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She Thought She Could Have Me Fired

dirty phone sexShe actually thought that she could fire me. I laughed as I made my way back to my big boss’s office. I walked in and smiled. As I explained that the bitch tried to fire me, but I knew he would override her he just smiled. I know how to keep a job. With pouted lips I made my way towards him, undoing my top as I went. He smiled as he turned his chair towards me, and I straddled him. Kissing his neck and licking his ears I could feel his large cock rubbing against my pussy. I stood and unbuckled his pants and pulled them and his boxers to his ankles. I then smiled as I positioned my hot self between his legs and started worshiping his cock. I sucked his balls and licked the head. I slyly looked at him and asked if she could fire me. He smiled and told me of course not. Then he grabbed the back of my head and rammed it down on his throbbing cock. He held me there were he fucked my face as I gagged and chocked before feeling those warm streams of cum inter my throat. I sucked him until his balls were drained, wiped my mouth and stood up. He smacked my ass and told me to get back to work. I flipped the bitch off as I took the stage.

A New Year’s Eve Of Fucking

dirty phone sexIt is New Year’s Eve, and this naughty girl is looking to be fucked. Like a total gang bang. Like a train sounds nice tonight. So, I went to my neighbor, who also happens to supply me with my party favors and to my surprise he is having a party tonight. A sort of get together he called it. Him and some friends. After and inquiry it was determined that this get together is actually going to be a meat fest. A real cock pleasing crowd, or so I hope. I fuck him often as opposed to paying for my play time so as he was pounding my pussy I asked if I might come and join on their little jerk circle. He laughed and told me that a dirty hoe like me would have a great time. As I spoke of wanting a nice choo choo to ring in the new year he bust his nut deep inside of me. His eyes got wide and he told me that he would be the one on top of me at midnight and that I could have all those other dicks before or after. I pulled up my panties and headed home for a nice nap. Then a shower, bump and shot to get me started. Want to join me for some New Year’s Eve fun?

Santa Left You a Present Under The Tree

dirty phone sexWhat do you want for Christmas baby? How about a nasty dirty freak under the tree? That is exactly what Santa left for you this year. Me. Complete with a hot little outfit just waiting for you to come and unwrap. So, what are you waiting for? Don’t leave this horny girl on her hands and knees. Bring me that big thick cock of yours and let me deep throat you. Then spread my legs and fuck my juicy wet cunt from behind. Grab my hair and smack my ass. Fill me with your thick warm cum. Then let me suck you hard again. Get back up on my knees and smile as I spread my ass cheeks for you to ram that monster deep inside my tight pretty asshole. I want you to go deep baby, like balls deep. Let me hear them smack against my perfect tight ass as you pound me. Leave a massive gape so we can admire your work. Let’s watch as the cum drips from my asshole into perfect puddles beneath me. Maybe I am feeling naughty enough I might just lap it up like those little furry friends you like to join us sometimes. Pick up that phone baby and come play with me. Spread that holiday cheer love.

Some Fun With My Roommates Guy

dirty phone sexYou know what is missing? My lips around the head of your cock. That always gets me what I want. So, when my roommates man came by to drop a package off for her, I decided that I wanted his cock. I smiled and told him just that. He smiled unsure if I was serious, but I quickly let him know as I started unzipping his pants. I pulled that cock right out of those boxers and put my lips right around the head. I felt his dick immediately get hard as rock. I love that power, so I teased him, taking him inch by inch very slowly. Of course, I rubbed the tips of my fingers across his balls as I started fucking him with my face. I took him deep and I took him fast. He was filling my throat with his warm yummy cum within minutes. I then sucked him hard again and let him have some fun with my gorgeous body. We ended with some hot anal which left a nice size gape in my ass when we were done. I smiled as he left and told him if he ever needed me to receive his package, I would always be wide open. He turned red and I just laughed knowing that I had are little fuck fest on him and could get anything I want from him. I am a nasty little slut, aren’t I? Want to let me take care of your package too?

A Chaturbate Show

dirty phone sexI was recently turned on to Chaturbate. I am a hustler so I am always looking for some easy money and I don’t mind using my body to get it. Last night I logged on and immediately had a request to put on a pair of thigh highs and zoom that camera in on my tight little ass hole. Then it got fun. He would list objects he wanted to see me stick in my ass. The weirder the object the higher my tips went. He requested all of the typical objects, dildos, vegetable and hair appliances, but then he wanted to see if I could sit all the way down on my bedpost. My bedpost is rather large, and I was hesitant but when the money came pouring in, I figured what the hell. I lubed that pole up really good and had so much lube in my tight ass that it was leaking out. I started slow and lowered myself a little at a time. It was so big and was stretching my sweet hole out, but it also felt so fucking good. I could feel my pussy getting so wet and as I lowered myself, I started playing with my nipples. I continued taking it inch by inch until by ass was completely full. I was so damn horny by then that I just stayed there and started playing with my clit and pinching my nipples, bringing myself to an orgasm as I ass fucked that bedpost. They loved it and my viewers doubled and the tips into the thousands. I told them to gather their money and come back tomorrow for another hot show.

I Used Him Like A Dildo

dirty phone sexI met this older guy at a party and after chatting a few realized I had gone to school with his daughter. The fact that I think his daughter is a bitch made him even more attractive. I played it up all night, knowing that I had full intentions of going home with his sorry ass and hopefully running into his bitch ass daughter. So, we drank, and we smoked and did a line or two and as the night was coming to an end I winked and asked him where daddy was taking me for an after party. His pants lit up with a tee pee and he smiled as I went in to kiss his neck. We hopped in a Lyft and headed back to his place. His wife had recently moved out and he was still in the vengeful phase. He asked if I would put on the nighty she wore on their wedding night. A sick fuck he was but hey, I am a naughty ruthless bitch, so I put it right on. I slipped a little blue pill with his drink and off we went. I like a hard dick, but I need a dick to stay hard awhile and my tight ass body with his sex deprived cock wouldn’t last. I used his cock as I would a dildo. I rode that cock; he lifted my legs over his shoulders and rammed my pussy. Then as dessert I spread my ass cheeks and let him give me anal. I don’t think he had ever done that before because even with that pill he blew his load within a few strokes. As he lay there sleeping, I listened for the door of that bitch’s room to open and then so happened to meet her in the hallway before walking back into her dads’ room. I think I will wake him up and fuck him again so she can hear it this time.

Fucking His Face

dirty phone sexWent to a rave last week. I know I know…………. I shouldn’t go because of the COVID thing but my pussy was drying up baby. I needed to juice it up and what better way that a room full of horny people. Some drinks, some pills, some pot and lots and lots of loud music. I saw a hot dude across the way and decided that he would be the one to jump start my pussy. I wrapped my arms around him and said, “fuck me”. He smiled and grabbed my hand leading me to the basement. As people partied around us, I undressed to my heels and got between his legs and blew him. Deep and hard and fast. His nut juice filled my mouth, and I swallowed every last drop. My pussy was feeling it now and I climbed up and straddled his face, grinding my cunt against his mouth. Using his nose like a credit card as I rubbed my slit up and down him. I didn’t stop until he was covered in my pussy juice. Then I licked his mouth clean and climbed on his hard dick. As I fucked him, I noticed a light shining on us and heard someone say smile you are on Instagram live. I just laughed told them to tag me and direct them to my only fans page. Then continued putting on a hot ass show for them as I got my pussy filled.

Live Phone Sex Whore Audrey

Live Phone Sex

As I dance my seductive circles around you, as my hips sway side to side for you, as I steal your money with a simple glance it’s on my mind. Will he be my next victim? Will he get to see what this sweet, sweet, candy tastes like?

Probably, I am not picky when it comes to my men. I have been called every name in the book. From filthy whore to a blood-sucking spawn of Satan. Nothing affects me any more.

The only thing I care about in the dull forsaken world is your cock. I dream about it and fantasize about it. Then, before you know it, my hand is either down your pants or you are inside of me. It all depends on you.

 If you are the slow, sensual romantic, please move on because I am here to get down and dirty. The dirtier, the better.

So, you want a fuck fest? I’m your whore. Do you want to fuck like rabbits, one on one, for hours? I’m your girl. But if you want to sit and talk about your mommy issues and not fuck, get lost.

I’m your living fuck doll, not your therapist. So, come on, make me feel like the woman I am meant to be. Use me for what I was put on this earth to do. Fuck me hard, then forget about me and lose me. I will more than happily do the same.

Gangbang Whore Audrey

Gangbang Whore


I absolutely love being that filthy little cum covered whore in the middle of a gangbang. I love getting to see all of the guys pump their cocks for me.

Their faces may not be the prettiest, but who needs them when you have all that cock! Those sweaty, salty, delicious cum shooters make my mouth water. My panties drop at the sight of a juicy, meaty, cock.

The beads of sweat that roll off of the sweaty entangled pile of limbs. Oh god, yes! I love being tangled up with another person. Legs wrapped around theirs while one hand is pulling them in closer so they can go deeper and deeper inside of me.

The other hand tangled up in their hair. My fingers laced in their luscious hair, as their hands search my body. Stopping to either land on my full, tight ass, or my succulent round breasts. Then, oh! When they squeeze my titties tight and pull my hair! It simply isn’t a one-man job!

I am all woman, I need plenty of men to fill me up. I need multiple men and women to satisfy my needs, to fill my pussy. I crave the never-ending orgasms.

Just thinking about it makes my panties all wet. My pussy craves the attention, and one just simply isn’t enough. I work hard for my money. I dance for all these men, so why shouldn’t I get to see their cocks dance for me?

Queen of Cock

dirty phone sexLife has been so crazy lately. I can’t even remember half of the men I’ve slept with. Don’t even ask for any of their names, because I won’t remember. I use them then lose them.
After all, the amount of men lining up just for a little taste is staggering. There’s no possible way a hot girl like me could ever resist all that cock. My pussy just drips thinking about all that delicious cock.
My pussy is a huntress, and she is always on the prowl. Whether it’s bars, clubs, libraries, even your daughter’s recital for class, I am always on the lookout for some hot tasty man meat.
I like my men to have long, thick, deliciously juicy cocks. I should be able to just look at your cock and have it turn hard instantly with my huge DD titties, and large juicy round ass.
Sometimes, I think I’m addicted to sex, because even after cumming with multiple men, I still touch myself. I stick my finger inside my warm, tight, wet pussy and just go to town.
I love feeling myself up, all over. My breasts are so soft and thick. They are so fun to play with, and suck on, and lick.
I even spank myself. My hand just bounces off my jiggly, perfectly round bubble butt. I love when men spank me and pull my hair. I love when they are a little rough. It makes me stick my fingers inside myself deeper, thinking about how rough they can get.


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