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My boyfriend is an Anal sex whore, ask my transgender friend

Anal sex whoreMe and my transgender lover had a threesome with one of my many “boyfriends” last night. It felt so good to have a big dong buried inside of my Sloppy wet pussy while having perfect round tits in my face.. I sucked her nipples while they double penetrated me.. Whoever thought fucking a woman with a cock would have been so hot.. I was own on my knees sucking my boyfriend off while she was fucking his throat. His dick was the hardest I had ever seen! I slipped my way beneath his balls and ran circles around his pucker using my tongue.. I wanted to watch him get bent over and fucked hard while I sucked her balls. His asshole was gaping, I normally stretched him out using my strap on but figured we could do something different for a change. He was a dirty little Anal sex whore pleading to be fucked harder while clenching his hands into her Gigantic tits.. I was bent over the table getting fucked by my machine.

I was so turned on watching her turn my masculine boyfriend into a sissy bitch for BBC. I watched as his back arched and he with no rhythm swayed his hips.. He was totally trying to get into it.. He wanted her creamy load to fill his gaping stretched out hole.. I normally hose him with a fake cum shooting dildo.. But the desperation for the real stuff was jaw droppingly hot.. I squirted so hard watching the two of them get nasty! She loaded his man pussy and made him finger his cum filled ass while she had her jaw dropped at his rim licking up her own cum as it oozed out of him. She was wearing her Blonde fucking wig with a pink latex dress and bubble gum lip stain.. She ha spent a night, the way her lips folded back as she slid his thick dick into her throat to relieve him this morning was so fucking hot to watch I cant stop watching Tranny porn! 

Facial Creampie slut gets fucked while wife gets butt dialed

Creampie slutI jacked off a stranger’s dick while he was hauling ass to a motel to bend me over and snort lines off my big tits… He had a half ounce of some good shit and a wallet full of cash! I was in for both. Lucky for me he also had a big dick! I lucked up and got a full package deal. We spent two days in a motel smoking meth and doing coke. We fucked for hours on end.. while he was blowing I was slurping and while I was smoking he was eating my crotch. I was so stretched out from having his cock and my vibrator rubbing up against one another inside of my shit hole. His cum oozed out of my Sloppy wet pussy from the pressure of the vibrator rocking my walls. I slipped my meth pipe into my pussy and had him sip the cum out using it as if it were a straw. We did some hot shit! He clogged my pipe so we had to make a pit stop to a local smoke shop. I got me a nice water pipe that fogged up our motel suite.

His wife was blowing up his phone line and at some point he was so fucked up the he answered… I know she had to of heard me moaning in the background with his dick balls deep inside of my whore cunt. If she ever knew he was barebacking a whore she probably wouldn’t still be with him… but then again, he does own a multi million dollar company so she is probably in it for the same reasons I am.. Lucky for her you can’t call her a whore, right? because she took an oath LOL, idiots.  We had Hardcore anal sex, I prefer having my asshole slammed rather than my pussy. Sometimes my boyfriend questions me when my pussy feels worn.. It’s a close call when I get home after a business trip! The idiot falls for “I was so horny I stopped by the sex store and fucked myself while watching our homemade porn” every time. He spoils me rotten but has no idea about my drug habit! To avoid questioning, I do sneaky shit to come up with side cash.. I had to pretend I was on my period because of how much cum filled my pussy that night.. If he ever finds out I am a Creampie slut who gets pounded by tricks; he would totally be shocked. I am his trophy slut but he doesn’t know it hehe…

A well known Cum guzzling slut who loves the burst of flavor

Cum guzzling slutMy BBC sex stories are endless.. You can find me anywhere you find them! Those big black dicks know how to please.. All that rhythm along with their juicy fat long dicks is heaven on earth. My most recent experience involved 5 black guys.. My dealer and his friends rolled up to serve me my daily batch of a nice thick potent 8 ball to fill my nose while I go on dates.. He promised me an ounce if I went back to his trap house and served every last one of those hard cocks..

Every last one of my holes were plugged up while I snorted a thick line off of my dealer’s cock. Two dicks rubbing up against one another Inside of my gaping asshole.. My Sloppy wet pussy was ready to be bred. I laid on my back, spread my legs and massaged my pussy while they stroked their dicks.. A big throbbing cock came over my head and slid between my tits.. I gave him a rim job while he titty fucked me as his friends took turns fucking my cunt.

Down on my knees with my pussy oozing, I had my jaw dropped preparing for a throat Creampie! I sucked every last one of those fuckers clean and drained those packed balls.. I was covered in cum, scooping nut off my face and body and dragging my tongue through the palm of my hand to eat up any nut I could find.. I got my ounce and headed to the strip for some more dick. They don’t call me a Cum guzzling slut for no reason, a whore like me can go all day and night! 

Taboo phonesex with me means the forbidden can be explored

Taboo phonesexI am addicted to Hardcore orgy porn! I always have it playing in the background on silent while we party and get nasty… Heating my meth pipe up and running it in and out of my pulsating hole after taking a hit makes my pussy tingle. I am always draining balls whether on or off the phone. I know how bad you would love to listen to the sound of my pussy so you know for certain your dirty fantasy has turned me on. I don’t think there is anything that doesn’t get me worked up or at least I haven’t ran into a kink yet that hasn’t..

The moment I hear your voice, I know your cock is in the palm of your hand and with just a hint of your fetish, I instantly create the dirtiest idea to add to our Taboo phonesex session.. My toys are ready, fully lubed and my 15incher that I love to work down my throat is attached to the wall flavored with cotton candy lube. Mm, the feeling of the head pushing back my tonsils gets my pussy soaking wet.. I dream to have you behind me feeling my cunt tense up around your cock as I nearly choke on my massive dildo..

The sexy pornstar in the background selfishly taking on multiple cocks and being treated like a worthless whore makes me jealous but eager.. I figure a way to be in a position just like her! I have got so many toys, even one you can remotely operate while we get dirty. Just a link and there you are inside my pussy, you can hear the vibration penetrating my walls as you pick up and slow down the speed. Tell me your dirtiest fantasy! My Sloppy wet pussy awaits you…

My Sloppy wet pussy is off limits for dicks smaller than 8in

Sloppy wet pussy He stroked his tiny little clity for me while I totally ignored his existence. I had him watch Prostitution porn for excitement, in no way was he getting coochie out of me.. I could care less how much he paid me to join him in his hotel suite.. He should have been honest about the size of his peen. I literally have in my ad in parenthesis (not accepting tricks with cocks less than 8 inches) He couldn’t have missed it. This fucker didn’t even have half that and had the nerve to think I was going to fuck him bareback and risk another genetic malfunction of a penis; if he had gotten me pregnant… I’ve popped out a few offspring’s from dates and this one wasn’t worth the risk.

My littles tend to my needs whenever I am not out strutting and posting ads on the black-market. His weiner was risky business! LOL he stood there in front of me holding his dick that vanished into the palm of his hand and pleaded for me to at least take my shirt off. Well, I did consider since I thought it would be a bit exciting to be a cock tease. Instead of just my shirt I stripped down completely naked and whipped my clit back and forth while telling him a man like him doesn’t deserve Sloppy wet pussy, not even on his own dollar. There isn’t enough money in the world for him to be deserving of pleasure!

I spit roasted him and had him tug at his cock while I said the most degrading things. I pulled a few toys out of my purse and gave him an ultimatum, it was either he fuck me or I fuck him.. He obviously chose to stretch my cunt out… That didn’t last too long, not even his arm had the stamina nor rhythm! I bent him over and slid my pussy cream covered dildo into his asshole. If he wanted to get off he was going to have to accept fate! From the grip of his asshole I could tell he had never done anything like this before.. If there is one thing, that fucker sure did enjoy it! I cut him off mid fuck and packed my shit, his clit hadn’t even squirted yet.. He tried chasing me to the door but as soon as I had my foot out, you know that fucker was not risking anyone else being able to witness his micro-peen. He has been blowing my Sexline ever since.. Sorry loser prostitution gigs are nonrefundable, cash in hand first! 

A Hardcore anal sex slut loves a dripping creampie

Hardcore anal sexSay what you want but being a Hardcore anal sex slut has made me thousands. I am not one to use my pussy up, I prefer a nice anal Creampie oozing out of my asshole.. The sound my asshole makes when its queefing is such a turn on for me! Especially when I am hovering my asshole over the face that just got through using me. Clenching my shithole with your eyes right beneath looking up at my asshole pulse as I push the cum right into your mouth, such a tasty treat.

If I am not in a hotel room getting high while grinding my ass all over a tricks cock.. I am on the phone tending to a neglected husband! It’s true you cannot turn a whore into a housewife and you have fully accepted that which is why you married the prude but still seek your excitement with women like me who know what to do. Cheap phone sex with a druggy whore who likes to party and get high on cocaine and ecstasy; while sending you visuals of me stretching my pussy does the trick.. I mean at least daddy isn’t out late at night riding around picking up hookers off the side of the road..

A girl like me isn’t what you will find street-walking on the side of the road and a family guy like you doesn’t attract nor know where to find girls like me.. Plus you probably are not so tech savvy so more than likely you punched into google’s search engine bar seeking Hookers for hire and that’s how you found me.. you were only supposed to do it once, but after the dirty things I filled your vanilla head up with your cock has been driving you back for more.. Whoever thought Phonesex would be this exciting?

I use my Sloppy wet pussy to stash drugs for inmates!

Sloppy wet pussyI got my shaved Sloppy wet pussy fucked by nice big and thick deprived tools! I rode their dicks in every position and made sure to clean my mess up off of their cocks after.. I do have a day job, I know surprising huh? I am a correctional officer at a state penitentiary.. There are so many big dicks in cages with no place to put their cocks unless they are willing to sacrifice their manhood. I get high outside of the pin and occasionally smuggle drugs in for them. The bigger the dick the bigger the deed.

Somehow I’ve become a sex slave for a kingpin and his gang. Whenever I am covering their block I am dragged into their cell to have my holes treated like a drain for their loads. There is one sissy faggot who washes their laundry and tends to their needs whenever I am not around.. He is the one who cleans me up after the guys get through making me a Creampie slut! The kingpin definitely earned his position. He’s got this big 14 inch monstrous piece of meat that’s serving life in prison.

He’s a major cartel runner and got caught up at the southern border. I am almost certain all of his minions, also known as gang members that run for him, had to have swallowed at least one of his loads in every one of their manholes. What Pablo says goes and that means even for me! Just this morning I smuggled two kilos into the prison inside of my asshole.. For those who don’t know yes your ass can take a fucking ruler and a half of meat if it had too. 

Creampie slut

I was bent over in the showers having my asshole fisted. The guys took turns reaching for the baggies inside of me.. They stuff the drugs inside of the drains in the bathroom; this is the best place to stash since nobody flips the prison bathroom.. If ever we have a drill we are tossing mattresses and ripping pictures off the walls! I’ve been getting fucked by him and his gang for nearly 4 years.. This isn’t the first gang I have smuggled drugs in for.. I used to stash the drugs under my silicone tits, it was a lot less than I am stashing now though.. I’ve had a few pregnancy scares but lucky for me contraceptives and abortions have kept me from being a prison baby mama. I am a well known Crack whore anal slut.. crack in a literal sense!

Gangbang whore gets fucked while phone boning with a pervert

Gangbang whoreMy new boy toy is aware that I am a Taboo phonesex whore.. He knows I talk to men regularly about all sorts of dirty things.. He recently found out for himself how dirty it gets! I was on the phone with one of my regs, this guy gets off knowing someone is present; especially when its a guy I am fucking outside of Phonesex.. It makes him feel dominant knowing that for the pretty penny he’s paying I could careless about the feelings of the man I am with. It’s not just about the dirty things I say to him while we phone bone but that I am actively getting off to the dirty shit he’s saying..

My boy toy walked in while I was rubbing my silky wet pussy to Bill’s dirty fantasy about his daughter.. He could hear me describing in vivid detail her tight hairless pussy swelling as daddy dug his cock in balls deep.. I could barely make out the words, I moaned as I went into detail.. My knees were buckling and toes curled. I personally thought it was going to be the last time I saw my new boy toy.. well that was until he pulled up a picture of his daughters pussy from his drafts.. He started whispering in my air and rubbing on my tits while I plummeted a big thick rubber dick in and out of my coochie.

Me and Bill always fantasized about Teen sluts fucking, but it was nothing more than just a fantasy but my new boy toy brought it to the next level.. I felt his cock pulsing up against my back as he whispered in my ear about the last time he fucked her.. I couldn’t bare the sensation, I had goosebumps.. I was ready to get fucked! I began describing the videos and pictures from his phone to my caller.. The two of them grunting to the dirty things slurring out of my mouth made my pussy soaking wet.

I slid his p daddy Dick into my pussy and rocked back and forth on all fours.. While moaning intensely I accidentally slipped up and moaned out my boytoys name.. “Joooohn oh fuck Johhn you like that tight little pussy, tell me you’ve bred that pretty kitty.. fuck yes!” He started describing the last time the fucked her hairless cunt.  My client was shocked yet totally turned on.. together the two of them took turns dismantling my fuck-holes.. My client instructed me to shove the rubber dick he mailed me inside of my asshole while getting fucked in my cunt.. He called me a Gangbang whore and asked me how it felt to have two dicks rubbing up against one another inside of me.. I started squirting so fucking hard as the two of them shot their Biggest load! 

My Cum filled cunt oozed into the back of her throat

Cum filled cunt I orgasmed so hard riding a monster cock! After taking a big juicy load inside of my Sloppy wet pussy, my friend Jen slurped the nut out.. We’ve been tag teaming men since grade school. I rode his cock prior to giving him  a blowjob while Jen sucked on my asshole.. My Big tits bounced up and down as I took a joy ride on his disco stick.. My tiny pink hole spread like a band and swallowed up every inch of his thick, long dick. We were partying from dusk till dawn completely naked in his hotel suite.

My pussy was leaking cum while prancing around his hotel room getting a fix only to get right back on his stiff dick. While I got high she had her turn, we were popping ecstasy so our hormones were at an all time high. His veiny throbbing cock was hard as a rock round after round that fucker did not go down! My Cum filled cunt was overflowing with gooey white sauce. We were so horny he wound up passing out from how many times we drained his balls.. That’s when Jen and I seized the opportunity to fuck one another..

We rubbed our sloppy creamy holes together while scissoring and snorting cock. The lips of our slimy pussies were so wet and silky.. You could literally hear the sticky noise it made as we rubbed our tits. I was so turned on I had goosebumps running up my thighs. I stood up in front of her and propped my ass up in the air.. she buried her face inside of my cunt from behind, I could feel her nose running in and out of my gaping asshole..

I rubbed my clit while she penetrated my cooch with her tongue.. My firm tits were hanging and nipples were perked. After I orgasmed I squatted down in front of her, wrapped her legs around my neck and devoured all of the cum she had swallowed up in her hole. Her pussy tasted amazing! I slid my finger into her asshole and massaged her prostate while she rode my face.. She gripped onto my black hair and yelled you fucking Cum guzzling slut while she squirted.. He woke up from all the noise and daddy fed our whore holes some more loads! 

Teen anal whore gets money for drugs fucking p daddies

Teen anal whore Our parents never knew we were Teen sluts fucking older men for money.. They thought we were honor roll students who would never do such a thing.. Meanwhile their perfect teenage dream daughters were skipping class and sucking the teachers off for good grades.. Luckily even Ms. Juniper was a dirty hot milf, she was into watching her husband fuck younger girls while she masturbated and would suck his load out of our tight snatches.. Not only was she a p mommy but she was also heavily on cocaine!

She  drugged us the first time she had ever convinced us to have our cherries popped by her husband.. She invited us over to her house for tutoring but wound up giving us alcohol and drugs and had us serve her husband while being intoxicated. Trish and I contemplated tattling but 3 days later we were having a fit and needed a fix. We wandered our asses back over to Ms. Juniper’s place because we knew she had what we were itching for. We got fucked a few more times by her and her husband but she eventually got so nervous she quit her job and left town..

We had no idea how to even get drugs so Trish started pawning her ass off to the perverted teachers at our high school.. She sacrificed her asshole for drugs and became a hot Teen anal whore, it wasn’t long before I had followed in her footsteps… We were making so much money off men we didn’t see a need for school.. We decided to drop out and work at a nearby strip club together tag teaming wallets.. We always made sure to spill the beans to older perverts about our age so they would be afraid and our young Bald pussies would have complete control over their dirty minds.

Til this day my Sugar daddy has stuck around.. I was so young slurping his cock and being his breeding whore that he only got older and I just got hotter.. He’s the one who paid for my breast implants. He loves when I wrap my knockers around his cock so he can shoot his Biggest cum shot all over my face. No way was I going to be a Doctor in debt.. I would much rather be a paid Creampie slut, easy money.