Phones Sex Sluts

Phone Sex Sluts Bobbie

My fuckholes are here for your cocks pulsing pleasures, tell me how you want me and who you want stuffed inside me. I’m the dirtiest fucking whore you’ll find, I’m sure there isn’t a cock on someone I haven’t fucked already. Shit have your son come over, I already had him stuff my ass with half the bar for a clean fix ahahah. Hmmm maybe even your dad? I think I gagged on his and grandpa’s dick earlier to get my bills paid. They like stuffing a cunt like mine after cum has filled it multiple times- they say they loved watching it ooze out while they pounded me.  Tugging my hair making me gag on their old friends balls and I loved every minute of it. Being treated like a nasty trash whore is what my daddy trained me to be. So when you call me you can expect me to fuck anyone, anything for however long you please babe.

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