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Chicks With Dicks Dominating Desires

You have had more time on your hands lately and find yourself intrigued by Shemale phone sex. The hotness of tits and dicks is overwhelming you when you get yourself worked up taking your poison and poppers. You just want that dick in your back side pussy. You want to feel a real cock fucking you but you love the tits of t-girls. You’re having a drug binge and watching porn to jerk off good and nothing gets you more filthy in the fantasies like that tranny porn. You start thinking about having a sexy ladyboy on the phone to take control of those desires with you. You want to be my bitchboy, you know you do. You haven’t the nerve to meet up with a tranny for real and how can you really trust a meeting with this pandemic. The next best thing is a good butt plug, dildo and a sexy Ladyboy like me to help your needs out, at least for now.

Shemale phone sex

My Teen Anal Whore Daughters

teen anal whoreI am raising each of my girls to be a teen anal whore. All holes on girls need to be used, right? I am sure you have dated a woman who refused to indulge your anal sex needs. That is because she was not raised properly. My little whores are trained properly. Last night was a girls’ training day. I put on my strapon and so did my older girls. We played with the younger girls. Girls need to know that their assholes can be sources of pleasure for them. I went first with my littlest adopted daughter. She has such a pretty pink puckered butthole. It looks like a rosebud. Most girl buttholes do. We do not just stick anything in a butthole. There is a process. We rim their assholes first. Get them sloppy wet for insertion. Then we slip a finger inside. I love working a finger in both girl and boy buttholes. Honestly, those tiny pink assholes are so tight on just finger. I can only image what it would feel like on a cock. After a finger is in a tiny butthole for a few minutes, we lube that asshole back up and it is ready to fuck. Sometimes, it is daddy fucking those buttholes. Sometimes it is big brothers. Sometimes it is clients who have paid to have anal fun with young sexy prostitutes. And sometimes, like last night, it is mommy and big sisters playing with tiny pink buttholes. Our little slutkins love ass time with mommy and big sisters. We even have them clean off the dildos too. That is how you raise ass to mouth slaves and anal whores. Some buttholes are sore today, but I have a process for that too. A warm bath, a bag of frozen veggies and some TLC from mommy.

Young Teen Phone Sex Community

young teen phone sexDo you like young teen phone sex? My phone husband and I do. We have been married 15 years and have three teen daughters. Melissa and twins Brandi and Kristi. The problem is my husband spoils our girls. He turned them into spoiled brats who walk all over us.  My husband is soft on punishment. I have been doing some research and came across a special community that believes not all girls will go on to college. Some girls are just born to be whores. The problem was, how to sell this community to my husband. He is more strait laced than me. I love pussy. I have been bisexual for years. I wanted to eat our daughters’ cunts, but I know my husband would not approve. When I discovered the community of Brookside, I was determined to take our three sluts there to be raised as whores. My husband and I can agree that their behavior needs adjusting and that they will never be doctors or lawyers. I want the chance to play with my girls sweet bald slits. I think deep down inside, my husband wants to fuck young girls. Maybe not our girls, but girls their age. Brookside is an all-girls community that teaches young teen sluts to be whores. I showed my husband the pamphlets and website. We discussed things and agreed to move the girls to Brookside Village. Now, he was not an easy sell. I kept my ulterior motives secret and sold it to him with the idea of discipline for our spoiled sluts. Also, the fact that the community has a strip club and porn studio helped because he will get to enjoy some other teen sluts fucking. I am going to be a pimp for our teen daughters at Brookside. My husband thinks it is a sacrifice I am making to ensure a better future for our daughters. Living in a community that encourages young girls to be nude and prepares them for careers in the sex industry, is going to be beneficial for us all.

Shemale Phone Sex Mistress Josie

Shemale Phone Sex

I’m a Mistress with a cock. Shemale Phone Sex crack slut is what I am proud about being. I love stroking my cock and making you worship it. Teasing you with the bulg in pretty panties exciting you. My breasts, pert, full, and sexy pressed against your back is best. My joy stick slipping into that man pussy is exactly what will fill you with Joy this season. Josie’s Joy Stick brings Holiday gayness. I’m going to be spending this X-mas making it my XXX-mas of fucking. It’s a tranny cock fuckathon and you are my conquest. I want to fuck as many mouths and assholes as I can on XXX-mas and I am offing you the best deal ever! You get to suck my big tranny dick and I promise to put the cream inside, where it belongs.

Druggy phone sex

Being without family on the Holidays is no problem for me. I get to do all on my own free will and I get to spend my time making money off of fellow loner druggies like me. We have our own untold bond and familyness. I would always visit my regular club that was 24/7. This pandemic has killed that fun and family gathering of misfit sex hungry drug addicts like me. It was the best times. Well I am going to be celebrating with you guys instead and it will be an all day party!

Druggy Porn Whore

druggy pornSometimes, I fancy myself a druggy porn star. Seriously, when I am high, anything goes. My son was laid off work again. He had a decent job, but budget cuts made his company downsize and he was the last hired. He has some debts. One debt he cannot rob Paul  to pay Peter either. He is a gambler and sometimes the ponies do not pay. He was okay with paying the bookie back with ridiculous interest, but he panicked when he lost his job. Miss a payment to his bookie and lose a kneecap. He came to me for help. I do not have the kind of money he needed, but I do have pussy and ass I can sell. Normally, I just trade my fuck holes for coke, but I have no pride. I do not want my son hurt, so I put an ad up on this discreet hookup site and had a few thousand dollars arranged the old-fashioned way. I demanded cash payments because Venmo and Paypal can be cancelled afterwards. If I was going to pimp myself out for cash instead of coke, I better not get screwed twice, LOL. I told my son to record me with the various men fucking so we could profit double off my tricks. Other men love to pay for live streams of women being lot lizard sex whores. I love the modern age. I can be my own pimp and arrange a date quickly with no street corner work. Sex always sells. I think now more than ever men want some strange and are willing to pay for it. I think I am going to have to sell my holes daily to get my son’s out of debt to Guido the killer bookie. No better reason to be a whore than your flesh and blood though.

White Trash Phone Sex and Rent a Whores

white trash phone sexWhite trash phone sex means anything goes. I am a P woman and a dirty mommy. I am married to a P man and a dirty daddy. He has given me a healthy appreciation for young sluts, girls and boys. Because I am a woman, I think it is assumed that I am only into those boy cocks. Sure, I love molesting young boys. But here is the thing about young boys. Their dicks are small. Yes, I can suck the life out of those little peckers, but I never feel them in my fuck holes. I have had too many brats and fucked too many cocks to be tight enough for their small boy dicks. I still fuck my sons and any boy who wants this trashy milf, but I really enjoy little girl cunts. They taste so sweet. It is like cotton candy, which is pink, sweet and sticky. I like violating bald cunts and tight assholes. My husband brought home a knee high little girl last night as special treat. She is a rent a whore. My husband makes it a habit to know the local street corner hookers. Those women are usually drug addicts and desperate for a fix. You can easily trade smack for a little one or cash to get smack. So, daddy brought home this little tyke for us to share. I licked her little holes and fingered them too while my husband stroked his dick in anticipation of popping those cherries. Because Daddy and I are both fond of virgins, I put a strapon on so we could double penetrate our rent a whore. Daddy took her virgin cunnie and I took her virgin ass. She cried for her mommy, not understanding mommy sold her to us for a couple hours and some snack. After daddy came, I cleaned his blood covered dick and ate her cherry juice covered cunnie. It is always money well spent when daddy buys us some young hookers for hire.

Training My Girls for Anal Sex Whore Stardom

anal sex whoreI love being an anal sex whore. I think it is important to model good anal practices to the girls in my family. When you run a home brothel, you have to offer up anal sex to the clients. It is the number one request in the world of prostitution. You add to the mix that the whores are jailbait, anal sex becomes even more taboo. I have been taking cock in my ass since I was just a little squirt, even younger than any of my girls. That is why I am the one best to teach them how to take big cocks in their little buttholes. I have a variety of dildos for anal training. Last night, once we heard that the governor was putting us back on a mandatory lock down, I figured no better time to hone their skills. Under the Christmas tree, I held an impromptu hardcore anal sex lesson. Daddy helped. He loves fucking his little Lolitas bare back in their assholes. I lubed up their assholes with some KY warming jelly. They were all bent over the couch as their brothers rammed their tiny buttholes with my dildos. Daddy watched stroking his cock knowing he was going to finish them off with his hard cock. Their brothers had their baby buttholes winking. Daddy and I love to see a big gaping asshole on a tiny girl. Do you? Once those assholes were wide, daddy played musical assholes. He went in and out all his daughters. He ended up cumming in our youngest girl. She is adopted and super young. It was her first time getting dick up her ass. Her little butthole is the sorest today, but anal sex needs training. Eventually, the pain subsides. Little assholes are always tight and so much fun to fuck.

Trailer Trash Whore Loves Cum Dumps

Trailer trash whore

There is something to be said about a trailer trash whore who has her legs spread all the time. That word is slutty, smutty, and cum filled! Okay it was more than one, but I know what I have become.  I am a product of a household where drugs ran rampant and the men loved tight holes to fuck. I was told early on that the only way I would make it out of this trailer park was to sell my ass! 

I never made it out of  the trailer park because I spend all my money on cocaine and I keep my legs open 24/7! I fuck for dope, I fuck because it feels good. My offspring know what I am and they are glad to have a mommy that is nothing but a gangbang whore! I fuck like a wild woman taking cocks all night, either in the sheets of a smutty motel or in the back of a car, or the clubs! I am not a high end call girl, just a woman trying to get as much cum dumps as I can while being high as fuck. Yes, I have an incest background, who doesn’t? I know what I am and I am proud that my favorite things in this world are cock, coke and cum! Come get you some of this trashy whore!

Teen Sluts Fucking Their Baby Sister

teen sluts fuckingI have a bunch of teen sluts fucking under my roof. I love it. Horny boys and girls who enjoy family fucking. California has gone back to many pandemic restrictions, so that means we have had to limit our parties. We have neighbors who report social gatherings. Clients are fearful too; some have even been benched from my sweet little whores because of travel restrictions. We have plenty of money to survive a pandemic. What I thought we might not survive was boredom. When you have a bunch of siblings, cabin fever never sits in because someone always want to fuck. I woke up this morning to some loud noises. I got up to see what was going on and saw my youngest girl being a gangbang whore. Now, you would think it was just the boys fucking her. It was her sisters too. The girls had on strapons and were fucking. My horny sluts had some pent-up aggression like my callers, LOL. Sometimes, you just need to fuck it out of your system. I was not sure if it was my daughter working something out or all her other siblings. It did not matter. I was enjoying the show. Loving the show. I do not always get to watch my sexy whores in action when they are with a client. When they are fucking family, I get to watch. I cannot sit on the sidelines long though. I put on my strapon and fucked my baby girl hard. Harder than anyone else. Before long, it was just me and her. I was pounding her pussy and her ass. She was a trouper. I gave her fuck holes a rest after a few hours. Hmmm. Maybe I was the one who had some shit to work out. No better way than fucking your offspring. They will love you no matter if you are sometimes rough on their tiny holes.

Thanksgiving with Young Sexy Prostitutes

sexy prostitutesHow do sexy prostitutes celebrate Thanksgiving? With a Thanksgiving feast and an orgy, of course. My husband took care of the orgy arrangements, and I dealt with the feast part. I was in the kitchen all day Thursday making a meal to feed my large brood of whores. My husband was on the phone arranging some wealthy donors to our holiday orgy. He knows lots of rich men who pay to fuck little starlets like ours. Most of them have fucked our little ones before. With bars closed again in California, men have no place to unwind after enduring a family dinner, so we offered a few select men a place to have a drink and some jailbait pussy. Daddy’s clients paid well for our underground speakeasy. Ten men showed up ready to after party. I served up the drinks and the young pussy. My girls were sitting on men’s laps, flirting and teasing them into boners. Did not take long for an orgy to ensue.  We had the recreation room decked out like a 70s swinger’s pad. Oversize pillows on the floor, mattresses too. Porn showing on the walls. We passed around drugs and alcohol to keep men in the mood. Daddy had a bowl of Viagra for the older men. Even in the presence of young cunnie, some men need performance enhancing drugs to best enjoy my young hookers for hire. It was a sight to see. Little bald pussies, some teen pussies too, all being filled with old man cock. Some of these guys acted like porn stars. I am sure with some coke and Viagra they felt like porn stars too. Daddy and I made bank on Thanksgiving renting out our little sluts and providing a safe space to unwind and enjoy jailbait pussy. We are already planning a Christmas orgy.

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