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Desperate For Different, Dirty Dicks

Trailer Trash WhoreI’m getting bored with my usual playthings. I’m a trucker fucker just because it pays decent, and it keeps me high for free. I’m craving something new; some new john to service. A man with a fetish as big and sexy as my fat tits. Is that you?
Maybe you want to use me as a human toilet; piss all over my soft body? Shit on my tits, maybe I will clean you up after? That’s nasty, but I’d do it for some crack.
Perhaps you need a submissive whore to follow your every command. One to desolate and demolish every time you’re in town. You can hurt me for an 8-ball, baby.
Do you like age play? I’ll rock out as your babygirl, or your grandma, or whoever you want me to be, as long as I get a fat blunt when it’s all said and done.
We can do some bondage, hard or soft; I drip when I get tied up. I’m at your mercy, helpless, weak. I’m trapped, and your whim is my fate.
Is it cuckolding you crave? You can watch these other big boys plow my pretty pussy, and lick up all the cum they dump in me.
I’ve heard about electro-stimulation. If my new cocks wanted to try it, I’d be down to learn. Edge play sounds fun, and CBT (cock and ball torture) is something those nasty truck fucks have had me do before. I almost sort of like it, even.
The possibilities are endless. Explore your darkest fetishes with your whore.

Blonde Fucking w/ a Shemale Surprise

He hit me up at the club. We had some drinks and flirted and hit it off. He was looking for a good time and a blonde fucking hooker to party with. He was already enthralled with me and we were getting pretty hot on the dance floor and he never quite realized I was packing something extra. I had a nice bulge and maybe he just was that wasted he didn’t notice. I figured he knew what he was getting into and he paid me up front as requested. We got to the hotel room and he was ready to go. Mr. big man popped a viagra and was full speed ahead. I was down on my knees servicing his rock hard cock with my sultry wet lips. Giving him the best blowjob of his life. He was groping at my tts and constantly commenting on how perfect my body was. He loves hot slim blondes. I got his first load in my mouth and kissed him with it. When he was a little shy about that I knew he just might not realize I have a dick. I took his hand and guided it between my legs and let him get a feel for it. He was surprised but he was already sold on me. I coaxed him into sucking my tranny cock and he did it without much fuss. I bent him over and gave him the night of his life. Never judge a book by it’s cover baby.

Blonde fucking

Teen Sluts Fucking At The Gym

teen sluts fucking

It all started when I went to work out and found a man who is so into teen sluts fucking him. He would become my new daddy. Now I was a big brat and loved hanging out at frat houses just to use the gym after partying all night and getting laid for pay. Got to keep the body tight if that is your sole money maker. Well, There was this guy Mike who had been watching me workout. I had thrown my hair up in pigtails to keep the sweat out of my face. When I looked up, he was standing over me with his cock out. Nobody else was in the little house gym. The door was shut, and he told me to strip down. I was a little scared at first but when I saw how beautiful his cock was I couldn’t help myself. I stripped down and sat back on the machine. I began sucking his big fat beautiful dick and he pulled it out and pushed me over and lifted my legs high so he could fuck my cunt and ass. This man had stamina and he fucked me for a while before he made me suck my pussy and ass juices off his cock. I don’t mind ass to mouth at all. It probably makes for the nasty whore I am today! When his big cock exploded in my face, he kept calling me another name. I didn’t mind, it was probably his daughter or something. I was happy to make his sorority girls fucking fantasy.

An Anal Sex Whore With A Cock

Anal Sex Whore

Johnny knows what I am.  An anal sex whore with a cock that loves giving and receiving. A man who can share a blunt with me and be on his knees worshiping my cock while staring into my chocolate eyes! Although I do love to surprise him with the fact that his girlfriend is an equally big cock whore as he is. I had him over and surprise him with his sexy big totted girlfriend popping into the living room after he had all my cock in his mouth. I made him lick my cum out of her pussy and ass. Yes, I had fucked Johnnys’ girlfriend for hours and let him know what a freak she was for me. Then I plowed that ass so damn hard and deep he won’t be taking a shit for a week. I even taught his beautiful sexy girlfriend how to use a pegging strap on so he could get the anal fucking not just from this live phone sex bitch. And I promised to make my callers all know what a cum slut and anal whore he really is for me!

Don’t Be So Shy

Don’t be so shy about it, you are an anal sex whore and you must succumb to that desire. My big dick was just what he needed to really set him free. We have had multiple secretive rendezvous in seedy hotels. He would get wasted at the bar and ready to go, or rather ready to take it. I loved delivering the cock to his sweet tight puckered fuck hole and delivering it often of late. I am making a real anal slut out this good ole boy from Texas. Everything may be bigger in Texas but he sure is lacking that for country boy, he’s a real bitch when I deliver the goods. I love making him my big dick sucker and he’s beginning to get really good at it even. He sneaks down to Mexico sometimes to get some real fun and try out new things. I suggested he take those steps and improve on coming out like a good little fag boy. He does so well taking my cock and dressing like a slut. I should just start calling him sissy, after all he is sure becoming one. I really love to see one that acts so manly is really furthest from that truth. This one is muscular and masculine until he takes those tight jeans and cowboy boots off. What’s hiding under your man suite big boy?

anal sex whore

Labyboy Cock Hooker Sexline

When you are craving some hot ladyboy cock then the sexline for tranny hookers like me is where you look for it. I love being the sexy seductive Ladyboy with a big dick. I am very dominant and I love to receive a big fat cock as much as I give it. Some days I am just craving to be part of a dirty train, and right in the middle. Fucking that sweet tight ass of a straight boy while taking a big hard cock from a BBC is just the hottest thing for me. I have done it, yes. I love it. We got so dirty. It was so much fun having my black hung friend with me for a client. He was a young and very curious white boy and he wanted to party and get some taboo sex like he has never had before. He called me wanting party supplies, my sexy body with that raging hard dick, and a friend. The friend was requested to be a well hung black man because he really wanted to get dirty. We did some lines, had some drinks and got him comfortable and horny. I loved getting him to suck my sexy Shemale cock as I caressed his head and cooing at him. Then sharing that BBC with him. Showing his how I loved to suck that black dick had him craving to try it. He sucked it good. I fucked his sweet virgin ass and he was soon face fucked by that BBC and then even took it in his man pussy like a good slut. I bet you would love this also. You are jealous of that white boy, I just know it. Call Josie and tell her all about those desires for dick. I’ll make it exciting to cum to while I give it to you with hot tranny phone sex.


Back Alley Anal Fuck

Trailer Trash WhoreFriday nights are always so much fun for a dirty trailer park whore like myself. It’s my best day. I go down to those seedy parts of town to find me a horny old man to milk his cock for a quick buck. This particular night i saw one of my good regular’s Ole Joe. Always smells like cheap beer and cigarettes. He flagged me down in my skin tight blue mini dress and black heels. I nodded at him and walked down the closest ally. Ole joe was quick behind me, he is rather quick in all aspects. His cock was already pressed hard against his pants when he got to me. He pulled out a 100$ bill and pulled his cock out. I took the money and he grabbed my hair and pulled me down. Pulling my head back he pushed his fat cock in my face and slapped me a few times. I swear he will leave a mushroom print any day now. I opened my mouth and he rammed it in full force causing me to instantly drool. Spit was pulled in and out of my mouth as he relentlessly fucked my pretty mouth as hard as he could go. He pulled out slowly and throbbing ropes of spit hung from my lips to his cock. He pulled me up by my hair and bent me over pulling up my dress. He kicked my feet apart and spread my asscheeks. Suddenly I felt his cock push into my asshole and swallow it inch by inch as he went back to his hard thrust. His fingers tangled in my hair and pulled it back hard. I felt his cock swell up more as he came hard and quick in my ass. He let go of me finally and pulled his pants back up leaving me dripping his cum out of my well used asshole and tossed me another 50 bucks for cumming inside and then he walked away leaving me there. Good ole joe quick as always and a wonderful tipper! I stood back up, pulled my hair back in a ponytail and went back out to the corner. The night was young and I was not done getting fucked!


Tranny Sex First Timer

It was his first time with a Shemale phone sex hooker and he was so nervous and excited at once. I can always tell when a virgin is completely mesmerized and their cock tells me just how fucking turned on they are when they find out that i have a dick. We met at a club and were having a great time. We did some blow and I blew him really good in exchange for that baggy of candy. He was so into me that I just couldn’t turn down a little extra fun time. He had the cash and I was certain he wouldn’t mind what I had hidden, my Shemale surprise was aching to be freed from these tight panties. We were back at his hotel room and doing more lines as we made out. I whispered to him that I had a surprise for him and he had to promise it wouldn’t freak him out. Guiding his hand to my package bulging in these panties he was a little taken aback but excited and curious at the same time. I told him to touch it and give it a stroke. He was really shocked and followed direction well. I had him sucking my cock and taking it in his tight hole in no time. It really excited him, and it excited him more when I told him he could fuck my ass. He never felt anything like it I could tell.

Shemale phone sex


Big Dick Sucker

big dick suckerI’m proud to be a big dick sucker. I can deep throat monster cocks like a porn star. Everyone in my trailer park knows me as the cougar cum guzzler because I like my dicks huge and my balls heavy with spunk.  This morning, Jerome stopped by for a little oral therapy. He woke up with wood in his pants and a cranky wife. He knew what to do. He marched himself down to my trailer with his monster cock hardon and said, “Suck it bitch.” Some ladies may be offended by that kind of talk, but not me. I’m a dirty whore who loves it nasty. Jerome palmed the back of my head to push me down full force on his throbbing anaconda. He doesn’t care if I gag on his cock. Hell, he prefers it. He was choking my throat with his dick. Rough oral was an understatement. His big piece of meat was going to make me puke up cum. I love being skull fucked by monster cock, so I’m willing to take the risk! His cock was so big his pre cum was more than most men’s ejaculation. I rubbed his oozing seed all over my face. Pre cum is my favorite lip gloss.

I had so much fun slurping on that hard rod. When it’s over a foot long and thick as a coke can, it gets messy. I was gagging and drooling as I worked his dark meat into my mouth. Took two hands to hold it. One of the few cocks that can titty fuck me and there still be more than half that cock that doesn’t fit between my jugs. After about a half hour or worshiping his dick, he exploded. Cum was everywhere. I got a jet blast to my face. Cum covered my face; even splashed on the ceiling. I slurped all that yummy spunk off his drained dick too. I clean up my messes. I am a cum dumpster.

Never Too Old for Hot Stripper Sex

hot stripper sexI am a little old for hot stripper sex, or am I? I was at the local strip club last night for Manic Monday. Cheapest beer in town, plus an amateur contest. I was just there for the beer and to pick up some young college boys. The cheep beer and $3 cover bring out the younger crowd. I knew the strippers would ignore the broke ass college boys, but since I didn’t want their money, I figured they would want some pussy. Old pussy is still pussy. I ended up partying with four frat boys in the club. They encouraged me to enter the amateur contest. I didn’t have much competition. Monday nights are slow in strip clubs once football is over. My frat boys were like my cheerleaders. I think they are the reason I won the $500 prize. They screamed so loud for me. I was happy to use my prize money to get us all a VIP room for an hour. This young stripper came with the room, but the boys wanted to see me dance instead. I suggested we both dance. She didn’t seem to mind that idea. She worked the pole better than me, but I drained those frat boys’ poles a few times each.  In the end, I was the best gal on the pole. That is because I am a trailer trash whore.

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