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Skyping With Daddy

dirty phone sexDaddy is away on a trip with his boring ass wife. But that doesn’t mean daddy doesn’t think about me and my big tits, bald pussy, and perfect mouth. We set up a time every night. He slips away every night for a run, or so he tells her. What he is really doing is skyping me. Like clockwork the computer rings. Today I answered with a hot surprise for him. Me laying back in the bed, tits on display, fucking my pussy with the dildo he had just bought me.

He smiles as he pushed the car seat back and pulls out his cock. I see him stroking as I take the dildo out of my juicy wet cunt and put it in my mouth. Imitating a sloppy wet blowjob. He moans as he tells me he misses me. I smile because I know that my cashapp will be dinging soon with a brand-new money load. He asks if I have been good, and I tell him I am always good. I send him a video of my earlier nights fuckfest. Me with a cock in my mouth and one in my ass. He watches and strokes frantically, blowing his load all over the screen. The video ends and just like that my notifications go off.

Let’s Continue The Party

dirty phone sexBaby? You been up all night like me. Partying and watching porn and getting fucked. I knew that you were, but you are here because you are still horny as hit, aren’t you? Or maybe your partner has passed the fuck out and you are still ready to roll. Or maybe you are having thoughts of some dark taboo fantasies you want to play out. Doesn’t matter to me baby. I am fucked up, horny and always thinking deep and dark. My play toy had to leave so I am sitting here with my legs spread watching some porn and fingering my wet juicy cunt.

My fucking mind is racing, and I need a playmate. Think you would do nicely so why don’t you give me a call and we can keep this night going. Let me hear your hard cock against the phone and I will move my headset down so you can hear my juicy wet cunt. Then we will get the dildos and have some fun. Let’s get off together. A little mutual masturbation for us partying perverts. I think that sounds like a fantastic way to end or start the day. Maybe a little porn would be fun to watch together too. Either way baby, I will be waiting for you.

Pussy And Cock

dirty phone sexWhen you think of your fantasy girl what do you envision? A beautiful horny freak? That is what I thought. Well, I am all of the above and more. I am pleasant on the eyes, always down to fuck and nothing is too taboo for me. My last boyfriend was pleasantly surprised when he took me to a college friend’s bar for a party. As the night went on and the drinks and shots kept flowing and some pot and a line or two were done, he looked over to see me and his friend’s wife dancing and grinding on each other. As they cheered us on, I grabbed her face and we started making out.

That was all it took to get the boys worked up so as soon as the song was over, they suggested we take it back to their place. On the ride back me and her were in the back and the boys in the front. I pulled her dress up, her panties down and buried my face in her juicy bald pussy. I love the taste of a woman’s juices. As she moaned the boys couldn’t stop turning around to enjoy the show. After we got home, we had an even better show. Give me a call and I will tell you all about are freaky night.

Sunday Night Fun

dirty phone sexHey baby? Want to end your weekend with some hot dirty phone sex? Don’t even try to pretend you want to get a good night’s sleep. Your dirty little desire is on the other line waiting to play with you. I mean, because seriously, who doesn’t want to get off before preparing for the new work week. Let me relax you baby. I want to be your special little nighttime drug.

Come to me while we talk about just how dirty and kinky you can be. Grab my hair and force me to my knees. I obediently open my mouth and suck you off, looking up at you as you ram your cock deep down my throat. I gag and choke, but you don’t stop. You don’t let go until you are shooting warm streams of your cum in my mouth. Then lay me back and taste my sweet juicy cunt. My juices enticing you into another raging hard-on. You climb up to my face and I kiss you, tasting my juices on your tongue. It is so hot baby, and I ache for your cock. You spread my legs and ram your dick inside of me. Fucking me hard and fast, releasing all of your frustrations inside of me.

Want To Be My Sugar Daddy?

dirty phone sexHe hired me off backdoor and cashapped a big load of cash for a weekend on the beach. A plane ticket arrived and another cash dump for some hot ass clothes and pampering. This is exactly the type of John I like. I headed to the salon for some waxing, manicure and pedicure and of course to have my hair done. Then I proceeded to that fun shop for some hot ass lingerie and toys. I didn’t pass up the opportunity for some sexy clothes either as his cash seemed limitless.

I packed a bag and headed to the airport, first class of course, and was on my way. I arrived and a driver drove me to the gated community and a concierge took my bags and walked me to the condo. He opened the door, and the view was incredible. Presents on the counter and champagne chilled. I ate a little and drank a little and did a few lines and changed in a hot bathing suit to lounge by our private pool. I heard the door open and turned around to see this hot ass older man standing. My pussy jumped a bit at the prospect of this sugar daddy. The things I did to him that weekend were kinky and hot. I bet you would like to be my sugar daddy too, wouldn’t you?

Fucking My Professor

dirty phone sexMy professor wanted to see me after class, and I knew exactly what he wanted. See I had skipped a few classes and bombed a few quizzes, so I was fully prepared to do whatever I needed to pass this class. I purposely wore a short skirt with thigh highs and nothing else underneath. My button up blouse could barely keep my big tits contained. So, I sat front row and periodically would cross my legs, uncross them and then cross them again. Each time giving him a great glimpse of my juicy wet bald pussy.

I caught him looking a few times and as we stared at each other’s eyes I grabbed my pen and moved it in and out of my mouth. This must have caused a little stir in his pants as he continued the lecture from behind the podium. At the end of class I met him in his office. Sat on the couch and spread my legs. He was flustered when he arrived, and my pussy was no longer hidden under my skirt. I smiled at him as I laid back and started fingering my wet hole. He couldn’t resist and I got an A. I bet you would make me do all kinds of kinky dirty naughty taboo favors for an A wouldn’t you?

Partying And Fucking

dirty phone sexI had been up all-night partying and my pussy was warm and soaking wet waiting to be pounded. I looked around the room trying to find a viable participant. Only requirements were that they were still half coherent. Luckily for me we had a late arrival. He walked in the door looking hot and perfect. I walked over and whispered into this ear. I grabbed his hand and sat him on a bench. I slipped out of my dress and pulled off his shirt and pulled his pants to his ankles. In front of me was a massive hard thick cock just waiting for me to ride him. I leaned him back and turned my back towards him and lowered my soaking wet pussy down on his throbbing huge cock. I pinched my nipples and hopped up and down on his cock until I covered his cock with my cum and he filled my cunt with his warm sperm. I sat for a few to milk him before hopping off and slipping my dress back on. I kissed his cheek and told him thanks and went to the table to do another line.

Tonight We Play

dirty phone sexI am just sitting here rubbing my wet pussy and smoking my pipe. I have a few lines waiting on me and a shot as well. Might turn on some porn or I might spend the night talking to a horny man. Is that you? You wanting to party and talk about all kind of fucked up things? Dirty taboo and nasty. That is the way I like it, don’t you? Some fetish porn or some naughty things you want to do with me. Maybe you want to try and shock me BUT don’t count on it. I am as nasty and kinky as you will find. You would be pressed to be able to get me all twisted. But don’t let that stop you. I encourage it, actually I crave it. The nastier and dirtier the better. Tell me all the things you want to see me do. Your deepest darkest fantasies. Want to see me with your friends? Dad? Brother? Maybe your mother, sister or girlfriend. Baby I am down. Always down to fuck. I will be here stroking my pussy and getting jacked up. Take a hit, snort a line and ring my line so we can have some fun.

I Will Be Waiting

dirty phone sexReady to party and be perverted tonight babe? I have a fresh delivery from my favorite dealer and a bottle beside me. Freshly showered and scantily clothed I am ready for you. I want to do lines and smoke a little and do shots with you. Perhaps put on some porn and have some mutual masturbation fun. I have all night and I am waiting for you. I want to hear you stroke your wet cock while I rub my clit with my vibrator and push my dildo inside my juicy wet cunt. Let’s have some kinky naughty roleplay too love. Nothing is off limits and the more perverted and kinkier the better for me. I love when I have a caller with a wild fantasy. We snort and smoke and take our time as we venture into the raunchiest wildest fantasy we can think of. Jerking and stroking as we go. So what are you waiting for love, give me a call and let’s have some fun tonight.

A Slut Does What A Slut Wants

dirty phone sexEveryone loves a nasty naughty slut. But when you find one who knows how to take control and bring out a kinky side of you that you never knew existed, then you have found a fun playmate. I love to take a man who thinks they are going to use me only to turn the tables and make him my bitch. I had a guy who decided he was going to hold me down by the throat and fuck me. I love that shit but as soon as he came, he thought we were done. No baby, far from it. I started blowing him and then spread his legs underneath me. I then buried my fingers in his ass. He hesitated at first, but I was persistent and relentless. Soon his struggles were non-existent and as I blew him, I fucked his ass with my fingers. Not one finger, but two. His dick was rock hard, and his balls were full. As I sucked his cock my fingers went in and out of his tight asshole. I felt his entire body tense up before he shot the biggest load of cum, I had ever seen him shoot. He laid there silently for a few minutes before smiling and just saying wow. I know he liked it because my phone was dinging within hours of him leaving. A slut has to do what a slut wants to do.

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