Force me to drink your cum.

druggy phone sexBeing used as a human cum dumpster has always come natural to me. Like a druggy phone sex whore, I used my pussy from a young age to get whatever I wanted. Most of the time boys gave me more than I wanted though. A few drinks or lines and I was theirs. I ended up passed around like a joint, as they took turns forcing loads of cum down my throat. Once I ended up at this rich guy’s party, all restrained, still just a girl. His BDSM friends clamped my nipples and shoved an electric prod up my cunt. They didn’t want to touch trailer trash like me. They all had trophy wives waiting at home. They just wanted to cause me intense pain as they all jerked off on me. The scary part was that I liked it. My pussy was dripping wet after they let me go. i began to crave being forced into anal gang bangs or bukkake sessions. Having guys line up with throbbing shafts and full balls turned me on. I let them “get me drunk” or high and pretend that I didn’t want to cooperate. making them force me to do something that i really loved was such a turn on. Please make make me beg for mercy as you force me to do shameless things that I really love.

cum guzzling slut

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