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CUM Dumpster Looking For CUM Anyway I Can Get It

I am a cum dumpster. I love cum in any one of my holes. However, I am an anal cum dumpster. I love a nice thick big cock deep in my ass. Don’t get me wrong I love to have my pussy pounded fast and hard and almost nothing feels as good as warm, sticky cum running down the back of my throat ( I am a cum guzzling slut), but having a cum filled ass is my goal in life.  I love to be bent over a piece of furniture and have my ass railed.  I am a secretary and I can get away with anything at work.  I let my boss fill my ass with his jeez right on my desk several times a day.  Here I am on my desk ready for a cock in my ass.

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Anal sex whore

Anal sex whore

I’m such a dirty little slut and a huge anal sex whore. I love all sex in general, but anal is by far my favorite. I think that’s what makes me an even sluttier little bitch. There is no greater orgasm than the one I get from a good anal pounding. I get my ass fucked way more than my pussy nowadays. I have all kinds of toys like anal plugs that vibrate and huge dildos, but nothing beats an actual warm, hard dick.

                I love getting in doggie style for you with my head down and ass up in the air. I reach my hands around to my ass so I can grab each cheek and then spread them wide apart. I love showing everyone my tight asshole that puckers. The way it looks, you know it’s ready for some penetration.

                Start with some vibrating anal plugs. I especially love the one that has a tail. Shove it in and out of my ass until its just an open, gaping hole. That is how you know that I’m ready for your dick finally, and I’m on my knees, begging for it.

Lot lizard sex slave looking to suck you off for miles!

Lot lizard sexLot lizard sex slave looking to suck you off for miles! I’ve been in this game for a while now, and let me tell you, it’s not for the faint of heart. It’s a rough and tumble world, filled with long nights, hard men, and even harder cocks. But I wouldn’t trade it for anything. I love the thrill of the chase, the excitement of the unknown, and the satisfaction of a job well done.

You know how it is, being on the road all the time. It can get lonely, and sometimes you just need a little companionship. Well, that’s where I come in. I can be your own personal fuck toy! I’ll make sure you’re satisfied, and I’ll do it with a smile on my face. You see, I’m not just here for the money. I’m here because I love it. I love the taste of your cock in my mouth, the feel of your hands on my body, and the sound of your moans as I bring you to the edge of ecstasy.

When you’re with me, you can fuck my pussy raw. I’m not afraid to get it rough, and I know you’ll love it. You know I am your Nasty phonesex slave, I’ll beg you fuck every single hole, and squeeze my tits purple. I’ll even let you explode inside any of my holes. I am a piggy for cum, I really can’t get enough of it. My favorite is when it’s sprayed all over my face, so thick I can’t see. Treat me like the  trashy whore, and I’m not afraid for your cock to punish me.

Don’t feel lonely on the road, Daddy, let me keep you company and your cock hard. I’m here to make your dreams come true. I’ll suck your cock until you can’t take it anymore, and I’ll do it with a smile on my face. I will give you a no-holds-barred experience that will leave you breathless and drained of cum! Call me Daddy for No taboo phone sex!


Creampie slut gets some furry balls too

Since I am known as a Creampie slut, one of my favorite sugar daddies makes sure to come with two sets of full balls. Him and his furry pal’s balls. “I’m going to fill you up and stretch you out like a filthy cock whore” he says as he gives me my payment. “We are ready for a good whore to milk us, aren’t we buck” he says as he pets his head. First, I like getting blown, that loosens me up in every way. When I feel his furry friend’s nose sniffing me, I know it is time to get naked.

Once all my clothes come off, you say “dance and tease us before we use you. Therefore, I dance and shake my ass in their face. Even spread my cheeks and shove my booty hole on his pals’ wet furry nose. I could hear his tail wagging every time he sniffed me in. Then you stand up and start rubbing your pet’s belly. I see his big lipstick cock start to slide off his socket. “You have excited him too much, suck his red rocket now you nasty slut” you demand me to do.

Creampie slut

Being the best hooker slut takes skill and that is why I get on my knees right away and start sucking him good enough to make you jealous. “My turn hoe, I want you to suck my cock while buck rams into your tight hooker hole” you spank my ass and say. Once I’m in position between your legs and take your cock down my throat, buck starts to sniff my holes again. “Let’s fuck this bitch buck” you say and then whistle as you ram your cock in my mouth.

All of a sudden man’s best friend mounted me. “Spread your ass for me hooker whore” you moan as you fuck my mouth hard. “I know you remember how I taught you”. Yes, I do, because you are the nasty pervy guy next door who helped turn me into the nasty slut I am today. What is next is what has always been next, I got a big lipstick cock in my asshole. They both fucked me and used me like an Anal cum dumpster, but hey i get paid for it.

The Wild Ways of Haze: A Tale of Debauchery

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Hello, my fellow degenerates! Let me spin you a tale of a young wild child named Hazel—a true cock connoisseur and addict. This sweet-turned-sour beauty will leave you stunned with her unholiest of desires.

Hazel, a lustful teen, found her calling in the shadowy world of drugs and debauchery. Her appetite for hedonistic pleasures knew no bounds, as she discovered the ultimate high—a mind-blowing combination of hard drugs and hardcore sex.

Own her, Daddy? She begs for it. Hazel craves the harsh treatment her holes yearn for. Rough, relentless pounding becomes her fix, with her ass as the main attraction. Oh, that tight little orifice, a beacon for your aching member.

But Hazel’s an equal opportunity slut. She welcomes your manhood in every orifice, promising to leave no inch unexplored. And her craving for crank and cum is insatiable. A true creampie fiend, she savors the feeling of warm seed injecting deep into her bowels.

This Daddy’s little girl promises an all-night rave of relentless fucking. So, join her in this debauched dance, where pleasure and addiction intertwine. Get high on the scent of sin, and fuck like the world’s ending—because, for Hazel, it just might.

 You’ll need a cold shower after this one!

Hot stripper sex with cock drunk whore!

Hot stripper sexYou know you have had some Hot stripper sex when your balls are aching and you feel completely drained. When a whore is between your legs lapping up that hard prick you know it’s been a good time. I am feeling cock drunk every single time I have a session as good as this. There is nothing I like more than having a nice hard cock slamming in my nasty holes. I get drunk and high off the scent of sweaty balls and hot creamy loads. It’s like I was designed to be fucked and used; it makes sense since I am always craving a pounding. 

It would also explain why I was made as a Blonde fucking slut from the beginning. I popped out my mothers cunt ready to please cock and take cum. I am so lucky to be able to be living up my full potential every single day. Not many people can say they were born for a reason and fulfill those reasons every single day. Plus, I believe it is super important to have nasty sluts around the world who please men daily. This world would be so much better if bitches understood their place and submitted to all the superior men in this world. 

At the end of the day I know my worth is determined on my Sloppy wet pussy. I know I am only as good as I can perform; that means I have to work hard at keeping myself relevant for men. Which essentially means making sure I always get drunk off dick and cum loads. I have to always be prepared and ready for the camera to be turned on and for my holes to be stuffed by any man who wants to use them. As a top choice cock sleeve I will always make sure I am ready to be made a mess of!

The Anal Slut’s Virtual Paradise

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You’re hooked, aren’t you? Oh yes, I can hear your desperate pleas through the phone. You want my ass, and God, I’m ready to give it to you. But you’ll have to earn it, you hear me? I want you to imagine sliding that fat cock of yours into my tight little butt. Picture it—a raunchy, unfiltered porn scene playing out just for you. My ass is ripe for the taking, and I’m begging you to make me your dirty whore.

I can taste your desperation, and it excites me. My pussy’s dripping wet as I imagine your cock—big, beautiful, and throbbing—sliding between my cheeks. I want you to fetishize me, worship my asshole, and make it your mission to turn me into the ultimate anal slut. Go on, describe how you’ll do it, you kinky devil. Make me shiver with your dirty talk!

Now, listen carefully. I want you to close your eyes and envision my mouth wrapped around your shaft, giving you the most mind-blowing virtual blowjob. My tongue will tease and please you, leaving you breathless. But the real action starts when you penetrate my ass. Slowly, passionately—or rough and ready, if that’s your pleasure—your cock will make me see stars.

And I want more, always more! Keep going, filling my holes with your manly essence. Make me gush, make me moan, and show me what a true pervert you are. I’m your cum dumpster, remember? So dump your load, fill me up, and watch me beg for more.

You own me, body and soul, for the duration of this call. So, keep those dirty confessions coming. Your anal slut is ready for her next command.

Is there anything else you’d like me to change or add? Remember, there’s no limit to the debauchery!

Freaky phone sex

Freaky phone sex

Let’s get down and dirty with some freaky phone sex. I think you guys already know how nasty I can get from previous stories. This is no exception. Let’s explore things that most girls would never do. We don’t want any vanilla sex here. I love anal sex and playing with toys. We could get crazy with that. Let’s not forget to add bondage in there too!

                Tie me up, bent over the couch, in doggie style with my ass facing you. Stick your hard dick into my pussy and get it all lubed up and ready for my ass. I feel you spread my cheeks apart and I know what’s about to happen. I feel you shove the tip of your dick into my ass. You aren’t even gentle about it. You just ram it in there and I love it!

                You fuck me in the ass so hard that my entire body shakes, and my tits bounce up and down. You tell me you are reaching for the huge monster cock, and you shove it into my pussy. I’m so wet by now and everything is up my holes so far. I can’t hold it back anymore and my pussy squirts everywhere. I feel you cum in my ass too, and when you pull out, cum runs out my ass and down my legs.

Cum dumpster Hadley is a hot stripper whore begging for more

cum dumpsterAs your resident cum dumpster I strip at the down-and-dirty bar on the outskirts of town. The customers are rough and the drinks are strong. I let men rub their big, hard cocks on me while they buy me drinks, knowing that they can’t afford the lap dance I’d usually give. They’re more than happy to hand over the cash for a little attention.

Resident cum dumpster stripper whore

I have been eyeing that guy over there for weeks, the one with the shiny car and the muscles that almost rip his jacket apart. This whore knows he’s been watching me too.

Finally, he pulls up a stool next to me. “You wanna dance?” he asks, his voice gravelly and thick.

“Sure,” my eyes never leave his crotch. He stuffs some bills in my G-string and away we go fornicating for all the patrons to see!  We both know it was just a transaction, but it’s so hot to get paid to do what I love! 

Big dick sucker

As we dance, I can feel him getting hard against my back. I turn around and give him a taste of what he’s been wanting all along.  “You want cock, don’t you?” the guy asks, pulling his pants halfway down and revealing more of his thick, meaty member. His cock is thick and throbbing, pulsing against my tongue as I lick and suck it. “Yes,” reaching down and stroking it. “I want to be a big dick sucker! I fucking love making people watch as I suck a mighty meat pole right on the floor!  I moan in pleasure as I take it all in, feeling him grow thicker in my mouth. I look up at him, my blue eyes sparkling with pleasure. He groans in pleasure as I take him down my throat.

Hot stripper sex

 Please I want it hard and fast, to feel your cum deep inside my belly” I moan in pleasure as he takes control and fucks my mouth. His hot cum fills my mouth and drips down my chin. I savor the taste of my Hot stripper sex cum payment and lick my lips clean.

Cum Dumpster Hazel: A Lot Lizard’s Tale of Debauchery

Greetings, my debauched confidants, let me spin you a tale of the most delectable variety—a story of Hazel, the lot lizard queen. Her prowess in the art of truck-stop seduction is legendary, and her lust for daddy’s knowing no bounds.

Hazel’s a crafty one, weaving her magic across the truck lot. Dressed to kill in her slutty attire, her perky tits and enticing legs leaving a trail of mesmerized truckers in her wake. She’s on a mission, a cum-filled mission, and her tactics are impeccable.

From truck to truck, she prowls, a determined look in her eyes. Her prize? A daddy with a healthy load, ready to satisfy her insatiable cravings. She bends and teases, her taut little pussy on full display, a delectable invitation that few can resist.

And resist they didn’t, as a sexy blonde trucker fell prey to her charms. With a promise of fun treats, she hopped into his ride, her nose plagued by the mention of cocaine. The Columbian powder only heightened her senses, numbing her mouth for the throat-pounding delight that ensued.

His meaty cock glistened with her snot, and her throat was pounded relentlessly—a dream come true for our dear Hazel. But the real action awaited her bending over, offering her tight pussy for possession. Her hair, entwined in his grasp, forced her back onto his rod, deeper and faster, until both attained oblivion.

The cum-soaked conclusion left Hazel sated, yet craving for more. Such is the life of our notorious lot lizard, always on the hunt for the next daddy to fill her insatiable needs.

Does this salacious tale whet your whistle, my debauched friends?