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I Watched Him Cum

dirty phone sex


I got to tell you about the Skype call the other day. This dirty boy and I were watching some hot ass porn and he sent me a picture of his flashy butt plug. I told him how hot it was, and he described how it actually lit up. I had to see that for myself, so we set up a Skype call and he put his fine ass in front of the camera, and I watched as he pushed it deeper inside of him, turned on the vibration feature and watched as it lit up and drove him crazy. He couldn’t see me because well, company policy, but I got to enjoy the show. And let me tell you what a show it was. The butt plug flashing, the vibrator going and him stroking his big thick cock. He went right in front of the camera so I could watch as he got wetter from the pre-cum. I was stroking my wet pussy and pounding with my dildo as he shot his load. Just watching his creamy load squirt from his cock pushed me over and soon I was orgasming right with him. Baby have you got a big cock you will let me watch cream too? A horny girl like me craves that.

I Got His Call

I got the call. He wanted to see me. Then I got the notification of a deposit $$$. Well, well well looks like daddy was wanting to play hard tonight. I am certainly not one to disappoint so I sent a snap back showing him all the goodies. I knew the place and I knew the time because this was at least a weekly hookup. I loved the money, but I also loved his big thick cock when he was pumped full of those little blue pills. I got there early and ordered room service and some drinks, changed into a hot little panty and bra set, put on some porn and waited. I heard the key go in the door and I swear my panties got moist. He walked in with a big smile as I went to greet him. His big hands held me and then made their way to my ass where he got a big squeeze. I kissed his face and got to work removing all of his clothes. I told you he is a hot ass, so I took my time admiring him. Then I playfully pushed him back on the bed, licked my lips and crawled between his legs. Kissing him from his feet to his thighs, stopping at his ball sack before opening my mouth wide. Want to hear what I did next? Or maybe you want to hear what I want to do to you? Give me a call, I will be waiting.

I Placed An Ad On Skipthegames……

dirty phone sex


Only Fans is saturated so what is a hot ass girl to do for some big stacks. Put out escort ads of course. So, I went on skipthegames and set up a hot little ad. My number was blowing up and I was in. I of course wasn’t going to meet up with just anybody, so a quick pic of the goods was required. I don’t mind little dick men that just want a little cuddle time because that is easy money. But if you are wanting some hole action then you best be hanging. I want it to fit nice and snug in my tight wet cunt. Or if backdoor is your thing you best be able to fill that up too. I looked over the menu for tonight and picked an older gentleman who was willing to pay upper 4 figures for an overnight no taboo session. I would be leery, but I googled his ass, and he was loaded. Not to mention nice looking. He texted that he had some kinks, but nothing is off limits with me, so I clicked accept and sent that cashapp request. Within second he had loaded the money and I was on my way. I arrived first and walked in the room and dressed just how he requested. I bet you would like a sugar baby or skipthegames girl like me, wouldn’t you? What naughty things would you like me to do to you or better yet what dirty things would you like to do to me?

Fucking My Boss

dirty phone sexI looked up and saw the new partner walk through the door. He was hot and I was horny. Lucky for me HR owed me a favor, that’s an entirely different story for another day. Regardless I walked my horny ass down and demanded to be assigned to the new guy. The bitch sighed and I just smiled and told her I would introduce myself. He was getting settled in as I walked into his office. Struggling with his computer I walked over to him, leaned over his shoulder, just so happening to rub my big tits against his back. I flirted a little and when I sat in front of him to take notes, I even spread my legs a little letting him get a good look at my pantiless perfect pussy. Still nothing. Well damn I thought, is this fucker into cock? Who the fuck denies me? I put it into high gear and decided to go big. I removed my top and skirt and walked towards him. His eyes were big, and his cock was making an appearance in his pants. I helped him get that beast out, licked it a few times and gave him a quick deep throat. Just enough to get that cock wet. Then I removed my panties and lowered myself on him backwards. Because, well I didn’t want to mess up my makeup. I hopped up and down on his cock like it was a pogo stick. Didn’t take long and he was filling my cunt with his load and I was cumming on his cock. I smiled as I got dressed and told him I would be back for another round at lunch. He just smiled and sat there with his cock still out of his pants. I bet you would like to be my boss, wouldn’t you? Dirty phone sex? I’ll be waiting.

Dirty Phone Sex Makes Me Wet

dirty phone sexHe started with asking what I was wearing under my clothes and it ended up with some hot ass dirty phone sex. He called and I told him that I was wearing nothing under my clothes because I wasn’t wearing any. I was laid back on my couch with my legs spread. Touching my perfect pussy and fingering my sweet wet hole. That is the beauty of a headset, my hands are free to do whatever I want to while we talk. Mostly I rub my clit and squeeze my nipples but sometimes I even grab for my handy dildo. The big thick one with the veins and mushroom head. I pretend it is yours and I guide it into my wet cunt and go in and out while we talk. You can hear my voice get excited and softly moan into the phone. You let me hear your wet cock that you have been stroking and I let out an audible loud moan. I arch my back and take the dildo as deep as I can. I imagine that your balls are beating against my ass with every thrust. Then I imagine your big hands turning me over, spreading my ass cheeks and burying your thick big cock deep inside my tight ass. You hold my hips as you fuck me hard. Anal is my favorite and always gets me so excited. You unload inside of me and I admire the gape you have left. Damn baby, my pussy is getting wet just telling you about all of this. You pick up the phone and give this dirty slut a call.

Dirty Phone Sex With Him Made Me Cum

dirty phone sexDirty phone sex was what he was looking for but after our call he was hooked. I was his drug, he needed me, and I needed him. The hotness of our call was crazy. The sound of his wet cock in his hands and the feel of my fingers inside my soaking wet pussy was mesmerizing. He talked of kissing me from my toes to my thighs and then softly flicking my clit with his tongue before sucking on it. I though damn this man knows exactly what he is doing. I closed my eyes and imagined him here. He brought me to a trembling orgasm and of course this slut was quick to reciprocate. I told him how I would lay him back. Lick his thighs and suck his balls. How I would open my throat wide and take that gigantic cock deep inside. I would hold him there too. So deep that my slutty mouth would gag, and choke and my eyes would water. I wouldn’t stop until my mouth was filled with his warm creamy goodness. Then I would climb up on his chest and grind my pussy in his face while leaning back stroking his wet cock. He was hard as a rock then and I turned and rode him reverse cowgirl, giving him an awesome view of my hot ass. Now baby, I bet you can get me off, too can’t you? Can’t wait for you to call and show me.

Dirty Phone Sex Is For Feet Worshiping

dirty phone sexSo, you are looking for some dirty phone sex? The kind that involves some pretty sexy feet. Look baby at my feet. I got a pedicure just for you. The pretty pink color you crave I put on my toes. Now don’t leave me sitting here all alone. You come over and worship these beautiful feet of mine. I will sit here on the couch and wait for you. You come in the door and I am wearing that sexy black lingerie you just bought. My big tits on display and my juicy wet cunt just waiting to be pounded. That is it baby, crawl to me. Take my feet and rub them, smell them, massage my toes and heels and arches. They smell great, don’t they? You look at me, almost asking if you can suck on them. I nod at you, giving you permission to completely worship my feet. You start by licking them. From my toes to my heel. You breath the smell in deeply. I can see your pants start to bulge. The feel of your warm breath on me and the sight of your bulge is driving me wild. My pussy is getting wet and I am getting so turned on. You lick and you suck on them. Wet from your mouth as you start stroking them. I smile as I move one away from your hands and mouth and start rubbing your cock beneath your pants. You drop my other foot and come towards me. I unbuckle your pants and take your big thick cock and start stroking you. You climb on top of me, sucking on my tits and rubbing my wet cunt. I feel your fingers inside of me and grind towards you. You whisper to me asking what I want. I kiss your neck and tell you I want a cum filled cunt.

I Was A Creampie Slut

dirty phone sex

Nothing is hotter than dirty phone sex with a hot ass hoe. Like me for example. I love to get anything I want with just a little smile and a peak of my ass. The other day at one of those pay to play parties I was sitting on a chase dressed sexy and showing my nice, toned ass. I saw a gentleman across the way that looked like he was loaded. I don’t come to these parties to fuck no poor ass cock I go straight for the big ballers. Literally, the ones that can provide me with a stack of cash straight to my cashapp and a big load inside my tight perfect pussy. I smiled and he came my way. I gave him the digits and he filled my account up perfectly. Then we made the way to a room. I undid his tie and unbuttoned his shirt and unbuckled his pants, letting them fall to the floor. I sat him on the bed and removed his boxers and then went to work on his cock. I smiled up at him as I did a little cock worshiping and sack sucking. I knew not to let him blow his load as he wouldn’t get hard right away and I was focused on pleasing more men and fattening my account. So, once I tasted his precum I laid him back and lowered my wet bald twat down on his throbbing cock. I rode him as he squeezed my nipples and moaned. I kissed him fiercely as he filled me with his warm cum. I gave him a little TLC and helped him dress. I then took my whoring ass back out to the game. By the time, the night was over I was not only flush in my account, but I was a full on creampie slut.

A Valentine’s Date With You

dirty phone sexYou know what I want for Valentine’s Day baby? A cum filled cunt. Think you might be able to help this whore out? So, let me go ahead and plan our date out. First, I must make an appointment to get a wax. I want it all off. My cunt will be so smooth, and my ass will give easy access to your beast of a cock. A little sexy lingerie, dress and matching heels and I will be ready to go. Pick me up with flowers and take me to a nice restaurant. You know the ones with linen tablecloths. The ones that hang down so I can pull your cock from your pants and stroke you under the table. Every so often leaning into you and licking the precum from your mushroom head. Where you can stick your hand up my dress and finger my soft smooth cunt until you feel my juices flow on your fingers. Then put them in my mouth and let me suck off my cum. Next it is time to go to that nice hotel room you booked for us. I walk in to find flowers on the bed and chilled champagne waiting and some toys. I slip out of my dress and you drop your pants as I unbutton your shirt. I kiss your chest as you grab my tits firmly. You push me to the floor, and I open my mouth. Kissing your thighs and sucking on your balls before deep throating you. You fill my mouth with your warm cum and lift me, taking me in to a passionate kiss. You taste your cum on my tongue and guide me to the bed. Removing my clothes, you lay me on my back and spread my legs. Now baby, it is time to pick up that phone and continue this roleplay with some dirty phone sex. I will be waiting.

Pissing Sex Stories Of An Escort

pissing sexSo, I have this after-hours hustle that I use to pay for my school tuition and my dirty dark habits, and it pays well. You see it is surprising how many men are looking for a hot ass easy escort. I will spread my legs and take care of all the daddy’s and bad boys or open my mouth and suck them off, but there is this one client that wants something different. Something taboo and wild. He wants me to be his dom. I am bossy and spoiled and love humiliation but that is not what he wants. What he wants is some dirty raunchy pissing sex play. Seriously, he wants me to dress the part, latex, high heels, fishnets – all of it. We meet at the nastiest hotel in town and he stands on the corner. A busy corner I might add. Then I walk to him, with my complete outfit. I pull out a paddle and smack his ass. I degrade him and tell him to kneel. Then I attach a collar and leash. I lead him down the road and into the hotel to our room on the top floor. There I order him to strip down and lay on his back on top of a tarp. I scold him and tell him how little his dick is. I Facetime a friend so she can also see what is happening. She also lets him know his tiny dick could please no one. Then I make him hold the phone while I hover over his face. Then I start peeing, lots and lots of pee. Having held it for hours and continued drinking water I cover his face. It splashes off of his mouth and lands on the floor. When I am done, he wipes my wet pussy with his tongue, being my human toilet paper. I stand, take the phone and together me and my friend watch as he licks every drop from the tarp. I told you it was odd but hey golden showers sex is hot. Want to play some wild games with me too.

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