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Gangbang Whore Here…And I am Proud Of It

I love a good gang bang. Cocks flew at me from every direction and my every hole filled at once. My pussy is soaked just thinking about it. I had a big cock in my pussy, ass, and mouth at the same time. I even had a huge cock in between my tits. When those cocks started cumming I was covered.  It was in my pussy, in my ass, the back of my throat, and all over my tits and face. As the night went on I had a train run on me and I loved every minute. I took about 40 cocks that night.  I had all kinds of cocks. There were big ones, small ones, thick ones, skinny ones, white ones, and big black ones. It is true what they say about black dicks… they are monstrously huge.  I am about to cum now fantasizing about doing it all again.

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How To Give The Perfect Blowjob

First, I start with the balls. I lick them, blow on them, rub them and make sure they are nice and warm. then I slowly take my tongue and run it all up the shaft. I do that a few times until I have you really squirming. The whole time I am doing this I am looking you right in the eyes.  All of a sudden, I take your big mushroom head in my mouth. I tease it and lick it. I swirl it around my tongue like a piece of the sweetest candy. I am rewarded with a few drops of your precious pre cum.  I am ready now. I take your cock in my mouth inch by inch until it is gagging me.  I let you fuck my mouth, at first nice and slow then harder and harder. Soon I feel your warm cum running down the back of my throat and we are both satisfied.

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Anal Sex Whore

I love getting my ass fucked. I love the feeling of having my hole filled with a huge cock and then cum. I love it when I get the cum sucked out of my ass. I love it in all positions. I love it flat on my back, doggy style and even bent over the bed. After a good ass pounding, I want my cunt filled with cum and my mouth filled with cock. I love to taste my juices from a nice big cock.My juices are especially sweet when I am tasting them from a cock and it is mixed with cum. I am greedy for cum, I can’t get enough of it.   I love to impale myself with a big cock and just bounce on it continually till it explodes.

Anal Sex Whore

Once the con explodes I love to rub the cum all over myself. I love to rub it all over my tits and play with my nipples. I also love it deep in my pussy.  Is there anyone out there that wants to fill my every hole?

Cum Guzzling Slut

Nothing feels quite as good as a big cum load all over my face. I love it on my tits, in my ass, in my pussy but I especially love it  all over my face.  The only thing better than having cum all over my face is having it way back in my throat. I love to deep throat a nice big cock. I love to take my time with it and lick it and tease it.

Cum Guzzling Slut

The best dick sucking session I have veer had was when I sucked three dicks at once and they all shot their load all over me at once. It went all over my face, my hair and my tits.  It was glorious! I also love a man that is not afraid to eat cum. I love having a gang bang with a few guys and then having a cream pie eaten out of my pussy. My fingers are rubbing my clit right now as I think about it.

Randi Anal Sex whore

anal sex whoreThe things this anal sex whore does for crack money! You know how crack whores can be. I was and am as fucking sleazy as the most cracked out whore. I took to offering up golden showers and that led to me being a full on pissing fuck doll for porn. Hell, thing is I wasn’t doing the pissing in the end. I was getting the showers. Not one guy but like 100 guys. They put me naked and collared in a cage. I was then in the center of a room and guys paid to cum in and piss on me. I loved it. I drank it and exposed my holes for their fixation. I was a true golden showers princess. The guy started getting nastier and I came to service the guys. They pissed in my mouth and face while I was sucking dick. I took cum and piss like a fucking hungry slut. I begged them for more. This became a nastier thing still. I was soon licking assholes and and then being shat on. Yeah the things an addicted cunt will do to get the next fix. Would you like to use me next? Maybe I can be your toilet slut?

White Boy Cock

white trash phone sexI was doing the slut walk of shame home when I got catcalled. “Nice ass, little Momma!” I looked up to see a white boy in a Honda Accord. I smiled and thought to myself, what is this loser doing trying to talk to me. He pulled up beside me and told me how great my tits were. At least he knew a great T&A when he saw some. “I got a big dick, Hey little momma I got a big white no dick for you!” I couldn’t resist taking a peep and looking in the car. Turns out the homeboy had reason to act like an asshole. He was hung and had a beautiful cock! I was drawn to his car as I got in and we began to drive around. I sucked that cock under his steering wheel as he drove the streets! My head pushed down, my ass in the air as I gobbled me some early morning wood! I love having my tonsils tickled as I worship some big dick. I let him play with my tits and ass until he blew his load down my throat. I ended up blocks from where I needed to be, but this slut had no shame!

Anal cum dumpster Randi

Anal cum dumpster

The best feeling is having two guys use my holes like a fucking dirty whore that I am. Everyone around my neighborhood knows me as a fucking gangbang whore, all you have to give is a couple of lines of tina and I will let the whole fucking block fuck me. I just lay back fucking high as hell and let guys use my little cunt and my fucking asshole one by one all day long. I am so full with cum every night its dripping out of my fucking cunt and down my legs. I literally am a walking cum slut, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I like feeling my fucking holes stretch out where I can fit multiple cocks in my holes at once. I just liked to get fucking drugged up and fucked! I wanna do line after line and ley there like a fuck doll as you just fucking pound me. I want you to bring your friends and every guy that likes using trailer trash fucking whores. All you have to do is fucking bring my some drugs and I will fuck your brains out and make those balls fucking empty for you. 

Let’s have some scat play tonight

Live phone sex

Do you like scat play? Well I love having dirty phone sex, which means everything goes. I want you to get me on all fours and start spreading my fucking ass cheeks, and I want you to start playing with my little tight asshole. But my stomach hurts baby, but I want you to finger fuck my asshole anyways, so that means something brown and thick will come out. Next thing you know all my fucking scat starts spraying all over your fucking fingers, and I have hot stinky shit running down my fucking clitty. But I don’t want you to stop, I want you to keep going until you fucking have thick hot shit squirting out all over you and me. Let me be your nasty fucking stupid slut who eats fucking scat off your thick cock. I will get on my knees and make sure I suck that cum and scat off your big cock baby.

Let me be your cum dumpster!

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I love being a stupid little cum dumpster for your big fucking hot cum loads. I am just a piece of fucking garbage and I am only here to service those big fucking man balls between your legs. I wanna get on my hands and knees  and start stroking that cock right into my mouth and start cupping those balls in my hand. I will fucking spit on those big balls to make them nice and fucking sloppy wet. Mhm I want them to be dripping I want you tot take your big cock and slap it against my fucking stupid whore face, and make sure you slap my face with those fat balls. You would like that wouldn’t you? Feeling your big fat man cock throat fuck me until you shoot your cum load is what I am here for. Let me be your nasty little bitch, I will do anything you want me to baby. 

Get you a stupid whore for the night

I love not having any self dignity. Being a little fucking stupid whore who gets degraded is what I was put here to do and I couldn’t get enough. My mommy taught me how to listen and take it like the cum dumpster slut I am and always have been. On Friday nights I go down to the corer of my street and I work there all night getting picked up by guys and used like a pocket pussy all night. My favorite guys are the ones who wanna fuck me then piss all over my stupid fucking face. Then I have to clean up my pissy face with my tongue, and he can’t help but to cum all over my cunt when he sees just how dirty I am. By then end of the night I have taken at least 15 loads and at least 7 guys have pissed on me or in my pink fucking cunt. When I get home I don’t shower I end up fucking one of drug dealers for some coke so I can get on the phone and make all you guys cum over and over again. Aren’t I a good little fucking little stupid whore? Cheap phone sex