My Moms Husband


Cum guzzling slut

My mother always told me I was a nasty fucking bitch, and that’s why her husband is on my nasty fucking list. His name is Todd and Todd has a big dick it’s about 12-in I can’t believe it when I first saw it I damn near lost my mind. Todd always looks at me, and I can tell he lusts after this young wet pussy more than he wants my mom’s old drawn up cunt. My mother doesn’t know it yet, but I am going to fuck the shit out of her husband, and I’m going to stuff my ass in his mouth so motherfucking deep he’ll be able to taste my shit from miles away. Yes, mother, I’m a goddamn nasty young wet pussy stripper whore, but that’s okay with me is it okay with you though that you’re an old dried-up piece of fucking old dirty rag trash cunt Tramp. Your husband has always been looking at me every since before y’all got married; he was lusting over me, you dirty bitch, and now he’s going to find out how good my pussy is. I wonder if my mother knows that her husband has been frequenting the strip club that I work at. When he comes in tonight, he’s going to get a face full of pussy and ass, and his dick is going to fuck me like a mad man. I’ve been wanting his big dick more than she has, and I know what to do with it; she’s just a waste of time. Mommy, you’re in trouble now, bitch. And I hope nobody feels sorry for my mom because she fucked my boyfriend’s before, so she’s not an innocent person she’s an old dirty, guilty bitch.

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