sucking Gangbang whore just like me… there was no way in hell my girl didn’t get high off secondhand contact by all the smoke that filled the room. I dressed her up like a pageant princess and made sure to put that peachy little pussy of hers in a pair of crotchless panties so he could easily access her fuck hole.

When he was through using my young as a breeding whore he requested I lap her Baby girl pussy up and slurp all the semen out that he had left inside of her. Oh my, her sweet once virgin pussy was so stretched I could nearly fit three fingers in her cunnie.

I swirled my fingers in her Young bald pussy and dug out all the cum I could find… Looks like my girl is already accepting clients. For a nice-sized bump, you can have her too… You can reach me on my Sexline to set up a good time and date for her sweet tender walls to snuggle your p-daddy cock.

My Sexline Doesn’t Slowdown Because of Football

sexlineEven though my sexline slows down on football days, there are still plenty of perverts who want to talk about young pussies and cocks even when a game is on. Today is the Super Bowl, and I live in California. You might think I would be rooting for the 49ers. Well, I am. But do not tell my daughters that. They all are Swifties. So, they are rooting for the team her boyfriend plays on.

Personally, I do not understand why so many men hate this popstar. Think about it from a pervert’s view like my husband and me. This is the first football season ever that the girls wanted to watch football. I am not a big sports girl myself. I would rather be fucking or talking dirty than watching any kind of game on TV. But my husband gets to finger bald little pussies anytime the star’s boyfriend’s team played.

When It Comes to Pigskins or Pussies, Pussy Wins Every Time

And my husband made up a little game. That every time the camera panned on her, one of the girls had to suck daddy’s dick. He turned a football game into a hardcore orgy porn with our daughters. Now, I think they will watch football with daddy every Sunday even when Taylor dumps this man like she does all her boyfriends because they like daddy’s naughty games. I am too old to like her music. But if she can give my husband some more quality girl time with our daughters, I am all for it.

My girls from the youngest to the oldest are all ready for the Super Bowl. They have on T-shirts that say Team Taylor in Chief colors. No panties so daddy and I can finger little holes whenever we want. I will be doing double duty during the Super Bowl. Talking dirty on my phone sex line and playing with little pussies. I think if more daddies realize that can turn an over exposed popstar into a way to get closer to their baby girls, they might not complain about her so much.

Lot lizard sex is why I like to disappear sometimes!

Lot lizard sex

Lot lizard sex is why I like to disappear sometimes! Let’s get down to the juicy details. It is one of the main reasons why I love being on the road. Truckers are some of the most generous and wild individuals I have ever met. They always hook me up with great drugs, which I must say, makes our time together even more intense.

And when it comes to sex, let me tell you, there is nothing like fucking in the back of a truck. The adrenaline rush, the riskiness of it all, it just adds to the experience. And what’s even better is that we always find a new spot to do it in. Every gas station, every truck stop, they all have their own unique spot for us to get down and dirty.

I know some people might judge me for what I do, but I don’t care. I am free-spirited, and I love my life. I have met so many different truckers from all walks of life, and each one of them has a story to tell. And it is a lot of fun when I am getting double penetration in the back of a 18 wheeler, its just so fucking filthy! 

So if you ever see me at a gas station, know that I am open to all kinds of fun. Just give me a call, and we can have a wild, unforgettable time together. Trust me; my Sloppy wet pussy is ready and waiting for you.

BBC sex stories of a hot cheating coke whore wife like me!

BBC sex storiesBBC sex stories of a hot cheating wife never get old. My husband takes this cumslut wife to motels to meet hung BBC guys with big thick cocks. Then he snorts cocaine with me and I watch as he jerks off. Watching him watch me suck, and fuck those monster black huge cocks has me squirting!  He loves it when I beg for more. He loves it when I beg to be fucked hard and rough. He loves it when I scream for more BBC cum! 

My Husband is not a little bitch, even though I write him as one sometimes. He is an Alpha male who is secure enough to love watching and hearing about me get off to big Donkey Kong black meat! 

Do you enjoy watching a gangbang of big black cock in your wife? You know I love my cock, cum laods, and plenty of cum! 

BBC sex stories of a hot cheating coke whore wife 

BBC phone sex with me is for all black men, and men who just enjoy a good glory hole slut who can squirt on black daddy meat! I do enjoy multiple bbcs at a time as well. It’s this creampie black cock sluts paradise when 5 or more big long dark elephant trunk cocks are in my face!  I love the feeling of their big black cocks stretching my tight holes and filling me up with hot cum. I’m always left wanting more, and I’m always looking for new ways to please them. 

My sexy white husband is the best in the world for knowing how I love to be used as a mandingo cum dump!

Watch BBC porn with me and no matter if you are black, white, or yellow you know I got that good-good for all cocks big and tiny!!! 

BBC phone sex

Druggy Phone Sex With Creampie Slut Bobbie Means Lots of Dessert

Druggy phone sex, what can I say, I love doing drugs and having wild sex. It’s the best way to live life, you know? Nothing else compares to the rush of getting high and fucking like animals. I’m not just talking about sex either, I’m talking about getting my slut holes rammed with cock until I’m completely filled up with cum.

Druggy phone sex

When I’m high on cocaine or meth, my inhibitions are gone. I don’t care who sees me or what they think. All that matters is getting my fix and finding someone to fuck. My mind is consumed with lust and all I can think about is getting my pussy eaten and my ass pounded.

I’ll do anything to get off when I’m high. I’ve had sex in public places, in cars, on the beach… you name it. And the more people watching, the better. It’s like a drug itself, the thrill of being seen and knowing that everyone wants a piece of me.

My slut holes are always ready for action. I’ve had so much practice taking cock that I can fit almost anything in there. I’ve had dildos the size of my forearm shoved up my pussy and my ass, and it still wasn’t enough. I need the real thing, hard and thick.

When I find someone who can really fuck me good, I let them have at it. I’ll scream and moan and beg for more as they pound into me. I love the feeling of being completely filled up with cock, like I’m being split in two. And when they cum inside me, it’s the best feeling in the world. Those throbbing dicks make my cunt cream enough to truly make a pie.

I don’t care if it’s my brother or my best friend or a complete stranger, as long as they can give me what I need. I’ll take their cum like it’s the most precious liquid in the world. And then I’ll go find someone else to fuck and do it all over again.

So if you like the nose candy and skiing until we find cream, give this Creampie slut a call.

Phone Sex Line for Unrestricted Taboo Things

phone sex lineMy phone sex line can be your party line. I like to party too. Honestly, when I started my phone career, I had no idea how busy I would stay. But phone sex is booming. And I am grateful for all you dirty perverts who enjoy talking to a P mommy.

Last night I got on a long call with a party guy. I figured while in Rome, right? I like my weed and coke like the next 40 something old woman. Although I never need a bump or a puff to become a nasty freak. But I understand some of you need a little something extra to cross the lines I cross every damn day. Can you tell that I have no limits?

Limits are not for our sex lives. If you want to fuck a young schoolgirl or a hot teen slut, then you should. I know not everyone can have a wife like me. But on my sexline, I can help you find women like me. I do not turn a blind eye to anything my husband does with our girls. I watch and do the same with our sons.

My Phone Line is For No Limits Fun

My husband can do no wrong. And I love being part of the family love. Although I know he likes those cute bald cunnies, he loves fucking me too. After my long call, he was waiting for me. He wanted to fuck his sexy wife. And while we fucked, our youngest daughter watched us from the side of the bed. She even rubbed my clit while daddy’s dick went in and out of me.

Once daddy filled me with cum, she licked it out. All my daughters enjoy my cum filled cunt, especially when it is daddy’s cum. Watching that made my husband rock hard again. But this time he got to fuck his baby girl while I assisted. My husband knows he lucked out marrying me. But he saved me from squalor and abuse, so I owe him the world. I know he loves me too.

Maybe I can help you have a woman like me in your life. Imagine how hot it would be to not have to hide your lust for your daughter from your own wife?