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I Need You Baby

dirty phone sexIt is cold outside baby, and I am here all alone. Laying in my bed in a sexy white baby doll just waiting to have some fun. I look down and see my perfect tits and can’t help but to give them a gentle squeeze. A little nipple between the fingers and my pussy starts to get wet. I move my hips around squeezing my pussy lips together, gently massaging my clit. I close my eyes and my fingers start to caress my body. Rubbing my tits and moving down between my legs. Gently spreading my pussy lips apart and reaching for my clit. A little finger action and then a soft squeeze and my hips move forward.

My back arching as my fingers plunge into my soaking wet cunt. I finger myself with one hand and lift my breast into my mouth. Licking on my nipple as I finger fuck myself. I am soaking wet as I reach into the nightstand and grab my big, long thick dildo. Spreading my legs wider and lifting my hips as I push the tip inside me. My tit wet and my nipples hardening under the breeze of the ceiling fan. I arch my back again and push the dildo in and out with both hands baby. Ramming it into my juicy cunt. Want to cum and finish me off love.

Birthday Fun At The Club

dirty phone sexLots of guys spend their 21st birthday at a strip club. We have those come in often and tonight was no exception. A bunch of young drunk men who are mostly full of themselves. I love them, they are so easily manipulated. Anyways, tonight they were buying this young man lots of shots and me and the girls were giving them lots of lap dances. We noticed one of them was waving around a nice Black Card so we decided to push it because we knew they could pay. I whispered into the Birthday Boys ear that for a little extra cash we could take the entire party back to the VIP room where they could touch us, and we would make them very very happy. He talked to the guy with the card and after paying we led them back to the room.

We started dancing for them and removing our clothes as we went. I put the Birthday Boy on the couch and unbuttoned his pants and started sucking his dick. He was really drunk and having a hard time getting it up, so I leaned back and pushed his head between my legs and had him eat my juicy wet bald pussy. I made him go nice and slow, paying special attention to my clit and sticking his finger in my pussy hole. He did a great job and I rewarded him by squirting in his face. He never did get hard, but his friends did, and we enjoyed fucking every single one of them.

Cum To Me Baby

dirty phone sexIt is Sunday and the workweek is creeping upon you. What better way to prepare that to relax, party and get off with a dirty slut like me? It is dark and the fam is asleep, and you are restless, you definitely need a release. Built up frustration from the endless amounts of errands, chores and fam time finally gotten to you? I am here baby, wet, and horny and ready to take you into the new week feeling much better. I invite you over and am waiting for you on the bed. Sexy lingerie barely covering my big tits and juicy wet pussy. You walk into my room, and I can see that you are already excited. Your pants in that tell tale teepee that I so desire.

Come to me baby, get your clothes off love. You stand before me, and I reach for your cock. Sucking and jerking as your hands go under my bra and squeeze my big tits. As I continue to blow you you reach your hands under my panties and feel my wet smooth bunt. A finger slips in and I moan. You remove your dick and join me on the bed. Hold up the tray and we both do a line. We lay back and I continue stroking you as you finger my cunt. I then climb on top of you and slowly slide down you big thick wet cock. I start to ride you and whisper, babe the fun has only begun. You smile as your finger enters my tight asshole.

My New Year’s Eve

dirty phone sexHere is my story of New Year’s Eve. Simply, this naughty girl was looking to be fucked. Like a total gang bang. Like a train sounded nice. So, I went to my neighbor, who also happens to supply me with my party favors and to my surprise he was having a party that night. A sort of get together he called it. Him and some friends. After an inquiry it was determined that this get together is actually going to be a meat fest. A real cock pleasing crowd, or so I hope. I fuck him often as opposed to paying for my play time so as he was pounding my pussy I asked if I might come and join on their little jerk circle. He laughed and told me that a dirty hoe like me would have a great time. As I spoke of wanting a nice choo choo to ring in the new year he bust his nut deep inside of me. His eyes got wide and he told me that he would be the one on top of me at midnight and that I could have all those other dicks before or after. I pulled up my panties and headed home for a nice nap. Then a shower, bump and shot to get me started. I bet you would have liked to join me for some New Year’s Eve fun?

I Took His Virginity For New Year’s

dirty phone sexHis friends put in the call. Wanting a hot ass whore to bring in their nerdy virgin friend’s New Year right. I don’t remember the last time I met a full-grown virgin, so I even offered a little discount. They set it up and gave me a key to his home. I arrived early and made myself at home. Thigh highs, heels and a perfect pussy would await him. I took a few shots and did a line and around the time of his arrival made myself comfortable on the table. He walked in and turned on the lights and there on his table was his dinner and dessert.

He tried to speak but I wasn’t interested in anything he had to say. I handed him the card from his friends and as he read it, I unbuckled his pants and put him on the table. Pulling his cock out and stroking him. He was already leaking a ton of pre-cum, so I knew this wasn’t going to take long. Thankfully for him, I had been hired all night. Wanting to make sure his first orgasm removed his V-card I laid him back and pushed his cock deep inside of me. I didn’t even move before he blew his load. I kissed him softly and told him we had all night. What do you think I should do to him next?

Time To Party

dirty phone sexOh, babe have I been waiting for you. I have been so good the last few days enjoying the holidays with my family but damn, am I ready to party and have fun. I bet you are losing your shit also. The visions of Christmas joy having been replaced with visions of lines, pipes, and porn? My pussy feels so neglected and my body is begging for some fun. So, what do you say? Should we party? Do some lines? Smoke a bowl? A few shots? Definitely porn? I knew you wouldn’t be hard to convince. I already have grabbed the dildo; my tray and pipe and I am ready to party. Did I mention I am just sitting here in a robe too? Easy access for the horny. Time to put on some porn and overload myself on what I have been missing this last week. I know your cock is needing some attention too so why don’t we do a call, party, play and get ourselves off all night. Nothing better than hot ass porn, wet pussy, and a hard cock to get the night going. I will be here watching porn waiting on you babe. Talk soon.

My Body Is Yours

dirty phone sexThe best time of the year are those crazy Christmas parties and this year I got a special VIP invite from a friend. Not just any party either. A party with a bunch of rich horny men and about a dozen girls to fulfill all their perverted needs. I love it. I am a horny whore that wants nothing more than to be used for Christmas. We arrived at an impressive cabin in the mountains. It had everything and I mean everything. Liquor and food and any and all types of party favors. Like everywhere. In my room there was a tray full of coke and a personalized blade commemorating the event. I cut me a line and put on my hot little Santa’s helper outfit and headed downstairs.

These guys have big pockets and aren’t afraid to lavish a hot slut who sucks his dick with a nice fat stack either. I looked around the room and I spot you. A hot ass man with an impressive bulge forming. I walk over to you and lean into you. You reach for me and pull me closer. Hands on my ass as I feel your big thick cock under your pants. I kiss your cheek as you push my head gently down. Like a good slut I kneel and pull out your cock and suck you off while the entire room watches. You shoot your load down my throat and pull me up to you. Kissing me deeply and tasting yourself on my tongue. Now what would you like me to do for you next babe?

Candy And Kisses

dirty phone sexLast night was all about candy and kisses. A visit to my hot daddy and the fun began. He loves when I pack his candy in the glass and slide it into his mouth like a fucking dildo. Him sucking on one end and me sliding it in and out. Then I strip out of my clothes, and he pulls it out and I take it into my mouth. Sucking in deeply and holding as I bend down between his legs and blow it out as I put his cock into my mouth. Nice and slow, teasing his cock as we take turns. It takes a hold of us, and we become incredibly horny. He pushes my face deeper and fills my mouth with his warm cum. I hold that also and then he opens his mouth for a hot kiss. Tasting himself inside my soft warm mouth drives him crazy. He repacks and pushes the candy into my mouth, and I suck it in as he pushes me on all fours and rims my sweet ass. Digging his tongue deep inside me before kissing me deeply. Candy and kisses and sucking all night long. I can’t wait to do it again.

Happy Holidays Daddy

dirty phone sexHappy Holidays babe. What do you want Santa to leave you under the tree? How about a hot slut for you to unwrap? That is exactly what my hot sugar daddy got. He texted he was on his way over and I know how hard he has been working lately so I decided to give him an early present. He walked in and I was standing by the tree looking hot in my bra and panties. He smiled as he walked over.

I took him by his tie and led him to the chair. Sat him down, unzipped his pants and pulled out his big beast. Spit on the head and took him deep down my throat. I sucked every last drop from his balls and while I kissed him, I stroked him hard again and then daddy got to unwrapping his pretty little baby doll. Removing my bra and pulling my panties off. Laying me back and devouring my juicy wet bald cunt before pulling me on top of him. I rode his big thick cock while he squeezed my tits. Then on all fours I looked back at him as my ass started to gape as he pushed his thick mushroom head inside of me.

The Driver Picked Me Up

dirty phone sexHe likes me in black. He hires me as a temp at his firm at least once a month. I got the call last night, so I prepared for him. He likes me clean, like really clean. Soft and easily accessible. My body was on fire for him as I slipped into my lace black thong and matching corset. Black thigh highs and a short tight black dress and heels finished my look. He had a driver pick me up and sitting on the seat was a beautiful blue bag with a marvelous necklace inside. He must be really horny today and I couldn’t wait.

The driver dropped me off and I went upstairs to check in. She sent me directly to his office and told me he would be in shortly. I decided to surprise him and took off all my clothes except the necklace he had just bought me and laid on the couch, spread and ready for him. The feel of the leather on my back and the air conditioner blowing on my cunt overcame me and I started rubbing my pussy. As I was about to push my finger deep inside the door opened and there he was. Let me take care of that babe he said as he walked over, pushed my legs open and buried his face between my legs.

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