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Gangbang Whore

gangbang whore


Gangbang whore is what they are going to be calling me when they are done with me. They took me and tied me up. I didn’t know what was going on until I had a cock shoved in my mouth. I was gagging from the sudden intrusion in my mouth. I kept feeling spit run down my face. Before I knew it I felt a mouth on my cock and it felt good. I tried not to get hard at the cock in my mouth but they knew I was turned on. He was sucking my dick so good while I was sucking this dick and jacking off another. So many cocks and deep down I wanted them all. I wanted them all to use me until they couldn’t cum anymore. I felt the mouth leave my hard dick and then felt my ass cheeks being spread open. He was licking my little ass hole and it was making my cock even harder. He replaced his tongue with his dick and started fucking my ass. The cock that was in my hand was gone and I felt someone straddling me and then my cock being pushed into a tight hole. I was sucking, fucking and being fucked all at the same time. I couldn’t keep up with all this pleasure. I was cumming deep in his ass as I felt hot cum hit my face and then fill my ass up.

Using Him as my Anal Cum Dumpster

anal cum dumpster


He thought he was going to run the show but he had another thing coming. I saw the way he had been treating these other whores. Thinking he is some king dick around here. It is about time someone put him in his place. I made sure he decided to pick me to go home with him, please him. He thought he was going to use my tonight but that wasn’t going to be the case. I pushed him on the bed as soon as we walked in his room. I made him strip naked. He thought after he was naked, he was going to get up and touch on me. Tonight, he was going to know his place. He started trying to take my top off so I grabbed him by his throat and told him that he was going to be my bitch tonight. He was going to do as I told him and he was not going to be in control. I pushed him down on his knees and made him start sucking my cock. He was going to be a good little bitch boy and get my dick nice and hard. He had to spit on it to get it nice and wet to go down his throat. Once I felt like my cock was hard enough, he was going to bent over the bed and I was going to shove my cock so far up his filthy fucking ass. He was going to love it, he was going to take every inch. No longer was this piece of shit going to be so dominant. He was going to crave my cock and crave being used like the little cum bucket he is. I filled his ass full of my cum and left him laying across the bed with his ass gaped open.

First Time Getting My Tranny Dick Sucked

Growing up I had always been letting guys fuck me in the ass after bending me over and rimming my tight little ass. But one day, before I got fucked in the ass, this man made his wife suck my dick while he was tongue fucking me in my asshole. It felt so good I can’t believe that I was so scared to let someone do it before. Did not want to be judge for me being me, but now that’s how it will work. I will always get my dick sucked. He was not lying when he said that she was really skilled and knew what she was doing. He made me get on my hands and knees this time before he fucked me. She crawled under me and kept sucking my dick. As soon as he put that fat cock in my ass, I was moaning out. It just felt so good with his wife sucking my dick and him fucking me. I was getting so close to cumming. I couldn’t believe how fast I was going to blow my load, normally it takes a while. I couldn’t help but try to shove my dick deeper in her mouth while he was fucking me. I felt him cumming in my ass and that was all I needed, and then I was shooting my load all over his wife’s face.


cum dumpster

Scat Phone Sex

scat phone sex


I wanted to be a nasty girl today. I felt like fucking some hot asses. I bent those bitches over and fucked the shit out of them. I mean this literally. I shoved my fat tranny dick so far down those dirty asses that I could feel the shit coming out as I pounded them. I needed them to be so fucking dirty for me. I made one lay on the floor while the other one stood over her and shit all over her tits and stomach. The rubbed and played all in each other’s shit. They kept telling me how much they loved it because it ws so warm and mushy. After I was done fucking them like the good dirty whores they were, I made them get on their fucking knees and suck my dick clean. They couldn’t stop sucking it until I was satisfied. What they didn’t know was that wasn’t going to be until the shit was all licked off and my cum was squirting all over their dirty shit covered faces.

Suck My Cock

I got my fat tranny cock sucked really good tonight. He tried to act like he didn’t know what he was doing but I could tell he was going to be a great cock sucker even if he was trying to be shy. I had to show him what I wanted, or well maybe it would be better if I said that I had to make him do what I wanted. I wanted my fat cock deep in his throat. I wanted to hear him gagging and choking on my cock. I wanted to feel all of his spit, all over my cock. I had to shove his head all the way down on my swollen cock, so that I could feel that spit running down my dick and balls. I fucked his throat as if I was fucking a pink bald pussy or tight ass. I fucked his mouth and throat so good. As soon as I was getting close to cumming, I slammed my cock down his throat and held his head so he couldn’t go nowhere until I pumped my last drop of cum down his throat. I fucked his throat as if I was fucking a pink bald pussy or tight asshole.

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Fucking husband and wife

cum dumpster

Nothing like running a train on a hot couple. It was supposed to be me getting fuck by her husband, but as soon as he seen my delicious fat cock, he wanted to be fucked by it. I wanted him sucking my cock while she sat on my face. Her sweet pussy tasted so good, every time she squirted in my mouth you could see her juices running down the side of my face. Her juices over flowing my mouth. It was making my cock so hard in her husband’s mouth. He was sucking my cock so good. Such a good little cock sucker he is. Once my cock was wet enough, I told him I wanted to watch him fuck his wife’s nice pink pussy doggy style. He was fucking her nice and good. I decided to get behind him and lick his ass a little. Sticking my tongue in it, tongue fucking his ass. Getting that shit nice and ready for my fat cock. Once I felt it was ready for my cock, I grabbed my dick and was running it up and down his ass crack. I was tease he asshole a little with the tip. Finally, I slammed in his tight little asshole. Making his wife moan out with how hard me slamming in his ass, made him slam into her pussy even harder. They both were moaning as I continued to fuck him. It wasn’t long before I was shooting my load in his ass and he followed by cumming in his wife’s pussy.

Some Good Hooker Pussy

hooker phone sex


I was in the mood for some really good tight pussy. It had been a while since I fucked a good bitch. Lately I had been fucking all these men’s asses. Felt good to pump their asses, but now I really wanted some pussy. I didn’t care who it was or where it was, as long as I was able to bust a good nut. Part of me wasn’t in the mood to go out and meet someone and have some nice random sex. I decided to fuck one of the girls that worked the streets with me. I know she hasn’t been getting much dick lately so I figure we could both be in a win-win situation. I walked up to her and let know that I was ready to give her what she wanted. She seemed a little confused at first until I grabbed her hand and put it on my already hard cock. She took me to her favorite dumpster and bent over. I didn’t even need to get my cock sucked because her pussy was wet already. I just ran the head up and down her wet slit and then slipped deep inside her hot wet pussy. I could tell she wasn’t used to such big cocks by the way she moaned out and gripped the trash can. I decided to give her a fucking she wouldn’t forget. I grabbed her by her hair and started slamming into her hard. Feeling her pussy squeeze my dick was enough to make me cum. But I wanted to cum with her, so I reached around and started rubbing her clit while pounding her pussy. That made her pussy tighten up even more on my cock. I could feel that she was about to cum, so as soon as she was cumming on my dick I was shooting my load deep inside of her. She still hadn’t come down from her orgasm, when I pulled out and walked away. I think I needed that just as much as she did. Now that I know that pussy is good, I won’t hesitate to fuck her again when I see her around.

Surprise Cock

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He came up to me and said he wanted some fun. He said that he wanted to know what I could give him that these other girls can’t. I was ready to show him. So, we got in his car and went to a dark alley. I pulled out his cock and started sucking on it while he planted with my tits. I felt my cock starting to get hard. The more I sucked it the harder mine got. As soon as I had his cock nice and hard and wet, I told him I had that surprise for him. I got out the car and walked around to the driver’s side. I opened the door, grabbed him by the back of his head and pushed his face against my crotch. Shoving his mouth against my clothed hard cock. He was stunned at first but then I saw his cock twitch. I knew he wanted my cock. I pulled my skirt down and grabbed my cock and started rubbing it against his lips. I told him to be a good boy and open up. A good boy he was; he listened very well. He surely did know how to suck a cock. I would grab the back of his head and start pushing it further down until I heard him gagging on it. It was feeling so fucking good that I started fucking his mouth. Pumping my big hard dick in and out of his throat. I grabbed his head and push his mouth down my cock so I could shoot my hot cum down his throat. He made sure to swallow it all too. He was such a good cocksucker. He will be coming back for more.