Its a shitty situation

Cheap phone sexI kinda has a shitty day yesterday literally. I got called for a paid “date” and I couldn’t pass up how much he was offering me, and the only thing is he said he couldn’t really tell me what he wanted. When I got there he had a whole bunch of food for me and told me that he was going to pound my ass till I shit squirting out of my ass on his cock. I was very surprised¬† but my cunt was dripping wet before he was done with his sentence. He bent me over and started pounding my ass over and over again until I felt the shit just building up and I just released all over his cock and balls. Then I couldn’t help but to turn around and suck all the shit off his big hard cock.


    • Kurlyo on July 1, 2017 at 1:57 pm
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    Nasty Disgusting Little Whore

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