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Gangbang Whore Needs More Than One Cock

One cock has never been enough for a nasty gangbang whore like me. I don’t even care who’s cock it is as long as it’s long, thick, and ramming into one of my holes. My favorite gangbangs are in public. Riding some strangers cock in public and not flinching when I feel another random cock pressing up against my shit hole. I’m addicted to the feeling of that second cock pushing the first deeper inside of me. I can feel those cocks rubbing against each other inside of me. Fuck! Just feeling my holes getting stretched out is heaven for a cock obsessed whore like me.

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I can spend hours getting fucked like that. I love getting passed around and bounced onto cock after cock like a worthless creampie slut. And I love being trapped in a room with those greedy dicks. Every man in that room wants to destroy my fucking holes and they aren’t shy about it. Grabbing me by my hair and forcing their throbbing dicks into my mouth or slapping my ass when they slide their fat fucking cock inside of my cum filled, gaped ass.

Every single one of them throbbing and ready to shoot their loads inside of me. I know that I’m a nasty little slut and I don’t mind showing it off. It’s my dream to be fucked by so many men that I’ve lost track of how many men have been inside of me. I want all of their loads to leak out of my cum filled cunt.

Big Dick Sucker Stripper Cunt BJ

Big dick sucker stripper cunt BJ loves being a BBC whore. In fact I cannot get off with little white dicks. Obviously as druggy stripper cunt my holes have been stretched. Even my ass has been ruined by that monster black meat.

As a well fucked cum slut that gets used in BBC gangbangs all the time I cannot even feel dicks smaller than 8 inches. Sometimes I can’t even feel that 8 inch cock in my cunt. My ass gets prolapsed regularly taking two big nigger dicks in my hole at once.

Cucking my white man daddy was so much fun in my teens. He really set the stage for his trailer trash slut in the teens. I was used by daddy’s friends for his debt payments. 

It wasn’t long before I just went out started hooking. Soon I was owned by a Black pimp. Drugs were hot and so were those BBC’s I begged for a chance with. That was the end of my taking white dick.

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Anal cum dumpster gets paid for vacation and gangbangs

Going on vacation just to be a paid Anal cum dumpster is what I was made for. I just want money and blow. “Let’s do some rails”, I say to the party host and tight away he gave me a baggy. After doing a few lines of blow, he pulls his cock out and puts some blow on it. “Suck it off my cock deep down your throat” he says.Anal cum dumpster

It will numb your throat up and you will be able to suck every dick in the room without stopping” he laughs as he pushes his coke covered cock down my throat. Being high I didn’t notice there were many guests at the party for my vacation. But I went into action dancing and partying. Then my inner stripper came out and I started taking all my clothes off in front of everyone.

One of the BBC party guests came up behind me, quickly bent me over and rubbed some blow on my asshole. “You want me numb don’t you” I say giggling at him. “That’s right you Trailer trash whore” he says as he pushes his cock in my ass. He pounded my asshole until he filled it up. Thanks to the blow I barely felt it. Even when the next cock was pushed inside me it wasn’t too much for me to take. All night I did blow and milked big black dicks in my ass. It was a great vacation and gangbang party.

Anal Sex Whore and Loving It

anal sex whoreI am an anal sex whore. And I am proud to say that. I talk to men daily who have never experienced anal sex because wives do not give up the booty hole. Personally, if I could, I would slap all those women back to reality. Anal sex feels good. And anal sex is amazing. Not sure what a woman’s hang up with anal sex would be.

Perhaps, I am an enlightened whore because when I served as my parent’s jailbait hooker, my mom told men to fuck my ass once I started my period. Of course, a few never listened and fucked my pussy knocking me up. I did not exist in the state of West Virginia. I never went to school or had a driver’s license. Hell, I did not have a birth certificate since I was a home birth. My mom could not take me to a doctor to get on birth control.

I Will Always Love Hot Anal Sex

She thought anal sex with a young girl at no extra charge would appeal to men. And it did. But I think some men just wanted to knock up my jail bait pussy. Even though I left those forced prostitution days behind me, I am still into hardcore anal sex and prostitution. Most of my daughters love anal sex too. Sure, it hurts the first few times, but it gets better with practice. And for big cocks, I think most women would offer up their booty hole. No man can bottom out on a cervix if he fucks the ass.

When I get hired to be a whore now, I let men know I do not charge extra for them to go Greek. If you look at most escort platforms, women either will not do anal, or it cost you more than the $700 you are already paying. Not with me because I truly love being anyone’s anal cum dumpster. Just ask my sons. They drop a load in mommy’s ass daily.

Cum eating phone sex Leads to Eating Cum for hours

Cum eating phone sex

Deidra loved two things in life, sex and cum especially  after Cum eating phone sex. Not necessarily in that order. She was constantly searching for new partners to fulfill her insatiable appetite. She was unfazed by the eyebrow raises and distasteful words she received when people heard the types of encounters she was looking for. This only made her want it more, eager to find someone who would accept her sexual interests.

One day while browsing through an Internet chatroom she came across an ad for a man who was looking for a female companion with some specific interests. She felt her heart leap with excitement when she read the list of things he was looking for. It matched her exact criteria: willing to give oral sex with an added emphasis on cum swallowing.

The man’s profile seemed perfect and Deidra eagerly agreed to their meeting. She knew she had found the right man for her to be a dirty cum dumpster . They met at a hotel and the chemistry between them was undeniable. He realized that she truly was a cum eating nympho and she delighted in his willingness to explore every inch of her body.

The two spent hours engaged in passionate sex acts, with Deidra always eager to lick up every drop of cum she could find. The man was amazed by her insatiable appetite and couldn’t get enough of her. She left feeling completely satisfied and even happier knowing she had found someone to satisfy her desires.

Deidra and the man continued to meet for days afterwards. She savored every moment and enjoyed the added privilege of having someone who accepted and even desired her fetishes. That’s when she officially declared herself a cum eating nympho and never looked back.

Cum eating phone sex is a competition to see who eats more.

Cum eating phone sex        Cum eating phone sex is a competition to see who eats more. We will line up some of the biggest cunts we can find. Have cum oozing out of them. Next, we will tie our hands behind our backs. Really want to see who can eat that cum the fastest. Immediately we will dive into those cunts. Tongues laving. Reaching up into those cunts. As soon as I finish one or you do, we move onto the next. Getting further and further apart.

        Now, as we move on down the line of whores the ones we have cleaned out of cum will give us the golden showers to help us lick and suck that much faster. Hydration is important. Who would ever want it out of shot glass when you can get it straight from the cunt. Next time I think we need it to get it straight from the ass though. Perhaps, one cunt then one ass. Rotate them.

        We seem to have ended in a tie. We need to have a tie breaker. Are you ready?

Anal Cum Dumpster for Sexy Shemale Dick Wanted by Josie

Be my filthy drugged up Anal cum Dumpster. I need a new outlet for this big tranny cock to destroy. Fucking your bitch ass with a few of my t-girl friends is the best time for all. We will violate and gape your pussy, bitch.

This was the scene of Friday night. It was Friday the 13th and my oh my was that party lit! However getting four hot and high tranny prostitutes together for your night of bliss… Obviously it was way more than he bargained for. Hahahhaha… Accordingly we sure all enjoyed gaping and basting the roast of the night.

Unfortunately, this filthy mans idea of a pre marital bliss night has ruined that plan. What could be more deceitful to some bride to be? Obviously her man getting pounded out so hard and gaped he had to hide from her. She was the Bride left at the Alter with no man.

As a matter of fact her man was passed out and full of jizz. And this was the Morning of his wedding. No doubt his phone was going off with so many texts from her. All we could do is tell the bitch it is over and snapped a picture and sent her the demise of her man. Who’s next for such a defilement?

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Cum guzzling slut ready to swallow every drop of your load

Cum guzzling slut My Cum filled cunt just got through guzzling three loads back to back. My pussy is pulsing, I want more! I have scooped up so much semen into the palm of my hand and slurped it out. It tastes even better with the mix of my pussy juices. I can’t get all this cum out all by myself, though. I need someone to cum clean up! Down on your knees with your head tilted back. I am going to hover my pussy over your face and kegel.

I want you to see the nut that stretches out of my pussy as I drizzle it all over your tonsils.

If you do a good job, I might just have to let you slip your cock inside of my pussy and stir the nut around. Don’t worry baby I will detail your cock clean with my tongue before sending you off to your wife. I am a filthy Cum guzzling slut who lives for the burst of flavor that releases from your swelling balls. I know exactly what to say and what to have you do to make that happen. Grunt, for me Daddy, while you stroke your cock. Your grunting is going to make my Young bald pussy lips quiver.

Orgasms come easy for me…

I know exactly what angle to levitate my pussy and I have the perfect curved dildo to rub up against my inner g spot. Tell me when you want me to orgasm Daddy, I will truly orgasm on command. My pussy as I rub, will be loud enough for you to hear. There will be no denying how fucking wet my cunt is based on the sloshing sounds you will be hearing as I penetrate my cunt with no mercy. I like it rough! I have dick welts all over my ass from whipping my derriere with a 10-inch girthy silicone cock.

Hardcore anal sex is what a cumslut like me deserves, stretch me out and get me gaping.

Deidra is only satisfied when she has a Cum filled cunt

Cum filled cunt

Deidra was never quite satisfied with just an ordinary life. She wanted something extraordinary – something that she couldn’t find in everyday routine: a Cum filled cunt. That was why she enjoyed the mysterious and thrilling life of a professional escort.

Every night she became more and more aroused. But then there were always the moments when she stepped inside her client’s room and experienced the ultimate satisfaction – the feeling of a cum-filled cunt.

She loved how the hot, sticky liquid would massage her inner walls as it gradually leaked out of her body. It was a feeling of sheer ecstasy and she would often find herself in deep pleasure after each session.

Deidra enjoyed this new experience and it soon became a habit. Whenever she felt unsatisfied with life or her routine was getting too boring, she’d visit an exclusive escort website offer herself as session. It was a ritual that always left her feeling satisfied and content.

She realized this was the only thing that gave her true joy and stayed loyal to this practice ever since. Deidra always sought out ways to fulfill her need for the ultimate satisfaction.

Little did she know that one day Creampie sex stories would fill that void. Offering sex to total strangers at the glory hole. She soon embark on an intimate journey, exploring different ways to attain such sexual pleasure.

Indeed, it had been an interesting transformation for Deidra. She longed for a cum-filled cunt as an anonymous escort .

Blonde Fucking Big Black Cock in Hardcore Anal Sex Porn Vid

Blonde Fucking Big Black Cock on Cam

Who wouldn’t want to watch a hot blonde fucking and sucking a huge black dick? I knew I could make a fuck ton by shooting and posting a vid of me getting railed by a thick meaty bbc. So I found the closest nigger with the biggest cock. I saw the print in his pants and knew I was going to get my slut holes destroyed. He wasn’t even all the way hard and he was bigger than most cocks I’ve seen. This stud was an absolute monster. A thick veiny cock that made my pretty pink pussy soaking fucking wet.

 His cock looked even bigger when I was on my knees in front of him. I wanted to get every shot of me being a cock swallowing, trailer trash whore. My hand barely fit around this black cock, but I was going to suck him anyway. I let him record me trying to suck up that huge nigger cock. Both of my hands were wrapped around his dick while I licked and sucked the tip of his cock. God. I could only get it a few inches into my mouth. I just pumped his dick licking and sucking the precum off his tip until it was rock solid. 


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Hardcore Anal Sex for Slutty Anal Sex Whore

There was no way a dick that big was going to fit inside my pussy. I set up the camera, bent over, and told him to fuck my ass.  I arched my back and spread my ass for him. I could feel his dick slowly spreading me. I’m a anal sex whore that loves pain anal, but this was so different then what I was used to. My ass has never been stretched this wide. His cock felt miles long pushing inside of me. I looked at the camera and tried not to scream. He slowly pulled his cock out to the head and then slammed it back in. Again and again. Until he gaped my ass enough to really pipe me. 

He took the camera and showed them my gaped out Ass and my leaking pussy. He recorded a close up of him soaking his cock in my wet pussy juices and then forcing it back into my ass. I took it all. Begging that dirty nigger to fuck my white trash ass. I rubbed my cunt while he fucked me. I wanted the camera to see me cum all over that big black duck. I don’t care if he permanently ruins my ass. I wanted him to destroy me. I wanted that huge nigger load leaking out of my ass and make me an anal cum dumpster.