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A Masturbation Show

dirty phone sexSome high baller had rented out the entire club for a bachelor party. Bachelor parties are great. They typically throw around lots of cash and buy lots of booze. If you’re lucky there is also lots of pot and coke too. The night started out as they always do. The entire bachelor party was shit faced and throwing money around to the girls to get lap dances and some private room action as well. Bottles were being tossed around and lots and lots of shots. As the evening went on one of the groomsmen asked if he could buy the groom a little one on one action behind closed doors. Hell, yeah, he can, just pass me that credit card honey. So, me and another girl headed into the private area with him and a few of the guys. As we prepared to start some dancing the groom said he had a special request. Sure honey, it is your money after all. He didn’t want a blow job, not a hand job, not a titty fuck, not an ass fuck, nor a pussy fuck. This guy wanted to watch me, and the other girl masturbate while he watched. That was new and different but hey it was easy. So, we each took turns stripping down and masturbating with our hands, dildos and vibrators until we orgasmed. He never touched us, not once. When we were through, he handed out a nice tip and they left. Only bachelor party I have ever been to that I haven’t left as a complete cum dumpster.

His Wife Left For The Weekend

dirty phone sexI have a hot ass neighbor with a very boring wife. How do I know this you might ask? Well, the walls are thin in this condo, and I get to hear their boring fifteen-minute vanilla sex weekly. That is right, I said weekly. Every Sunday night like clockwork, never during the week or any other time. I have watched as he eyed me in the hall and elevator, and I have always been curious as to what he was packing under his fancy suit. This morning I heard her tell him goodbye for the weekend as she went to her mothers. Perfect opportunity for me. I know he comes home around 7ish every night so about 6ish I walked over, grabbed the spare key under the mat and let my self in. How did I know about the spare key? Thin walls. Anyways, I took of my jacket and positioned my hot ass pantie and bra self on his couch and waited. I heard the door open and leaned my head back to great him. He stopped short as I got up and moved towards him. Not a word was said as I wrapped my arms around him and kissed him, whispering in his ear that my body was his for the weekend. I handed him a little blue pill and a glass of wine and told him to settle in, I had a hot ass weekend in store for him. Want to hear all the fun and dirty and kinky things I did to this man before leaving his condo smelling of sex and him exhausted?

Where Are You At Baby?

dirty phone sexWhere are you at baby? I need you. This horny slut is wanting a companion to have a little fun and I bet you are just the type of guy I am looking for. Want to party and watch porn? Want to have a hot ass roleplay? Or maybe you just want me to be your naughty date for the night. Escort perhaps. Just let me tell you all the naughty things I want to do to you. Let’s go to dinner, a nice restaurant. The kind with linen tablecloths. As you eat and drink, I will unbuckle your pants and reach inside and start jerking you off under the table. Nice and slow and steady. Then faster and firmer. The taboo makes it all that more exciting as I stroke you until you cum. But don’t worry baby, I will pull my cum covered hand from your pants and lick it in front of everyone. If only they knew what warm yummy goodness, I was licking off my fingers. So, what do you say love? Your dick as hard as my pussy is wet? I bet it is. Pick up that phone and give this whore a call for a good time.

Let’s Have Some Fun Tonight

dirty phone sexWhat are you plans tonight? Bored, lonely and horny? Me too baby, but I have an idea. I bet you have some party favors close by, don’t you? I know I do. I have a bowl all packed and ready for me to put my lips around it and suck. I also have a long thick white line ready for me to consume too. But you know what I would rather be doing. Playing with you. How about a hot ass roleplay where I replace my bong with your cock? Put my lips around your dick and suck on you for a while? Maybe put the line on my tits and you can snort it off. That idea gets my pussy all warm and inviting. Inviting for you to pound me hard. Not gentle and not romantic. I want it rough and rammed inside of me. Maybe put your hands around my neck and squeeze a little. I love a powerful forceful man on top of me. Then we will turn on some hot ass porn, take another hit or another line and play some more. So, what are you waiting for baby? Don’t leave me here all alone just rubbing my swollen clit. Come play with me.

Fucking My Sister’s Boyfriend For Fun

dirty phone sexMy sister came to stay with me last weekend and to my surprise she had brought a hot piece of meat with her. I was actually a little shocked as she typically brings home boring men. I wanted to be good and sisterly, I really did but that was not in the cards as I watched him get out of the shower. He had left the door cracked and as I was walking by, I glanced in and got a full view of his gigantic cock. It was big and thick and that was when it wasn’t even hard. I knew then that I would have him before the weekend. My sister had gone out with some friends that night and it was just me and him. I suggested pizza and a movie. The pizza came and amazingly the only television working was in my room. We sat on the bed eating when I turned it on. The movie was one of my favorite porns. Two sisters and a hot ass guy having a threesome. He looked shocked and said not a word. I noticed a bulge in his pants and smiled as I removed my clothes and laid in front of him. Didn’t take long and he was naked behind me, rubbing on my nipples and fingering my wet hole. I took him for a ride that night and my ass was a beautiful large gape when we were done. Want to hear the sweaty hot details?

Their Dad Was Hot

dirty phone sex



He hired me to be a nanny for the summer. I interviewed with the wife, and she was nice enough and the money was good and what better way to spend the summer then by the pool. I arrived my first day and as she left, she told me her husband would be in the office as he works from home and would be out in a little bit to introduce himself. I fed the little one’s breakfast and we changed for the pool. As I was walking to the back door this hot ass hunk walked through the kitchen. I assumed it was some other type of help, but it was the husband. He smiled and introduced himself and headed back to his office. As me and the young ones laid by the pool, I started thinking about him. I hadn’t been fucked in a bit and was horny as hell. The young ones were getting along fine so I excused myself to the house for a bit. I made a wrong turn into his office and stood in front of him in my skimpy bikini. He just smiled as I walked towards him. I kicked his legs apart and reached in for a kiss as I straddled him. He was hard as a rock as I grinded into him. He grabbed my hair and threw me on my stomach onto the desk and pulled my bottoms down. Want to hear how hot it got after that?

I Needed Cock

dirty phone sexA group of friends and I went out clubbing. The booze and coke flowed heavily throughout the night. We danced, partied and shut the club down. We arrived back at my apartment early in the morning. It was a great night, but I was needing more. And by more, I mean hot, nasty, dirty sex. I looked around the apartment and only found sleeping, passed out bodies. There was not a nice hard cock at my disposal sadly. So, what is a girl to do? Help herself. I undressed, put on some porn and laid back on my bed. I love watching porn. My pussy gets so wet. I was watching while playing with my clit when one of my friends stumbled into my room. And wouldn’t you know it his dick was sticking out of the top of his shorts. He looked through his sleepy eyes at me laid out in my bed, nipples hard and rubbing my nice sweet pussy. I motioned him over and he obliged. I laid him down and I put my nice, wet pussy right on top of his dick and rode him so hard. He grabbed my large tits and rolled my nipples. As the sun started to rise, we both trembled to climax. That was the perfect ending to a great night and an awesome beginning of a new day. So come baby, play with me tonight?

I Am A High Dollar Arm Piece

dirty phone sex

I sometimes work at one of those pay services. You know the ones, where the guy pays big bucks for some eye candy at his business dinner or convention. Of course, with the amount these dudes pay you know there is sex involved. I don’t care, I like sex and I like money, so this is a no brainer for me. Most times they even provide a credit card to make some additional purchases prior to. I love that. I pick out a sexy ass dress, nice shoes and bag. I get my hair and nails done and get my lady parts all nice and waxed. The dinners are usually boring, but I like to rub on my dates cock under the table. They love it and I can gage just how big a dessert I am going to get. Lol. After engaging in conversations with his friends or clients we excuse ourselves to a room. That is where the real fun begins. Lots of drinking from the mini bar. Lots of lines of coke. Lots of room service and lots of fucking. This night the guy was generous and wanted to please me too. I climbed right on top of him and we 69’d it. While I sucked his dick, he licked my clit and asshole furiously. He was great at it too. Brought me to orgasm so quickly. Then I turned around, handed him a little blue pill, a glass of champagne and went right back to sucking that dick. We spent the entire night fucking. He filled every hole I had full multiple times. I woke up the next morning to a sweet note and a wad of cash. I smiled as I dialed up some room service and filled the jacuzzi tub.

Sex, Booze, Drugs and Cards

dirty phone sexThe owner of the club and his wife have a very open relationship. What she loves more than anything is to watch another woman please her husband. So, when she comes in, I know that it is going to be a dirty kind of night. She loves for me to join as when I am done pleasing him, I always please her. She grabbed a bottle from behind the bar and a baggy of coke and motioned me to the VIP lounge. We did some shots and a few lines and sat down to play strip poker. It wasn’t long before we were all wasted and high as hell. With no more clothes to remove we started playing winner gets to choose sexual favors. She won the first round and said that she wanted me to give her husband a blow job and to look at her the entire time. I knelt by his chair, gave her a sloppy kiss and put her husbands rock hard cock in my mouth. As I was sucking on him, I could see her grab his hand and guide his fingers into her wet pussy. I never took my eyes off her as I took his dick deep in my throat and he finger banged her. Once he started breathing heavier, she told me to stop and she straddled his cock, facing me. She motioned me over to lick her pussy and pinch her nipples as he buried that dick deep inside her wet, bald pussy until she was squirting. She didn’t want me to feel neglected, so she told him to eat my pussy as she licked my nipples until I orgasmed. We then did a shot, did another line and played another hand.

I Was His Naughty Secretary

dirty phone sex


I have a high dollar client who likes to get his freak on while at work in his corner office. He hires me as a temporary secretary for the day and I love it. Not only does he pay me big bucks, but I get a check cut from the company as well. I always show up dressed like the naughty sexy secretary but still a bit conservative. He has his assistant show me around and then introduce me to him. It is a little game he likes to play, and I am happy to oblige. So, after she had introduced us, I sat in front of his desk and he had her shut the door. I stood up and leaned over his desk showing him by massive cleavage and asked what he would like for me to do for him today. He smiled as I unbuttoned my blouse and walked towards him. I removed my skirt and blouse and stood there in only my panties and bra. He smiled as he turned his chair around and I got between his legs and started unbuckling his pants. I took his big cock out and started stroking it while I licked his balls. Then I looked up at him and smiled as I took that long cock deep in my mouth for him to throat fuck me. We had quite the kinky time that day, but you wish you were my boss for the day too. Just what would you like me to do for you?

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