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I Visited The Reptile House With Bob

I know I keep writing blogs about my caller Bob but he is one dirty mother fucker and I love every second of it. This time we went to the scaley house and I had one slithering up my pussy while he was pounding me. The scalesand his cock were rubbing together inside me.  We also tried one in my ass and one in my pussy at once while his dick was in my mouth.  Now Bob like I said is one of the dirtiest mother fuckers I have ever talked to, if not the dirtiest, He took one up his ass and then he found a huge one and fucked the shit out of it.  Bob is fucking wild and I love every second of it. Who is going to be filthier than Bob?

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Craziest Fantasy Ever!

Bob and Tex are at it again. I enjoyed fucking the scaley at the zoo, so I think we are going to a reptile house next. I want to find a nice big one to slither up my pussy and find one to watch Bob fuck its mouth. I can just feel the slithering far up my pussy and its little tongue flicking back and forth tantalizing my pussy.  I think I liked fucking the scaley so much I am going to have BOb buy one so it is part of our daily orgy we have. A nice thick one in my pussy feels like a big black cock. I am going to try it in my ass too. That will feel so fucking good, Then after the scaleys have their turn I am going to finish up the night by having Bob fuck the shit out of me while Tex patiently waits his turn.

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Bob and Tex Are At It Again Fucking Furry Friends

We had the best damn time!  This time Bob decided he wanted to fuck a pussy while Tex was fucking me. Tex is one horney little fuck so he mounted me right away and started humping my ass as hard as he could.  It felt so good to have him in there and when he knotted up that was pure ecstasy. Now, Bob, had me hold down this little pussy while he fucked her little tight hole.  He did not want to get clawed. Her little hole was so fucking tight and Bob came so much.  After he was done with her I cleaned up his cock. I licked all the juices off of him and then Tex was just going after me and mounted me and started fucking my ass. After I made Bob come again with my tongue I gave him a big kiss and he got a taste of all the juices in my mouth.

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The Adventures Continue With My Hot Ass Caller

So last night during our call, Bob, Tex, and I broke into the shelter. We had an all-out howling orgy. I got mounted by a monstrous furry that had the biggest red rocket I have ever seen. He was horney as fuck and started humping me the minute I bent over.  Now while This massive mutt was mounting me Tex came and started humping my face. In the meantime, Bob was having his way with one too. he fucked the hell out of that little bitch.  That bitch was loving it too she kept howling. When Bob got tired of the little howler he found me a great giant one and he mounted my ass while I rode Bob.  Then Bob decided he was putting his dick in my ass too and the big one’s dick and Bob’s were all rubbing together inside me. They both exploded at once and we ended the night by making out. I gave Bob a taste of cum.

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More adventures With My Hot Caller

Bon is hot as fuck! On one of our last adventures we decided to leave Tex the Rottie at home and we snuck into the zoo after hours. We did some crazy shit!  The first thing we did was see the chimps.  He found a hot girl chimp and started pounding her while I found one with a dick and began to suck. The primates went so crazy! It was so fucking hot.  That monkey started pounding my pussy and then Bob put his cock in my mouth and I got to taste the girl chimp’s juices. We moved on to the reptile house when we were done in the monkey enclosure. Here is where things went insane. Bob found a big snake that was so damn thick and he encouraged it to crawl up in my pussy. while the snake was moving around inside me, Bob was licking my pussy non stop. It felt so mother fucking good, The snake and Bob’s face ended up filled with cum.  It was hot as a mother fucker. I can’t wait to see where we go next time. Does anyone have any suggestions?

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Just Had The Hottest Fucking Phone Sex

I just got off the phone with Bob and Tex. Today was so mother fucking hot. I came buckets. We took a little field trip to the farm. While we were in his car on the way there, I sucked Bob’s dick in the car. It was so fucking hot. Today not only did I enjoy Tex’s red rocket I also got to enjoy a big horse dick.

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I sucked the horse cock and made out with Bob so he got to taste the horse cum.  It was so fucking hot to feel that horse dick inside me together with Bob’s. They were rubbing together in there and it felt so God damn good.  At one point Bob got a hold of a goat and fucked the hell out of it. He grabbed her by the horns and pounded her goat pussy, he told me it felt so wet and tight.  I got filled with horse cum and Bob cum. Tex got some too. It was so hot that I just got off the phone and had to blog about it.


Furry Friends Phone Sex My Hottest Call

Furry friends phone sex is so much fun!  I want to tell you about the hottest fucking call with a furry friend. All names have been changed to protect the innocent LOL let’s face it none of us were fucking innocent we were all filthy as filthy could be. It is a guy and his huge furry buddy. Let’s call my furry friend Tex and my caller Bob. Well, Bob and Tex pound my pussy together. It is hot as fuck. When I see it is them calling my pussy immediately gets all wet. They double penetrate me and I love feeling Tex’s Red Rocket and Bob’s dick inside me. They both fill my pussy at once and I love to feel their cum mixing and running down my legs. Bob’s cum gets all over Tex’s dick and Tex’s cum gets all over Bob’s. Now this is the hottest thing after we are done I clean off Bob’s dick with my tongue. Furry friend cum tastes so mother fucking delicious. Then Boba and I share a deep tongue kiss and he gets a taste of my furry friend’s cum. I also love when Tex mounts me and fucks my ass while Bob is fucking the living shit out of my pussy. I am here by the phone anxiously awaiting Bob and Tex to make my phone ring and my pussy cum. 

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Furry Friends Phone Sex-Cumming With A Girl’s Best Friend

I love furry friends phone sex! I love having the red rocket in my mouth, ass, or pussy. I even enjoy it when my furry buddy pisses on me,  I can get the best pussy eating in the world with some peanut butter. I open up my pussy lips and spread peanut butter all over them. My furry friend then goes to town with his tongue and gives me the best orgasm I have ever had. I love when he mounts me and fucks my pussy and ass. It feels so fucking good to have him knot inside me. I like bigger furry friends.  I also love to suck that red rocket dry. The jizz tastes so fucking good.  I know some people might think it’s freaky how close I am with my furry friend but hey we are happy!

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CUM Dumpster Looking For CUM Anyway I Can Get It

I am a cum dumpster. I love cum in any one of my holes. However, I am an anal cum dumpster. I love a nice thick big cock deep in my ass. Don’t get me wrong I love to have my pussy pounded fast and hard and almost nothing feels as good as warm, sticky cum running down the back of my throat ( I am a cum guzzling slut), but having a cum filled ass is my goal in life.  I love to be bent over a piece of furniture and have my ass railed.  I am a secretary and I can get away with anything at work.  I let my boss fill my ass with his jeez right on my desk several times a day.  Here I am on my desk ready for a cock in my ass.

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Cum Dumpster Looking For My Fill At The Beach

I love the beach! I love the breeze, the smell, the ocean, and all the cock. I go to the beach looking for cock.  This cum dumpster prowls the beach to get the cum I crave. I have given blowjobs under the boardwalk and have fucked in a tent on the sand. I have also been pounded inside the ocean.

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I also got gang banged on a pool table at a bar on the boardwalk. It was so fucking hot! I had cocks coming at me from every direction. I had one in my mouth and in my pussy at the same time. I got bent over the pool table and got my ass fucked thoroughly. That day I had cum coming out of every single one of my holes. I am such a cum slut though, right after I went looking for more.