My Ass Turned Out By The Church

anal sex whoreI wasn’t always addicted to cock, and getting my ass filled with cum. I used to be a good Sunday school girl. But that all changed when I Met Father Mark. He took one look at my body and he told me that he knew my secret. He whispered through the partition that if I did not quit stroking my little pussy God would Smite me. He had a way to cure my ailments. He said I was to meet in his office every day for a week. And in those meetings, he proceeded to fuck the sin out of my body. At first, I was spoiled and doted upon. But the more times I was called into his office the more he became mean and would invite other men into fuck my ass and my mouth. I began to use my ass as my primary fuck hole. As more girls confessed their sins the more, he didn’t need me anymore. I wanted to be used by Father Mark, but he didn’t need me anymore. I begged to be able to see him he knew he had me where he wanted. I was then the one who would bring other naughty girls to him. This would be the only way he fucked my sweet little whore ass and made me feel good. I was his accomplice fuck whore.

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