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Sexy Shemale Phone Sex Hooker

I know you missed you Sexy Shemale Phone Sex whore. I missed my lovers. The kinky guys that love to be a part of my ball draining fun.

It’s a shame that you couldn’t possibly know how much fucking partying I have been up to on my visit down south. I can’t talk about the little break I took. After all it’s a naughty side I had to embrace again. And since its off the record and not really allowed to discuss..

I’m just a bad ass tranny whore. That’s all you guys need to know. Well except that, ya know this covid shit cramped my style a little and I had to return to my old ways for a break and bank. Enough of that lover. I got that out of my system. Those tricks got the treat you will only be allowed to perceive over the phone with me. But we’re hot, and safe and no one can take away this filthy kinky loving relationship we have *wink*. 

If you just want to suck my tranny dick and experience my cum spurting down your throat, that is the best time too. I’m flexible and I will even let you fuck me in my sweet tranny cunt. It’s exciting the kind of kinky fun you can have with a little ice and some hot tranny cock. Don’t deny yourself the pleasure baby. I can accompany you to a nice dinner as your escort and then return to the penthouse suite for some hot filthy fun. If you like BBC we can arrange a few hung black cocks to meet us there too. Anything goes with Josie.

Shemale phone sex

druggy phone sex is hot to me

druggy phone sex

Druggy phone sex is great. You can hear all my stories of getting stoned and fucked at the same time. My pussy craves juicy cock, exceptionally when im high. I want to feel you push your thick dick deep inside me and make you watch as my eyes roll back. It feels fantastic to have you in me, and I can’t deny myself letting go and getting the highest I have ever gotten and let you fuck me till you explode. I’m ready to be your fuck slut and will let you have any wish you crave. You can do it all to me, and I will say yes, please. fuck me silly and make me your cum slut and show me you are the boss while I serve you on my knees.

Trashy Milf BJ is Back For Black

Trashy milf says it all when you pair it with my name BJ. Yes guys love pushing that my name means blow jobs. Ha ha, yeah not so far off. I enjoy sucking big dicks. A filthy whore giving sloppy fucking blowjobs is pretty much something I am popular for. I initially landed my spot in stripping before I was legal with my trash talk and skills with my filthy mouth. 

You should be aware that I am indeed a bukkake Queen and jizz junkie. Druggy whore is another name for me actually. The higher I get the hornier I get also. Fucking nothing pleases this big hole like BBC. Well actually I have three big holes and they all need a good filling call me a Gangbang whore for BBC and we definitely have the start of something good. The thing is I have fucked so many cocks at a young age that I became disenchanted with normal sized cocks. Completely turned off by small white man pricks. If that thing isn’t a monster cock then I ain’t fucking interested, white boy. Yeah I was stuck filming with lots of white dicks. My pimp at the time got off on abusing me and making me fuck white guys. You see it fueled his fixation on stretching me with his big nigger dick homies. They laughed as they watched the videos of me fucking white boys. It made them fuck me harder and well… I came harder!

Trashy Milf

You know I love making white boys my bitches and they love servicing nigger cocks with me and for me. I don’t mind sharing and making them earn my crack rock. The BBC lovers also get off on laughing at those white boys being like little faggot bitches for the BBC. That black dick is superior isn’t it?

Pissy Cum Slut

Pissing phone sex

Pissy cum slut is what one of my johns calls me, he loves coming over having me naked as he gives me a big golden shower. He will spray his piss all on my face and tits watching it drip down my body before he fucks me. I make sure I have plenty of water for him to drink so he can fill his bladder up again while I suck his cock clean. He makes me open my mouth wide for what he calls his warm urine smoothie, which is his piss and pre-cum mix. I swallow every drop of it. Filling up my stomach all night just like he will fill my cunt or asshole up with his hot gooey nut. Pissing on me is only the beginning, he will pound my holes until they are ripped open wide and raw. One time he fucked my ass hard and fast even used his fist so my asshole could be wide open he wanted to piss in my asshole too. He had me spread my ass cheeks wide open as he filled my asshole up with his piss until it dripped out of me.  

Pissing phone sex Bobbie

pissing phone sexIf pissing phone sex is your kink, then I’m the pissy little cum slut you need in your life. Soak my horny cunt in your golden shower and watch how hard it makes my clitty. I want to lick your dripping cock clean while you fuck my face and guzzle a bottle of water. I can feel your cock hardening and filling up with more of my favorite beverage. I work my tongue and jaws harder too. I look in your eyes and open my mouth ready to receive your sweet piss and pre-cum swirl. Your warm urine smoothie is the perfect temperature for my thirsty throat. I lap it all up like the piss connoisseur I am. You thank me by cummin all over my slutty face and tits.

the fisting whore is the best.

fisting whore

I am such a party whore that I don’t mind doing drugs and getting plowed by strangers. I never knew much about fisting. I mean, I sure did see some of it in porn. It didn’t register to me that it was a thing.

I was pretty surprised when I went to a frat party, and a couple of the guys wanted to see who could make me the dirtiest fisting whore. I went with the tallest one, and he was pretty packed down under.

I began with letting him eat me out and then get me all wet for his fingers. One by one, each finger began to slide all the way deep inside my cunt.. It didn’t take long till he got his whole fist inside me.

My Offspring Love My Cum Filled Cunt

cum filled cuntWhen I have a cum filled cunt my offspring get excited. They love to lick up my mess. And I had one hell of a mess last night because it was Friday. I did a gang bang at a frat house for about 40 frat boys. Rich frat boys too because they all paid $500 each to fuck me bare back. If guys want to dump their seed inside me they can. I can still get pregnant but I’m in my early 40s still, so   it is harder to knock me up. Once upon a time I was very fertile. You could look at me and knock me up. College boys hate to wrap their dicks, but coeds make them. They do not like messy cunts nor do they wanna get knocked up. Me? I love a creampie and so do my girls. I have one son who enjoys sloppy seconds a lot. Honestly, all my boys will get some sloppy seconds when they are horny, but my two older sons will not go down on me like my girls or my youngest teen boy. I am full of creampie sex stories. When I came home last night, I smelled like a frat house. I had the smell of stale beer and cum on me. My cunt and ass were raw and full of jizz. I handed my husband the money I made. He takes care of the finances. I sat on the couch, spread my legs and my loves fell on their knees to clean me up. My baby boy was first in line. He wanted that fresh cum like a baby bird wants s that worm. I do not think he left much cum inside me for his siblings. That was fine by his older brothers. They just wanted to fuck me while my pussy was still ripe and primed. It was another great Friday night with the family.

Hot Anal Sex Whore

anal sex whore

As you know, I’m always a slut. But the other night, I was a total anal sex whore and I’ve just got to tell you all about it. So, I usually have a limit on how many dicks I can take in my shitter before it starts to get too stretched out and sore. But the other night, I was the entertainment at a bachelor party, and they had all the good party favors if you know what I mean. So, when they all started fucking my ass, I didn’t even think about when I needed to make them stop. They just kept on fucking me all night.

I woke up the next morning and I felt weird, so I spread my legs and looked at my ass, and oh my God. It was gaping more than I’d ever seen it gape and my cunt was so fucking swollen. I guess it looks that way when you’ve been gang fucked all night long by a bunch of rowdy bachelors. Do you want to hear what they did to me that night? The parts I can remember, anyway? Then get on the phone and give me a call for the dirtiest phone fucking you could ever imagine!

Anal Cum Dumpster Aurora


Anal Cum DumpsterAre you ready for a kinky, nasty fuck session? Come on down to the Truckstop and visit your favorite anal cum dumpster, Aurora. I’ve always been a filthy trucker whore and I like it that way. Pleasing men is what I’m good for. Being used feels so fucking good to me. Last night I was getting my pussy pummeled by my favorite trucker. He’s a really dirty, scruffy guy. And he’s always wearing a flannel. He knows that orgy phone sex is what really makes me cum. My trucker has a few friends and we like to get pretty rowdy together. I’ll get passed back and forth and used like the nasty cum-guzzling trash that I am. They even use me as a human urinal which really makes me wet. I love the feeling of piss spraying on my naked MILF body. After they’re finished pissing all over my naked body, they’ll finish inside my wet twat. They’ll give me a hot, cum filled cunt.

Blossom Calls A Lyft

Drunk Sex PornSometimes I let random guys fuck my holes for fun! Not all the days I work at the bar are interesting, some days I really just am waiting for something to happen to me! The bar was slow today and then strippers were all begging to go home early because of how little money was being spent. On nights like this there are only a few barflies to serve and the energy is dead. After closing I called a Lyft back to my trailer and was surprised at how nice the car was that pulled up, It was a black BMW with tinted windows, when I climbed inside I noticed the driver was so sexy. He has a finely trimmed mustache and a handsome young face, his cologne smelled like money and the leather seats cupped my ass in a way that made me wet. I gave him a look in the rear view mirror, I could tell he knew that I was a cum slut. He drove me home like usual, taking the longer route of course. When we got to my trailer park he pulled in front of my trailer, I noticed that he didn’t unlock my door. I asked him “Do you want to chill for a bit?” He nodded, never saying a word… he climbed into the back seat. I noticed that his cock was hard through his pants, I grabbed it in earnest, his face changed instantly. I pulled my skirt up to show him my perfectly bald cunt, which he immediately dropped between my legs to eat. He licked between my legs until I squirted all over his face. I had to return the favor by swallowing his long white cock. He slid his dick down my throat, I felt him get harder with every thrust, my pussy throbbed so hard. I knew he was close to cumming so I bent over and spread my cheeks for him so he could see my dripping wet pussy. He slid inside me swiftly, making me cum all on his cock. We fucked at least three times that night, I let him cum deeply inside all my holes!

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