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Anal cum dumpsterCreampie SlutAnal cum dumpster addiction is something that I am very good at. Not only do I get addicted to drugs, and alcohol but I am a sex addict as well. Not just sucking dick and taking it missionary. That is, of course, boring as fuck. I am an anal sex addict, an anal sex whore if you will. Spreading my beautiful butt cheeks to men is what I love to do. Stick your cock deep inside my puckered starfish, with no lubrication. That is no problem at all for me. I know just how to take a throbbing hard cock deep inside of my anal cave.

However, you might be a hungry dude and desire to lick my beautiful ass hole first. This IAnal sex whore highly recommend. Running your tongue over each of my sphincter wrinkles is going to prep me for brutal penetration and make your cock so hard. Shoved face first onto the couch I can reach back and spread my sexy bubble butt cheeks apart and show you right where your glory hole is.

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Ever since my mom sold me for drugs, I have been an Anal cum dumpster. Now every year the day before moms birthday I will throw a gangbang party and charge and get all the drugs and money I can to give it to mom for her day. Last year I had 14 guys. This year I wanted more. I invited all of them and their friends. When they got there it was almost 20 guys. I got nice and high plus took a few shots.I was getting groped and grabbed while doing my blow. I even had one of them rub some dope on my asshole. I wanted my asshole to be numb so I could take as many dicks as possible. I got on my knees and started sucking cock, as high as I was i didn’t care what was going on. I just put my mouth on any dick in my face. That is part of being a Gangbang whore. You know you will be sucking and fucking cock so it doesn’t matter what direction a hard cock is coming from i need to suck it and fuck it. It was a few hours and i still had 10 guys left to continue fucking me. I did a few lines and was ready to milk the rest of these dicks. Mom was going to have lots of dope for her birthday. There were only three dicks left to milk and I was sore and dripping with nut. I did a few more lines and went on hoe overdrive and popped my pussy and ass on those dicks until they unloaded inside me. I was dripping cum and when they all left i just got high and laid there letting their cum just drip out of me and dry up on my skin.

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Big dick sucker Megan needs your cock now

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Big dick sucker Megan needs your cock now. I am so fucking horny tonight, and I need that hard fucking cock inside of my tight cunt. All of my fuckholes need to be gangbanged and abused by your friend’s cocks including yours. I love to be banged by multiple men inside of my asshole, pussyhole, mouth, and hands! Let me stroke your cocks with both hands while your friend pounds my asshole from behind and I sit on your dick with my wet and tight pussy. Can’t forget about the hard and big cock inside of my mouth! Hehe! I love being your stupid little Cum dumpster fuck doll to be used up every day and came inside of in every fuckhole that I have!

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Hey baby! Are you super horney and ready to get nasty with a freaky slut? Because I’m horny as fuck and ready for you to fill my cum dumpster cunt! I could even have my cuck slut boyfriend over here, ready to clean that shit up after you fuck me. I haven’t had a real man inside of me in so long. I just want to feel your dick throbbing while you fuck the shit out of me. Bend me over and gently pull my hair while you plow into my cum dump cunnie over and over, releasing that steamy, hot load deep into my fuck hole. I know that you’ve been holding onto that load for too long and now it’s time to pump it deep into this dirty, little slut’s pussy!

I’m Addicted To Meth & Painal!

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On Saturday night I got anally gaped and forced to take twelve thick cocks in one night! I thought I was in for a quiet Saturday night back at my apartment when I ran out of meth. I couldn’t believe I hadn’t checked my stash! I called my dealer up and he told me I could come by, I dashed over as fast as I could in my stripper clothes still. When I arrived, it looked like there was a party going on, so much smoke and loud music, when I looked around, I happened to notice the house was full of guys. My cunt throbbed as I walked back to my dealer’s den, he smiled seeing me in my work clothes, I could tell he was hard already. I told him what I wanted and he told me he had enough cash for the night, what he really needed was some ass to make the party jump. Next thing I knew I was taking a hit from his bowl and getting on my knees to suck his cock, the room was filling with more guys. I couldn’t stop once I got started, they worked my pussy over getting me nice and wet before they fucked me and stretched my ass to the limit. My dealer kept feeding me hits and I couldn’t stop letting them plunge their dicks right up my shit pipe. I was gaping by the time I took the 5th load of cum in my ass, then they used all that cum to force two cocks in at the same time. I was totally screaming in agony but my cunt was squirting violently.Freaky Phone Sex


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Creampie slutHaving a pussy gets you a shit ton of Money and drugs! I am always lucky enough to hook up with a guy who’s got drugs so I can snort lines off his dick and drain his wallet. Most women are afraid to fuck the intoxicated.. But, I see it as a perfect opportunity!

A vulnerable man who’s high out of his fucking mind makes for a perfect pay piggy! Me sitting across from you rubbing all over my young breedable cunt while you blow thick clouds of smoke…

What’s better than that?

Come put hills of cocaine on my hard nipples and snort it off. You can have me however you want.

Yes, I know the more high you get the less likely your cock will be hard.. That’s what excites me the most. Knowing I will have you limp dick in my mouth while you are getting numb.

You didn’t exactly invite me over to drain your dick anyway.. You just wanted a trophy chick to talk dirty while describing her waxed cunt..

Anything to make you feel like the man… I’ll be sure to be wearing my high heel stripper platform mules, completely naked. You know where to find me on the The fornication station with my legs spread. A place where you can find all the hottest Hookers for hire on the internet. Nothings better than Druggy phone sex. I bet you can use a young hormonal slut that’s down for anything!?

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Gangbang whore: Gangbang DAP for the first time

Gangbang whoreGangbangs are something I have always loved, ever since I was younger I’ve drempt of being a gangbang whore. There ain’t nothing like railing in the cash whenever a whole group wants to have their way with you. Fuck getting paid just once when you can make 10x the dough is one fuck session just being good at multitasking. Plus, it feels so good to be double penetrated, the fullness of a dick in both my ass and pussy is something that can’t be rivaled. Or so I thought. 

After agreeing to meet up at this frat boy party for a little bit of rough gangbang fun I knew it was going to be quiet the intense night. I looked like a garbage slut. My makeup was caked thick and my hair was pulled up into pigtail perfection. They knew the young slut they ordered. Eagerly I stroked their cocks and sucked them deep. In no time I was being held into the air being double penetrated while one held my legs around his forearm. 

One of the dudes laid back on the couch and I was put facing him onto his cum filled cuntcock, deep inside of my ass. He was so big, I could feel him throbbing inside of me. I felt a hand push me forward onto him so that my holes would be further exposed. I thought about how awkward it was going to be for the new dude to stuff his dick in my wet cunt around the guy who was already in my tight ass hole. However, I thought wrong. Suddenly an intense wave of pain rushed over me. He was double penetrating my ass. I threw my head back and moaned out against the advance.

It felt so painful but so good at the same time. Feeling their huge cocks DAP my tiny young ass was a sensation I never knew I could feel. Cocks again stuffed my gaping mouth. There was no letting out moans that were not muffled by the hard cocks of college boys hungry to stuff a sexy slut hole. They continued to take turns double stuffing my whore ass hole till I was nothing more than a tired fuck doll in a pile of cum. 

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Trashy MILF Lilibeth Loves to Seduce The Teenage Sons and Husbands of Neighborhood Karens

trashy milfI love being a trashy milf. I was born in a trailer park in the backwoods of West Virginia. Now, I reside in a gated community in California. I married well. Despite running in elite social groups now, I am still that redneck woman in West Virginia. My husband is a pillar of his community, but our neighbors and his friends see me as a gold-digging trophy wife. I do not let it bother me. If they knew my husband and I have a home brothel, they would disown him too. I like to fuck with the uptight Karens in my community. This one Karen is the worst. She hates me because I fucked her husband. She does not have proof that I did, but she knows her husband is into me. I have my eyes set on her teenage son now. When I first fucked her hubby, that boy of hers was still in diapers. He is a tall and strapping lad now. She cannot know I fucked her son though because she would have this trailer trash whore arrested. I can take satisfaction though in the fact that I stole her husband and her son. I fucked the boy last night. She sent me a snarky text about how I was dressed at the Christmas party. I just told her that her husband seemed to love my outfit. I knew that would send her into a tailspin. In the meantime, I texted her son and invited him over. He is good friends with my middle son, so it was no surprise to hear from me. What was a surprise, however, was seeing me naked at the door when he arrived. I unzipped his pants, pulled out his hard teenage cock and led him to my bedroom where I blew his mind, and he blew his load. Teenage boys love to fuck a sexy milf. I fucked him all day long. Drained his balls several times. He did not mind using his friend’s sexy mom as his private cum dumpster either. I wish his Karen of a mother could know I fucked her son too, but at least I have the satisfaction of knowing what I did.

Cum guzzling slut in the club

Cum guzzling slut

Cum guzzling slut in the club. I went out to the club last night and got to whoring myself out! All sorts of guys and girls were there, ready for a hot slut to fuck for fun! I got on the dance floor and shook my ass and rubbed my bare tits after taking off my tank top and bra and I let them all touch me and my hot body. SO many cocks were suddenly out on that dancefloor and stroking themselves while I hopped on a guy and made him fuck my tight and young college girl pussy! Other guys gathered around and one behind me double penetrated me! I was stretched out with my fuckholes and screaming in bliss while I got fucked like the Gangbang whore that I am! They all came on my body like a bukkake scene, I love walking home with a cum filled pussy.

Cum guzzling slut Strips for tips!

Cum guzzling slutI just love being a cum guzzling slut! Stripping has been in the family for as long as I can remember. Therefore, even though I was not in a club from the time I could remember I was stripping. It would get me in trouble from time to time. However, the confidence one has in their ability to drive men’s wallets nuts with nothing more than dancing with their naked dancing body is something that brings me unbridled joy. 

Therefore, when I was a younger little one I used this ability to gain anything I wanted. “Strip for tips” was what my flyer said. It put me ahead of my competition because there was no deposit for me to dance my tiny perfect body for men. I knew without a doubt that I would get every last dollar they had in their wallets. 

Some were put off by my youthful appearance. However, they were almost always assured by another member of their party that it would be against the law for such a thing so cum filled cunttherefore I must be of age. I never cleared this up and just did my thing. Besides, it would ruin such an easy cash flow if I was ever to tip them off. 

All men really want is a very young girl stripping for them. Removing every item of clothing and exposing their perfect hairless pussy just for them.