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Sloppy wet pussy missed daddy

When I get blow and I’m high as a kite, my Sloppy wet pussy needs to be fucked and abused. Daddy normally is around but tonight I was getting blown with my neighbor. I know he has a big black cocktail because he sells it to rich older white women. I straddled him and kissed him all over grinding my pussy and ass on him. I could feel his big black dick poking at me and I got on all fours. He grabbed my head and started face fucking my mouth hard and deep. All I could think about is how deep my daddy fucks my throat, even made me pass out from not being able to breathe. I finally begged for my neighbor to fuck me with big black cock. That’s what happened and he didn’t stop until he drowned me with his nut.

Sloppy wet pussy

After we did more lines and told me he would abuse me and drown me with nut any time i missed daddy, his friends could join too and fuck my brains numb.  That is what I like as a Trailer trash whore. 

Big Dick Sucker for Big Black Dicks Runs in the Family

big dick suckerI am a big dick sucker. First cock I ever sucked, was a big black cock. I was a young schoolgirl at the time. I was spying on my mother with one of her black Johns, and I got busted. This was the 70s and it was very different times. My mom fucking black men was scandalous even for a trailer park back then. Anyway, the John saw me and made my mom an offer. She refused at first, but I was cool with it. I thought my mom fucking black men was so hot. I would spy on her fucking my dad, and it was so different. She looked like she enjoyed fucking those black men. I wanted to feel that good too. I know she started hooking to support us when my father would hit the road for long stretches at a time. He never left us enough money for food and school supplies. She got creative in the 70s and made money with the oldest profession around.

I am not a hooker like my mom. Not in the traditional since at least. I do trade my pussy and ass for coke though. And if I need quick money, I can be a lot lizard sex whore at the truck stop. But I did become a black cock whore just like her. When I sucked the first big black cock as a schoolgirl, a black cock whore was made. I am still sucking big black dicks. The older black men in the community remember my mother fondly. I fuck some of those guys who are still around. Plus, I suck their sons and their grandsons now too. Last night, I fucked the great grandson of the man whose cock was the first big black cock I ever sucked. That is like some circle of life shit right there. I told the boy I sucked his great granddad’s cock when I was even younger than him. He wanted to hear my bbc sex stories about his great grandfather. It turned him on that my mom and me have serviced the men in his life too.

Cum Guzzling Slut and Blowjobs for BBC

You know I became a great giver of BJ’s at a young age. The name stuck with me I was Bobbi Jo but we can just say Blow jobs is what I stand for. I can be the nastiest cum guzzling slut out there with the love I have for thick sperm loads of jizz. So it makes it obvious that my favorite is big black cocks. BBC. I enjoy the size weight and of course the load size from those nigger dicks.

My favorite thing is to have my tits ass and face covered in cum. Smoking my cigars and rubbing that jizz in my pussy while on the phone with my pimp telling him I need another 5 BBC’s and an eight ball to get me motivated today. It’s fucking cold out and the only snow I want part of is the snow that goes up my nose.

I hear a knock at my door now, think the delivery is here.

Cum guzzling slut

Daddys Little Trailer Trash whore gets used because daddy said so


I am a good Anal cum dumpster for daddy and he knows if he takes care of me i will do anything he wants. He paid a BBC bull to fulfil any rape fantasy he had with me. He made sure to get his little slut anything he she needed to be able to take a good torture sex session. He knows I love to get high, and he always takes care of me so well. When my bull friend came, we did our blow and waited for daddies’ instructions. When daddy finally got there the Trailer trash whore in me was easily activated. He instructed my BBC friend to start by choking me and slapping me to show me how i just belong to daddy and I must do anything he wants because he pays for me and my holes. I was taking every blow just thinking about busting down some lines. I could tell daddy was really liking by his smile and bulge. When daddy pulled his big daddy meat out, he told my BBC friend to choke me with his cock and to not let off. That is what happened. I could barely breathe but I was happy to make my daddy proud. He told him to use my ass and fuck my little asshole. I did a line as my asshole was ripped open by a big black dick. He pounded me and choked me from behind while daddy fucked my throat.

Anal cum dumpster

I could barely breathe when I felt daddy start cumming down my throat. He commanded my BBC friend to fill my asshole up and just like that I was the perfect Cum dumpster for daddy. Daddy let me rest because he knew I was going to be sore after the ass fucking, I just got. 

BBC Sex Stories are Plentiful with a Trailer Park Whore Like Me

bbc sex storiesBBC sex stories are plentiful with a trailer park whore. I grew up watching my mom service black men in our trailer park. Same trailer park I live in now. Many of the black dudes I fuck are descents of the men my whore mommy fucked. How cool is that? When I was just a schoolgirl, I helped my mom service this one black guy. That was the moment I became a black cock whore. Honestly, I wanted to help. It was my mother who was reluctant. Last night, I fucked that same man’s two sons. They are in their 40s now. Not much younger than me, but I knew who their daddy was. Their father is still alive and living in the trailer park. I was fucking him up until his stroke that left him in a wheelchair. The man is in his 70s now. His sons love this blonde fucking whore. And I love them. Two big black cocks? And they are real brothers too? Porn writers cannot come up with this kind of stuff. It was fate. It was meant to be that I would service all the men in this family. Those two brothers have sons I have fucked too. Three generations of black men got to fuck this whore. I wonder how many black cock whores can say that they have fucked that many generations of black cock? The brothers were in rare form last night too because midway through fucking the shit out of my pussy and ass, they texted their teenage boys to join the fun. I had two father and son duos. I think I give new meaning to dirty trailer trash whore. I had father and son cum running out of my fuck holes. All I could think about though was how much I owed their daddy for making me the best BBC slut around.

Trashy Milf BJ Takes Cock Bareback

Bareback me and fill me with cum. This is what a trashy milf like me loves. Lot’s of pussy, ass and mouth pumping and filling me up. I am a trashy gangbang whore that craves bukkake and I expect to take lots of it. Most white guys are too small, I said most, and well frankly black men are mostly all hung. I say most there as well, I had a little dicked black man once.. acted and big and thought that loving black cock was my thing. He missed the big factor. I laughed at him and brought in another brother to show him what a true BBC was and how he needed to be shamed. This pathetic fuck became my bitch boi a pathetic creampie eater with a big wallet and small dick. I had my uses for him, his bank account and clean up services. lol

Trashy Milf

Daddy Pays To Have His Little Anal Cum Dumpster Abused

BBC sex stories

My BBC sex stories is what I normally tell daddy, but last night he had a different idea. Daddy paid one of my BBC drug dealer to give his little Anal cum dumpster a lesson. Daddy wanted to see how good of a Big dick sucker I am. I wanted to make daddy proud because I know I am a Trailer trash whore and I just want him to be proud of me, so I sucked that BBC deep down my throat. Daddy pulled his cock out and ordered my BBC friend to choke me while he throat fucked me. That is what he did, and I could see how pleased daddy was. Daddy rubbed my Sloppy wet pussy while my throat was getting abused and whispered in my ear asking if i was going to be a good Anal cum dumpster and i was going to take that BBC. For daddy i will do anything, so i braced myself as daddy told my BBC friend to fulfill his anal rape fantasy and fuck my ass. He didn’t hesitate and pounded my ass hard. Daddy took his cock and fucked his little Anal cum dumpster mouth until he came hard, and I swallowed every drop. He then choked me until I passed out. When I woke up, I was alone with a sore asshole dripping of semen just like a Cum dumpster is left. 

Black Big-Ass Whore For Hire



Cum dumpster Men love my big bouncy ass and when I am working that pole, my ass is the main attraction! I’m a nasty freaky ho and i love having hot stiff cock coming at me from all directions! I can take on 7-8 cocks at a time and give every damned one all of my special attention! I love meeting men in the strip club I work at and taking them in the parking lot for a little car sex. I suck them and fuck them and take all their money! They get a load of my big juicy ass and I milk them for all they are worth! One time I did a bachelor party for some frat boys at a private estate. When I arrived the music was pumping, the drinks were flowing and I was center stage doing my thing when one of them damned frat boys held up a $100 dollar bill to fuck my asshole in front of his drunken overly-privileged frat-boy buddies.They were all cheering and chanting, “Fuck her ass!” “Fuck her ass!” and yelling all kinds of nonsense calling me the “n” word and a nigger whore.Think I care? I told him to get another $100 dollar bill out and we could make it happen. He gave me 2 $100 dollar bills, pulled his stiff white cock out of his pants , grabbed me by my big ass cheeks and drove his cock deep in my asshole, his cock was pretty damned big and I gasped! The whole damn room went crazy, there were about 20 guys there and they started screaming and going crazy and throwing beer on me while this white dude rode my asshole, then they started whipping out their cocks and jerking off on me cumming all over my face and hair.. I am telling you it felt so good and I came so hard! When my ass started quivering on White boy’s cock he started yelling how much he loves nigger ass and pussy and how there isn’t anything better than a dirty black whore! He then proceeded to shoot his thick white load deep inside my asshole and passed out right on top of me! His Frat-buddies pulled him off me and we had a fuck-fest the likes you have never seen. But I ain’t crazy I made sure to gravitate towards the dudes that were holding up $100 bills. I then proceeded to suck so much cock, take cock in my pussy and asshole. I mean these guys went crazy on me they were grabbing and pawing at me from every direction! Right there on the floor! I had dicks in my pussy, asshole and mouth for hours! I came so many times I almost passed out and when I would a guy would throw beer in my face to wake me up so I could take his cock. When I finally got back to my ride in the early morning hours I was a mess! Covered in beer, jizz, urine and lord knows what else! I was exhausted,Yeah I made about $1400 that night. And a good time was had by all.

Lets have Freaky phone sex while I snort coke

gangbang whore

I love getting super high and sucking dick.. It’s the perfect combination. I love being a gangbang whore who gets a Cum filled pussy after a brutal gangbang! I’ve been kicking it in this local mobile park.. They call it Mobile city.. It’s where all the hottest drug dealers hang out.. A hot bitch like me gets high for free… I mean who could possibly turn down an opportunity to get their dick sucked by a hot whore like myself.. The gangbangers call me the Trailer park whore.. I grew up in this mobile park but with all the money I make off these perky tits I’ve invested in I no longer reside there..

There is nothing in the world that can prevent me from stopping by there every day to get my pussy filled for another bag of free coke.. This morning I got my pussy pounded by three nigger dicks.. For me its like a double whammy since I love nigger dick, I get high well I am there and on top of that I leave with a bag.. I walked into this broken down mobile home.. Most refer to it as the trap house and I was down on all fours getting my back blown out while snorting lines off this 13 inch black cock.. I am the best Big dick sucker a black man could come across..

After snorting the line off his dick I rubbed his cock all over the side of my cheeks into the back of my throat.. Until he left a hot load all over my whore face. I love being mistreated as long as I get my free daily dose. I use to prostitute for the big dog but now I am on to bigger and better things. I would love to snort this bag of dope with a man who’s willing to get high with me.. Whos down to listen to my smear coke all over my pussy while I fuck myself with my fuck machine? I am so ready for some dirty fun.. Call me! 

BBC sex stories are meant to be stuck in you

BBC sex storiesWell, I’ve finally done and got my favorite BBC sex stories dildo shoved so far up my glorious pussy that it’s stuck! I can’t slide this thing out on my own no matter how hard I try, and believe me I’ve been trying for hours. It’s so slick with my sweet pussy juices and lubed up with need and lust that I can’t get a grip on it. Can you help me? Thank you, let me just bend right over so you can get a good look and figure out how you’re going to get ahold of this massive thing. It’s so deep I can’t help but pant with every movement, my ass wiggling and my breaths making my jugs bounce just right. Oh fuck, you accidentally turned it on and now my Sloppy wet pussy is getting even sloppier! I’m so fucking horny, haah, I can’t even imagine how you made that mistake but my brain’s scrambled so what do I care? I think I said that out loud, shit, you know what good! I want you to know how messed up I am, how much you’re helping me, how grateful I am. Baby, shit, the way you’re wiggling that toy around deep inside my tight hot pussy is feeling so good, I’m getting close to cumming. It’s almost like you’re teasing me on purpose, you are aren’t you? You’re such a jerk, I love it, keep it going! It’s not enough on its own to make me cum, and I think we both know that, but fuck I want it so bad. When I asked you to help me, I meant please get it out, but now I want you to pull it out and replace it with that massive cock of yours. I want you to stretch me out and overpower me, fuck me into this bed and make me forget about it. My cunt is running juices down my legs and I’m practically begging you at this point. Listen to me pant and moan, listen to me beg as my legs start to shake. I need it so badly. Please, may I cum? I’ll do anything you say! I can’t believe you called me on the Phone sex line at such a great time.