BBC Sex Stories I am Never at a Loss To Share

bbc sex storiesAlthough it’s no secret that I have lots of bbc sex stories to share, I seem to create new ones every day. Last night, my coke stash went dry. My dealer I could not reach. So, I went to the truck stop to score. Most truckers will party with this old whore. I suck and fuck. And they give me coke in exchange. I am not a hooker, but I will always barter my holes for party supplies.

And none of my usual guys appeared to be hanging out at the truck stop. But I make new friends easily. I met Trey and Jason. Two young black truckers down to party with this blonde whore. I have t-shirts older than either guy. They groped my big tits and fingered my old cunt and ass before they pulled out their cocks and told this blonde fucking whore to suck them dry. I told them it was my pleasure because it was. Anytime I can suck two hung black dudes and get free coke, is a great day in my book.

This Blonde Whore Trades Her Fuck Holes for Coke

These guys acted like an old white whore had never polished their knobs. And to come and find out no old broad had ever touched their monster cocks. I was happy to pave the way. At one point they tag teamed me in the back of their cab. And it appeared to be a nice cab too. Brand new truck. And their cab had plenty of room for our shenanigans. I did lines of their coke while they fucked the shit of me. It felt great to get two big black cocks at once. Plus primo coke? Yeah this day turned out to be a win for this trailer trash whore.

I left the truck stop with an ass and pussy full of cum. And a big bag of coke that they gave me as a thank you gift for draining their monster rods.    

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