Hookers For Hire Get Stuffed with Daddy Dick for Thanksgiving

hookers for hireHookers for hire get stuffed for Thanksgiving. And not with food, but with cock. You would not think a Sunday would not be a busy day for whores. But the week before a holiday, every day is busy. Me and my girls, and my youngest son played house yesterday with a rich old daddy. This client enjoys family fantasies. Although he has his own family, he never got to enjoy his daughters and son like we roleplay family fun. Can you relate to that?

It brings me joy to fulfill family fantasies for men. When my husband married me, I made his fantasies a reality. And he gave me a life I never could have dreamed up. So, it is the least I can do for him.  So, I like to pay it forward. And so do my young sexy prostitutes. This daddy client goes all our for our sessions too.

When we arrived, he made us brunch. We had a family meal together that lead to fucking. Daddy took a Viagra so he would be ready for the day. By the time we finished eating omelets and hash browns, Viagra kicked in. My daughters know what to do when they see a hard cock. Even my bisexual youngest son knows what to do too. My son crawled to daddy first and begged to suck his cock. My daughters stripped naked and played with daddy balls while my son sucked his cock.

It Is Not Thanksgiving Without a Proper Stuffing

I sat back rubbing my cunt as I watched the family fun unfold. My little sluts begged daddy for a good stuffing. And he gave them each a good stuffing too. But he started with my son. He turned my son into his private anal sex whore. They girls he pumped his daddy milk into their pussies. He secretly wants to knock up his girls. He pays extra to bare back us all.

We spent the day pleasing daddy. He even fucked me too. His Viagra worked wonders too because we all have sore holes. But it is not Thanksgiving time unless we get stuff good.

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