Redneck peckers

Blonde phone sex


Last night I went out with a couple rednecks that I went to High School with. They live out in the boondocks butt fuck egypt pretty much. Anyway I was just along for the ride. There were 4 of them and me. We went mudding and listened to some Hank williams Jr and drank some bud light and tons of weed. I was high as fuck and horny as hell. I started grinding on this fat fucker named Bubba and he loved it. He whipped his pecker out and told me to “hawp on et” so I unzipped my daisy dukes and lowered my sloppy wet pussy down on his pencil thin pecker. He started whooping¬† and yee hawing and next thing you know the rest of the dudes are stroking their dicks wanting in on some Cindy action. Why not right? So I let those red necks run a train on me out in the swamp. My pussy was beat the fuck up at the end . Each guy took his turn slipping his schlong into my slippery cunt. I got fancy and had one in my twat and the other in my poop chute. I was quite pleased with myself taking them both on at the same time like that. They were just sawing back in forth in my fuck slots having a good ol time. One dude just jerked his dick til he sprayed his frothy red necter all over my ass. The skeeters were something sick but we managed to swat them off and still get our fuck on. I had to show them how to rub my clit so I could actually get off these guys weren’t exactly the sharpest tools in the shed if you know what I mean. But I used my own fingers to rub the fuck out of my clit with each cock inside my gash so i could keep their peckers lubed up good. We wrapped it up when we ran out of bud light and they told me they def wanted to take me out again next weekend on the swamp buggy!

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