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As I dance my seductive circles around you, as my hips sway side to side for you, as I steal your money with a simple glance it’s on my mind. Will he be my next victim? Will he get to see what this sweet, sweet, candy tastes like?

Probably, I am not picky when it comes to my men. I have been called every name in the book. From filthy whore to a blood-sucking spawn of Satan. Nothing affects me any more.

The only thing I care about in the dull forsaken world is your cock. I dream about it and fantasize about it. Then, before you know it, my hand is either down your pants or you are inside of me. It all depends on you.

 If you are the slow, sensual romantic, please move on because I am here to get down and dirty. The dirtier, the better.

So, you want a fuck fest? I’m your whore. Do you want to fuck like rabbits, one on one, for hours? I’m your girl. But if you want to sit and talk about your mommy issues and not fuck, get lost.

I’m your living fuck doll, not your therapist. So, come on, make me feel like the woman I am meant to be. Use me for what I was put on this earth to do. Fuck me hard, then forget about me and lose me. I will more than happily do the same.

Gangbang Whore Audrey

Gangbang Whore


I absolutely love being that filthy little cum covered whore in the middle of a gangbang. I love getting to see all of the guys pump their cocks for me.

Their faces may not be the prettiest, but who needs them when you have all that cock! Those sweaty, salty, delicious cum shooters make my mouth water. My panties drop at the sight of a juicy, meaty, cock.

The beads of sweat that roll off of the sweaty entangled pile of limbs. Oh god, yes! I love being tangled up with another person. Legs wrapped around theirs while one hand is pulling them in closer so they can go deeper and deeper inside of me.

The other hand tangled up in their hair. My fingers laced in their luscious hair, as their hands search my body. Stopping to either land on my full, tight ass, or my succulent round breasts. Then, oh! When they squeeze my titties tight and pull my hair! It simply isn’t a one-man job!

I am all woman, I need plenty of men to fill me up. I need multiple men and women to satisfy my needs, to fill my pussy. I crave the never-ending orgasms.

Just thinking about it makes my panties all wet. My pussy craves the attention, and one just simply isn’t enough. I work hard for my money. I dance for all these men, so why shouldn’t I get to see their cocks dance for me?

Queen of Cock

dirty phone sexLife has been so crazy lately. I can’t even remember half of the men I’ve slept with. Don’t even ask for any of their names, because I won’t remember. I use them then lose them.
After all, the amount of men lining up just for a little taste is staggering. There’s no possible way a hot girl like me could ever resist all that cock. My pussy just drips thinking about all that delicious cock.
My pussy is a huntress, and she is always on the prowl. Whether it’s bars, clubs, libraries, even your daughter’s recital for class, I am always on the lookout for some hot tasty man meat.
I like my men to have long, thick, deliciously juicy cocks. I should be able to just look at your cock and have it turn hard instantly with my huge DD titties, and large juicy round ass.
Sometimes, I think I’m addicted to sex, because even after cumming with multiple men, I still touch myself. I stick my finger inside my warm, tight, wet pussy and just go to town.
I love feeling myself up, all over. My breasts are so soft and thick. They are so fun to play with, and suck on, and lick.
I even spank myself. My hand just bounces off my jiggly, perfectly round bubble butt. I love when men spank me and pull my hair. I love when they are a little rough. It makes me stick my fingers inside myself deeper, thinking about how rough they can get.


Fabulous Firsts

dirty phone sexI have been so horny lately. All I have been able to think about lately is my first time with a woman. She was so delicious, I cum every time I touch myself to the thoughts.
Her body quivered as I brushed my hand along her curves. Her bare skin had goosebumps all over it. I gently kissed each of her breasts then sucked hard on her nipples to get them nice and hard.
Her breath was shaky and laced with ecstasy as I stuck my tongue into her warm, wet pussy. She tasted sweet, like she was literally dipped in sugar. I couldn’t get enough.
I shoved my tongue in further, flicking his g spot. She moaned in pleasure and gripped the sheets tightly. Her toes curled as I ate her out.
Her cum was so delicious, it tasted like pure honey. I brought my face back up then wiped my mouth, I was still hungry. So, I decided to bring out my double-sided strap-on.
I inserted my side into me, the thrust it into her pussy hard. I didn’t want to be gentle. I wanted her to scream my name.
I could tell she was about to burst, so was I. The 11 inches felt so good. I took it all like a champ, and so did she. Our pussies drooled in pleasure as our bodies meshed into each other.
I thrusted hard on last time then both of us screamed in bliss. Cum leaked down my side of the strap=on and into her pussy. She was filled with my cum. I felt so powerful and accomplished. I couldn’t wait to fuck her again.

Dirty Phone Sex: I Love Taboo Fucking

dirty Phone sexI love incest. Taboo fucking is hotter, don’t you think? I am an incest slut in my family. It began with my cousin. He is just two years older than me. One time when my family visited his family, I saw him peeing. It was the first dick I ever saw. I just stared at it. My cousin liked me watching him. I don’t think I was watching him because I was horny. I was super young. It was just more like astonishment because I had never seen one before. My mom was a single mom, so daddy was never around much. He asked me if I wanted to touch it. I was a bit timid, but he pulled me closer to him and made me touch it. It was hot to the touch and it jumped. He proceeded to push my head down on his dick. It tasted like pee. Even though he forced me to suck his cock, I got the hang of it quickly. I liked it sucking his dick. I liked the taste of his cum. Flash forward a few years and I am the family fuck slut. I fuck daddy. I fuck my brothers. I fuck grandpa and of course I still fuck my cousin.

Druggy Phone Sex with Audrey

druggy phone sexI took one more drag. The lightheaded tingling feeling that I love started to kick back in and I knew I was ready to party.

I looked back at my bed, it was a mess, and it was about to get even messier. I slowly walked over to Derek, who was lying naked and rock hard on my bed. I smiled wickedly then straddled him. I wanted his cock more than anything right now.

He was so stoned, that he barely realized I was there. All he knew was that he was in bliss as I slid his steaming hot cock into my soaking wet pussy. I was so wet, my pussy slurped up his cock happily.

Oh my god, he felt so amazing in my tight, slippery little pussy. I rode him harder and faster. He moaned loudly as his cock went deeper and deeper into me. I could feel every inch of his veiny, deliciously plump cock.

I moaned sweetly as my back arched in pleasure, his cock was so long that it was hitting the back of my pussy so easily, it was delicious. I knew he was close to finishing because he started to get finicky and told me to get off of him. But I refused.

If he was going to cum, it was going to be inside of me. I wanted him to fill me up, I wanted to overflow with his steaming hot load. So, I started going fasted, I was close to cumming myself.

He gripped my hips hard then thrust his cock so deep into me, I screamed his name in pleasure. That was all he needed; he released the biggest, hottest, stickiest, most yummy load of cum ever. I bit my lip as I finished all over his cock. Mmmmm, that was exactly what I needed.

I got up then threw a towel at him and told him to clean off and get out. My pussy was already ready for my next victim.

Pretty Pink Slits and Cocaine

Druggy phone sexI needed blow and I needed it bad. I tore my apartment apart for little plastic baggies but came up empty. I spent the last of my money on shoes and it didn’t even matter because I have a hot body. I can use my sexy curves to get free drugs from any dealer. But Rico has the biggest cock and every time we fuck he destroys my pussy. He always has a house full of thugs and he makes me the free entertainment. I love being slutty in front of an audience. When Rico tells me to blow his friends, I do it without hesitation. Wouldn’t you like to see me on my knees with your cock in my mouth? I do whatever it takes for me to stay high. They put long beautiful white lines on the coffee table and watch me bend over naked to snort one. I want them to see my pretty pink slit because I want them to want me. Do you want me?

Super Freak Loves White Lines

Druggy pornI’m bored and I want to get high. Do you have any coke or crystal? Get me and high and I’ll make you a very happy man. My oral skills will blow your mind. I have no taboos and I’ll do anything for those beautiful white lines. My favorite thing is guys titty fucking me. Look at my tits they’re perfect, nice and big. Wouldn’t you like to see your dick between my titties? I keep my cunt shaved because drug dealers love a bald pussy. And I never ever pay to get high, I use God’s gift, my body, to get want I need. Call me and I promise to make your fantasies come to life. I want to be your dirty nasty girl. I’ll use my fingers and you’ll love my moans. One bump of powder and I turn into a super freak.

Coke Sluts

Druggy phone sexI love my best friend, Stacy. We have so much fun when we hang out and like me she parties hard. We do a few lines and turn into lesbians. Her pussy tastes like sunshine. I took her to my dealer’s house and like always his house was full of gangsters and thugs. I love going there with Stacy. We were wearing tube tops and mini skirts with no panties. We walked in and the room got quiet. I love eating her pussy with an audience watching us. We sixty-nined and they cheered us on. I ground my cunt against her mouth. I love the way her tongue flicked across my clit. We stay there all day, fucking and getting high. Rico, my dealer, likes me and Stacy on our knees licking his big dick while his homeboys watch us. We do whatever he wants and he rewards us with the best cocaine.

Party Girls Love Big Dicks

Druggy phone sexI’m a party girl. Seven nights a week I’m in the club or at someone’s house party. I go where the drugs and liquor flow freely. I’m the girl at the party with her top off bouncing my ass in a thong. I love having all eyes on me. I drink too much and do a little too much cocaine and you’ll find me in a back room giving blowjobs to anyone who wants one. Good music and good drugs always bring my freaky side out. I went to a party last night and ended up blowing twenty guys in two hours. Sucking all of those dicks made my pussy a sloppy mess. I love being the life of the party. My party schedule says full because everyone wants me at their party. I love sucking dick and flashing my tits. And I always take the guy with the biggest dick home with me. The best way to end a night out is bouncing on a big dick.

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