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Teenage Hot stripper sex

No taboo phone sexI have so many Stripper sex stories from back in my teen years.. I use to dance at a gentlemen’s club called the glass slipper.. My fake tits and tight underage body always got me into private sessions.. My sugar daddy came in one night with 3 black guys and offered me 10k to make stripper sex porn..

I was young dumb and full of cum so I didn’t quite understand that he was going to be quadrupling that offer.. I went into the back room with the 3 black guys and my sugar daddy on the far end video taping every moment of me flipping around on the pole.. He told me to strip down completely naked and cat walk across the floor on all fours..

He then offered a extra 5k for me to deep throat and get my asshole pounded.. I obviously didn’t know any better since I was clearly way to young to be working the pole in the first place.. But, I got into the club because of him.. he owned the place and the last thing I wanted to do was jeopardize my job at the club being a high school drop out.. and of course my relationship with my sugar daddy..

I didn’t hesitate to say yes.. I dropped my jaw and swallowed every inch of a Big black cock.. Then slid my ass back on the other.. one black guy was stroking his dick over my young body.. I was covered in cum when they were through with me..

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Kinky Golden shower sex stories

Creampie slutI am a well known Trashy milf, every guy around town has had a piece of this ass!

I’ve even had brothers use me like a Gangbang whore right in the bed of my boyfriend’s truck..

I got super high that night and couldn’t resist the sensation that cocaine mixed with molly sent through my hot whore cunt.. 

No BS, Molly really sets me off!

It was like once it slid down my throat I turned into the dirtiest whore I’ve ever personally known myself for.

I was instantly down on my knees slurping, drooling and devouring big black cocks..

I could careless about a rubber, I wanted every drop of cum those big nigger dicks could offer.Cum filled cunt  


I wound up in the bed of the truck sliding my tight pink pussy down a 11 inch hard cock..

Had another guy pounding my asshole and a 14 incher sliding in and out of my throat..

After they were through filling every last one of my fuckhols with thick creamy protein..

I was bent over face down ass up having my gaping asshole pissed in.

I am a slut for Golden showers sex, especially when I get high! 

There’s nothing better than a gang of men making it rain all over my body while I am rubbing cock cream on my smooth skin like lotion..

The best part of life is pleasure.

Party girl Hooker phone sex

Creampie slut He calls me Crystal, that’s because all I do is smoke crank! I met him back at the Marriott, ya he’s pretty fancy.. He knows to hang out with a hot druggy whore like me he’s going to have to pay up. He always brings a nice new sexy outfit for me to change into and a pair of high heel platform leather thigh high mules.

I make him get down on his knees and pant while teasing him with a warmed meth pipe.. Haha, it’s so cute to see him beg for his own supply. We watched Hardcore orgy porn, and I fucked myself with his glass bulb. He whimpered because he couldn’t wait to take a hit after I got it all creamy and sticky!

Of course, I wasn’t going to make it easy for him. I had him down on his knees shining my boots with his saliva. I even tied his hands behind his back with my g string and made him waddle on his knees across the room to fetch the pipe. He sure wasn’t getting a piece of ass out of me right away after humiliating himself like that.

I made him tuck his stiff dick in between my leather boots and jerked him until he cum shot. After he got through, I had him scoop his nut up, smear it on his gaping asshole and fucked him with my 7inch heel. We then watched Stripper sex porn while I stripped down naked into nothing but my Black leather mules and had Hot stripper sex.

He certainly did earn it! 

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Druggy phone sex whore

Creampie slutHaving a pussy gets you a shit ton of Money and drugs! I am always lucky enough to hook up with a guy who’s got drugs so I can snort lines off his dick and drain his wallet. Most women are afraid to fuck the intoxicated.. But, I see it as a perfect opportunity!

A vulnerable man who’s high out of his fucking mind makes for a perfect pay piggy! Me sitting across from you rubbing all over my young breedable cunt while you blow thick clouds of smoke…

What’s better than that?

Come put hills of cocaine on my hard nipples and snort it off. You can have me however you want.

Yes, I know the more high you get the less likely your cock will be hard.. That’s what excites me the most. Knowing I will have you limp dick in my mouth while you are getting numb.

You didn’t exactly invite me over to drain your dick anyway.. You just wanted a trophy chick to talk dirty while describing her waxed cunt..

Anything to make you feel like the man… I’ll be sure to be wearing my high heel stripper platform mules, completely naked. You know where to find me on the The fornication station with my legs spread. A place where you can find all the hottest Hookers for hire on the internet. Nothings better than Druggy phone sex. I bet you can use a young hormonal slut that’s down for anything!?

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Teen sluts fucking

Creampie slut

I have a lot of Gangbang sex stories.. That’s because I am a Gangbang whore! I lost my virginity at a very young age.. Younger than your average girl. Well in High School I had befriended a virgin.. It somewhat made me jealous knowing she had her cherry still intact. Well, I did anything to take that from her. I always managed to hang out in the older crowds and when I was growing up Kik was a thing! I always met with random men I met off that app.. Mostly older men!

It was like a secret site for perverts to lure in littles. I decided to skip school that day and convinced her to join me.. We met some guys on the coast at a beach house.. There were hills of cocaine on every table and booze out the ass. There were even some creepy druggy wives there too. It was definitely a never seen before experience for me. I convinced her to do drugs and get drunk out of her fucking mind.. One of the wives had us try on bikinis.. I guess she had her own personal bikini line. Well, eventually night fell, me and Trish were being fucked by a gang of men while their wives masturbated.

I remember hearing Trish whimper while the guys turned her into an Anal sex whore.. After that night Trish became my bestest friend.. We ran away and fucked tricks together. She was more of a spoiled rotten girl.. I was really just taking advantage of her body and whatever money she would make off of it. She became a nymphomaniac all she ever wanted to do was fuck and it worked in my favor because I was stashing the cash. 

No taboo phone sex

I am ur daddies fav Fisting whore

Creampie slut Your dad told me he loved the taste of my sweet pussy as I glided it across his stache! Say what you want but this pussy has been tagging beards since I was a Teen whore. Sorry to break it to you, your daddy has an addiction..

He loves milking his cock right down the center of my silky smooth pussy while he hits the meth pipe… This morning he stopped by my hotel room with a bag of crank and vodka! It felt so good to have his heated pipe penetrating my asshole while he was fucking me deep in my hot whore cunt.

The combination of the two was everything a sexy crack whore anal slut like me could imagine. I was face down on a hill of cocaine with my ass up in the air getting pounded. Snorting coke in a foggy room sent chills through my body.. My pussy was drenched.. My cunt sucked up his rod and drained his balls!

Daddy loves fucking his favorite girl. Let’s admit it, daddy preys on young whores like me.. I’ve known him since I was in my single digits.. Which means daddy has been eyeing his candy for years. He confessed to stroking his pervert dick to my young tight ass in a Minnie mouse swimsuit. It turned me on to hear him say that! I love smoking crank with your daddy fuck, even your daddies daddy. I just love being a druggy whore.

Phone sex sluts

Druggy phone sexI turned a trick today who had a very odd request! I was thinking it was just going to be a regular suck and blow until he got back to my hotel room and saw my littles.. He offered me 10K to let him do whatever he wanted to them..

John, has a thing for bedwetters and he was totally turned on by the fact that I do business with my littles in the room. The moment he said 10k my eyes lit up.. All I could think about was how much drugs I was going to be able to buy!

Screw Christmas, they are so young it’s not like they will remember any of the gifts I got them this year anyway! I agreed to letting him do as he pleased.. He demanded I get down and slurp his cock while he changed her diaper.. While deepthroating I looked up and asked him what he was up too..

He looked down at me, his face wet with saliva and said her pussy tasted so good! I was oddly turned on and just continued deepthroating his dick.. His cock was rock hard! He requested I lather up her little slit and get in on the fun.. I soaked that hairless pussy up..

He then requested to fuck her.. With no hesitation, I tucked my hands under her armpits and slowly slid her tight little Sloppy wet pussy down his dick.. I watched her pussy puff and swell as his eyes rolled to the back of his head.. He confessed he thinks about doing these things to his daughter but manages to resist his temptations.

I didn’t see any wrong in it since he had a little dick anyway.. The way I looked at it was a cock that size was meant for tight little pussies like hers.. He blew his load in her cunnie and told me, I better keep my mouth shut! He turned her into a little Creampie slut.. Lets have Cum eating phone sex while I clean her sweet cunnie up.

Looking for Hookers for hire

Druggy phone sex I needed drugs and the dealer’s girlfriend was with him today.. That left me no choice but to come up with funds for my habit! I decided to take a trip to a local casino..

Looking to hit a jackpot! I came across this old man who makes a living off poker.. He invited me back to his hotel room and that’s where I got more than I earned..

I roofied his cup of whiskey… that fucker slouched mid fuck! I was deepthroating his cock when suddenly he passed out… Luckily, he wasn’t smart enough to close the safe..

I guess that’s what being this hot with such firm knockers will get you.. I was able to stuff my asshole with a wad of money.. He woke up and noticed me leaving..

Of course I wasn’t going to be able to just walk out.. So, I strutted my ass back towards him, pushed him down on the mattress… and swallowed up every inch of his dick in my pussy!

Lucky me he was on Viagra so I was stuck fucking him for hours… I guess it was all worth those saggy nuts cumming inside me, he gave me a nice tip.. The wad of money was drenched from my Sloppy wet pussy.. He didn’t notice I jacked him until after I left..

I had an old hag blowing my line.. Too bad for that loser! Now I’ve got me some drugs and I am feeling so fucking good.. Something about meth and coke really makes my pussy tingle.. I am in the mood to watch Prostitution porn while we have Nasty phonesex! 

Gangbang whore

Eat my Sloppy wet pussy

Pills and liquor always set me off.. But, Cocaine Druggy phone sex makes me a fucking sponge! There is nothing better than getting high and making super hot porn videos so I can afford more supply.. I have so many fans out there that love my hot and steamy homemade videos.. This morning I made a video of me fucking the Mover.. While my boyfriend was supposed to be loading up the moving truck.. He caught me down on my knees behind the refrigerator deep throating the movers cock.

He knows I do this for money but he was so fucking pissed that I showed him no respect and even fucked the mover.. I guess the Mover is tight knit with his older brother.. He’s pretty ashamed that its possible the mover might tell his brother about our intense fuck! He doesn’t want me getting high anymore.. I keep telling him he has to accept me as is.. He got with me knowing I was a anal crack whore so he needs to quit trying to save me.. He refuses to pay for my drugs so I have to figure out a way to come up with my own drug money.

The mover slipped $500 bucks between my perfect knockers and had me slurp his balls dry.. He left the biggest cum load all over my silky black hair. I was so sticky on the ride to our new house.. My boyfriend did confess it turned him on and he wound up bending me over and fucking me at the entry to our new home.. He loves watching my homemade porn videos while we get down and dirty! I have a bag of dope now who wants to have Druggy phone sex with a Cum guzzling slut? I love being a Cheap phone sex whore.. 

WBMT has the best Phone sex sluts

Druggy phone sexYes, I snort coke and smoke crank! It’s just something that I enjoy.. Some low down scrawny bitch tried throwing it in my face so I fucked her daddy.. She’s a trust fund baby and it looks like she won’t be getting anymore of daddies funds.. Daddy has been spending all his loot on my super hot young body!

Plus, I convinced that loser to add me to his will.. I’ve even turned him into an addict. He takes Viagra and I milk his dick for hours on end.. I mean its a easy fuck.. That loser has been deprived of tight young pussy… perfect opportunity for me! I’ve got him head sprung.. I guess Brittany should have been a good little Cum guzzling slut for daddy.. But then again its very unlikely she can suck and fuck as good as I do..

I love getting super down and dirty with him.. Snorting thick lines off his cock while he blows clouds of crank in my face.. It’s so fucking mouth watering. I love sucking dick when hitting the pipe! It makes me drool. He’s here right now slurping and sucking all over my pussy while I type this blog.. He’s my little bitch. I own him! I am not really into him though I am in it for the money and he knows it..

He doesn’t care as long as he gets to taste this Sloppy wet pussy he’s satisfied.. He knows I fuck other men and hes okay with it.. Well then again he doesn’t have much of a choice.. I wanna squirt so hard right now and in order to do that I am going to need a man who knows how to treat a hot whore like me..

Come talk dirty in my ear while we have Druggy phone sex.. 

Gangbang whore