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When it comes to shemale phone sex, I am full of surprises. Sometimes the surprise may come from between my legs.  You may be sucking my nipples and sticking your tongue down my throat expecting things to go a certain way. Maybe you feel a bulge in my pants. Or you saw something out at the bar that had you curious. Grinding on the dance floor your tight little ass did feel it. I knew what to do after that. I invited you over for some dirty tranny fun.

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sexy prostitutes Sexy prostitutes everywhere that night, in other words, my BFFs were here.  We love talking about the good ol’ days of hooking and skanking.  Gia started reminding me how I ended up bent over again behind the local pool bar ass up face down hanging on the side of a dumpster while the locals pounded it in once again. Everyone always knew when I needed to make rent. A few of them at Harry’s Dive Bar would often let me just suck their wrinkled old fat cocks for a few bucks here and there.  Sex was plentiful and the money was good.

There’s that one cock that I never even caught the old fellas name. He just comes on down on around Wednesday nights, meets me in parking lot, points to Chevy s10 over yonder and I hop up. He pulls out his sweaty old cock and holds it up like a snake. He stacks nasty $100 bills around that cock. I never wanted a cock so bad as I did when I seen that green goodness surrounding the base of that vein pulsing wrinkled-up monster between this old mans legs.  My mouth starts watering immediately.  Is it the money or the cock? Or the fact that this cock comes with some good money.


Makes it taste a bit better with that cheddar as a side. Give me a ring and I’ll quickly become one of your favorite phone sex sluts, pinkie promise!

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