Teen Shitter Used By Married Men!

Teen anal whoreSpreading open my filthy little ass hole for a big fat dick while my cunt is dripping wet is the best way to get fucked properly. A pretty teen anal fuck whore like me needs to really be slammed up the shitter to know her place in life. Thankfully I have been trained and used enough in my life to know my standards and what I am good for. It is quite easy to get these trailer boys to fuck my anal cavity open until they fill me with a load. All I have to do is bend over and spread myself open and their will be a line out my front door. 

You know why? Well, the whole town knows what I am and they all know my ass hole is available for any man who needs to dump a load. This is Bill and his wife is a dumb bitch who has no idea her husband stops by before work every day to dump his nut in me. She won’t fuck or suck him so he asked if he could give me some coke and than use me as a cum hole. I of course say yes every single fucking time. Number one I love cocaine and number 2 Bill has fat cock that I love inside my ass hole.

It’s not my fault that his wife won’t spread her legs for him. No worries though you stupid bitch; I will take care of your husbands cock while you both take care of my cocaine habit. It works out great doesn’t it? Lol, I mean at least for me it does. I get cock, cum and I get to be high; seems like a win win for this trailer park whore. Bill is getting his perverted rocks off while he fucks a teen whore up the ass and I get to live up to my expectations and be a cum hole for dick while snorting lines all day.

It really doesn’t take much to be a lazy useless whore living in a trailer park full of horny men. They are all disgusting and love young sluts while their wives are home with the kids and have no idea their husbands are inside a teen shitter. It makes me feel so useful as a cum receptacle to know I am satisfying all the needs for these poor men who are so backed up and need a release. Maybe if these wives gave their man some action he wouldn’t need my holes to help him through his work week. It’s okay, I don’t mind being a set of used up holes! Stroke your cock and call me baby! 

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