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Big dick sucker is what I am and love doing

Big dick sucker

Big dick sucker is what I am and love doing. Try to find someone that will take that huge cock down their throat like I  will. I love taking a big black fucking cock into my mouth and swallowing every drop of semen that I can suck out of it. Draining your balls, milking them of everything I can get out of them. 

Massage them, pulling harder on my big fat straw, to get all the creamy goodness. When I have deflated your testicles, I pull them into my mouth with you cock. Massaging them with my tongue. Inflating them, hence making you hard for me. I want that cock to fill my cunt up. Fill me full. 

Fuck me with a friend, over flow my cunt. Dripping down to my asshole. Coating it. Lubricating it. Make me your cum dumpster. 

Big Dick Sucker and Black Cock Whore Beverly

big dick suckerThis big dick sucker looks for the biggest cocks every day. I enjoy challenging myself. Big cocks cannot suck themselves. However, a blond whore like me can suck those monster cocks. Last night, I trolled for the biggest black cock I could find. Surprisingly, the biggest cock knocked on my trailer park door. I came home from the truck stop disappointed that I could not find a big black cock to fill my mouth and my belly. Good thing I answered the door when I heard the knock.

I’d been drinking and doing lines. No way I was ready for bed yet. I answered the door naked. Standing before me was a tall black man. His car broke down right outside the trailer park entrance. My trailer still had a light on, so he knocked at mine first. This was fate. My draw dropped looking at his fine physique. He checked out this blonde fucking whore too. I guessed he was in his early 30s. He was 43. Honestly, I thought he was lying. But I was not about to argue age with a handsome black man.

BBC Whore and Big Cock Sucker

I invited him inside and let him use my phone to call AAA. Since he was somewhere safe, his call did not get top priority. No problem for me. How ever would we pass the time? You guessed right. I seduced him, which was very easy to do. Porn music played in my head. I heard Snoop Dogg singing “Sexual Seduction,” as I unzipped this black stud’s pants.

A fucking anaconda cock rolled out of his pants that was so big, it had its own zip code. My huge cock found me. Luckily, I was just drunk and high enough not to feel the discomfort of a monster cock in my fuck holes. It takes a lot to push my limits. I am a black cock loving trailer trash whore. I feel it today. But in the moment, I felt amazing. It was like I slayed a beast of a cock. I know last night was a fluke. But I do wish a hung black man would just knock on my door every night. Would make life much easier.

BBC sex stories of a married woman to cum too

BBC sex stories Looking for some hot bbc sex stories?  I love gobbling down a nice big ebony fuck rod multiple times a day.  It seems like my mouth was meant for those massive big black dicks. And let me tell you my husband enjoys watching me suck down a strange man’s cum. He’s not always black but when he is my husband jerks his dick so hard and fast that I swear he breaks the speed of light. 

Knowing that my man enjoys me sucking off another man really gets my pussy juices flowing. Having a husband who respects the fact that I am a whore first and foremost is the best shit in the world! Although I do make him do little tasks for me like eat my pussy out for an hour while I’m drinking an old fashioned. And there are days when I only let him come on my stomach and clean it up. But my man’s taken care of and so many different ways. I’m very lucky to be a live phone sex slut that always gets her nut!

Amara and the Supersized Chocolate Cock!

BBC sex stories

Supersized Chocolate Cock!

I have always heard crazy BBC sex stories from other girls. Growing up in the trailer park did not leave me around a ton of black men. So when I finally had the chance I had to see if the hype was real. Were those dicks really that big? 

No lie when this man pulled down his pants my jaw hit the fucking floor. That black dick was not just massive, it was a monster. I swear it dangled down his knees. Grabbing it in my hand to see if it looked as heavy as it looked and I noticed it was longer than my head. How does someone take a dick like this? It had to be 14 inches long with a 6 inch girth. His chocolate head is shaped like a fat portobello mushroom, and there were deep prominent veins running up and down the shaft. 

I was going to do whatever it took to take as much of this as I could. When I shoved it into my mouth the precum was amazing. Thick and creamy. MMMMM I shoved it past my tonsils opening my white slutty mouth as deep as it would go. 

I’m a whore always


Teen anal whore


As a party slut I am always hitting up all kinds of parties. Night clubs, college frat parties, and raves. you name it, and I am all over it. I love to get all fucked up and love feeling the facts of ecstasy hit my body. A couple of of lines and I’m open for all types of fun. You’re only young ones, and when you get the urge to party in a way that you haven’t before, it’s fun. One of the hottest parties of the summer was about to start, and I couldn’t miss it I took a colorful pill, and within minutes I was doing what a teen anal whore does, and I got a cock right away. There I was, all dizzy and giggling. The effects were full-on raging in me.. Besides how I felt, my cunt couldn’t quit dripping. Woah I am horny as hell I need to be double penetrated.

Pay me to make Druggy porn

I love getting paid and booked for Druggy porn. Since I am a party whore I get my fee and I get to do lines of blow and get as drunk as i want. It is a big party until i start getting ready to be fucked. It is rough and that is why I rub some blow right on my holes to numb them up. It is easy to suck cock and get it hard and ready, it is what I do. I straddle the first big cock as soon as they say action and I ride his dick like my life depends on it. You can see my eyes are dilated and by how I am moving the drugs are pumping through my veins. Druggy nasty bitches like me get a dick and every hole and as high as i am barely feel when the next big dick was being shoved in my ass. I kept bouncing and bucking, that is what I got paid for. The camera moved all around and got close ups of my holes getting fucked. Once i got filled up i knew it was the next dicks turn to fuck me. I did a few more lines while the next pair of cocks were fluffed up. I get activated when I do my blow and I become the best Anal cum dumpster. That is why I make the best porn.

Druggy porn

4th of July cum explosion

It was a great holiday money making weekend for me. I was always able to make money as an Anal cum dumpster, my asshole is my money maker. I was hired for a 4th of July bachelor party. They were drunk and high and I wanted to be just like them. I did a few lines of blow as I got my payment. I never wait more than 10 minutes to get my payment. I sell my holes right. These men were nasty fucks. One of them wanted to piss all over me while I sucked on another black cock. I didn’t care the nastier they are the bigger my money tip is. I secretly film all my parties in case they try not to pay me, I bribe them. I took a break to take some shots before sucking the next cock. I even did a line of one of their fat hard black dicks before I fucked in my asshole. Once my asshole started getting fucked and got nut exploded inside me, they all wanted a turn. I squeeze like I squeeze my pussy and they love it. They love me milking them with my massaging asshole.

Anal cum dumpster

One by one they took turns using my mouth and my ass, like a filthy Trailer trash whore that i am I took it. By the end of my baggy i made double my pay in tips taking explosions of cum loads in my ass and getting pissed on.

Big dick sucker sold by mama

I became a paid Big dick sucker from a young age, mama sold me first. She was feening and her dealer was willing to buy me with some dope.

Big dick sucker

Once mama got her baggy she didn’t care what was going to happen. Her dealer was tall and my little body was perfect for my face to hit his crotch. He pulled his big black cock out and told me to open my little slut my mouth. Your monster cock scared me and all i could do was cry as you fucked my throat. When he started pumping his semen in my mouth, he told me to swallow all of it. After that i knew i could use my holes to get whatever I want. I sold my own asshole to my friend’s dad soon after that. He was always groping me and by the time I had a double-digit birthday I wanted an electric bike. I told him I wanted one and I would let him do whatever he wanted to me. That is when he told me to bend over and bite the pillow. He licked my asshole a little bit which made me tickle, but then I felt my asshole being ripped open. He forced his cock in my ass so hard and fast. The pain shot through my body but he didnt care. He just whispered for me to bite the pillow and think about my new bike. He pounded me hard for a few minutes then rubbed my clitty as he filled my butthole with his sperm and made me his Anal cum dumpster.

White Trash Phone Sex is Anything Goes Anytime

white trash phone sexWhite trash phone sex is always no limits. I mean trailer park girls are dirty hos. That is why we are so popular. Everyone knows I am a BBC whore. Men and women know. I am greedy with those big black cocks. Other white women get my sloppy seconds. Sometimes, I share, but I am more apt to share with white dudes than white girls. I just don’t want other trailer park sluts stealing my moves or my big black cocks. White boys? They are no competition for me. Charlie has been sniffing around my trailer for a few weeks now. I have never really known what he wanted. Was he looking to fuck me? Was he looking for some coke? I should have known. He was looking for bbc phone sex. Not sure why it took me so long to figure it out. White men either want me to share my BBCs with them or they want to try to berate me for being a race traitor. Like they could ever shame me. I am no traitor. I am all about me. What my pussy needs and wants is something it can feel. That is big black dick. Charlie, I guess has been my peeping Tom for awhile watching me bounce on monster black cocks. I just recently noticed him hanging around. Slowly working his courage to confess his desire to be a black cock faggot. A willing cuckold is so much fun. I had Davon over. He is 25-year-old black guy with a 13-inch-thick cock. He is a beautiful black bull who loves fucking this trashy milf. I did not hesitate with Charlie. I shoved Davon’s monster rod down his mouth and watched him gag and drool. It’s all or nothing with me and a BBC. Charlie wanted big black cock and he got it. Once you go black and none of us go back.

Lot Lizard Sex Was Popping at the Truck Stop Last Night

lot lizard sexLot lizard sex is popping on a Friday night at my local truck stop. I am well-known there too. I am the hottest lot lizard according to the truckers. When I am not there, I am missed. I did not go last Friday because of some bad weather. I decided to crash a teen party instead. This Friday, however, I was jonesing big time for some party favors and big cocks. Big black cocks. My local truck stop is full of black truckers, many who decide to stop at this truck stop just because of me. I am just an old-fashioned coke whore. I have a good body still. I am not on crack or meth so I can keep up with the hard cocks. I was looking for Big D. He is the black man with the biggest cock I know. He was looking for me too, but not for the reason I had hoped. I thought he would want to party with his favorite trashy milf and fuck the shit out of me like he usually does. He did fuck me. He did give me coke. But he was looking for me because his white friend was along for the ride. This guy was fine looking and according to Big D had a pretty fly cock for a white guy. I had to check him out for myself. I was not sold, even though I knew Big D knows what a big cock looks like because he has 14 inches dangling between his legs. Well, his white driving companion did not have 14 inches between his legs, but he had about 12, which is indeed pretty fly for a white guy, LOL. I got to fuck them both. I got my swirl on with some chocolate and vanilla dicks. I have a sore sloppy wet pussy today as a result, but this old whore loves to hurt so good.