The Adventures Continue With My Hot Ass Caller

So last night during our call, Bob, Tex, and I broke into the shelter. We had an all-out howling orgy. I got mounted by a monstrous furry that had the biggest red rocket I have ever seen. He was horney as fuck and started humping me the minute I bent over.  Now while This massive mutt was mounting me Tex came and started humping my face. In the meantime, Bob was having his way with one too. he fucked the hell out of that little bitch.  That bitch was loving it too she kept howling. When Bob got tired of the little howler he found me a great giant one and he mounted my ass while I rode Bob.  Then Bob decided he was putting his dick in my ass too and the big one’s dick and Bob’s were all rubbing together inside me. They both exploded at once and we ended the night by making out. I gave Bob a taste of cum.

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