Lot Lizard Sex Whores Barter for Coke

lot lizard sexLot lizard sex whores know how to score blow. I need coke. But I never mind fucking for it. Even though I make great money as a phone whore, why would I pay for something when I could barter for it. I do my best hustling at the truck stop. All sorts of men, young and old, black, white and brown, will fuck me for some blow. Truckers have the best coke too. Since it’s a stimulant it works better at keeping truckers awake than a 5 Hour Energy drink which is like No Doze in a liquid form.

The truck stop appeared to be popping too. Holiday weeks often bring out the truckers. In my daisy duke shorts and a tank top, I walked in and out of the truck bays, and truckers invited me in. Coke will always be my poison. I do weed and Molly too, but I am a clean druggy porn whore. Most of the lot lizards in my town look like skanky Meth heads. So, the truckers prefer to fuck me. Plus, I do not charge them. I just accept in-kind donations in the form of white lines.

I Love to Barter My Fuck Holes for Blow

The black truckers love to fuck me. But last night the star of my world had a big white dick and the best blow ever. He told me he scored some coke while in Cuba last month. And this shit was like Tommy Montana coke. I got fucked up quickly. This white trucker appeared half my age. But that cock! What a long dick. A little blow on the head, and he became a fuck machine. He hogged me most of the night. But neither of us minded.

He gave me a goody bag to take home too. And his shit works better than any coke I have done before. Fuck. I am still fucking high. Call my phone sex line now and take advantage of a fucked up blonde cougar.

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