Lot lizard sex

Lot lizard sex

I needed to get high. So automatically I knew I needed to find some old man’s white cock so I can drink the cum out of it. If he gave me what I wanted of course I have no problem giving him what he wants. I put on the sluttiest little school girl outfit I could find and decided to find the nearest truck stop. That place is the best of both worlds because the truck drivers get high as well.  All I have to do is snort some coke off their dicks and make sure to swallow all of their nut while looking them in the eyes. They become putty in my hands and anything I say goes.

   Once I walked into the truck stop I walked right through the middle and started dancing making my ass cheeks jiggle. All the horns at the truck stop started to blow. I knew right then and there I struck a gold mind. I automatically went to the first truck I saw. I needed to scratch this itch bad and get a good high. First thing I did was grab his dick and pull it out. Massaging it with my soft brown hands. My hands firmly around his cock. Up and down my hand went into a motion. I spit on his dick and begin to massage faster.  His eyes rolled to the back of his head. ” Do you like that daddy’? I said. He nodded yes. I asked him so where’s the good shit. I knew he had some because I saw the razor blade and straw on the plate in his seat. He reached over into a tiny compartment and pulled out a baggie. My eyes lit up and I hurried and shoved his cock into my warm wet mouth and sucked him until his dick shot out a creamy liquid. I swallowed with ease. I did a couple of lines and began sucking his cock again. Next I felt like getting fucked in my ass. But I will go to another truck driver for that.

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