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Anal cum dumpster

Anal cum dumpsterIm Hazel, I look innocent on the outside but on the inside im nothing but naughty trouble. I love to party nothing like a few shots of tequila and few lines of coke to get the night rolling!  Im a Librarian by day and a wild party girl by night! It all started in high school when i smoked a blunt with my best friend for the first time at a party. I have never been so horny and free all at the same time before. I let three guys fuck my asshole that night and its been a world wind ever since. Now im a cum guzzling slut.

 I want you to fill every last one of my holes! Fuck me swollen and sore daddy. Im craving every last inch of that thick cock slamming into my ass until I squeal. I want you to tell me how much of a dirty whore I am while you do it! I want you to pull my hair making me slam back harder on that cock until you ooze into my asshole. I want to satisfy your every desire daddy while you fulfill my every dream of being daddies favorite girl.Cum guzzling slut

Blonde Phone Sex Whores Never Wait for an Invitation for Anything

blonde phone sexBlonde phone sex whores stay in demand no matter their age. Every man loves a blonde. And I am a natural one too. I got called cougar Barbie last night at a Super Bowl party I crashed. Perhaps the woman meant it as an insult because she was jealous, but I took it as a compliment. Some teenage boys and younger men and a handful of women partied two trailers down from me last night.

When I hear a party, I want to crash it. I bring a little kinky life to any party. Just ask the men in my trailer park. Getting called cougar Barbie sent me into trashy milf mode. While the boys watched the plays and the girls looked for Taylor sightings, I chugged on cocks. No amount of weed or beer would keep those cocks down with my mouth on them, LOL. And I think that angered the young teen girls.

Personally, I do not understand why any girl would be jealous of me. Their boyfriends do not want to marry me. Hell, they do not even want to date me. They just want to use my holes. And that is all I want from them too. In my opinion, they should celebrate me. They get the presents and the dates, and I get the cum. I do all the work, and they get all the glory.

A Blonde Whore Does Not Need an Invitation to a Party

Cum serves as my glory. I am a jizz junkie. And every mature woman knows the younger the sperm, the more protein it contains. Cum does this body good. And it has for decades. I only showed up at the party to get that jizz. However, I got a lot more than cum. I got some stiff teenage cocks in my pussy and ass too. As I rode one young cock after another, I watched the game.

I may have missed a few key plays, but that was only because I got lost in cumming on those big dicks. By the time the game was over, I looked and felt like cum dumpster. So, I waddled myself home stuffed full of cum. Woke up this morning, pissed some jizz out for the cream in my coffee. And now I am ready for more cum.

BBC Phone Sex for Valentine’s Day Because the Only Chocolate I Want is BBC

bbc phone sexBBC phone sex is what I wanted for Valentine’s Day. And my present came a few days early. Last night my favorite chocolate man, Big D, came to town and wanted to spend the night with his favorite trashy whore. Big D and I go back 20 years ago. He is a trucker who lives in southern Florida. When he is in my city he often bunks for the night. Although not much sleeping ever occurs.

Big D walked into my trailer with a dozen roses, a box of chocolates and his big black cock. His cock appears so big it always enters the room first. Since, I expected him, this trailer trash whore greeted him naked. Big D’s cock is the only chocolate I ever want. No one can drain his balls like me. He has a wife back in Miami, but she cannot handle his anaconda cock like I can.

I am the Blonde Snake Charmer of Florida

In fact, Big D told me, no woman can handle his monster cock like me. I will be honest. Took me a few years. Although I was no BBC virgin when we met, he was the biggest cock I had ever had. You think you know how to handle a hug black cock, then you meet a man like Big D. But he honed my skills. I can safely tout that I am the best BBC whore in my state thanks to him. Plenty of lot lizards tried and failed to take his monster cock. Now, he has no other lot lizards in my town but me.

I’ve Never Met a Big Black Cock I Could Not Tame

As I sucked on his mamba snake, he played with my hair. He loves to pull my hair up and palm the back of my head like it’s a basketball. I never mind. As I showed him, I was his one and only big dick sucker, he started to rub my wet bald pussy. His fingers in my cunt feel better than any white cock I have had inside me too. Soon I got the pounding of a lifetime. Big D’s huge cock snaked inside my pussy, and I suddenly felt like I was on a circus ride. He left me full of his seed too because he came a few times.

Although he had to leave this am to get back on the road, my pussy still has his cum inside me. Who wants a tasty, salty treat for Valentine’s Day too?

Lot lizard sex is why I like to disappear sometimes!

Lot lizard sex

Lot lizard sex is why I like to disappear sometimes! Let’s get down to the juicy details. It is one of the main reasons why I love being on the road. Truckers are some of the most generous and wild individuals I have ever met. They always hook me up with great drugs, which I must say, makes our time together even more intense.

And when it comes to sex, let me tell you, there is nothing like fucking in the back of a truck. The adrenaline rush, the riskiness of it all, it just adds to the experience. And what’s even better is that we always find a new spot to do it in. Every gas station, every truck stop, they all have their own unique spot for us to get down and dirty.

I know some people might judge me for what I do, but I don’t care. I am free-spirited, and I love my life. I have met so many different truckers from all walks of life, and each one of them has a story to tell. And it is a lot of fun when I am getting double penetration in the back of a 18 wheeler, its just so fucking filthy! 

So if you ever see me at a gas station, know that I am open to all kinds of fun. Just give me a call, and we can have a wild, unforgettable time together. Trust me; my Sloppy wet pussy is ready and waiting for you.

Lot Lizard Sex Whores Know How Much You Love a Creampie

lot lizard sexLot lizard sex whores love Valentine’s Day. Well, I do. Not because I am romantic. But because I like chocolate, LOL. I love big black cocks. Not a week goes by that I don’t get some BBC. Last night I had a date with my son. He wanted to take me to dinner for Valentines Day. He needed to take me early because he will be out of town for work on the actual day.

So, I gussied up after a visit to the truck stop. I was running late because I spent too long getting my chocolate fix. My son knows that his mother is a bbc phone sex whore. He waited for me as I changed clothes. Now, I did not have to time to shower. We had reservations at a swank restaurant. The kind I needed to look good for. So, I washed what they could see and I sprayed the rest. My cunt was still filled with cum though. I could feel it leaking into my panties at dinner.

This Blonde Whore Can Turn Anyone into a Creampie Lover

My son and I enjoyed a wonderful dinner. Truly, it was super fancy. My ex-husband never took me anywhere fancy. I mean the best place he ever took me too I think was Cracker Barrel. But my son is nothing like his daddy, luckily. He loves to spoil his mommy. He went to college. Only one in my family. So, he has a nice job. He couldn’t wait to get me home though. Why? Because he knew I had a pussy full of BBC cum.

Can I tell you a secret? My son is a creampie slut just like me and his sister. Now, he never sucks cock. He is not gay, or even bisexual. But he does love to eat my messy seconds. And if the cum is from black cocks, he likes it even more. He buried his tongue deep inside my cunt. And I was cumming all over my son’s face. I got my chocolate, and I got a VD date with my boy. And of course, my son got my creampie. It was a perfect day.

Trailer trash whore Carrie is always ready for a good time!

Trailer trash whore Trailer trash whore Carrie is always ready for a good time! I have my crystal, and it’s like my own little magical world. When I’m high, everything is perfect. All my problems disappear, and all that matters is the rush.I know all the best spots in town to get high and fuck. I’ve been around the block a few times, and I’ve learned to never say no to a good time. 

I’ll do whatever you want, as long as there’s crystal involved. You want me to get on my knees and shove that thick cock down my throat? No problem. You want me to ride you like a wild animal and beg for more? I’m your girl.

I crave the feeling of being used, of being a slut just for your pleasure. The more cocks, the better. I’ve lost count of how many I’ve had but I need more, I need more to get that sweet crystal and I won’t stop till I drop baby! Use all of my holes as your dirty fucking cum dumpster. 

So come on, don’t be shy. Let’s get fucked up together and have some fun. Call me for some Druggy phone sex and let’s get filthy. There’s nothing I love more than getting high and getting my juicy pussy filled with as much cum as possible. I may be a druggy whore, but I know how to please a man. And I promise, you won’t be able to get enough of me. So what are you waiting for? Let’s get high and have the time of our lives.


Hookers For Hire Making That Quick Cheddar

Hookers for HireSo I recently came up to a rig as it’s the place to go for truckers looking for Hookers to hire. I needed that cheddar!  So I rolled up in my cheap hooker heels and fishnet stockings, flashing my newly fake tits at the guys to catch their eye. I climbed into your cab smelling like stale cigarettes and cheap perfume while telling dirty jokes to break the ice.

He asked me if I was the slut that was being double-teamed by two big black guys from behind while sucking off another one – from the te week before, so we had met!  I was surprised at how turned on I got as I jumped on top of it. Literally having an orgasm every five seconds creaming all over this strangers cock and his truck.  I ended up riding him for almost an hour before he told me to go in the back so he could get me from behind.  He claimed he couldn’t cum without seeing my ass cheeks jiggle while he was fucking me.  How convenient.

These guys are something else though. In the middle of being balls deep inside my wet tight cunt, he answers his phone and talking to his damn wife.  Although I can’t lie, the fact that I was cumming all over his dick while he was on the phone with his wife talking about their sons ball game, was making my cunt twitch on his cock.  I knew he loved it too as he got harder and harder as I looked back and him as he’s discussing wholesome stuff knowing her mans cock was about to cum in my pussy.

Not on birth control either so bitch may have enough game to attend if her man keeps loading his seed up in hooker cunts.

Blonde Fucking Whores Know How to Drain Big Black Dicks

blonde fuckingBlonde fucking whores know how to party. My daughter is my mini me. I was 20 when I had her. Hard to believe I have a daughter in her 30s. Although she does have a steady boyfriend, she is not married yet and does not have any brats of her own. But after our BBC gangbang last night, she might be knocked up. She told me she wanted to have a little biracial tot so everyone would know how much she likes black cock.

Her boyfriend is nice. But he comes from a good upper middle-class family. And my girl and I are pure trailer trash whore through and through. But he loves her and understands she needs some big black cock and her trashy mama sometimes. And last night was one of those nights. She called me up telling me she felt like going to the truck stop.

We put on some slutty clothes and high heels and marched our trailer park asses down to the truck stop to see what kind of trouble we could get into. I started knocking on cabs telling my regular fuck buddies that my daughter was with me. Two blonde whores can get a lot of big black cocks at the truck stop. And last night we seemed like the most in demand lot lizard whores around.

Two Blonde Lot Lizard Whores Can Satisfy a Truck Bay of BBC

We bounced from cab to cab, and black cock to black cock. By the time we got to the last cab, cum poured out of our pussies and assholes. We even had chunks of jizz in our hair. And we smelled like cum too. But we like that smell. We enjoy being cum dumpster whores for big black dicks. The last cab we found Big D. I have fucked him for about ten years now. And he is my favorite fuck buddy because he has a monster fucking cock. Plus, he shares a lot of his coke with me.

My daughter and I did lines of coke off his big black cock until the sun came up. Then we marched our cum soaked bodies back home and crashed. But not before we licked up all the cum from each other’s pussies and asses. I love going out with my daughter. We always have the nastiest fun.

Trailer Trash Whore Pimps Out Slut Holes for Rent

Trailer Trash Whore Pimps Out Her Fuck Holes

My pussy and ass have always made me money. Why not use my trailer trash whore holes to pay my bills? Better yet. Why not use them both at the same time. DIrty truckers love young lot pussy. I head out to truck stops and find the filthiest, horniest fucks to take to the back of their trucks. God. There is nothing like lot dick. Those cocks are always dirty, smelly, and covered in fucking hair. Perfect fuck sticks to fill this filthy whore mouth of mine. I let their cocks surround me and get their cocks wet and sloppy for my slut holes. 

trailer trash whore

Lot Lizard Sex Turns Lauren into Double Filled Cum Dumpster

Those dicks were ready to be inside of me. I climbed on top of that first fat dick. Fuck! I may be a used up fuck slut, but even a cum dumpster has it’s limits. His dick was so fucking fat. It was completely stretching out my cunt. I didn’t even get to adjust. I felt that other bastard grab me by my hair and push me foreward. His slippery cock was pressed against my asshole. HE spat on it and rubbed the tip of his cock against my favorite fuck hole. 

I almost cried when he pushed his dick inside of me. I can feel both of those cocks rubbing inside of me. They weren’t being gentle either. Lot lizard sex is never gentle. It’s hot ass plumping fucking where i could feel their balls slapping into me. Those dicks were just trying to get a nut. I felt the cock inside of my ass fill with a load of cum. My hole was dripping straight to my pussy and the cock inside of me used it as lube. He slammed his thick dick inside of me again and again. Wrapping his arms around me and drilling my pussy until he pumped me full of cum.

Lot Lizard Sex Whore Beverly Only Has one Addiction-BBC

lot lizard sexLot lizard sex is underrated if you ask me. Lot lizards get a bad rap. Most people think we are junkie whores looking for a fix. My only addiction appears to be big black cocks. So, when I put on my daisy dukes, tube top and high heels, I march through those truck bays looking for BBC. However, if any of them have coke, I do not pass that up. All the truckers at my local truck stop know me. And they love me too.

I am a clean trick. Meth head skanks and smack whores never look as fine as me. The rest of the world may be in a winter vortex, but it’s 80 degrees in Florida still. So, this trailer trash whore gussied herself up and went trolling for big black dicks. I met a new guy last night. And that is always a good thing. A blonde old whore like me needs all the big black cocks she can get.

I Love all the Big Black Cocks and They Love Me Too

Larry got to fuck my pussy for the first-time last night. Not only did he have a monster meat sandwich between his legs, but he also had some great blow. I did the first line off his amazing cock and rubbed the residual coke on his anaconda making it bigger and stiffer. Just a little bit dabbed on a cock will live skid marks inside your pussy. I struggled to swallow Larry’s fat fucking tree trunk cock, but I got him balls deep in my cunt.

I squirted all over the inside of his cab because he hit spots no man has found before. For a while, I felt like a porn star riding his monster meat sandwich. He told me I was not like the other lot lizards. However, I get that a lot. I understood what he meant. He just thinks I look better and fuck better. Well, duh. When your only addiction is to big black dicks, you stand out in a sea of lot lizards.

Most mature women fuck better. And a trashy milf? Well, I have no competition for those big black cocks. Every black man in the state of Florida knows all about my skills. Now, Larry and you do too.