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My son walked in on me last night while I was getting gangbanged! I was so shocked, I thought he was asleep.. I must have been moaning too loud.. He walked in and saw me riding a juicy dick while having another buried in my asshole and one crammed down my throat!

My eyes were rolling to the back of my head… When I suddenly noticed my son standing there with his cock in his hand.. I knew I was in big trouble! His dad is out of town on a business trip and has no idea moms, a skank whore! I immediately got up with cum pouring out of my drain holes…

Fuck! I shouted..

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I’m getting ready to go to a party tonight and you can help me get ready! I have my thrust machine ready to turn on the second you call. I have to get my gangbang whore pussy ready for what’s going to happen at this party. You already know that a few drinks in and I’ll be stripped down with a hard dick in every hole and one in each hand. Cum junkie bitches like me are always the life of the party! I just need you to talk dirty to me while I slowly turn up the speed on this pussy pumper. I’m trying to get it to full speed so that I can stretch my cunnie for all of the giant cocks that will be ramming it later. Then you can call me again tomorrow so that I can rub my cummy cunnie for you and tell you all about the party!


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trashy milfThe only thing better than a trashy milf is two trashy milfs. It is hurricane season here in Florida. While most women are at home securing the hatches and sandbagging their homes, my friend Shayla and I were throwing a hurricane party. It is a thing in Florida. Now normally it means you just have a keg and a bunch of folks over to forgot about Mother Nature for a while or try too at least. I love being a whore. I will be a whore no matter what is going on in the world. So, our hurricane party was just us and about 20 guys from the trailer park. What we had was a lot lizard sex party. We drained cocks. We did belly shots off each other. We fucked. We snowballed.  We were gang bang whores while the storm was brewing. We could hear the thunder and rain. The wind was rocking my trailer. But we did not allow ourselves to worry about the hurricane. It was out of our hands. But we did have fun. We escaped with my favorite things cock, coke and cum. How does it get any better than that? Shayla is a BBC whore like me, but she had never fucked a young boy before. I am a P cougar. The only thing I like as much as those big black cocks are young boy cocks. My hurricane party had a mixture of black cocks and young cocks. Shalya fucked her first jailbait cock at my hurricane party. It was a game changer for her. I was happy to be a part of that too. I mean really happy because women our age should have as many young lovers as possible. I broke the seal for her, LOL. She had this one boy who she thought was on the right side of barely legal, and she let him bang the piss out of her. He gave her a sloppy wet pussy. When I told her his real age, well, the damage was done. She was hooked on his Energizer Bunny cock. A young boy rabbits an old pussy. It was the best hurricane party I have yet to throw. We got filled with cock and cum. We were distracted from the storm and my friend discovered the joys of P cock.

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Black teen phone sex and white trash chat sessions are a great way to get guys into my trailer park for some filthy prostitute pussy splitting action!  Pervs love talking with my lineup of young whores so much that they just can’t resist heading over here so they can bust a nut or two inside of their favorite cum loving teen.

We have a regular who is so obsessed with one of my high schooler hookers that he couldn’t resist taking a road trip all the way down here from Idaho so he could spend a little time with her.  That tells me that my young ebony slut knows what she’s doing and was born to be a professional cock pleaser!  Sure, there aren’t many black bitches up in his neck of the woods, but he literally made a cross country trip so he could cram his cock into a tiny chocolate cunt.  

When Spud showed up, it was a complete surprise!  You should’ve seen her face when she saw him, she lit up like her dad had finally gotten home from going out to buy that six pack of beer 8 years ago.  She ran over and jumped up into his thick country boy arms and he immediately threw her over his shoulder, tossed a fat wad of cash down in front of me and carried her off like a sack of potatoes he was about to fuck.

I let him keep her for a full 24 hours to make sure he got to mash her milk chocolate money maker as much as he wanted.  Gauging by how loud he made her moan and groan, and the size of her gaping cum cavern afterward, they both had a great time.  I always enjoy knowing that my sleazy sexy prostitutes have as good of a time getting paid to fuck as all of our cooze loving customers have fucking them!  I hope Spud keeps making the trek down here and spending his Yukon gold on some black southern whore humpin’.  


Viva Colombia

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Coke is fun and all, but visiting my family and friends in Medellin, Colombia (also known as the cocaine capital), I discovered something new! The pink powder substance was esthetically pleasing at first sight. At first, I thought it was makeup, candy, or even an art powder. To my dismay, it was going to be the best drug ever.

I went to a guaracha party, a word in Spanish that means a dance party, and the music was terrific. It put me in a trance, with a few lines of Tucibi 2C for short. My god, is it so popular in Colombia? I couldn’t believe I couldn’t find this in Miami thus far. It put me in such a good mood and made me want to fuck everyone. It was such a wild ride I can’t even talk about it in only one blog! Stay tuned to hear all about my fun and how 2c is becoming the hot topic in druggy phone sex for me. Viva Colombia, papa!🇨🇴

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trashy milfTo call me a trashy MILF is an understatement. I am a P mommy whore and a P MILF. I may be a soccer mom, but I am not the PTA, minivan driving, cookie baking kind of stay-at-home mom. I do stay at home, on my back, and sometimes my knees! While my brats are at school, I am sucking cum out of dicks better than a Hoover vacuum cleaner. Cum is my coffee. It is what I need every morning to function. So once those rugrats are on the bus, mommy is trolling the neighborhood for the boys playing hooky from school. I did not have to go far to score some cock Friday. I found some fine young teen boys shooting hoops at the local park a block away. I approached them in my cut off shorts and tube top with no bra. I may look classy because I live in a gated community, but I am all trailer trash whore. I just married well. I told those boys who ever needs their balls drained to follow me home. All of them followed me home with bulges in their shorts.  I am a dirty soccer mom and gangbang slut. Cock after cock penetrated my MILF fuck holes filling them up with the cum. Every boy that fucked me got served some sloppy seconds. My cum and ass were spilling over with cum. Young teen boys can cum like a volcano. Cum poured out my cunt and ass. There was so much jizz in my tummy, I think I qualified as a sperm bank.  I just kept taking donation after donation until I had tapped those studs out. They couldn’t believe what a cum dumpster I was for them. If they only knew I was guzzling cum before I was out of diapers yet. Just a typical day for a trashy whore when her husband is at work and the brats are in school.