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Anal Cum Dumpster Like You Craves Tranny Dick

Would you admit to being an anal cum dumpster? Most of the guys that call me actually love the idea of it. And what is better is when I get a caller that I will happily transform into a tranny prostitute and whore her out. And this did happen.

Obviously it was not the first call I have had where a guy wanted to be transformed into a Shemale. It does happen alot. Either in forcefully abducting a married man, or he begs and is willingly transformed.

However it is always at my hands. This time I had the wife get in touch with me. She devised a plan and I was more than happy to assist her. This wife was done with her husband. She thought he would be better as a whored out tranny.

Now then once we had him turned into another her, the two of us got to take out use of her. Once she was awake and in shock we introduced her to the new her. I really enjoyed fucking this newly transformed tranny with her wife.

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Hookers for hire need a Horny Whore to help them learn the trade! 

Hookers for hireHookers for hire need a Horny Whore to help them learn the trade!  I am the perfect white trash tramp to help them. I’m experienced and I can make good money fucking men. New sluts to the game can learn all the tips and tricks they need to know to get started selling ass for cash. 

This little slut Jewels needed a hand with her deep throat blowjob skills. She thought she could lick the tip and use her hands to get a big ducked John off. But the men who frequent my clubs want a whore who can suck it down her throat like a golf ball through a garden hose. They want that esophagus to close around cock heads! 

I see her struggling and gagging across the dim VIP room. He smacks her and calls her a worthless cunt. It’s up to me to rescue her and make my customer happy!  I step in and take over. So I did what any good trashy milf should do. My motherly insects kicked in and I got right down on the floor with her and shoulder that all she has to do was relax her throat.I take her gag reflex out of the equation and make her swallow every inch of his shaft. He’s impressed and rewards me with a fat tip.

Hookers for hire need a Horny Whore to help them learn the trade! 

It’s a matter of technique that leads to great cocksucking skills. Well worth the pain! Our John got off by me helping her suck that fucking big long down her nice little teen throat. Should see how much jizz she has blown down into her sweet little teen belly for us!  He leaves and I take her in my arms. She cries on my shoulder and I take her to the bathroom to clean up. She is going to half to learn how to survive in the world of Hot stripper sex one way or another! 


Lot lizard sex addict like me loves the red, white & blue!

Lot lizard sexLot lizard sex addict like me loves the red, white & blue! Hey y’all, it’s your favorite gun totting trailer trash whore. My favorite things in life: sex, America, and getting paid for both! I may not have much in the way of education or fancy things, but let me tell you, I know how to please a man like no other. And I ain’t afraid to get down and dirty for a little cash in my pocket.

Give me a hot and steamy truck stop bathroom any day over some fancy hotel. I love the thrill of the chase, the smell of diesel in the air, and the sound of a big rig pulling up. There’s just something about a rugged, hard-working man that gets me going. And trust me, I know how to give him what he needs.

My body is perfect, and it sure knows how to please. My juicy pussy is tight as can be, and I guarantee you’ll be screaming the Lord’s name in vain once I’m done with you. I’ll ride you like a wild stallion, and I won’t stop until you’re begging for mercy. And when you finally release all that baby juice inside me, it’ll be like a celebration of the red, white, and blue. Let’s breed for America, baby!

But don’t just take my word for it, give me a call for some hot Live phone sex. I’ll make you feel like you’re right there with me, riding me hard and fast. I’ll moan and scream and make you feel like a real man. And when you’re done, you can cum deep inside that pussy, because I love the USA and everything that comes with it.

So, my dear men, don’t be shy. Give me a call and let me show you how a real woman takes care of her man. if you’re lucky, maybe we can make some patriotic fireworks together. Yeehaw!


Blonde fucking whore spreads her holes for the manager!

Blonde fuckingI am the towns favorite Blonde fucking whore; which makes sense since I am the only who shows off like this. All the other sluts in the area have way too limits unlike me and my girls. It’s clearly why me and my bitches pretty much get whatever we want. Most of the time at least 2-3 men in a place know me immediately. It’s always so much fun watching them turn their heads when I walk into a store, bar, etc. Sometimes they are with their partners who have no idea what their man is doing behind their back. I love when the guy looks like he has seen a ghost when really it’s because his stupid ass bitch wife has no clue he has had me bent over their bed,counter tops, etc. 

This morning I headed over to the store so I had to flash and give myself up a bit to the workers; I wanted to make their day. At first the manager pretended to be turned off as he ranted and raved about his town being filled with stupid sluts and he was sick of it. That was until he brought me back into the office as I sat there and showed off my freshly shaved pink little cunt and ass hole. He loved that I had no panties on and he liked that I showed him my Sloppy wet pussy from the chair. He tried to call me a gutter whore but that would be ridiculous since his cock was out and he was already about to bust a fat load. The poor bastard didn’t even get to fuck me yet and he almost came just by me sitting there with my holes exposed. 

Crack whore anal slut addicted to sex and speedballing

Crack whore anal Crack whore anal is the best anal sex I’ve ever had. I smeared cocaine all over my asshole until it felt numb and tingly then I took my heated meth pipe and put it in my shithole until it cooled off. Once I got my asshole gaping, I had spent the rest of the evening face down in a hill of cocaine and my ass up in the air being penetrated. I love anal fucking, I have an addiction to anal sex! Especially when it involves black men with Big black dicks. I feel it in my chest… It enhances my high.

I like it rough which is why I always make sure to numb my ass with cocaine before having Hardcore anal sex. The biggest black dick I’ve ever managed to swallow every inch inside of my asshole was 15 inches. it was some Nigerian guy I had met at a swingers club that had a snow bunny slut with him. She bragged about the size of his dick all night long! I couldn’t help but find out for myself what the hype was all about. We went into a private room and switched dicks. I remember feeling goosebumps rise on my body as my nipples hardened.

His dick dug deep into my anus. My jaw dropped and I jerked his dick with my shithole while blowing meth smoke. The more I smoked the wetter my cunt got. For some reason whenever I smoke Crank my mouth waters and I get so fucking horny. That was also the first night I had ever tried pink cocaine. It was a cocaine-mixed mouth Molly that had me raging all night long. There was so much going on that night but I do also remember joining two hot Teen sluts fucking and eating their creampies.

I love drugs and sex!!

Lot lizard sex over the road whore here.

Lot lizard sex           Lot lizard sex over the whore here. Traveling with my leg out instead of the thumb. Showing that gets one to stop. Settling in at a stop. Going from one tractor to the next. Nasty little whore is what I am.

          Wagging the ass in front of those truckers. After all the stops have all, I need. A bathroom if they want a cleaner whore than one covered in fleas. In fact, most have a bed in the cab. Lift the skirt up, slip the cock in. Right between the pussy lips. It must be remembered that I like it nasty.

          Shove that cock right between the ass cheek up into the anal cavity. Ripping me open. I really am the biggest Cum guzzling slut that you will find in the area. Nasty too boot. Blow your load on my face. Eyelashes coated. Face covered with cum.

          Jump down out of the tractor, wipe it on the sleeve and hop on up into the next tractor. Make ride the shifter. Knowing what a 26 speed Peterbilt has under the hood. At the same time, you are having me fuck that shifter you are face fucking me and your companion is fucking this smoking hot ass.

          All of you cum quickly, gather up my money and moving on down the road to the next. After all, this lot lizard whore is going to keep on moving so you may keep on trucking.

Trailer park whore spreads her legs in a nasty photo shoot!

Trailer trash whoreA real Trailer park whore doesn’t give a fuck who sees her naked. The only think I give a fuck about is spreading these legs & opening up my cunt lips. There’s nothing more fun than exposing myself to all the neighbors and all the internet perverts. I get so turned on when I see a man’s cock get hard in his trousers while he watches my naked body. These holes have been ran though during so many sets because I could not contain my excitement. I can’t even tell you how many photo shoots turned into orgy scenes with all the guys on set with me. 

There’s not many things that get me going these days. However, I can feel this nasty fuck hole drip when a man is deciding on purchasing me for a night. Kind of like how you are deciding if you want to call me and jerk off right? Well I am super convincing and I bet you’re stroking that prick deciding on what slut to use. This is me telling you that you should call me and let know how hard you are while I will beg to be your cum dumpster.

This photo shoot was so much fun. Mr.Haze is older but so much fun; watching him try so hard not to jerk off as he takes pics of me. The whole time he likes to make sure I am looking at the care as he degrades me. It really makes for a fantastic time and I always squirt and cum harder than ever! I imagine at this point your cock is dribbling with lots of pre cum. Your cock head is throbbing and needy and your wife will me home soon. You have to cum fast so she doesn’t know what you do when she isn’t around right? Ah, I love men like you; I always let guys in your position violate my body however you wish. It makes me so hungry for cock when I see how needy you get for a piece of my ass, pussy and mouth. Your deprivation makes me hornier than ever baby. Do you want me to be your Cum guzzling slut? Connect with me!

Druggy Phone Sex Prostitue Loves Draining Balls

Druggy Phone Sex sessions are my favorite kind of fun. As a nigger dick loving whore nothing goes better together. Crack, cocain and cock.

Ultimately being a part of a gangbang while getting high is how I like to party. More black cock, more white powder, and more thick creamy jizz. All for me is how I want it. Yes I am a greedy cum dump for all that black dick cum.

When I get completely wasted and high, all I want to do is fuck. Explicitly, I fuck nigger dicks and let my husband watch. In fact He loves to get me my blow and even allows the BBC to stay at the house he got me. 

Coincidently, as a stripper that did the BBC in the back rooms I met my husband. He is rich and wanted to buy me everything. I fucked him to get pregnant. Then my son and him are enjoying me being taken and owned black. 


Druggy Phone Sex

Anal sex whore gets hired to milk man and his furry friends cock

The fact that I’m known as an Anal sex whore doesn’t mean I don’t do other nasty things. As a matter of fact, I do it all. Since I get high, I do whatever brings me money and blow. “His name is butch” my new client said when he walked in with a big greatDane. “He is a big boy” I say as he starts sniffing me. I pat him on his head as I get my payment. Being a nasty hooker hoe means I always get payment first, then I bust down some lines. Once I get high, I give my trick daddy and his man’s best friends what they came for.

Anal sex whore

I shake my ass in their face while undressing. After all my clothes are off, I say to his furry friend, “sniff me now butch”. His owner grabs him by the collar and pushes his snout onto my cunt. His wet nose pushes right against my rose bud. Butch’s wide rough tongue starts to lap my cunt. “Good boy, keep licking” his owner starts cheering him on as he pulls his dick out. As he watches his furry friend lick my holes, he jacks off. “I’m ready to fuck her wet cunt butch, are you ready for her ass?” He asked his man’s best friend. I did some more blow and slammed my pussy on his cock.

After he felt my wet cunt, he pulled his pet by his leash and helped him mount me. I felt his red lipstick cock probing around my asshole. Finally, I felt him push up inside my asshole and I just started bouncing hard. I could feel their cocks poking at each other through my body. “Come on whore milk my pet” he moans as he fucks me hard. Then I felt his red lipstick cock start to pump in my ass. Not too long after that he was knotted up inside me and was stuck in my ass. His pulling on his red rocket made his owner fill my cunt up too. While I waited for his knot to release, I did more blow and counted my money. It is the life I live as a Trailer trash whore.

Druggy Phone Sex and Tranny Porn Watching is a Hot Time

Watching tranny porn with Druggy phone sex is a great time. As I get high alongside my caller I really can’t help stroking my big tranny dick. This is the greatest thing about being a pso with a dick.

So often guys love to share their tranny porn wth me and smoke meth, do coke, smoke crack, or even snort ice. Any of these wonderful vices work great with some hot tranny fucking.

As I was at one time a Sexy Shemale prostitute, I know what men crave. They crave the forbidden fruit and a great time. My shecock is worthy of worship and I certainly do love having guys enjoy doing just that. Worshiping my cock.

Finally the best fun is when I have married men with their toys and need to have my attention. After all, I enjoy these guys that crave to crossdress and fuck their cunts as they talk to a dominant tranny like me.

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