druggy Anal cum dumpster is what Iam best for daddy

Being a daddy’s Anal cum dumpster is all I love to be. Especially when he feeds me lots of naughty snow candy. Once I sniff big lines of it, my cunty starts to react. “Take everything off for daddy,” he says sternly. Right away I undress, and I love it. To know his cock stiffens seeing me naked gets my pussy wet. Soon after that daddy bends me over his knee. “Who’s daddy’s dirty slut?” you moan as you smack my ass hard. “I am daddy” I whimper as your hand hits my ass hard over and over.

Even when you choked me, I begged for more. As a reward you feed me more rails. Then I feel your finger push into my ass. I know what that means as soon as I feel my booty hole numb up. My daddy is about to pound the fuck out my ass. “Get ready for daddies thick dick” you say sternly as I open my mouth. You love to abuse me and use me. That is why you right away ram your cock down my throat and make me choke.

Anal cum dumpster

Right away you squeeze throat to feel how deep you are fucking me. “Good girl” is all I hear as I feel my throat muscles closing around your hard rod. Once I start to taste the salty gooey droplets from your cock, I get ready to be pounded. Your favorite is when you fuck me doggy style. That way you can wrap your belt around your little Trailer trash whore neck. As I do more blow, you ram your cock inside my ass.

You push me so hard my face falls into the blow and I just sniff away. After all, I don’t care how daddy uses me as long as I get what I want. Soon your hands were wrapped around my neck, and you were using me like a rag fuck doll. “That’s it, baby girl milk daddy” you moan loud. As I catch my breath my cunty squirts and you start filling my ass up. “Thank you, baby girl,” you moan as you let go of my neck. Even though I was numb and high I could feel the creampie nut leaking out my ass.

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