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Freaky Phone Sex with a Young Teen Whore

freaky phone sexI love freaky phone sex with another whore. I am not just talking about 2 girl calls. Those are fun, but for me, the real fun is playing with a sweet young thing like one of my daughter’s friends. My oldest girl brought home a teen girl a few nights ago. It was not a friend from school. This girl was a young runaway that my daughter picked up along the highway. The girl was hitchhiking. That is so dangerous these days. I guess it always was. This girl was willing to work for room and board for a few nights. She was tired of life on the road, but she had no money for a hotel. My daughter knows I am always looking for new hookers for hire. This girl was dirty and rough around the edges, but I know how to polish up a turd. That is an exaggeration of course, she was a pretty girl. Young and thin, just what my clients love. I spit shined her a bit and made her an offer she could not refuse. After she had a long, hot shower and a warm, home-cooked meal, I took the darling for a spin. I played with her pussy and ass to see how used up her holes were. Living on the streets is rough for a girl. I am sure she had to do a lot of things she did not want to do to survive. Her pussy and ass were used, but not badly. Still tight holes. Still pink too. I licked every inch of her sexy body. I fucked her. I rode her face. I had her ride my face too. I must try out any girl who joins my home brothel. It was a no brainer for this girl to join my home brothel of sexy prostitutes. Hooking on the streets, never knowing where you might sleep or when you will eat again is a tough life. But being a whore for big money and living rent free in a nice house and having everything you need and more, is a better life. Sex pays, but you need the right pimp. A young girl needs a pimp like me.

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When you party as much as I do, you end up being the best Gangbang whore of the night. I love to pre-game before I go out. I love doing lines of blow and getting my body ready and pumped for a fun night. I fill my belly with shots of alcohol just like I would with come loads, I swallow every drop. By the time I got to the party I was so on that I flirted with everyone. It is how a hooker hoe networks. I show off my body and get them excited and ready to pay me. By the time the party was almost ending i had half the guys there trying to fuck me. I figured the best way to make my money and get it fast was to have a gangbang. I told them one by one to meet me in the back. They all started flowing in and saw me bent over the desk doing a few lines of blow. I told them how they could all get a chance to fuck me but they had to do it at once all together. They were fine with that; they love a good Trailer trash whore who can take dick. I got one the bed and that is all they needed. They pounced me like hungry hyenas. Good thing I was on blow, I had dick coming at me from every direction and needed it to keep up. When I bent over I got a big dick in my mouth and soon in my cunt and asshole too. I just made sure to work my holes well so I could make them nut fast. Lucky for me they were a few quick cummers and I was able to get through all of those dicks before my holes were sore. I didn’t care i made my money.

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Sexy Prostitutes do all the Dirty Work Like Draining Prostates

sexy prostitutesFriday nights are busy for sexy prostitutes. Me and all my Lolita whores had daddy dates. Even one of my daughters’ friends was booked. She is the newest whore in my home brothel. She is a hot teen slut in demand. Lolita sex pays very well. Even I had a date last night with a much older man. I suggested one of my teen girls, but he wanted me. He said what he wanted required a mature mind. I had no clue what he was talking about really until I arrived. This man was older than my husband. I guess to a man in his 80s, a woman in her 40s is his daughter’s age. We talked about his family. He does have daughters older than me. He was nervous, but I assured him that hookers for hire keep all the dirty secrets. I would never exploit what a man tells me. He has prostate issues. I would imagine most men his age have them too. Nothing to be ashamed about.  He wanted his ass pegged. His late wife used to stick a finger in his ass and drain his prostate that way. I have done that for my husband too. He has not had anything in his ass in almost two years. A friend of his told him to hire a hooker. The friend even suggested he book me. That friend is a frequent flyer of my home brothel. I put on a strapon, and some latex gloves. I manually stimulated his prostate at first. I just wanted to loosen up his asshole. He was moaning loudly, which in his big mansion made a sexy echo. Once I had his ass lubed up and loosened too, I pushed the 8-inch strapon in his ass. I worked up to a faster pace. I wanted to make sure I did not destroy him since he was paying me great money. Once I hit the spot, he had a cum blast that resembled a volcanic burst. That was followed by a very loud, Ahhhhhhhh. Yep, I found the right spot. I made him my anal sex whore all night and drained him of two years of cum. Who is next?

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Hardcore anal sexSay what you want but being a Hardcore anal sex slut has made me thousands. I am not one to use my pussy up, I prefer a nice anal Creampie oozing out of my asshole.. The sound my asshole makes when its queefing is such a turn on for me! Especially when I am hovering my asshole over the face that just got through using me. Clenching my shithole with your eyes right beneath looking up at my asshole pulse as I push the cum right into your mouth, such a tasty treat.

If I am not in a hotel room getting high while grinding my ass all over a tricks cock.. I am on the phone tending to a neglected husband! It’s true you cannot turn a whore into a housewife and you have fully accepted that which is why you married the prude but still seek your excitement with women like me who know what to do. Cheap phone sex with a druggy whore who likes to party and get high on cocaine and ecstasy; while sending you visuals of me stretching my pussy does the trick.. I mean at least daddy isn’t out late at night riding around picking up hookers off the side of the road..

A girl like me isn’t what you will find street-walking on the side of the road and a family guy like you doesn’t attract nor know where to find girls like me.. Plus you probably are not so tech savvy so more than likely you punched into google’s search engine bar seeking Hookers for hire and that’s how you found me.. you were only supposed to do it once, but after the dirty things I filled your vanilla head up with your cock has been driving you back for more.. Whoever thought Phonesex would be this exciting?

My own Cum dumpster under the table

Cum dumpsterI’m a big fan of bending stereotypical situations to my advantage in fun, cum dumpster ways. That’s why I had a guy under the tablecloth while I was on a date with another guy. My – gonna call him tablecloth guy – had my big dick out, slobbering all over it like the horny slut he was. A real sissy trained over at the sissy slut hut. He knew how to work a shaft, I’d give him that, my dick was really hard and ready for him and he went right to work. It was really hard to pay attention to the dude I’d be railing later that night while the dude I was actively toying with was sucking my fat cock into his mouth and bobbing. My hand found its way down to his head, forcing him down a little more, and taking in just how much he wanted me in his mouth, in his throat, getting ready to spray a big helping of jizz right down his phone sex line gullet. I’m not coy, or ashamed, or anything but ready to spring up and fuck at a moment’s notice. I love my girlcock, I love driving this fancy prick right up a man’s asshole and giving him a limp the next week. I also love filling a throat with a deep load of my cum. I pat his cheeks, lift my leg and smack his ass with my foot, and fake myself a giggle at the way he jumps in surprise and my dick finds itself lodged deep in his throat. “So how are you liking the food.” I remind him there’s an actual guy here that shouldn’t find out about him. The conversation quickly lulled me into a deep state of enjoyment, both carnal and romantic.

I’d probably be fucking them both in the ass by the end of the night, not lightly fucking either, hardcore anal sex.

A Sloppy Wet Pussy is the Hallmark of a Good Whore

sloppy wet pussyDo you like a sloppy wet pussy? There is no shame in enjoying a creampie. I believe a messy pussy is the hallmark of a whore. Most men want a whore in the bedroom. Women are delusional if they think a man will wait for them to spread their legs indefinitely. They are also delusional if they think once they married a man, that he will remain faithful if she is not putting out or swallowing cum. Whores will let men do anything they want to do to us. I am hired by guys all the time because their wives stopped fucking them and swallowing their cum once that ring was on their fingers. That is why my husband and I believe in raising our girls to be cum whores.  Men want a creampie slut. They want a woman who loves the feel of cum dripping out of her pussy. They want a woman who will swallow every drop of cum too.

Recently, my husband and I started offering men a training camp for their daughters. A girl is never too young to learn about the joys of jizz. We offer what we call a cum camp. Any girl, any age can start eating or drinking cum. For the ones not even walking yet, cum on mommy’s boob is always a good start. Bottle fed? Not a problem. We just put your cum in with the formula. Baby food mixes well with cum too. Women who will not swallow or who do not want to fuck were not exposed to sex early in life. The world needs more cum whores. I bet you agree with me, don’t you? My husband and I will turn your angel into a good cum dumpster. I love being a wet nurse for cum camp candidates. Bring your brat to me. Maybe even your wife too. I will turn them into perfect cum guzzling whores like me and all my girls.

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Hookers for hire are where perverts go for discreet fun with dick. Yeah, you know it’s all about that dick. That fucking big beautiful waxed set of balls and a nice hard cock. The waxed puckered taint of a beautiful t-girl with a perfect rack, big cock and a tight sweet asshole.

Obviously, you are maybe a little bit high and horny and thinking about shecock. Let’s just smoke some crack and fuck baby. I will stroke this big nine incher.

So call my tranny phone sex line and suck on the glass dick while we talk filthy together, lover. I want to tell you how I will pound out that hole of yours while you are on your back.

Standing at the edge of the bed with my cock rubbing against your face to tease you. Give it a kiss, mmmm that’s it don’t be shy, just get it wet for that butt pussy of yours. Leaning in as I pull my cock from your mouth I give you a kiss and smirk followed by a wicked laugh.

Your cock is throbbing right now, and your stroking it slowly. Watch as I lean down and start to lick and rim that taint. Let me eat that ass and make good and ready. Coming up after a few moments and you are edging like a good boy.

Now, time for this cock to push into that puckered wet hole. Take my Big tranny dick.

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Teen Anal Whore Daughter Will Put Anything in Her Asshole

teen anal whoreI have a young teen anal whore in the family. All my girls love it in the ass. Even my youngest son and I love it in the ass too, but this girl of mine will put anything in her ass. I mean anything. I was with her Friday night at this old rich guy’s house. He must be at least my husband’s age. We all like older men in this family. This guy pays us to give him a sex show. He has a broke down dick. He needs something more extreme to get off. I am sure you can relate to that. Most of my callers need taboo phonesex to get off. Something extreme, nasty or downright taboo to get their dicks stiff. I understand that. Guys get bored jacking off to the same old vanilla porn. My daughter knows this guy tips her very well. I think he would give her a car if she could drive. She is a money hungry teen slut. She started putting things in her asshole for him with no prompting from me or him.  He had this timekeeper thing on his piano shaped like a pyramid. He called it a metronome. She grabbed it and put the pointed end in her asshole. No lube. Just a sharp wooden metronome up her teen asshole. She finger fucked her cunt at the same time, leaving both me and our client in awe. Her little pink cunt was so wet.  So was mine. She rose our client’s old dead dick too. She crawled over to his throbbing dick with that metronome in her asshole like it was a butt plug. I watched my little teen whore blow his dick so hard he busted a huge nut in her mouth. Sexy prostitutes know all the tricks to make an old dick cum. She was just getting started. She replaced that metronome with his cock when it got hard the second time. She does it for the money I know. This daughter of mine has expensive tastes, but unlike many girls her age, she is not afraid to work for what she wants. Her nasty freak tactics worked because not only did she drain our client dry, but she also drained his wallet dry too.

Training Anal Teen Whores

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Budding teen whores need a girl like me to show them the ropes. My favorite subject is teaching them how to be the best anal whores. I love giving them butt plugs so they can have them in their ass at all times. Many of them have never had a cock in their ass before. By the time a man is ready to shove his cock so deep down her ass she can feel it in her stomach, she will love every minute of it. I also teach them how to eat ass. We have had many nights where we lick each other’s assholes, practicing our techniques. These girls are now so good that they can make you cum in under a minutes. Talking about this has made me so horny that my teens need to practice on me again. Why don’t you come here and join in? Maybe you can help my whores learn how to lick your ass too.

Dirty Phone Sex Just Got Dirtier Now Since I Met a Young Male Hooker

dirty phone sexI love dirty phone sex. That is why I am on a trailer trash site. This is the place to cum for all sorts of dirty escapades. I picked up a dirty trick last night. Downtown Los Angeles still has a thriving red-light district. It has not changed much since the 80s my husband tells me. I was born in the early 80s, and still living in West Virginia when my husband was trolling for jailbait hookers in downtown LA. Now, he has me and our brood. He does not need to leave the house to taste that young cunt. I like pussy too. When I troll the redlight district for young pussy, I am recruiting too. Our home brothel needs more young members to keep growing. I do not troll often, but when I do, I always come home with a recruit. I show street hookers a better life. I have two teenage girls that live with us, who I brought home from the streets. I treat them just like my daughters. I showed them the good side of hooking.

I was looking for the youngest of the hookers for hire. I found one, but not my typical teen female runaway, however. I found a boy. A young teen boy hustling for money. According to him, he will eat pussy or fuck a daddy ass. A dominant young gay boy would be a great addition. I made him an offer he could not refuse. My youngest son lets daddies fuck his ass all they want, but he does not do the fucking. Greg would be what my home brothel was missing. I paid him handsomely to eat my pussy. Although, I knew he was gay and hustling, he did a good job eating my cunt. My husband and I need to meet the changing demand. With Greg joining the ranks, we now have a dominant teen boy to fuck daddy ass. He has a big teen cock too. He got turned on eating my pussy and his cock made an appearance. I brought him home with me where he will live, if he stays a member of my home brother for sexy prostitutes. My husband already has a few dates arranged for him on Friday night. Subby daddies beware, Greg is coming for your ass. Cumming in it too.