Anal cum dumpster misses daddy

I was missing being the best Anal cum dumpster for my favorite sugar daddy, so I asked my dealer to find me a guy who is just like him. First, he has to be ready to party. Then he has to know how to really use me. After we did a few lines he right away pulled out a wad of money. “Let’s really party” said as he did more lines. That is when he winked at me, and I knew it was time for me to undress. Then I took everything off and shook my ass for daddy. “You nasty filthy slut.” he moaned as he spanked my ass hard. His hand left a handprint on my ass.

“That’s it, show her what nasty sluts get” my dealer said while cheering him on. Therefore, he pulled my hair and started spanking me over and over again. I could feel the pain shooting up my body, so I took the mirror and did some lines while getting spanked. All I could think of was my daddy who uses me so well even when it hurts. “Suck his cock bitch” he says as he pulls his cock out. I start swallowing his cock like I do my daddies. Thinking about how hard he fucks my throat, i go down even more.

After almost choking he slaps my face like I normally get from my daddy and says, “do some coke slut”. Again, I do some lines and I snort even the last one he put there for me. As he rubbed my asshole with some blow. “Come fuck this cock slut with that big black dick” he said to my dealer. That did it I was getting fucked just like my daddy gets me rammed. He came in front of me and choked me “more daddy P” I moaned out thinking about my daddy. My cunty squirted as he rammed his coked-up dick into my mouth.

Anal cum dumpster


How I miss partying with my daddy until then I will be an Anal sex whore for daddies that remind me of him and any friend they want.


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    Daddy is ready to have his way with his little anal whore…I’ll sneak into your room soon and wake you with a cock in your ass and your scarf around your neck, just how you like it.

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