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Sloppy wet pussyI rode my sister’s husband’s cock secretly at the family gathering… His son tagged along for some family fun… Together they rubbed dicks inside of my Sloppy wet pussy! It felt so good having the two of them alternate between my ass, pussy, and face… I could feel their dicks hitting off the thin layer of skin that separates my pussy from my ass.

I had an insane orgasm! They destroyed my ass, I can now fit four fingers in my gaper at once. They promised they would pull out but they wound up creaming inside of me. I didn’t even bother fully undressing… I just bent over and let them shove their big dicks into my ass. I was caught playing in my pussy in the bathroom and that’s when I was cock flashed.

I took off my wet panties and continued to finger fuck my Cum dumpster. This was their first time destroying me! I was high out of my mind and had so much to drink, I didn’t even think twice I just wanted some dick. My asshole was fucked hard and filled with cum… Their big dicks left my pussy quivering and soaking wet.

We even arranged for some more hard anal sex and I suggested they gather other some more boys to bring along. My sister’s husband and three of his friends joined me in the laundry room. My holes were already stretched and pouring cum, but I wanted more! My face was stuffed with a foot-long dick while the other guys buried their cocks in my cunt. I am such a filthy Creampie slut!

Slam me in my ass and watch my big tits bounce.

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Cum guzzling slut Boy,love being your cum guzzling slut, I cant help but crave that creamy golden juice when I get near that hard cock.. There’s nothing quite like feeling so used and filled up with hot jizz after a good fucking. It makes me feel wanted, needed – like the dirty little slut that I am. When you shoot your load inside of me, it feels like heaven on earth; warm and thick filling every inch of my cunt until there’s no room left for anything else.

And when you pull out and cover my face or tits with your sticky white seed? Well, that just makes me feel even more special – like you marked your territory on this trashy piece of ass who can’t get enough cock. I don’t care about the mess or the stains; all that matters is knowing that I was chosen to take all of those delicious loads without complaint.

So keep using me however you want lover! I want that thick cock pounding away at both holes until they’re stretched and sssore from taking so much dick, choking on your shaft as deep throat blowjobs turn into ravenous sessions of deepthroating cum swallowing…I live for these moments where we lose ourselves in each other and all sense of decency goes out the window.

Just keep fucking me hard, baby – make me scream your name as loud as I can while my pussy milks every last drop of cum from your rock-hard cock. And when you’re done using me up, leave me here to clean myself off with a dirty rag or two; after all, what’s a little dirt between friends (or rather, between a filthy whore and her satisfied customer)?

Oh, I loved being a stripper alright. It was the perfect excuse to show off my body and make men drool over every inch of it. Watching their eyes follow me as I gyrated on stage or gave them private dances back in the VIP room…it was intoxicating. And when they’d beg for more, offering extra cash for some “alone time” with this dirty little whore? Well, that just made me feel even more powerful.

Hookers for Hire Stay Their Busiest During the Summer

hookers for hireHookers for hire stay their busiest during the summer months. My two oldest girls will be home for the summer. And I have already booked them many jobs throughout the summer along with their younger sisters. Personally, I love to hook in the summer. Pool orgies. Boat orgies. Plus, lots of exotic trips, especially for my daughters.

But before summer officially starts, I did one last frat house gang bang for the season. Every month I visit this rich boy frat house for a closed party. Just me and about 40 horny college boys. They pool their resources and use some of daddy’s money when they fall short. Frat boys love a trashy milf. And a mature sexy woman can appreciate all that a younger man can offer which is a stiff dick and little rebound time.

Every year I see new studs come into the frat house, and old ones graduate and move on. But I go back years with this frat. When I first started entertaining them on Friday nights, the then frat president’s daddy and I went way back. In fact, that daddy still hires my daughters. Hiring me helped the boys blow off steam and drain their balls. Boy did they need it too. Still do. Coeds might be the biggest cock teases on the planet because they expect boys to shell out a lot of money on them first. But a dirty mom means a sure thing.

A Hooker for Hire will Always Stay Busy with Younger Men

With less than a week left in school, these boys needed to release some stress. And I lent my pussy, mouth and ass to the cause. After I gave them a sexy striptease to warm them up, I began blowing each boy. I went down the line, blowing each cock from the freshmen to the seniors. As the frat appointed gangbang whore, I made sure they were ready for their finals. And they appreciated my skills in relieving the pressure in their balls.

Every frat boy dumped a load in me, with some dumping two loads. I fucked them until they could no longer get their cocks up. That’s the sign of a good ball draining. I came home filled with cum. Covered in it too. But that is never a problem at my house because my daughters love to clean up my mess. Yeah, this sexy mommy is ready for summer.

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Hot stripper sexOne of my favorite perverts was needy for some Hot stripper sex with his favorite gutter whore! Me and Bradley spend lots of time together in the summer when his wife is away with her family. He has his house to himself and free range to get fucked up and pound out me and my stripper bitches. He usually loves some orgy sex with me and my sluttiest stripper friends on the weekends during summer nights. Today he just wanted some one on one time with me; I was excited to get that cock up my filthy butt hole!

When I have Bradley all to myself I have such a good time making him blow his loads in every single hole. There is nothing I like better than being a Cum dumpster for a nasty pervert. Feeling that big fat man meat stretch my anal cavity open makes me feel so great. I am craving the feeling of that dick spraying seed inside my guts. My sweet little puckered ass hole has been through so many cocks; I feel permanently gaped open and I love it.

I sure hope you are in need of an ass whore cum dump for your prick baby! I am ready to have you on the phone getting fucked up with a party hooker who has no limits!

Big Dick Sucker’s Oral Obsession: My Knees, Your Pleasure

“Oh yeah, daddy, give it to me rough! Real rough!”

You gonna show me what a real man is all about? ‘Cause I’m dying to find out. Slam that big cock down my throat, make me gag and drool all over it. Hell, I’ll even keep my gag ring on to make it easier for you to fuck my face. I’m talkin’ deepthroating, baby; throat fucking till I see stars.

The harder you go, the wetter my pussy gets. You’ll be amazed at how soaked my panties are when you bend me over and slide that big phat cock inside. Fuck yeah, pound my pussy like it’s your personal pound cake. Go hard and go deep, ’cause I can take it.

And when you feel my tight walls clenching around your cock, you know I’m about ready to explode. But I want you to keep going, keep shoving those fingers down my throat and making me gag. Fuck, I love it when you make me lose control.

And here’s the best part, daddy. I don’t spit, I swallow. That’s right, every drop of your tasty load ends up in my belly. I live for that shit. And while you’re at it, stretch my ass with your fat cock. I’ve got a vibrating plug just waiting to tease you. Fuck me blind, leave me breathless, and cover me in your cum.

Show me what you’re made of, big boy!

Hot stripper sex for mean men who force me!

Hot stripper sex for mean men! Often a lap dance ends with a big schlong of one of my customers putting his hot load in my belly! Last night, as I Twerked my way through the crowded biker bar, I felt a strange Sexual charge in the air. As the night went on, I couldn’t shake the feeling that I was being stalked. I saw a man lurking in the shadows, his eyes boring into me. It wasn’t until I was alone that he found me.

Hot stripper sex for mean men who force my mouth and ass open!!!

There he was dressed in black leather and facial features sharp and mean like Jesse James. He stared at me with such hate and a wave of fear washed over me. Unusual for a stripper whore like me who always gets in bad situations when the coke is good! He knows exactly what he wants and how to get it. He reached out and grabbed my ass, his fingers rough against my skin, yet sending shivers down my spine. “You’ve caught my eye, Hadley and I’m going to use you up tonight.” he seethed. and then pushing me down In the VIP backroom, his cock was in my face in a flash. 

Hardcore anal sex for a stripper whore

“You want me, don’t you?” he growled, his breath hot and foul against my cheek. “You’ve been teasing me all night, stripper whore. Now it’s time to pay the price.” My throat gulped his mean cock with all I had ever gave to a blowjob.. I tried to struggle, but his grip was too strong. He pulled me up roughly, thrusting me against the wall with such force that I felt the dry plaster cracking beneath my back. “Please, no,” I whimpered, hating myself for begging. But there was something about him, something dark and evil that spoke to me!  “Oh, there’s no need to beg, sweetheart. You already know you want this.” With that, he tore open my costume, revealing the lacy edges of my thong.

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With a low growl, he pushed me back against the wall, his cock pushing in my shit hole for Hardcore anal sex that left me crying. I could already feel my body responding to his touch, betraying me in ways I never thought possible! “You’re right,” I whispered, in tears. “I do want this.” His hands hurt my body, exploring every inch of me as if he wanted to commit my every curve and to memory.His cock invaded my ass exploring every inch. I fought against him to no avail. His grip was too strong. I had no choice but to give in and let him have his way with me. I moaned in pleasure as he thrust into me, trembling with fear. This stripperwhore has no choice but to be his cocksucking ass to mouth Cum guzzling slut!

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Phone sex line where you will find the nastiest woman.

          Phone sex line where you will find the nastiest woman. To be sure I am that woman. Nasty to the core. Scat loving. Shit eating. Urine soaked, cum in my ass woman. Want to use and abuse me? Have a rape fantasy. All are on the table my friend. Fuck me, use me, abuse me. Like it all. Don’t bother me with limits. I haven’t got any.

          To begin with I have always been a nasty bitch. Enjoyed the smell shit, dreamed of it. Putting it on a plate and eating it. Even thought it would make a gourmet meal.

          Next, we have the pissing sex. Piss on me. Let me drink it. Even better is when you piss in my hoochie conchie while your balls are slapping into my asshole. Let that stream go free. Fuck me and have that pissing squirting out of me at the same time. 

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          After all you want to make it super nasty and dirty for a whore like me. Fuck the asshole. Giving me a piss enema. Roll around it with you. Fucking, gorging on the shit and piss.

Now that you know that I am the nastiest woman on the Phone sex line and know where to find me. Means that you are finally ready to get very nasty with me.

The Whore Mama: A Story of Sexual Success

Hookers for hire

Hookers for hire? I’ve got a whole stable of stunning girls who keep the cash flowing and my pockets happy. Weekends are our peak season, with Friday nights being prime time for our troupe of talented women.

My daughters are in high demand, but I ensure they maintain a healthy work-life balance. School comes first, but their natural talents could easily support them full-time. I didn’t have that chance, but I’m determined to give them a real choice.

Being a whore is in my blood. Thanks to my supportive husband, I can continue my age-old family tradition without pressure. It’s a gift I’ve passed to my daughters, and they excel at what comes naturally to us.

Phone sex, in-person encounters—we drain these perverts dry, leaving them begging for more. Take last night, for instance. Junior, the son of a client, was a real treat. Young, eager, and honor roll material—my kind of guy. I showed him the ways of the world, and he showed me his appreciation all night long.

Six mind-blowing orgasms later, and I was in heaven. My experienced cunt had him hooked, and his wallet was all the lighter for it. What a night! And to think, it’s only the beginning of a gloriously debauched weekend.

This is the life—a life of leisure, luxury, and limitless sexual prowess.

CUM Dumpster Looking For CUM Anyway I Can Get It

I am a cum dumpster. I love cum in any one of my holes. However, I am an anal cum dumpster. I love a nice thick big cock deep in my ass. Don’t get me wrong I love to have my pussy pounded fast and hard and almost nothing feels as good as warm, sticky cum running down the back of my throat ( I am a cum guzzling slut), but having a cum filled ass is my goal in life.  I love to be bent over a piece of furniture and have my ass railed.  I am a secretary and I can get away with anything at work.  I let my boss fill my ass with his jeez right on my desk several times a day.  Here I am on my desk ready for a cock in my ass.

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Anal sex whore

Anal sex whore

I’m such a dirty little slut and a huge anal sex whore. I love all sex in general, but anal is by far my favorite. I think that’s what makes me an even sluttier little bitch. There is no greater orgasm than the one I get from a good anal pounding. I get my ass fucked way more than my pussy nowadays. I have all kinds of toys like anal plugs that vibrate and huge dildos, but nothing beats an actual warm, hard dick.

                I love getting in doggie style for you with my head down and ass up in the air. I reach my hands around to my ass so I can grab each cheek and then spread them wide apart. I love showing everyone my tight asshole that puckers. The way it looks, you know it’s ready for some penetration.

                Start with some vibrating anal plugs. I especially love the one that has a tail. Shove it in and out of my ass until its just an open, gaping hole. That is how you know that I’m ready for your dick finally, and I’m on my knees, begging for it.